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(71.00 KB 310x234 74065251649.PNG)
Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 00:18:36 No. 1221
Are there any general reasons to use linux besides "muh privacy" or e-cred? I was thinking about installing it to learn more about terminals/kernels but I don't know if that's such a good idea.
>>1221 Not an expert, but none that I know of, aside from if your system is used as a server then it is preferred. Asked an expert, waiting for his reply. In meantime found this article. https://itsfoss.com/linux-better-than-windows/ And even though not an expert I can easily read between the lines and offer counter points to nearly all his claims. 1. Open Source Nature The average user doesn't read code, so "look under the hood" is non starter. Of course you can read forums and take the communities word that everything is on up and up 2. Secure It's not that it is MORE secure, it's just more OBSCURE, so there is little profit for hackers to put in the time of looking for exploits 3. Can revive older computers Non starter if doesn't apply to you. On other hand, this is one of the "muh privacy" points. Anons like to use old Thinkpads 400 series, as the can be easily made "Snowden" machines 4. Perfect For Programmers Again pretty niche, If not interested if putting the time in, won't apply to most users 5. Software Updates This sounded like cope 6. Customization Themes and icons? That can be done with Winblows too 7. Variety Of Distributions One of the cons imo, every time you ask for an opinion from 5 Anons of where to start, you get 6 different answers 8. Free to Use Goes without saying, you get what you pay for. Poor fags can still install cracked windows, and M$ sell your data, so shouldn't be that hard to get legit copies 9. Better Community Support No argument here, M$ costumer support sucks, and Anons have said there are a ton of helpful forums 10. Reliability This was another fair point 11. Privacy This was another fair point
>>1222 >waiting for his reply He said >If you care nothing about your right to privacy then I suppose though >For the average consoomer I suppose it doesn't make much sense
>>1221 At every point in time organizations like Microsoft are actively collecting, and compiling a profile on you. Your information is actively being sold. By all means if you're nothing but a hollow consoomer use Windows/MacOS. But if you actually care about your rights and right to privacy I strongly advocate moving over to a freedom respecting distribution of GNU/Linux, I'm personally a big fan of Debian. This goes beyond Windows. Stop using Gmail, YouTube, Google, all forms of social media. We are moving to a voluntary reality of 1984 in which people have given their literal human rights up for convenience and muh tiktok. If you're a person of even intermediate value, the answer is obvious.
>>1224 Also, since you wanted to know about advantages outside of privacy, just to name a few in no particular order. - Extremely extensible -> your machine will be your machine and can have any workflow that you desire. At no point in time (while using a libre distro) is the thought of something not being able to be customized, you are purely limited by your imagination and motivation/skillset. - Efficiency -> Ability to choose extremely lightweight desktop environments, and have a system that doesn't call home to anyone. - Software availability -> although this has been a point of contention for several years. The software offered in GNU/Linux is actually superb, and we are reaching levels in which essential pieces of software that people need for professional work - Photoship, etc, are readily able to run on Wine/Playonlinux These are just a few off the top of my head.
>>1224 >falling for security meme Modern technology is botnet. The entire internet is botnet. This goes for all search engines and ISPs, the only way to escape it is by leaving society. Any software/hardware that claims to ""respect"" your privacy is virtue signaling
>>1226 In the 80's people made their own computers and software. You're a loser who can't code so this is beyond your comprehension, and thus you label everything as botnet and jump to the stupid conclusions your limited, brainwashed mind is capable of.
>>1228 if it can meet the needs of those demographics then you know its a good operating system. its what most servers run too aside from the occasional openbsd
>>1226 > nOOOOOO YOU CANT USE FREE SOFTWARE!!!! i WON'T HAVE AN EXCUSE TO BE DEFEATIST!!!! THEY ARE JUST GOING TO COME FOR YOU ITS ALL BOTNET!!! WAHHHH WAHHHH! Shhh, it's okay. You can go back to not thinking. >>1227 Calm down there, Mr. Superiority Complex.
OP, duel-boot and you won't look back, or, at least, I didn't.
(34.75 KB 258x270 a7c2ad3f.png)
Why is Linux so terriblle?
(254.39 KB 480x232 DAY OF THE SEAL.PNG)
>I was thinking about installing it to learn more about terminals no need. DAY OF THE SEAL SOON
(348.21 KB 1100x745 NanoPi-NEO.jpg)
BRB, gonna install Windows 10 on my micro SD.


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