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(11.54 KB 400x400 jeff_mangum.png)
Handgun thread Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 01:50:06 No. 339
A thread for guns, possibly concealable, that are intended to be held and fired from the hands. Both revolvers and pistols welcome, as well as weird shit like derringers and zipguns I guess.
(328.91 KB 600x499 glock-43-vs-lcp2.png)
>bought a ruger lcp ii 380 for qt smol gun >extractor assembly blows clean off the gun after 100 rounds > find the extractor but can't find the spring and plunger in the dirt at the range feels like I got fucking memed on. I like the extra small size for easy concealment in a car console (peaceful freeway protestor gun)/ summer carry gun but it feels like a waste if I can't actually trust it to put 6 rounds downrange every time I pull it out. checking the forums, it seems extractor problems are not uncommon with the gun. FUCK. now I have to deal with shipping it back and forth to ruger and hope they actually give me a better toleranced-slide so it doesn't happen again. fuck this stupid gun. I should have either just got the Taurus G3 for cheap and dealt with a fullsize or ponied up a little more money, size and weight for a sub-compact glock. god damn it. i thought ruger was supposed to be reliable. my 10/22 and fudd 22 revolver both work great. probably just going to get this gun fixed now and dump it on some other sucker on armslist now as soon as I get it back
Ok, looks like they redesigned the slide to slightly change the extractor location. See video at around the ~7:00 mark . Still a pain in the ass to have to send a gun back, all my other firearms have been just fine so far. Haven't had anything go wrong with them and I haven't had any upgrades or mods that I or a local gunsmith couldn't handle. Consensus on forums seems to be that smaller 'mouse guns' are inherently less reliable, sort of a tradeoff you have to make. Idk but I guess I still like the idea of the sub- and sub-sub compacts. Guy at the range pulled a G42 out of the cargo pocket in his shorts on a 90 degree day which I found real impressive since I hadn't even noticed he was carrying. I guess I just like the gray man aesthetic. I'm just not sure I personally would have much of a use case for a full-frame handgun. Only one really I'd change my mind for would be a 5.7 and you can't actually buy the good ammo anyways so it's sort of a moot point. I guess I'll measure _exactly_ how big my car console is to see what I can fit in it.
>>340 >Not going online and searching for "problem with X" before buying X >feels like I got fucking memed on You memed yourself. Buying from the major food groups are even more important for compact or sub-compact, and even then they still have issues. >>341 >I guess I'll measure _exactly_ how big my car console is to see what I can fit in it >weapon system is secondary to vehicle In a real threat scenario - like say a carjacking - would you really have the option to reach over to the console, open it, pull out your firearm, then exit the vehicle? If the console is for putting your gun in when leaving the car - why carry it in the first place? To gift to car thieves? >no sound.webm >useless.webm
>>344 >380 tickler using anything below 9mm is opting for taking return fire.
roflmao, any of you bottom feeders even been in a gunfight? didn' tink so.


no cookies?