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ECO - FASCISM READING Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 22:14:55 ID:6aa8ec No. 123
Hey, eco-anons, would you be kind to suggest some good books on Eco Fascism?
oh my god fuck off already eco faggots you already have a million retarded threads
sorry I don't read books
they're made of paper
paper is made from trees
and anyway I can't read
it's not eco-friendly
but I respect your thirst for knowledge
and I respect the desire to preserve nature
so this is the best thread
you should be more friendly
I don't think so, I don't take "eco fascists" seriously at all and I am absolutely correct when I say that we already have plenty of their threads.
I didn't ask for your fucking opinion, faggot. Answer the question or don't even post anything, just scroll down, it's not that hard. I really don't care if you take me seriously or not, nobody does.
I take you seriously friend! There are other threads tho but I hate to see a brother feeling down. Life has kicked us enough. I want all whites to realize we belong together as family when we do that we can reclaim our destiny. Cheer up and check the book threads have a great night!
Readeth his holy scripture and hallowed be his name, St. Brenton upon Tarrant, patron saint to all ecological fascism and white resistance
hi guy remember I wrote that nothing not read? I rummaged a little in my drawer and found a book. I think you'll be interested.
There's already an ecofascist thread here. Go and ask there. We don't need two threads debating the same subjects. I hope you understand. Now please delete this
Already read it, that's how I got interested
I understand, how to delete it
Here was the original thread back in September:


no cookies?