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The future of gun control in America, Europe and around the world Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 22:45:35 ID:c84347 No. 286
Back in the 90s when gun control first became a thing after Dunblane in England, people had to make shitty zip guns to circumvent European gun laws. Due to the lack of availability of lathes, mills or other factory equipment that's required to build a firearm, most homemade guns were unreliable at best or hand-held pipe bombs at worst. Two of the best examples would be the Luty 9mm SMG and the Brocock revolvers. The Luty SMG is a 9mm submachine gun that is an open bolt, smoothbore, jam-o-matic piece of shit that lacks an extractor and the rounds can only go out via inertia, and it lacks a shoulder stock. These are made entirely from hardware store parts. But the thing is that smokeless rounds would most likely not work on this gun, so you'd need to use black powder cartridges. The second one were a type of airsoft revolvers that were manufactured in the UK at a certain time that could easily be converted to fire real rounds by simple drilling or adding .22 sleeves. But fast forward to today and you've got a much better selection of homemade and black market firearms. You've got Tor's black market guns and 3D printer guns as well as CNC machines which will allow you to rifle the barrels so that they're actually reliable firearms. I appreciate the works of Cody Wilson and the Tor project to not only make information more accessible and to act as a platform for dissidents, but also because now the government can't do anything to stop the flow of guns in heavily restricted areas. That means that now Eurotrash, felons, the mentally ill, terrorists and virtually anybody else can own a gun now regardless of what the government has to say. I think this is a win.
>>286 >felons, the mentally ill, terrorists and virtually anybody else can own a gun now regardless of what the government has to say. I think this is a win. Far from a win faggot. How about a society where your faggoty dragon dildo whistle blowing police removed felons, mentally ill, and terrorists instead of going after people for not having their thinking loicense renewed? >OP is a oi guvnor cheeky bent copper selling firearms under the counter touting for business So how many illegal firearms do you dirty police officers in bongland sell to criminals on the down low? Is the corruption on a Fast&Furious/10 scale in Europoor-land? Does Mary Poppins approve of your naughty behavior?
>>286 Are the plans for the FGC-9 and mags on some private torrent site somewhere? Can't find them anywhere without giving out my credit card info and showing ID.
>>286 As one 'murican author who fled to Canada said, the future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet: https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/the-nova-scotia-shooter-case-has-hallmarks-of-an-undercover-operation/ This is extra cutesy of them because even at the time right after the shooting, it was acknowledged that the incident was well beyond the grasp of these legislative "solutions" "offered" to the country.
>286 Open source guns are great. But in my mind the number one thing people need to be working on is the propellant. California is a glimpse of the future and they're starting to restrict ammo just as much if not more than the actual firearms itself. You can't buy ammo unless you have a registered gun in that caliber inside of California. If you have a source for black market ammo then presumably you have a source for black market firearms as well as it's really not too much of a stretch between those two things. The revolution has machinists, and it has 3D modelers. What we need next are chemists, real chemists.
>>311 Hold on, doesn't that mean it's very called-for to really focus on shotguns? With bullet guns, isn't the whole cartridge somewhat complex? Or is it more the complexity of magazine based guns? Either way, it might be helpful to have, say, an "11 gauge" round, that's actually technically like 10.3 gauge, but in actuality is more powerful than 10 gauge. Revolvers are also peculiarly restricted in some places, maybe because they're less hassle for tinkerrers?
(368.83 KB 1280x1853 1.jpg)
(511.96 KB 1280x1933 2.jpg)
(508.30 KB 1280x1853 3.jpg)
(250.89 KB 1280x1905 4.png)
(442.64 KB 1500x1125 5.jpg)
>>311 This. Its the fucking ammo. If a collection of pakis can make replica firearms on a machine lathe in the hindu kush then a white man can do better. Its the percussion cap thats the killer, the rest is fairly conceivable if you don’t mind low grade black powder rounds or something. Fulminate of mercury is doable but im not a chemist & while i have read on the subject all this has done is convince me that im not a fucking chemist. <Strike anywhere match heads Unreliable & easily choked off by gubment with strike on box only. <Other suggestions? Are welcome. <Fancy experimental stuff You could make a variant of a glorified Diesel air rifle that ignites a flammable accelerant in place of a percussion cap. Pics related. OR you could make a fucking heated elongated firing pin using an electric charge (i think Remington did a rifle that was electric fired) with a battery or something? Then have the pin puncture through a paper disk that holds the propellant in the cartridge in place of the cap to fire the charge? Meh. By the time i have done all that i would have a low grade firearm & a handful of unreliable rounds. Or i could just make a plumbers suprise with a silicone fuse. I hope you fuckers in America actually use your guns at some point. Jus sayin.
>>297 Keybase. det_disp
>>407 Shoah'd. New home is deterrencedispensed.com.
The future is markets. Post markets you've found luck on.


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