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(34.58 KB 267x400 pants.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 08:03:50 No. 96
I realize this board has almost no posts on it but I don't see any reason to shit out a billion posts all over it with simple questions.
Now onto my question: Can someone tell me why the fuck Flektarn pants cost so much when compared with a parka or field jacket? It doesn't make any sense at all to me. Is there a greater demand for the pants? Maybe I'm just retarded but I can't find a pair under $40.
Sorry Anon Jim was joke that made me chuckle and seems you missed the reference.

Was talking about "Discovering a Snipers Location"
Stone's JFK movie, Costner played Jim Garrison the Lawyer that was working on JFK conspriarcy. Trying to find clip best I got for now is the quote.

"This is the key shot. Watch it again. The President going back to his left. Shot from the front and right. Totally inconsistent with the shot from the Depository. Again -- (repeats) . . . back and to the left. (he repeats it like a mantra) . . . back and to the left . . . back and to the left.

Point was the Sniper had to be in front and to the right of JFK, the grassy knoll
Could prob visit gun store and get some valid info too, bbut keep in mind most suppressor are just that they suppress not actually silence like ya hear on kike tv BS, dont imagine your going to find anything to make a 308 go "pff pff pff" but could get something that would deaden the thunder crack that threatens to tear your ear drums

Imagine the less noise suppression the more life it would have and vice versa
You could buy a """""solvent trap""""" online although that might be a honeypot. You probably won't get arrested but if it is your name probably goes on a list somewhere to raid later when gun laws get even more gay.
You could also try making one yourself out of hardware supplies if you want one that will last more than a mag or two. I'm sure there are plenty of guides online. It shouldn't be too difficult even if you have a pretty shit workshop, most will probably require a drill press. Pretty sure just having the parts to make something like that isn't illegal, if it is it's probably more of a tack-on charge, still look into it if you want.
(40.80 KB 500x731 knife targets chart.jpg)
KA-BARs are decent, but they're big and less flexible for carry. If you're not gonna carry it on a study belt, then you need to get some kind of custom clip/mount and sheath, which adds to the 70-200 dollar price tag of their knives. Boot knives are better.

I recommend you go with the Smith and Wesson HRT9B (in your picture), if you want a cheap and adaptable knife. It's a medium sized boot knife that can be used for general purpose defense. Basically a 9 inch overall length, 5 inch bladed, rebranded M-TECH dagger, with a good sheath. Double-edged dagger blade (Don't get the HRT9BF, it has a fake double edge for cucked states/countries) made of Chinese 8Cr13MoV steel that takes a good edge you'll realistically only need to use once. It has a stiff rubber-like wasp-waist handle with a wide double handguard and lanyard hole. Very comfortable and secure in the average hand.

The leather sheath is what you're paying the extra 10 dollars for over an M-TECH variant. Decent with a snap-button thumb break retention system that will no doubt keep your knife from slipping/shaking out even when upside down or being active. It also has a sturdy belt-clip riveted into it, allowing you to clip it to any type of pants/boot/jacket/etc to carry, since the thumb break retention system allows you to retrieve your knife with almost zero effort/noise once you open it up, unlike a kydex sheath that requires you to overcome a few pounds of force and make an audible "CLOCK" to do so. Drawing is much more discreet, especially when you unbutton it concealed with clothes over it.

As a ~20 dollar knife, for self-defense, that you don't need to fuck around with Tek-Loks or fancy little mounting gadgets to carry it well, fits good in your hand for when you really need it, that won't be much of a big deal if you need to dispose of it, it's the quintessential fixed blade in that category and price range.

Be sure to sharpen it, because it comes with a shit factory edge, like most chineseium cutlery. Be careful when you're carrying it, as it can print and be uncomfortable if you don't orient it right or wear tight clothes. Be aware of your local laws, because carrying a fixed or double edged blade may be illegal.
(154.34 KB 220x165 spherical-wave.gif)
"A suppressor does not make a sniper silent, but it makes him invisible" - t. finn
It's still loud as fuck, but it fucks up the wavefront so it's harder to localize.
Would it be dumb to have a sear keychain? Link?
I did end up getting the knife in pic related and it seems to be a good quality especially for what I paid. I can not comment as to how brittle the steel is as I don't want to test it and break the knife. Should be durable enough to defend myself if need be from any number of attackers I could reasonably defend myself from. I can confirm the factory edge is shit, not that it matters too much as this is more of a stabbing than slashing knife and sharpening the edges was pretty easy. I have found the most comfortable way for me to carry it and also conceal it reliably is to put it nearly sideways so when my left leg comes up it does not impede walking/running, also makes it more natural to unsheathe. The only thing I would change about it (within cost limitations) is switching what side the snap mechanism for holding the knife in is on as I like to wear the knife with the sheath between a tucked in shirt and pants with a jacket over it. With the mechanism being the way it is it requires either the use of two hands or a somewhat awkward motion with the index finger. I found the handle a little too small for my liking as well but I did a paracord wrap around the handle and now it's great.

Seems to be a good knife for edc/what I paid, and because it didn't cost much I won't be too sad if it sits in a police evidence locker for a decade or two.

Yeah that sounds pretty dumb.
(15.51 KB 275x268 1551230778985.jpg)
Making a suppressor is legal if you get the paperwork first So, following any build advice is illegal without it. Having the components can, in some cases, be illegal, if a prosecutor can show "constructive intent". Advertising that you want to do this illegally will attract the glowies.
Just some advice, anon.
Shut the fuck up you stupid god damm glow fucking faggot. This is America. Where the fuck do you think you live?

Anon, go to store. Buy materials. Build silencer. Build ISIS car bomb. Have positive intent.
No response nigger?
>>96 I suspect it's something to do with pants being the first thing to wear out in a uniform. After a straight year of heavy wear, the crotch tends to blow out before anything else for me.
>>98 How do you expect me to LARP without it being flektarn :^)
>>96 Buttons are the first to go. I speak from experience.
(41.52 KB 800x600 orange-airsoft.jpeg)
Anyone got some good info posts on disguised firearm laws? Assume I have a legal AR, can I paint the tip of the barrel orange? Can I paint the whole thing orange? Spraypaint with cheap black paint so it looks like plastic? I see NFA1934 referring to disguised canes and the like but not 100% sure where the dividing line is. Spraypaint the whole thing orange and claim that it's just because that's my favorite color and never cop to any other motive? asking for a friend (nod really)
(2.31 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>255 I just looked into this stuff some, why does the Bundeswehr not use a standardized attachment device, they have snap-on type buttons for seemingly everything except the pants which look to be exclusively buttons save the pocket covers on the side of the pants. Not that it matters much if a button breaks, easy fix. >>258 Pretty sure pic related is legal so I don't see why whatever you're doing wouldn't be. I don't think it's illegal to make a gun look like a toy. Not a lawyer.
>>156 Go look at the forums out there for Form 1’s. Without giving any away, I’ll say that there are easy to find sites that sell every thing you’d need to make a “”””solvent trap”””” that would work for any caliber for around $300. Just go research it.
>>101 >is a 3d printer a good investment? If so which one One that prints in metal instead of plastic. >and what should I print? More 3D printers, of course.
(20.68 KB 613x147 118124212279.jpg)
What's the absolute heaviest AR-15 barrel? Lets assume I'm a noob who just wants to practice magdumping at 5-15 yards (CQC) so accuracy isn't important, just don't want to ruin the barrel or have it jam up or some bullshit. Does anybody make anything thicker than the standard NATO HBAR profile? Also how many rounds in a row is it safe to fire through a standard (M4 style) barrel? So far I've just been doing 3-10 round bursts (semi-auto). Can I just magdump a whole 30 rd mag no problem? 3x 30 round mags in a row? What problems does it cause if my barrel gets too hot?Also how many rounds in a row is it safe to fire through a standard M4 style barrel? So far I've just been doing 3-10 round bursts (semi-auto). Can I just magdump a whole 30 rd mag no problem? 3x 30 round mags in a row? What problems does it cause if my barrel gets too hot?
>>323 Looks like the heaviest profile is the Bushmaster, seems to be a bit heavier even than the NATO A2 profile. Too bad the current meme seems to be gucci chromed-out pencil barrels. Can't find either a Bushmaster or even a NATO A2 barrel anywhere in 16" 5.56 in stock anywhere. >market opportunity for some edgy company to come out with some 1.2 inch-thick chode monstrosity and call it the MAGDUMPER
>>323 Even a pencil barrel will take 30 rounds no problem. If you dump 3 or 4 mags fast enough to damage the barrel, the first thing you'll notice is your gas block interface gets fucked up and your AR stops cycling. Or if you just barely manage to warp it, let it cool and settle and then fire again, it might overpressure your bolt and shear some teeth off it. But probably the first one. Either way, you can't possibly do it in one mag without full auto at excessive cyclic rates. Mag dump away, just let it cool in between mags until it's safe to touch and even the dinkiest barrel will take it. A heavy barrel will take four or five mags back to back at 800+ RPM without permanent damage. You'll burn the furniture or warp the gas tube before you break one of those in semi-auto.
(4.64 MB 1613x13310 origami-bottleopener.jpg)
(77.13 KB 654x1024 lawnmowerfilter.jpg)
>>171 >Would it be dumb to have a sear keychain? Link? Why not carry paper card for origami instead? Others prefer some coat hanger wire on a keychain so they can make a bottle opener. >>173 >I don't want to test it and break the knife. So you plan to test it when your life depends on it? Good luck. >>174 >Making a suppressor is legal if you get the paperwork first Some don't bother and mow the lawn instead.
Okay fucksticks, I have a stupid question for you. I can’t decide wether to buy a 6B5 or a 6B3. Dubs or the most intelligent argument decides.
>>323 >>332 Boy did I ever have that wrong. InRange dumped 7 mags full auto through a pencil barrel and nothing broke. There probably isn't an action (piston guns included) that could survive what you'd have to do to a heavy barrel to damage it. You will never hurt your pencil barrel in semi-auto and you probably can't hurt it in full auto either.
>>342 Why russian milsurp at all? Commercial ceramic and UHMWPE plates are lighter, less bulky, fit in a plate carrier of your choice and have as-good or better threat ratings. You'll still spend less than on a 6b5, probably the same or a little more than a 6b3.


no cookies?