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Anonymous 04/10/2020 (Fri) 04:54:43 ID:bfa970 No. 272
Post 22lr guns that are fun to shoot/plink
>>272 All of them. :D
(411.20 KB 2448x2448 spesco.jpg)
I've got one of these, but haven't got a chance to shoot it yet. It's a 22LR SA revolver made in west germany and imported by spesco. Mine was pretty rusty, though I've got it mostly cleaned up. Are these safe to shoot? Kinda want to carry it with me hunting loaded with shot shells in case I run into a snake. I usually bring my glock, but 9mm seems kind of excessive.
PMR-30, it's a fucking blast to dump 30 rds with little recoil
(283.95 KB 2930x717 Ruger_10-22.jpg)
>>272 >>347 Ruger 10/22, simple as. 25 round magdump with the bx-25 mags. if I had more money to burn I'd get a drum mag for maximum overkill. I've also been thinking about mounting a foregrip and a laser but that would ruin the current all wood fudd-friendly look I've got right now. Might pick up another at some point to tacticool. either put a foregrip and one of those chinese 1.5w lasers on it or one of those silly bullpup conversions. won't do jack shit against an opponent in body armor but I'm pretty sure 25 .22lr would put one down fairly quick. would at least fuck up their aim if you made contact first and you'd be certain to win the fistfight afterwards.


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