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(190.53 KB 559x480 ClipboardImage.png)
/tpg/ - 16chan edition Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 14:55:29 No. 142
First one on 16ch!
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Series if you want the Real Business Experience™ >Other business laptops are welcome in /tpg/ (Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook). Why ThinkPad?
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap
>Excellent keyboards
>Great durability (excl L and E series)
>Utilitarian design
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop
>Most models are easy to repair, upgrade & maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model and spare parts are easy & cheap to obtain
>The best TrackPoint™, easier to use when typing
>Good for Hackintoshing Libreboot-compatible models: >T60 (check lcd), X60(s/t); X200(s/t. -s requires soldering), T400(s)/500; W500 Models before *40 series can be Corebooted
Modern models:
>X220/X230 - 12", 768p, cheap
>T420/T430 - 14", 900p, widely available for a good price, socketed CPU (Ivy Bridge CPU support on T420); Quad Core Compatible >T520/530; W520/530 - 15", 1080p, DTR, 32GB RAM on quadcore models, USB 3.0 >T440s - best price/performance ultra portable >T440p/540p; W540/1 - Last Thinkpads with socketed processors, easily replaceable trackpad (W541 doesn't need trackpad replacement) Chink Upgraded models: >X210 - X200/X201, i5 8250u quadcore >X62 - X61, i5 5250u >T70 - T60, i7 7700 hq IPS displays, USB 3.0, m.2 x4, miniDP https://forum.51nb.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=117 >ThinkWiki - Info on ThinkPads & running GNU/Linux on them: https://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkWiki >BIOS logo booru: http://biosimage.booru.org
Thinking of buying a T440p and installing an HQ4701 (I think that's the processor name), upgrading to a nice IPS panel. Seems to honestly be the best option, people with the upgraded T440p's seem to be performing many of the modern Thinkpad's and laptops coming out nowadays.

Currently on a librebooted x200 but it just isn't cutting it for development and moderate media browsing.

If anyone has used a T440p and modified it, do you have any advice or recommendations? Do's and donts?
the T440p is good but i personally couldn't deal with the nupad chicklet keyboard. that being said, it's still pretty powerful and you should go for it. But remember to add a T450 touchpad.

I use a T520 for my python class (really new to programming) and it works well. Though, it has trouble with something as old as Postal 2.
Is it possible to get one of the comfy classic keyboards without all the crazy fiddling or is it not worth the hastle?
not on the t440p, but a T430 can take a t420 keyboard no problem, but you have to modify the bios. Oh, the drain holes are different AFAIK so tape those up too.
What a shame! The old style keyboard is beyond comfy, luckily I'll primarily docking it and using and external mechanical keyboard. I think the performance increase over the contenders is worth the somewhat small discomfort of having to get used to the new keyboard.
yeah. I mean you could always quadcore a t430, but if you do, and use a DGPU t430 you'll chew through 9 cells like theyre AAAs
posting from t440p. pretty good desktop replacement. I have a real tower I could use but this is good enough for everything other than EPIK GAMING, which I don't do anymore.
-ips 1080p panel upgrade
double check which exact FRU you need first (need to open up the bezel/lcd assembly before ordering_
-16 GiB ram
-4700MQ (4 core 8 thread)
-Nvidia 730 or whatever
The quad core is nice, the dGPU turned out to be not that useful. It's still not fast enough to maintain 2x/60fps in Dolphin, so I just play at 1x which even the iGPU can handle fine. Maybe it's accelerating kdenlive, not sure.
That's awesome Anon! I was curious about the dGPU but you cleared up my question. I was wondering if it would add any significant advantage over the iGPU. I'm curious however, are there other dGPUs I can replace the stock one with that would help in things like kdenlive?
Also Anon, would you recommend the 4700MQ or 4702MQ. It's to my understanding that the 4700 is cheaper, but the TDP is higher and perhaps has some performance drawbacks?
(32.75 KB 474x474 handbrake.jpeg)
4700MQ works just fine for me. I can set it to encode on 8 video threads on handbrake, walk away and it's never frozen or anything. I always have a loud fan running in the room anyways so I'm insensitive to fan noise, can't tell you anything about that. I would say that any 4 core 8 thread processor you can fit into this will perform about the same. Every single intel laptop processor made in the last 5 years is going to thermal throttle when you max it out all core. nowadays I just load down all my new hardware allcore to check if it throttles down to something reasonable like 2.9+, 2.4+ or whatever and not 800mhz. Handbrake encoding is my real world benchmark task for multicore. Note that I basically don't use this laptop on battery, it sucks. About 1.5 hrs on Dolphin and 2.5 hours web browsing. For me it was much cheaper to simply buy a used t440p with 4700MQ than to buy a cheap one and spend $ upgrading the CPU.

On linux you can watch core speeds with:
while(true); do cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz; sleep 1; done
(62.39 KB 552x414 ux3gMMT.jpg)
Coreboot is relevant to my interests. Should I go refurbished thinker or splash the cash on Purism?
Only you can decide how much your time and effort are worth.
my T40 thinkpad will no longer recognize USB devices, but only for booting. A while ago, one day it stopped being able to boot from my USB drives which it used to be able to use. What's worse, the CD drive is broken so I have no way of booting it from anything. Luckily it hasn't needed to, but I'm pretty sure it must be a hardware issue.

am I going to have to replace the motherboard soon?
What's the cheapest thinkpad that can support either
>1 monitor at 4k/60 or
>3 or 4 monitors at 1080/60?
Not counting the built in LCD panel.
I'm pretty sure a T460 can do 4K output. Check for yourself obviously.
(922.55 KB 2007x1267 galaga_pro_corenigger.png)
Take the meme pill and preorder lmao system76 new line of laptops that come with coreboot.
I bought two t420 a while back figured the first one would last a while. Love this thing. Best laptop I ever owned. Such a travesty that they don't make them like this anymore. Would kill for a square monitor.
free thinkpads at 30.17346885251603, -83.264888868487


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