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(202.63 KB 936x582 hereo1583792087742.jpg)
Anonymous 01/07/2021 (Thu) 00:01:36 No. 1372
How do you get around twitters phone number requirement? My account got locked for calling Mutt Romney a bitch ass, which is factual, but I digress. There are sites like this: https://smstools.online/ but either twitter says I can't use the number for a variety of reasons, or the code never arrives on the website. I have tried texting the numbers with my irl phone, and it goes through.
stop using consumerist propoganda
>>1372 It's possible to detect if a number is VOIP or not. Twitter (and most tech corps) require a real phone number that's tied to a SIM. Buy cheap prepaid SIMs. You don't need to keep them active after activating the account, switch to TOTP and delete the number.


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