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(258.61 KB 800x533 weapons.jpg)
Welcome to Weapons! 663 Board owner 09/17/2019 (Tue) 20:16:04 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /k/ - 16chan's Weapons Board.

This board is dedicated to the discussion of all topics pertaining weapons, armor, and military technology.

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(7.38 MB 5184x3456 970966324.jpg)
Knife thread Anonymous 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:53:19 ID:7bbaef No. 230 [Reply] [Last]
Knife general. Am well versed in knives and swords. Ask and I'll answer truthfully with knife and sword related questions
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(41.86 KB 605x600 me_in_2_days.jpg)
anybody got a QRD on bayonet laws? I was under the impression it was some nationwide ATF bullshit, but I saw my LGS is selling a bayonet lug. I swear I just assumed it was completely illegal. Does it go state-by-state?
>>327 I'd suggest applying semen as lubricant, but I suspect this remedial action has already been taken. Perhaps you should try flinging yourself at the opposite side to see if the knife dislodges.
I would like some websites where I can buy good knives. I am looking for a spring assisted knife, right around 3 inches so I can carry it legally on me for self defense
>>235 Hide it good. Practice the silence, modify to necessity. Be silent. A fixed blade in Condition 0, knife sheathed, unlocked, hand on handle. Strike.
>>333 3 in One oil. Like your digits

(366.72 KB 1920x1080 IMG_1102.PNG)
/akg/ AK General Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 01:09:55 No. 37 [Reply] [Last]
AK General /akg/
Prototype Edition
>Thread #1
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>>142 >pinky hanging off *sips yes. >>129 >what about the AR's platform Depends on what application you want to do with it. close/med/long range. You can always do a hybrid build, but the mag adaptability might be a turnoff. Avoid the armalite platform if you wish for a folding butt. The 7.62 based kalash remains by far the best engine for close/mid. But as soon you want to be effective at a range over 100m, I would suggest 5.56 or 51 if you're sold on the 7.62 mass. Or if you want to increase maximum flat shooting, you can always reduce payload weight.
>>229 how are you able to find that out all that just from a photo? does it work for both iPhones and Androids?
>>229 Do me please, not joking.

Bang bang :D Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 15:37:57 ID:d785e1 No. 65 [Reply]
Pew pew, gun go boom! :D
(168.07 KB 400x400 upset chan.png)
wuts wrong with yer tip
(277.88 KB 941x1024 fce.png)
>>65 funny anime child with gun wow so weird!!
>>65 based >>308 cringe

Anonymous 04/10/2020 (Fri) 04:54:43 ID:bfa970 No. 272 [Reply] [Last]
Post 22lr guns that are fun to shoot/plink
>>272 All of them. :D
(411.20 KB 2448x2448 spesco.jpg)
I've got one of these, but haven't got a chance to shoot it yet. It's a 22LR SA revolver made in west germany and imported by spesco. Mine was pretty rusty, though I've got it mostly cleaned up. Are these safe to shoot? Kinda want to carry it with me hunting loaded with shot shells in case I run into a snake. I usually bring my glock, but 9mm seems kind of excessive.
PMR-30, it's a fucking blast to dump 30 rds with little recoil
(283.95 KB 2930x717 Ruger_10-22.jpg)
>>272 >>347 Ruger 10/22, simple as. 25 round magdump with the bx-25 mags. if I had more money to burn I'd get a drum mag for maximum overkill. I've also been thinking about mounting a foregrip and a laser but that would ruin the current all wood fudd-friendly look I've got right now. Might pick up another at some point to tacticool. either put a foregrip and one of those chinese 1.5w lasers on it or one of those silly bullpup conversions. won't do jack shit against an opponent in body armor but I'm pretty sure 25 .22lr would put one down fairly quick. would at least fuck up their aim if you made contact first and you'd be certain to win the fistfight afterwards.

(11.54 KB 400x400 jeff_mangum.png)
Handgun thread Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 01:50:06 No. 339 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for guns, possibly concealable, that are intended to be held and fired from the hands. Both revolvers and pistols welcome, as well as weird shit like derringers and zipguns I guess.
(328.91 KB 600x499 glock-43-vs-lcp2.png)
>bought a ruger lcp ii 380 for qt smol gun >extractor assembly blows clean off the gun after 100 rounds > find the extractor but can't find the spring and plunger in the dirt at the range feels like I got fucking memed on. I like the extra small size for easy concealment in a car console (peaceful freeway protestor gun)/ summer carry gun but it feels like a waste if I can't actually trust it to put 6 rounds downrange every time I pull it out. checking the forums, it seems extractor problems are not uncommon with the gun. FUCK. now I have to deal with shipping it back and forth to ruger and hope they actually give me a better toleranced-slide so it doesn't happen again. fuck this stupid gun. I should have either just got the Taurus G3 for cheap and dealt with a fullsize or ponied up a little more money, size and weight for a sub-compact glock. god damn it. i thought ruger was supposed to be reliable. my 10/22 and fudd 22 revolver both work great. probably just going to get this gun fixed now and dump it on some other sucker on armslist now as soon as I get it back
Ok, looks like they redesigned the slide to slightly change the extractor location. See video at around the ~7:00 mark . Still a pain in the ass to have to send a gun back, all my other firearms have been just fine so far. Haven't had anything go wrong with them and I haven't had any upgrades or mods that I or a local gunsmith couldn't handle. Consensus on forums seems to be that smaller 'mouse guns' are inherently less reliable, sort of a tradeoff you have to make. Idk but I guess I still like the idea of the sub- and sub-sub compacts. Guy at the range pulled a G42 out of the cargo pocket in his shorts on a 90 degree day which I found real impressive since I hadn't even noticed he was carrying. I guess I just like the gray man aesthetic. I'm just not sure I personally would have much of a use case for a full-frame handgun. Only one really I'd change my mind for would be a 5.7 and you can't actually buy the good ammo anyways so it's sort of a moot point. I guess I'll measure _exactly_ how big my car console is to see what I can fit in it.
>>340 >Not going online and searching for "problem with X" before buying X >feels like I got fucking memed on You memed yourself. Buying from the major food groups are even more important for compact or sub-compact, and even then they still have issues. >>341 >I guess I'll measure _exactly_ how big my car console is to see what I can fit in it >weapon system is secondary to vehicle In a real threat scenario - like say a carjacking - would you really have the option to reach over to the console, open it, pull out your firearm, then exit the vehicle? If the console is for putting your gun in when leaving the car - why carry it in the first place? To gift to car thieves? >no sound.webm >useless.webm
>>344 >380 tickler using anything below 9mm is opting for taking return fire.
roflmao, any of you bottom feeders even been in a gunfight? didn' tink so.

(34.58 KB 267x400 pants.jpg)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 08:03:50 No. 96 [Reply] [Last]
I realize this board has almost no posts on it but I don't see any reason to shit out a billion posts all over it with simple questions.
Now onto my question: Can someone tell me why the fuck Flektarn pants cost so much when compared with a parka or field jacket? It doesn't make any sense at all to me. Is there a greater demand for the pants? Maybe I'm just retarded but I can't find a pair under $40.
37 posts and 12 images omitted.
(20.68 KB 613x147 118124212279.jpg)
What's the absolute heaviest AR-15 barrel? Lets assume I'm a noob who just wants to practice magdumping at 5-15 yards (CQC) so accuracy isn't important, just don't want to ruin the barrel or have it jam up or some bullshit. Does anybody make anything thicker than the standard NATO HBAR profile? Also how many rounds in a row is it safe to fire through a standard (M4 style) barrel? So far I've just been doing 3-10 round bursts (semi-auto). Can I just magdump a whole 30 rd mag no problem? 3x 30 round mags in a row? What problems does it cause if my barrel gets too hot?Also how many rounds in a row is it safe to fire through a standard M4 style barrel? So far I've just been doing 3-10 round bursts (semi-auto). Can I just magdump a whole 30 rd mag no problem? 3x 30 round mags in a row? What problems does it cause if my barrel gets too hot?
>>323 Looks like the heaviest profile is the Bushmaster, seems to be a bit heavier even than the NATO A2 profile. Too bad the current meme seems to be gucci chromed-out pencil barrels. Can't find either a Bushmaster or even a NATO A2 barrel anywhere in 16" 5.56 in stock anywhere. >market opportunity for some edgy company to come out with some 1.2 inch-thick chode monstrosity and call it the MAGDUMPER
>>323 Even a pencil barrel will take 30 rounds no problem. If you dump 3 or 4 mags fast enough to damage the barrel, the first thing you'll notice is your gas block interface gets fucked up and your AR stops cycling. Or if you just barely manage to warp it, let it cool and settle and then fire again, it might overpressure your bolt and shear some teeth off it. But probably the first one. Either way, you can't possibly do it in one mag without full auto at excessive cyclic rates. Mag dump away, just let it cool in between mags until it's safe to touch and even the dinkiest barrel will take it. A heavy barrel will take four or five mags back to back at 800+ RPM without permanent damage. You'll burn the furniture or warp the gas tube before you break one of those in semi-auto.
(4.64 MB 1613x13310 origami-bottleopener.jpg)
(77.13 KB 654x1024 lawnmowerfilter.jpg)
>>171 >Would it be dumb to have a sear keychain? Link? Why not carry paper card for origami instead? Others prefer some coat hanger wire on a keychain so they can make a bottle opener. >>173 >I don't want to test it and break the knife. So you plan to test it when your life depends on it? Good luck. >>174 >Making a suppressor is legal if you get the paperwork first Some don't bother and mow the lawn instead.
Okay fucksticks, I have a stupid question for you. I can’t decide wether to buy a 6B5 or a 6B3. Dubs or the most intelligent argument decides.

(100.34 KB 720x899 skellyskull.jpg)
Why is nobody posting Anonymous 04/10/2020 (Fri) 16:21:57 ID:6fbea2 No. 273 [Reply] [Last]
Why is nobody posting
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>279 I came, and I'm sure others will follow
Action begets action. If we all post more, more people will join in. We should also bring back the PDF thread, for starters - trading firearms textbooks and books on warfare were probably my favorite thing about 8/k/.
>>273 k refugee just landed i am home
>>273 Because nobody knows about 16chan, this site is not active at all. We need to start advertising this place to other boards.
>>337 >this site is not active at all Ya we took a big hit to user base over the holidays, and then I think most went back to 4plebs for the CVG threads >We need to start advertising this place to other boards. If you do so then try be selective please. Carpet bombing link can lead to being overwhelmed by fags. Our enemies are lurking everywhere. Try to DM link as much as possible

(3.38 MB 4032x3024 5.56 SS 2.jpg)
(2.60 MB 4032x3024 5.56 SS.jpg)
Molested Magazines for Leafs Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 06:07:33 ID:2005c3 No. 183 [Reply] [Last]
Please help me, I'm in this horrible land, where rifle magazines have been limited to a capacity of 5rds; how would anyone here go about in disassembling and flattening, capacity-limiting dents in your AR-15 magazines?
I have a stainless-steel 5.56 Duramag that I'll work on, I'd also rather not permanently damage the magazine.

Also, if there are other 5.56 AR15 magazines available in Canada, which are easier to restore to their original 30rd capacity, please let me know.
1 post omitted.
Pmags are easiest. Just drill out pin
>>183 This >>296 Probably could do it with pliers and a dremel easily.
Best method: get a small machine screw, a nut and two washers. Small enough that the follower can't snag on the hole, 1/8" or 3/16". More threads per inch is better, because this is going to be a lot of torque for a screw that size. The washers need to be bigger than the dents so you can only see undamaged metal around the top one. Drill a hole in the dent for your screw, slightly bigger than the screw (the stretched metal is going to need somewhere to go when you press it back into shape.) Grind/sand two sides of one of your washers until it fits in the slot the follower rides in (where the dent is.) You may need to make a few of these if your screw head hits the slot before it contacts the washer. If your washer already fits then great, skip that step (you may still need a stack though. Pull the follower and spring and insert the screw with the ground on washer(s). If your screw is a hexcap and short enough to fit down the magazine body narrow-ways, save yourself some frustration and put it in with a pair of pliers from the inside with the hole facing down (don't forget the washer(s), and you can hold the screw by the threads just below the washer(s) if you're having trouble getting it down the slot.) Then apply the regular washer and nut to the other side, finger tighten and put a wrench on both of them. Turn the outside wrench until you're pretty sure you're about to strip the screw (no biggie if you do, just get extra) and you should have a flattened out dent with a hole that isn't likely to make the follower snag and tilt. Less good but easier way: drill the dent out completely. Place a washer or any other flat circular object which can fit through the hole into hole, kept from falling through by a backer that fits into the slot (a straight piece of wood, or something you're not afraid of messing up.) Clamp the backer (lightly) in place and apply an adhesive. JB Weld (or whatever the equivalent is up there in Leaf Land) will do fine. Superglue isn't great but it'll do in a pinch. Leave it to set up and you should have a working mag. You can drill out your patch and try again if it doesn't run. Janky but quick: drill the dent out, tape over the hole in the slot from the inside, and slime that shit with JB Weld. Let it set up and remove the tape. You might be able to just glue shimstock over the hole. Never tried it, don't know if the follower would try to snag on the edge of the (covered) hole or not.
>>183 >Get standard 30rd mag >Write "Beer coaster" on it >Use as beer coaster >Profit? Bonus freedom points for using the special 'bottle opener'.
>183 30 round PMAGs are entirely made of plastic and are available at a bunch of gun stores in the states, no ID needed at least in the based and redpilled states. Learn how to pop off the door panel of your vehicle, I'm pretty sure the little metal spring alone won't show up on any type of scan or whatever. >t. paid cash for 5 pmags recently without so much as a blink from the cashier.

(665.76 KB 2560x1600 99bab1deaf7a869f92ef8d10b271011d.jpg)
4chan /k/ has turned into turbo-shit Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 18:02:13 ID:1e8777 No. 72 [Reply] [Last]
It'd be worth trying to bring some /k/ommandos over here and build this place up more.
18 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>72 I just came over on a whim, good thing too, this place feels like 4chan before it became festering dogshit.
(61.41 KB 886x1024 1586917527978.jpg)
>>289 It's a good question, especially seeing as /k/ and /pol/ have always had significant overlap
(239.97 KB 1280x871 1593262039774.jpg)
>>72 yeah 4chan /k/ is absolute dog shit
(37.56 KB 439x640 1585486848.jpg)
>>289 It's sad, all I want to do is talk about funz. I don't think having IDs for a slow board helps though
>>328 torposting on maximum security settings works just fine here, my guy. just enter the captcha, then hit the back button to get back to the original post after you get the "block removed" message just kind of annoying if the captcha times out you'll have to hit the "new circuit for this site" button to get a new captcha. sometimes it takes a few tries >mo' ID's mo' problems


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