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Windows vs Linux Anonymous 02/01/2020 (Sat) 10:15:05 No. 718
Base up, W10 is superior. Easier, more efficient, better support and compatibility, less hassle. But for the die hards, why is Linux better to you?
(136.48 KB 1280x721 Olimex-a64-olinuxino-rev_c-id.jpg)
It's not like I'm married to Linux or anything. I also use other OS like OpenBSD or whatever else runs on my hardware. Well except crap like Android and Windows.
>>718 I only use linux because Windoze is essentially spyware. Maybe I'm a bit schizo and naive, but I've been told Microsuck screencaps usage for development purposes, and I don't agree with that type of thing.
>>718 Easier? Sure for many people but many linux distros are comparatively easier. You can even choose "difficult" distros that have automated install scripts for things like Gentoo or Arch and install visual desktops and package managers. You can get the best of both worlds without paying and being owned/spied on by your software. If you're using Windows and coming on these boards there are likely a few individuals interested in exploiting your windows machine that already have backdoors anyway. >better this and that I'll tell you. When I had a friend that updated to Windows 10, the first he complained about were the updates and getting stuck on shutdown and boot processing said updates. I currently then was trying a few distros with literally all of them working like a charm. With linux you don't get that pozz without seriously fucking up, and when you get more control that can lead more efficiency. I won't run windows on my machines over the fear of persistent intrusions and malware. If you're choosing a distro don't choose it by what comes preinstalled unless you don't want to install more software by choice. You can install many softwares without prior bloat depending on package repositories, or limitless opinions if compiling by source. My last windows OS was XP because of Vista infamy.
Imagine TEMPEST interaction with civilians on a flat earth in 200 years. Kekakek
NSA SWS sees 200 years in future. It will protect israel and langley will defend ignorant capitalism disguising communism as benefitial liberalism. Lel.
(77.38 KB 700x700 1584156606563.jpg)
>>718 >why is Linux better to you? Because it's stable, customizable, costs nothing, and doesn't waste my time like Windows 10 did. Windows 10 would constantly force reboots and updates on me fucking up my open projects. It would also randomly uninstall my audio drivers and revert various changes with every reboot and sometimes just when I logged out. It was also slow as shit even on an SSD. I also had to turn off the defender and firewall programs to make certain software work at all, and it would nag me with notifications at least two dozen times a day to turn them back on. I don't Linux because I'm an open source zealot or to get internet points on image boards. I use it because it actually works when I need it to and otherwise stays out of my way.
If all you have is a hammer... I guess every problem looks like a nail. Windows is best as an end user desktop environment which has the widest range of software support with a fair degree of "out of the box" customization. Linux is best for web servers, symmetric multi-processing, mathematical processing and as a micro, instant boot OS for, say, your watch or toaster oven or whatever. Mac OS is best as an "idiot proof" end user desktop environment, perfect for your mom or that play pretend geek hipster who can't keep from infecting their shit box with viruses because they have no idea where they're even at most of the time. And Android... eh... it's like... over in the corner somewhere... probably eating paste.
>>721 The forgotten 64bit version of Windows XP is the absolute best... mostly because it was the easiest to strip all apart and remake it in whatever form you desired. I spent many a cherished hour taking a hex editor to its unmentionables and retooling it to be my little bitch. That was when their browser was so deeply integrated into the OS that altering its base functionality was akin to editing web pages. Simplistic, elegant customization... since bastardized with bullshit.
>>871 >widest range of software support Why is this used as an argument ever? 90% of it is garbage that I know for a fact you would not want installed on your computer. The same applies to the repo of any large Linux dsitro. Most of it is software you wouldn't want or need in most cases.
>>874 Are you mentally retarded? Even if only 10% is good... Windows will still support MORE of that 10% than Linux will. Hurr durr! Also, yes, I'm sure there are many shit tier "alternatives" that can booze about with some measure of acceptability on Linux or via the WINE emulator, but uh... not very well. Makes more sense to use Windows as an end-user desktop environment, if that's what you're trying to use Linux for you either don't do shit on your computer or you're trying WAY too hard to look cool... or both. In any case you're probably an idiot.
>>875 You just don’t want to admit that Linux has all the software that most of the population uses regularly because “muh gayemz”. Most people don’t play video games. Windows would be used on very few machines if it wasn’t preinstalled. Why do you think people like Macs and iPads and Chromebooks? Because they don’t run Windows. That’s why.
>>876 >Linux has all the software that most of the population uses regularly I am absolutely 100% certain that you have absolutely no fuckin clue whatsoever what sorts of software "most of the population" uses regularly. Because most of it... doesn't run on Linux ya fuckin retard. Oh and this retardation... >Most people don’t play video games. Hate to break this to ya, retard, but the PC gaming market clocks over THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! Seriously, how God damn stupid are you exactly?
>>877 based truthposter
>>877 >most software doesn't run on linux Most "software" that people use nowadays is confined to the web browser, you inbred. >THIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! Whilst I concede that the market is big, it's literally built on whales - single individuals who spend disproportionately more than the others... so no, not everybody plays
>>879 If you're using a tablet or a potato maybe, but if you're using an actual computer and doing shit that requires actual software... not so much. In fact most of the high end stuff is all hybrid now, like Adobe's "shit cloud"... er, I mean "creative cloud". The main software runs off your box, but then there's all sorts of "extra" shit online. Also, a lot of web apps won't work on a Linux box. Apparently you're so fuckin stupid you think Firefox for Linux is identical to Firefox for Windows... sorry kiddo, but that's not how it works. Also, whether the industry is built on whales or not doesn't negate the fact that everyone is playing video games. Steam recently clocked over TWENTY TWO MILLION concurrent users! Everybody plays video games... everybody. If you ~don't~ play video games... somethin wrong witchu boi! Seriously... like you don't play video games ~at all~ ... never? Not even every once in a great while? That's just fuckin weird man... seriously, you are fuckin weird! ಠ_ಠ
>>883 You type like an adolescent in high school. You think like one too. If we estimate that 50 million people play video games at least once a month or 12x a year that is still a sixth of the American population and perhaps 1/20 of America + Europe. Literally a minority. To add: Those under 35 yrs of age make up 50% of the population. 1/10 of people under 35 play video games. Get real man. Plus, not all PC games are on Windows (many work on Linux) and many are on Console.
>>883 To clarify, the 22 million would represent NA and Europe only, right? We can estimate at most 40 million on Steam playing once a month or 12x a year, 55 million for PC games in general, and perhaps 100 million including console games. Thus the most accurate estimate I can come up with is: 1/10th of the NA + Europe population is playing video games.
>>718 haven't use w10 in 2 years. if you don't play games there is no point to having $windows$ installed on your pc.linux mint is so easy to install. or mx. >efficient wut?
>>886 Except that's ONLY through Steam... that doesn't include the console markets, including handhelds and it doesn't include the LARGEST gaming market which is... smartphones. The Simpsons "Tapped Out" for example has clocked over 80 million downloads alone and grossed over 200 million dollars. You hillbillies have been livin under a fuckin rock or sum shit if you thinking gaming is niche thing. Get your fuckin head out of your ass, dipshit.
>>718 There's no competition. Linux is more popular by far.
op is a fagget. the entire net runs on linux.the milky way runs on unix. everybody knows that.


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