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(173.39 KB 760x474 1600345158363.png)
Linux or Windows Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 10:19:58 No. 1230 [Reply] [Last]
I have Windows 7 on a laptop that I bought from a friend. I am wondering if I should keep it or install a Linux OS on it. I plan on using it to play DVDs and playing video games only. What should I do?
>>1230 You are better off using Linux Mint or just upgrade to windows 10.
No matter what you do you should always read the documentation before installation. While using linux type "man *programhere*" to find further instruction.
>>1230 Keep Win7 as long as you possibly can, and if and when you run into problems or incompatibilities, then change over to a Linux distro. In the meantime start learning about Linux. You can even download some distros that have 'live' versions and boot/run them off USB to try out first, play with them, get a feel for it.
What are the typical issues that Linux newcomers run into ? What are persistent issues with Linux (I heard there are sound issues, but what else) ? Wine vs Windows 7 boot for gaming ? What is drastically different when using Linux compared to Windows 7 ?

(101.59 KB 1280x720 intel_vs_amd.jpeg)
Intel Vs. AMD Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 03:05:57 No. 686 [Reply] [Last]
Building a new computer soon. I've been out of the market for a decade and much has changed. I've seen a lot of news about AMD overtaking Intel in the desktop processor market, but have never been an AMD fan. I am seriously considering AMD for my next build, but am concerned about processor heat, longevity, and linux compatibility. Intel will also release their new line of processors early next year, and I am tempted to wait for that. AMD has also been gunning for Nvidia, but currently does not have a superior graphics card. There is so much conflicting information online, and so many AMD fanboys it is difficult to find objective information on what to put in a build. I used to turn to YouTube for information, but so many channels appear to be bought and paid for. I am curious to hear what /g/'s consensus is on what to put in a new build. I plan to spend roughly 4k on the desktop and 1.5k on a high-res 200Hz monitor. I plan to use linux for my main OS and Windows for gaming and video editing. Also curious to hear about storage options. I'd like to use 2 or 4 M.2 SSDs for in pairs of RAID0 for the OS and 2 or 4 HDDs for backup. Anyone have a more effective/cost efficient setup? Appreciate your responses.
4 posts and 3 images omitted.
(500.18 KB 1024x768 belgian-thermal-paste.jpg)
I'm going to assume this is the general computer build thread I've had a skylake 6700k + 1060 build for years now. I've looked into upgrading it a few times now but it's never seemed like the cost-benefit lined up. Mostly I'm just a low-res frametime autist so I'd be looking to reduce stuttering at 120 / 144 hz. I DGAF about any graphics settings besides draw distance. All my monitors are 1080p so i don't care at all about high-res, just maximum fast and smooth. >botnet use a separate LUKS encrypted drive for normie linux stuff and an entirely separate machine + VPN + tor for shitposting so it's not particularly critical for this machine. got a million other machines I can play tuxcart on already The new ryzen CPUs seem pretty cool but they seem like they're mostly just wider in cores, not all that much faster in single core. I render videos and bulk convert mp3s once in a while but not really that much. I specced out a 8c/16t build but couldn't really justify the new cpu and mini-ITX mobo for the small improvement. So mostly it's the graphics card. I picked up the 1060 6GiB with the intention I might upgrade at some point, but then the buttcoin meme blew up and sent prices to the stratosphere so I sat it out. Anyone know roughly when I can expect CPUs to have 1.5-2x single-thread performance for ~$250 or GPUs to have ~2x performance at the ~$250 level? I remember the old days when that shit happened like clockwork every 2 years....
alright well I just checked newegg and wew lad prices are still fucking retarded. still higher than when I bought in late 2016. what a clusterfuck. guess I'll just sit this out until 5nm happens or something
>>686 I would go AMD for the CPU. Just like with cars, maybe don't buy the very first stepping of a new product (so don't get the ryzen 4000 series yet) but the 3000 series and older should be fine now. They did have some very embarrassing bugs re linux compatibility that marred an otherwise very strong launch. Intlel hasn't been all that great these days (understatement) with all the Speed Holes they've been putting in their products. The only reason I would go Intel on a new build is if the one and only thing you plan to do with your computer is game. Intel still has a thin lead of about 10% in frame rates on some games, but they squeeze this edge out by just running fucking fast and hot. like seriously socket-melting hot, intel TDP means nothing at all these days, check out the meme measurements under synthetic loads. If I was in the market for a 'reasonable' machine I would probably go with an 8c/16t ryzen. If you're going to go balls out I would get one of the memerippers with 16c/32t which should sort of future-proof you for a world that is begrudgingly moving towards multi-threaded software. I wouldn't get an AMD gpu though. it's my understanding that the one good thing is they are a little cheaper for same performance in the lower end but you pay for it with heat and power distribution, not very efficient. Every single year some AMD people say "just wait" and it never gets here as far as I can tell. If you're serious about the $4k price range I'd probably just get a 1080ti. I think the only real improvements to the 2080ti is the snake oil RTX stuff, they upped the transistor count a bunch but GFLOPS basically the same. Or go all out and get the latest Titan or something if you want to go balls to the wall with 24 GiB ram but $2500 is pretty fucking steep if it's not a work expense for CUDA. If I was buying a GPU at a more 'reasonable' price point i'd look at the 2070 Super, 1070Ti, 1070, 1660 Super, etc in roughly descending cost order.
>>806 Thanks for the advice. I ended up getting a fully specced Thinkpad P1 (except chose the IPS 4k display instead of OLED touch) and got the minimum ram and ssd. Ordered my own 32GB Corsair ram and 2x 500GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus drives from Amazon. M.2 drives are in RAID0. The laptop screams, it was an excellent choice. I put the money for the desktop into bitcoin, hopefully it goes up by black friday. The laptop will make it much easier for me t wait until then. I plan to get a 3970X and a 2080Ti for a screaming deal and I'll basically have a laptop and a desktop for the price I was intending to buy the desktop at earlier this year. I got an incredible deal on the Thinkpad as I got my company discount on top of a huge sale.
>>686 Finally ordered the parts for this desktop build. Ended up going with an AMD 3970X. PSU still on backorder and RTX 3080 sold out everywhere, so haven't put anything together yet.

(140.65 KB 720x1432 IMG_20201114_144219.jpg)
(241.64 KB 720x1430 IMG_20201114_144233.jpg)
Steam"community" Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 11:45:53 No. 1284 [Reply] [Last]
why there's so many trannies on Steam youngest tranny I've met on Steam was 15 (if they were telling the truth) Most of them are in off topic. Coindeince? I think not.
(87.59 KB 700x700 censor.png)
I just avoid all these stupid "platforms" and just download the games from abandonware sites or places like archive.org, and run them on old emulators I compile myself (because the new emulators tend to be bloated shits that want a supercomputer just to play Super Mario Bros).
>>1284 can you find any mainstream platform that doesn't have trannies in it? Just ignore them, they'll off themselves before they turn 20.
(153.87 KB 1200x575 1599017548542.gif)
>>1284 trannies are the modern day NEET. Normy NEET's >shitpost >jerk off >play vidia. The new age NEET >ragepost >dialate >hangs with other new age NEET >>1290 This. It's fun to pick on them but if we ignore them we mite get more LiveLeak vids

(36.37 KB 642x640 1551393649136.jpg)
Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 04:06:30 No. 443 [Reply]
The way to do programming is just to code java and shut the fuck up and if a black woman or a trans woman or a feminist with purple hair shows up you better shut your fucking mouth and keep your opinion to yourself and say yes ma'im or they'll send the cavalry quick.
>>443 Well, yeah, that is indeed what you do, if a black woman or a tranny with purple hair shows up, then it is in fact due for you to shut your fucking mouth shut and keep your opinion to yourself. Then, afterwards, if the negres starts spouting shit like "Well, my concept of open source is stuff made by google, y'all start getting hip to that!!", then you start making plans to destroy her and all her allies in the vicinity.
>>1324 how does one do that? Many of the IT people I'm around are spineless.

(59.32 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
TrannyCoC in Monero incoming Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 05:30:12 No. 1320 [Reply] [Last]
Heads up lads, trannies are getting their mits into Monero. https://github.com/monero-project/monero/issues/7060 Adopting more inclusive terminology #7060 >I was scanning through the codebase and observed use of "grandfathering" in https://github.com/monero-project/monero/blob/master/src/cryptonote_core/blockchain.cpp. >I propose we replace its use with more inclusive terms like "legacied" or "exempted". >For context on the complicated nature of the term and its racist origin please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandfather_clause This is important because it is the only currency that you can reliably receive if (((they))) deplatform you from the entire financial system. Last I checked Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer used Monero exclusively for donations.
(16.78 KB 499x387 git master.png)
(54.01 KB 1024x663 comped guy.jpg)
>>1326 > git for windows This is Taco Bell tier, m8.

(71.00 KB 310x234 74065251649.PNG)
Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 00:18:36 No. 1221 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any general reasons to use linux besides "muh privacy" or e-cred? I was thinking about installing it to learn more about terminals/kernels but I don't know if that's such a good idea.
13 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>1227 >muh proprietary hardware & software system can run all other useful software put up or stfu faggot
>>1221 >Are there any general reasons to use linux besides "muh privacy" or e-cred? >If you want to learn about computers, yes. >I was thinking about installing it to learn more about terminals/kernels but I don't know if that's such a good idea. Don't install for now. Run Linux from a live usb or DVD to try it out. Unplug and reboot to get back to normal.
>>1246 continue coping fag, (((they))) will always have control over you
(130.74 KB 800x943 tera.jpg)
>>1299 It depends on what your skills are, and what your expectations or needs are. If you want modern web, modern games, and other stuff like that, then yeah you're fucked because those are too complicated to be possible without botnet hardware and software. But if you want something more like the 90's Internet and 80's computers and the dialup BBS scene, that's an entirely different ball game that's got almost nothing in common with modern tech. But I'm one of the few people who genuinely prefer that old stuff. I never "upgraded" to Win95 (went DOS->Slackware instead) and never cared at all about new video games that need Windows or a 3D video card. In fact I didn't even care about game consoles newer than Sega Genesis, and still don't.
>>1221 >"muh privacy" "muh" all you want, it's still important. In my opinion it isn't great as a desktop OS, but it works fine for the most part, and frankly at this point I wouldn't really call any desktop OS "great". they all have their flaws. I use Debian on my desktop. For general home use, it's pretty okay. It all depends what you're doing with your computer. If I were running a server, of course, I think I'd go with linux. it's just the obvious choice. But I haven't needed to do that. Like everything, it has its pros and cons. And one could go on about it for a long time. It really depends what you want to do with it. if you're getting it to learn the command line, I suppose that'll work to some extent, but there's no point in getting linux just to learn the linux command line unless it's going to get you a job or fulfill some other purpose.

(31.93 KB 270x270 70723150.png)
IDEs Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 19:12:33 No. 1291 [Reply] [Last]
so, what are your preferred IDEs? Does anyone use one for a specific language or you have a swiss knife? I use codeblocks for c/c++ and netbeans for pretty much anything I get assigned at work. >inb4 use vim or emacs I asked for IDEs not text editors turned into something ressembling an IDE
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1294 >muh clicky fucky code "studio" >fuck off make me
damn code monkeys and their IDEs
Well, with fairly little effort from your end you could turn Emacs not only into something resembling an integrated development environment, but actually make it into something vastly superior and much more useful, not to mention an enormous amount of fun. Only boring people who doesn't really look at programming as an activity that could be enjoyable and fun turn into such corporate-friendly garbage like IDEs. I bet you also use Windows?
>>1291 >use IDE >no Vim, GCC and Linux distro Kill yourself.
(466.37 KB 548x534 terry smoke.png)
> Do you see the fun in gcc?

best .onion forum sites Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 11:18:51 No. 1143 [Reply] [Last]
what are the best .onion forum sites to chat with/connect with people?
onion is compromised and there's nothing even there of value.
You can go to nanochan if you want big autism and lots of trolling by asukafag. >>1310 Only the places that demand you enable javascript are comp'd. Of course that's also the case on clearnet.
>>1143 ggsjJebckwnckhhdbHuwbcU127BuemajeJudAqdJ618Njnxjwk.onion

(4.55 KB 318x159 download.jpg)
Just Wondering If? Hanon 10/06/2019 (Sun) 05:14:57 No. 237 [Reply]
Lately I had an idea which Id like to share.. Why not create a public Gdrive account with a known password that everybody can see here and anyone can just login and upload their most precious files.. exciting isnt it?

What do u guys think?
I dont know maybe im too naive, I mean Im probably not the first one to think of that..
Probably a good idea to use something more secure and private that Google Drive but could be a good idea actually.
exciting? Yes. Practical? No. Please would just try to delete other people's files, or even the account itself. Even if you limit it to just uploading content, it would still need to be moderated as someone can just post illegal content and get then entire thing shut down. It sounds like a fun way to goof around with strangers, but it won't last long.
Dont worry, itll be just us ;)
Anyway Im busy these days and ill apply this project someday in the future..
or someone else can do it now, if they like.
why not just set up an sftp server? I would but I'm using my server for something else now.
(5.04 KB 640x480 out.png)
A few years ago, there was a list of FTP servers circulating on some small chans. Shit was cash! I still have this logfile of one that had tons of movies.

(28.33 KB 1027x731 apu happy.png)
Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 19:50:36 No. 323 [Reply]
>pressing the shift key rapidly just to hear the noise
>pressing the shift key rapidly just to hear the noise
>Do you want to enable Sticky Keys?
*apu suprised*
>>323 The worst shit ever. Normalfags used to this in school all the time, would make me seethe.
>>1192 kys
What the fuck is sticky keys, is this some Windows garbage lingo. By the way I love the sound the keys make on old ThinkPad keyboards; never used a mechanical keyboard. I bet that would be even better.


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