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(160.11 KB 889x960 1542230475808.jpg)
Alt Tech ready for primetime? Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 23:46:07 No. 1381
The last few days have been a massive boon for Alt Tech. Do we have alternatives to Facebook and Twitter ready to go? Retroshare looks like a great concept, but Retroshare is written in C++ , uses old crypto, and needs a Ui/UX overhaul. Retroshare can be fixed, yet Retroshare is not yet ready for production.
(27.26 KB 200x211 tintincongo.jpg)
finger > twitter gopher > facebook irc > discord nntp > reddit
>>1382 irc > discord Matrix > Discord IRC is useless as is text only https://matrix.org/clients/ Element(formally Riot) is most popular/polished clients for linux, win, or mobile opensource, encryption, no email/phone number registration free, unlimited server size, 100MB uploads, video, img, pdf etc. (voice available but not great quality) You could even host your own server at home if you really wanted to While the apps are strongly recommended for added features, you can access through a browser if need be https://app.element.io/#/group/+16chan:privacytools.io
>>1383 IRC lets you transfer any kind of data you want via XDCC. That's why it was used so much by pirate groups for decades. You can send files directly in the client, or setup a fileserver bot for people to download from. And the best part is, IRC runs on *everything* and doesn't need any specific OS or compiler/libraries or recent hardware.
>>1384 >Hello IRC faggot, want to see something funny? >Download this UNKNOWN.file Fuck off retard, I not fucking downloading everything in a anonymous chat room, when I can just scroll past memes like someone would expect from a platform in the 21rst century. Look you like irc thats fine, but you not going to get people in mass to use a platform with less features. irc is a predecessor to discord, not a replacement. Its like you're arguing that black powder rifles are better than AR15's because hurr durr they don't have serial numbers
(65.53 KB 1022x1023 16color.jpg)
>>1385 *shrug* Enjoy get assfucked by big tech. Better you than me.
(20.94 KB 570x350 tin-can-telephone.jpg)
>>1386 >big tech open source code, build your own client host your own server >enjoy using telecom infrastructure, cucks pic related
>>1381 I'm working on it god damn it, don't rush an artist!!
(44.34 KB 800x600 Arachne_VESA_Mode.png)
>>1387 IRC is low-bandwidth enough to work over any ad-hoc network, even packet radio. I personally used it on an 80286 DOS computer with 2400 baud modem and 1 meg RAM. And it wouldn't be hard to write an IRC client for any other computer or microcontroller that's already got a TCP/IP stack. So no, it doesn't lock you into anything at all. But all your modern bloated apps crap does however lock you into the modern bloated/botnet hardware, OS, compilers/libraries, and needs broadband connection to function.
>>1391 I don't what to say to that. Good for you? Some of us have jobs that require a functioning piece of hardware and/or use our machines for more than just shit posting. Would add there are irc/matrix bridges available for you should you ever want to join us. https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc
>>1392 >don't don't know*
>>1392 Shittiest excuse I ever hard. People with jobs can afford to buy an extra piece of non-botnet hardware.
What Retroshare does that nothing else on this thread does is avoid the client/server model all-together. Individual users can be taken down, but there is no way to take down a small community of a few thousand users who are using Retroshare without a coordinated global effort.
>>1395 What ever. You have not addressed the crux of any of my arguments. That irc is just the bare bones of a system. Sure you can see that as a selling point in that you can use it ad-hoc. But for someone that already has and makes full use of modern PC and broadband connections, it make no sense to go to a text only irc server that has no convenience of embedded photos and video. IRC does not serve the functions discord Matrix does everything Fedcord does, plus much more.
>>1396 No one disagrees that IRC is just a barebones of a system. > fedcord Yes, Discord is centralized. All voice traffic through discord is decrypted server-side where vocal-tone analysis and speech-to-text transcription is done. >>1392 > too poor to own more than one computing device opinion discarded ## The key attribute of Alt Tech users are asking for is decentralization (no DNS or IP block to take down) packaged in a way that both nix users and normie users can use. Retroshare is the closest thing to uncensored social media that is not subject to a single internet service provider or domain name service provider getting cucked. Retroshare has the best concept but the implementation needs to be redone for production use.
sorry about spacing, am not used to this site
>>1398 cant tell if serious or making a cheeky reddit jab.
(67.48 KB 627x518 IMG_20210114_213620_144.jpg)


no cookies?