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(222.91 KB 450x399 TAD.png)
Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 14:14:41 No. 130
This should be in the sticky. The man created a whole operative system and programming language by himself, he's a mentor to all of us.
... no, it was shit, and he was a shit eating faggot
(4.43 KB 640x443 pbuh-eye.png)
>schizo with a toy OS
>he says the GAMER word though
Durga or die, faggot
16channel will never make it without terry blessing
bumping terry for sticky
Preach. Without Terry we'll be overrun by cia niggers.
and you're a double nigger

+1 for removing that whiny fat communist kike Stallman's face from the board. Hail St. Davis
terry was jewish though
No, he has italian ancestry.
delete this u piece of shit.
Bumping for terry sticky.
also bumping for terry sticky
i miss seeing the terry sticky on quarterchans /g/
(45.87 KB 900x600 Terry_Davis_1990 w Mom&Dad.jpg)
From 1996 to 2003, Davis was admitted to a psychiatric ward every six months due to reoccurring manic episodes. In 2014, he said that he "was genuinely pretty crazy in a way. Now I'm not. I'm crazy in a different way maybe."[5] Davis grew up Catholic and was an atheist before the aforementioned events. Davis acknowledged that the sequence of events leading to his spiritual awakening might give the impression of "mental illness, as opposed to some glorious revelation from God. ... It would sound polite if you said I scared myself thinking about quantum computers. And then I guess you just throw in your ordinary mental illness."[5] Reflecting on the initial episode, he said, "I'm not especially proud of the logic and thinking. It looks very young and childish and pathetic. ... In the Bible it says if you seek God, He will be found of you. I was really seeking, and I was looking everywhere to see what he might be saying to me."[5]

(543.59 KB 766x758 Richardo Stallmanu.jpg)
Bump for Terry sticky
bump for sticky
(57.13 KB 1000x584 glowniggers.jpeg)
fuck u cianiggers
(138.22 KB 667x891 1561257867790.jpg)
not having terry's smiling visage in the sticky is a major downer and a problem that must be rectified. this thread should be bumped until Board Owner gets the message and puts terry in the sticky.
(409.31 KB 640x360 Do it like a White man.mp4)
(195.30 KB 902x762 1573614893830.jpg)
Come on mods. Stallman is a fat disgusting FAGGOT, and we're tired of seeing his bloated face on the front page. Get woke, repent of your sins and promote Terry to his rightful throne.
(24.77 KB 589x621 terry-davis-game1.png)
fuck the cianiggers they're going to pay big for what happened to Terry
Bumping for terry. Add him under RSM.
Rms is autistic?
Based. Terry is and will always be a meme.

P.cool what he did with brainworms tho
>>191 Italian-American = Sicilian moor cryptojew
>>130 The only ones that should ever criticize him, are those that have done better. And we shall wait long for that day.


no cookies?