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Help me niggers Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 09:02:01 No. 194
Hey /g/

I need help

Newfag, know fuck all about tech, but am trying to build a computer to be completely anonymous online

Want to put Devuan on a rasberrypi 4, but have know idea how.
Can one one of you give me a step by step.

Also if there are any wholes in my opsec, please point them out to me.

Pic related. The anon that inspired this whole half assed attempt.
Sorry about all the spelling errors.
Dead tired and running on pure autism at this point.
(9.27 KB 846x107 extremely-based.png)
just grab the raspberry 3 iso from the torrent and dd it to your sd card
(36.74 KB 704x400 1569893403259.jpg)
They don't even have an RPi4 install image. That means they probably don't support that SoC yet. You should probably get an RPi3 instead, at least for now.
On the plus side, the RPi3 is based on the ARM Cortex-A53, which doesn't do speculative execution, and thus is 100% immune to all Spectre class bugs. That CPU and the Cortex-A7 are the only relatively recent ARM processors that aren't vulnerable. The SoC in the RPi4 has also another faster processor but that one does do the speculative execution, so it's vulnerable to Spectre.
>completely anonymous

Choose 1.
(999.99 KB 400x300 90s.gif)
>make email address at library with no cell using guest pass
>wait until face deleted from memory of library computer
>go to craiglist with email made with fake name
>buy craiglist computer using counterfeit coins painted silver but mostly made of lead
>go to coffee shop with latex nose and such
>sit outside in camera blind area on a bus bench
>keep hat low
>shitpost using Tor bridge connections
>cover any camera hole it has with electrical tape if cucked computer
>keep bicycle in case need to run away
>pigs won't chase into dark alleys only shitpost at witching hours
>don't dress like a nigger
>never buy the coffee
All phones are compromised and worst spyware then it's insane to throw away x86 and then talk what phone to get.

>rasberrypi 4
Is it the one with the WiFi ? They stopped making non WiFi ones some time ago even rasberrypi zero has wifi now. I think you can puzzle this together yourself. And answer why.
<LMFFO! rasberrypi zero is the cheapest option and has no pins to be the cheapest. LMFFO! Lets give it wifi capability! And no pins! LMFFO!

You know my x86 PC has no capability to contact WiFi or Bluetooth or cell network. This is why its safe. The hypervisor can do shit if its disconnected from internet.
>>399 All of this for what? To shitpost? If glowniggers want you they'll get you, retard.
>>292 If you can hack the pentagon, you can surf anonymously 99% of the time. To make sure you never get caught, you must surf the internet only 20x in your life.
>>194 >building your own computer It pays off to have multiple macs. also, get an un pozzed cpu
>>424 The cheapest, shittiest WiFi chips are very cheap thanks to IoT cancer. You can buy Chigger "smart" bulbs from chink sites for less than $5.
>>194 Go to pawn shops and some computer shops looking for very old cheap cheap hardware. Collect as much of this shit as you can. Next, frankenstein them together into your very own 'botnet', operating on cloud computing principles. For internet access, you'll need to telescope public wifi. Use Qubes OS or some seL4 microkernel OS.


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