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(216.32 KB 1700x1700 ダウンロード.png)
Ubuntu Wifi Problem Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 14:46:30 No. 1403
I tried Lubuntu, Xubuntu, FerenOS. Looks like every ubuntu-based distro I download and install is having that problem. When I go to the driver update, the internet driver is recognized but when I try to install the driver, even with the pendrive on the notebook, the message to update my repository. Why is this happening? I don't remember having this problem with the linux mint before (besides the boot problem).
might mean you have uncommon or relatively new hardware. I had a few old laptops with broadc*m wifi cards that were a major pain in the ass because the driver was not autistically free enough to be packaged with linus or in the kernel or something. had to connect to ethernet and use "additional drivers" before wifi worked anyways just try dead stock ubuntu, hit the checkbox for "include non-free firmware" on install, then plug into your router over ethernet and run "additional drivers" if you still don't have wifi or you could try manjaro. kinda buggy but it has the latest software and they seem not to have any RMS software autism so they'll ship all kinds of nonfree crap all over the place. had some poorly supported hardware where manjaro worked and nothing else did because manjaro just said fuck it and was willing to ship copyrighted files and shit all over the place


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