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(1.09 MB 1920x1080 1568562627304.png)
Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 14:28:07 No. 199
Hello lads, I'm looking for a new VPN provider, I'm currently using ExpressVPN.
Any recoms?
What VPNs work on 4chan?
airvpn is my choice.
No even medium sized ones to my knowledge, sometimes a vpn will have a new server come up but it gets quickly banned. I know some VPS's are also banned, but not sure since I havent tried going through one for half chan in quite a few years.
airvpn is comfy. I do not 100% trust them given their support of groups like riseup, but their system seems capable of not having to. Less than great payment options as well (good luck using a prepaid card for instance).
don't bother with NordVPN, every server is now banned on 4chins and it's owned by Tesonet, a Lithuanian datamining company.
Ivacy is dirt cheap
Just use SocksCap64
at least a third of vpn services are owned by some big chinese parent company, they're a fucking meme
>>199 Mullvad is good to go.
(31.52 KB 688x369 benis AR.png)
>hurr durr vpncompany1 is the best >hurr durr vpncompany2 is the best >hurr durr vpncompany3 not good cuz muh high level outsider reasoning >hurr durr vpncompany4 good >hurr durr vpncompany2 good burgers never change
Who know how to hack Bitcoin or etherium


no cookies?