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(46.16 KB 580x409 ban_mc_donalds.jpg)
Anonymous 09/10/2020 (Thu) 06:17:17 No. 1218
what is the worst someone can do with an ip address?
with enough luck and resources you can isolate it down to a single person. from there "what's the worst that could happen" depends heavily on what past actions you've done on that IP address and/or how motivated and competent your attackers are. so probably absolute worst case scenario is they manage to botnet you and use your computer to store and distribute CP. followed by you being arrested and made a non-person by everyone in your life and getting thrown in jail with by prisoners who torture 'child molesters and pedophiles' for fun as a way to try to salvage some modicum of self-respect for themselves so they can pretend they still have some semblance of morality. so yeah that's pretty much the worst that could happen. use a vpn and tor.
(123.82 KB 300x300 Michiru_pushing.png)
>>1218 Realistically nothing. They could flood you with packets and cripple your connection, but it would take a fair amount of resources and achieves nothing. If you have some stupid port forwarding rules on your router and shitty passwords they might be able to get in. Most default settings are good enough here. They can't externally track you without help from your ISP. Basically only the government can pull those strings and if they're going that far you've fucked up. 99.9% of normal users have a dynamic ip anyway so an attacker only knows it's you for like, a week maybe. And by "you", all they have is a string of digits and a vague geographic area. Now that's assuming they ONLY have your ip. Depending on how they got that info they likely got some other tidbits as well. Malicious websites can track you across ips and urls with cookies and by getting a "fingerprint". And of course malicious software from that sketchy torrent you downloaded can wreak havoc. tl; dr: If someone is out to get you it's cheaper and easier to send goons to your front door.
>>1219 what if said person found an ip using a packet sniffer like wireshark, what else could they find?


no cookies?