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(63.42 KB 800x561 briefcase-solar-panel.jpg)
Small-Scale Solar Thread Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 20:11:00 No. 830 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for the discussion of cheap, low-power solar energy systems suitable for emergency use, camping and other limited-need scenarios, and just plain tinkering. How many watts are you guys packing? What are your setups like?
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(136.48 KB 1280x721 Olimex-a64-olinuxino-rev_c-id.jpg)
>>831 If you want to lower your power consumption, consider older ARM-based systems like those built around Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A7 processors. The advantage here is that not only they use less power than x86 laptops, but they're also totally invulnerable to the many x86 hardware bugs. These two ARM processors are also immune to all Meltdown and Spectre class bugs, because they don't do speculative execution. Granted that makes them slower than x86 or faster/newer ARM processors, but they're good enough for my needs. Added bonus: they don't even need a fan at all. The Raspberry Pi 3 and older boards use those processors, but there are better quality boards like for example those by Olimex. I have pic and run it off their 5V/1A power supply, and it does what I need it to. I use it as a headless server basically (over Ethernet), so you would need a bigger PS if you're going to connect LCD screen or whatnot. And my main computer is an A20 board (Cubietruck) which itself has a 5V/3A PS because I actually have a mechanical HDD attached to its SATA connector. This is only a dual-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1 GHz though, so quite a bit slower than my other computer, but it still performs adequately for my needs. And an e-ink display would be a good choice for saving power compared to other screens. They've been coming down in price in the past few years, but I'm still using old 5:4 LCD VGA screens for now.
>>835 > immune to all Meltdown and Spectre class bugs >Intel & AMD installed botnet but ARM did not. All is botnet. The game was rigged from the start. From preliminary research I found there is no all-in-one solution for a mini solar generator. You need Solar panel + regulator + battery. Are there any all-in-one solutions out there that anons know of and I missed? Enough to run a laptop, or mini-stove, or soldering station post-apocalypse??
>>844 Nevermind, you're a dumbass. I'm not gonna help you, even though I have experience using solar panels and deep-cycle batteries in RVs.
I'm OP. >844 is not me. also that guy is retarded, they do make all-in-one systems they're just way above the price point and marketed to upper-class outdoors snobs or businesses where they need it to just werk. I think "GoalZero" makes some integrated, expensive stuff. eink screen would be sweet. I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for a reasonably cheap 9-13+ inch packaged screen to come out for reasonably cheap but it doesn't seem to have happened yet. I have a couple little 1-3 inch screens in my parts bin I've been meaning to play with for a while. I have a few PINE and other ARM SBC boards, but nothing from Olimex. but it seems to me that it's hard to beat a laptop integrated form factor for this use case. I'm not sure any monitor manufacturers are as laser-focused on power consumption as the bare panels that go into laptops. What are your thoughts on the Pinebook and Pinebook Pro? Do you have a recommendation on a relatively cheap regulator? Like I said, just something that is a little better than the cheapo harbor freight crap I bought.
>>864 >I'm OP. >844 is not me. also that guy is retarded >>845 >you're a dumbass So I'm a dumbass and retard because I created a custom solution since the last time I posted? OK whatever faggots. >I'm not gonna help you, even though I have experience using solar panels and deep-cycle batteries in RVs. As we are jerking off our egos, I'll confess, I have experience in rocket design and didn't need your help. P.S. If you didn't know about the backdoors in ARM as well as the commonly known ones in INTEL and AMD - the fuck I care. Enjoy your ignorance.

(7.59 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20200414_112201.jpg)
Anonymous 04/14/2020 (Tue) 09:23:50 No. 855 [Reply] [Last]
Got most of the parts for free: Storage is 3x2tb hdds i3 6th gen Gtx750 What should I do with it? Installed Plex and nextcloud on it got tired pretty quickly and barely used it Just too lazy always uploading the files to the server to play them with Plex No motivation to fiddle around with server admin stuff Should I somehow use it as second pc for "productive" stuff so that I won't have all the distractions I would normally have? Money won't be worth anything soon so selling is not really worth it Really don't know what to do with it Also got a thinkpad I have no use for I really don't know what to do with that stuff I feel like giving all that stuff away for free to someone who really needs it although the cyberpunk notion would be to be surrounded by lots of technology I think there is some truth in all that minimalism stuff

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What kind of thinkpad is that? From the latch I notice it is probably an older one with a 16:10 screen ratio. t. thinkpad man
>>861 it's a 410 with shitty tn screen
(212.79 KB 850x574 dios-mio.jpg)
>>863 ah, bummer. the x200 with ccfl backlights have a compatible AFFS (VA-like) screen that's a drop-in replacement. You can also put the same panel into the x200 LED and x201 (all LED) but then it's kind of a pain as you have to replace a cable and a backlight inverter as well which ends up being a more involved swap. and x220 and up have IPS screens as drop in replacements I was never able to find any sort of good swap for a t420 I had so I ended up giving it away as a gift a few years ago. There's that one alienware panel that's supposedly """good tn""" that you still need some hackjob cable for, then semi-recently I think they finally made some other mods but I think they still involve soldering directly to the dock displayport output on the mobo. But that sounded like a hassle and I think I'd already given mine away at that point. Kind of a shame as I liked some other stuff about the laptop but that screen made it painful to use. Nice to see a fellow TN-hater on here. I couldn't believe the amount of bad advice on /4/g about buying a gaming monitor or old thinkpad that fails to note the extremely critical fact that's it's fuccing TN garbage.
(56.26 KB 1200x1200 woah.png)
>>865 yep, I was fucking retarded when I bought it two years ago but it doesn't matter since I have never used it anyways
>>865 what's that image supposed to prove? that TNs have inversion? the image doesn't look right in ANY of those screens. VA viewing angles are trash IPS in my short experience (i only have like 5 of them) doesn't seem very good either (of course way better than VA and double way better than TN) like last time I looked at my IPS screens they actually still had viewing angle problems. also that orange glow bullshit in the LCD world all one can do is look for the best pixel response IPS with either high refresh rate or backlight strobes. but the refresh rate is limited (like you can only get reliably maybe 75Hz or 120Hz before getting a defective product - as in the pixel response goes to shit) get a CRT laptop im srs tho. LCDs have everyone bluepilled on thinking its normal to have to bend your neck once in a while to be able to see something, and to stop scrolling to read text

(702.52 KB 1920x1080 2018-06-13-desktop-tc.png)
Why aren't you using a microkernel hypervisor? Anonymous 04/20/2020 (Mon) 08:01:09 No. 873 [Reply] [Last]
SculptOS (Genode Framework+seL4) is a secure microkernel operating system that can easily be used to run virtual machines. It supports a variety of real hardware including Intel WLAN and iGPUs. It's less than 30MB and boots almost instantly, and even has a basic GUI built in. https://genode.org
There is a level of niche that if crossed you become less secure. Linux at least has a lot of eyes on it.
>>880 The very nature of a microkernel makes it more secure. L4 takes it a few steps further. Read up on it and you'll understand why it's superior.

Babby First Linux Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 10:07:21 No. 680 [Reply] [Last]
So, I'm finally tired of being a slave of windows and I want to get into linux. I really love KDE Plasma but it is just a DE from what I could understand, and I must choose a distro before. What's the best distro for someone who can't even use git? I don't want any botnet crap btw
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Just dive head in and get Arch Linux there are so many guides to hold your hand through out the installation. Ubuntu is bloated and filled with spyware, avoid that cancer.
>>680 I had linux mint debian edition back when it was still offered, went to normal linux mint, got fed up with not being in the mainline distro packages so went to devuan because of the anti-systemd memes, then discovered you could hold back and purge systemd packages and use init instead on debian, which is what I am using recently. Learned a lot by the way.
>>680 If you want something that just works Kubuntu is nice. However switching to Arch on my main machine when I was a newbie taught me so much. Even if you switch back you will just know so much more than if you stuck with Ubuntu.
(356.57 KB 1178x1200 1580044040897.jpg)
>>680 Gonna recommend Fedora here. It's what Linus Torvalds uses and he invented the Linux kernel.
>>680 For new comers I always recommend Pop_Os. It's pretty much Ubuntu with a bit more polish. It comes with your blobby drivers preinstalled so no need to tweak anything and has decent battery optimizations for laptops. Obviously, systemd and proprietary nvidia drivers means it's backdoored, but that's not something new user should worry about right away

Anonymous 04/24/2020 (Fri) 22:57:03 No. 881 [Reply] [Last]
How does /g/ protect their servers ? Tips on: OS choice, network infrastructure, kernel hardening, logging systems, even individual services, all appreciated

(90.32 KB 1000x1000 cheap-dell-sff.jpeg)
Used Business Desktop Thread Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:58:46 No. 785 [Reply] [Last]
I made a bunch of posts on rikchan about old business desktops that I will copy here. you can get a machine with moderate performance at a very good price-to-performance ratio if you are okay with some of the tradeoffs I will discuss. Perhaps this information will be helpful to my fellow /g/tards.
20 posts and 14 images omitted.
(444.04 KB 1000x658 download.png)
>>805 Looks pretty good, based. Also that pc that broke, did you fell for overclocking meme? Also considering how poor 'custom builds' these are with power surges and fluctuations and needs constant UPS just so it can boot up! Most OEM PC are able to tank up power surges/fluctuations since they're designed to work every work day and not just die (lose company data). RGB = meme = 1 led strip dies everything fucked up. >>789 That pcie wifi adapter looks fun, also that SMA slots would work well with outdoor antenna. I had a SFF version on another brand and to me it's still kinda bulky. I think I'll look for USFF at some point and try cheap confidential CPUs >:D . >>791 You can replace the slimline cd drive with a 2.5 hdd to slimline-sata adaptor (caddy) pic related. I put polyimide tape all over the bottom metal plate just in case.
>>787 fug u
(13.01 KB 1000x800 1584669205172.png)
>>785 I got one of these recently. >Optiplex 790 DT >16 GB 1333MHz DDR3 >2TB WD Green >i5 2400 This was only around $80 including shipping. I added the following parts >120GB and 275GB SSDs >Nvidia Gt 710 >new thermal paste This thing kicks ass. Probably gonna upgrade to an i7 soon for better CPU performance. Otherwise I have no complaints. Lack of SATA 3 and USB 3 isn't an issue for me since I primarily use Debian Linux and everything is still super fast. I just want more threads to run more VMs at once.
>16 GiB ram >2 TB hard drive nice, that's worth the 80 on its own. and yeah there's something neat about realizing you can rescue old hardware with SSDs - I'd rather use an 8-year old CPU with an SSD boot drive than a modern CPU on spinning rust. You can get little PCIE cards that will add USB3 ports. I suppose if you are good at networking then saturating a wired gigabit link gives you ~100 MiB/s which is a fair bit better than the 35/15 MiB/sec that USB2 gives you in real-world bandwidth. although, I do notice that about 95% that I am trying to move big batches of files around at home it is either for games or music, none of which are necessarily essential. It's no problem pushing a ~100 KiB source tarball around even over usb2 or even wifi b.
>>862 I plan on upgrading to an i7 2600 soon and eventually 32GB RAM since that's unofficially supported on this model. Unfortunately this machine came with only 4GB DIMMs so I'll have to buy all new RAM. But they're probably compatible with the Core2 shitbox I use as a server that has 6GB right now so that'll get a nice upgrade most likely.

Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 17:59:37 No. 480 [Reply] [Last]
retro my dude
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>>653 I don't need that, I've already got an ergo board that's comfy.
>>654 I feel nothing but loathing disdain for your uncultured computing preferences, you techno heathen.
(80.89 KB 1000x750 Amstrad CPC6128.jpg)
>>658 Uh-oh, you made the game crash dude.
(1.20 MB 2576x1932 20181212_170113.jpg)
(279.49 KB 1212x1212 IMG_20181025_231047_468.jpg)
(1.65 MB 2183x2894 1564352606435.jpg)
(142.12 KB 800x626 1567007095599.jpg)
(1.34 MB 2576x1932 20191105_231428.jpg)
>>482 could you really read books on c64?

(228.28 KB 1000x700 Office_Space.jpg)
Post Your Office Space Onideus 03/02/2020 (Mon) 02:18:57 No. 754 [Reply] [Last]
My old monitor is nice and functional again so now I can watch video while I'm doing other things. Also handy for video editing and rendering. Had to move the fan on top of the printer tho... probably I should look for something smaller or more compact... or maybe get like one of those clippy fans and attach it it to one of the monitors. I should also get one of these dual monitor mounting jobbies... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MC9YX63/ref=dp_cerb_3 Also need to get an extension cord for the microphone (seen under the riser there) so I can stick it over on the left hand side. I keep the graphics tablet underneath my regular mouse and mouse pad and then just move them to the side when I want to use it. I also have this pillow thing I put on the top of the desk and on the floor I have a big block of memory foam with a heating pad that I use in the winter time so it's nice and cozy, especially when I throw a blanket over the whole thing. Overall it's quite nice. I may be dirt poor... but at the very least I have a "corner office" surrounded by windows with scenic views. Always gotta look at the positives! :D
1080p master-race. Why do you have a fancy keyboard but a normal ass mouse and mouse pad? Don't tell me you robbed the Razer store.
>>755 It's not a fancy keyboard at all, it's one of those cheap Chinese knock-offs. I think it cost less than $10 bucks on Amazon. It doesn't have like programmable lights or anything, they're either always on or they can do a fade in/out effect. I did have a pretty fancy mouse, this one $50 wireless jobbie... but then the rubber side pieces sorta melted/disintegrated after about a year. After that I got this little grocery store check-out logitech jobbie for like $10 bucks. It's like a laptop mouse so it's super tiny, but I've pretty used to it over the past couple years. I can't really afford anything too fancy right now... hence the reason my second monitor is a repair job of a decade old Acer PoS. I gotta make due with what I got, sort of a "scavenger build" if you will.
>>754 What do you do for a living? U neeting while earning a few extra bugs with drawing stuff or professionally?
>>754 Really nice outdoor view. Looks relatively comfy, though could be more orderly. I have an AmazonBasics monitor arm pair similar to the one you linked. I like it, more space to put stuff underneath like keyboard when not typing. I like this thread. Might post my modest poorfag setup after I get some sleep. 16 is starting to get pretty comfy, nice to see some of the boards outside of /pol/ getting activity. Also, doesn't that fan make your eyes dry out?

Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 07:40:10 No. 250 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you use VPN providers ? Are you took stupid to rent a vps and install your own VPN ?
6 posts and 2 images omitted.
based and fashpilled. fukken saved.
VPNs are a bunch of jewish bullshit. sure, it is better than nothing, but seriously. plus then i can't get my shitposts in.
>>289 KEK
What about TEMPEST anon? Jew clones my vps overseas in microseconds. /:
>>307 wait what?
>>289 Pretty much this. If I get caught, it:s whatever. I heard Federal prison is comfy. My mom won't have to feed me tendies anymore.

(25.34 KB 990x768 sharpness-d.png)
Anonymous 04/10/2020 (Fri) 02:59:49 No. 846 [Reply] [Last]
Does anybody know of a good monitor or tv for 720p content? I'd really like a monitor that has EXACTLY 1280x720 pixels at a 1:1 Pixel Aspect Ratio. It seems impossible to find such a thing, just endless rows upon rows of 1366x768 shitters. I fucking hate scaling and it seems to me that trying to display a 1280x720 video stream on these is going to cause blurry scaling. If true 1280x720 devices don't exist, then does anybody know of at least a 1366x768 that would let me display pixel-to-pixel in the middle of the frame? Really I'm mostly interested in something that would look good displaying a 1280x720p @ 30 hz signal from a PS3. It looks great but too small on my 20" 4:3 CRT and it looks like absolute ass scaled to 1080p on my bigg projector. I thought it would be a simple matter to just get a used 720p monitor for this purpose but they don't seem to exist in any quantity. The only display I have that is exactly 1280x720 is my GPD Win and it lacks an input port (in addition to being only 5 inches). >HDCRTs Wish I could find a nice one at around the 20"-24" ish size. I can find these all day on craigslist near me but they are absolutely fucking massive and I'm not looking for a 300 lb 36" monster at the moment. >The 24" and 32" Widescreen BVMs fucking epic, true multiscan with no lag but I don't have $10,000 and two weeks to burn driving to southern california and back for pickup and calibration. >PC CRTs Would be happy with one of those big epic sony monitors but they're around $1000 last I checked, seems most of the deals are gone. Would be worth it at around that price but they don't do 15khz signals. >Plasma I've heard various good things about these, but don't know much about them. They rose to prominence then faded away at a time when I wasn't in the market for a new TV. These are fixel-pixel displays right? Are they actually true 1280x720? Are there any other scaling autists here? Please Respond.
>>846 I assume you've spent a lot of time poking around online. Have you tried poking around pawn shops and other used electronics/video stores?
>>847 I assume 1440p is out for you? 2x scaling?
(227.80 KB 800x535 mfw-lcd.jpg)
The last time I'd gone looking for an exact 720p monitor was about a year ago. I just looked again now after posting this and pulled the trigger on a used Gateway 1775W for like 50 bucks. The owner's manual seems to specify that the "optimal resolution" for the monitor is exactly 1280 x 720 so I'm hopeful this means it really is exactly 1280 by 720 pixels. I'm sure it's going to be a semi-garbage TN panel but there's always tradeoffs to be made. I have plenty of nice IPS, VA, DMD displays for when I want to get picky about colors and viewing angles. It also seems there are some 8 inch displays intended for security camera use at a reasonably price point, but I have not had good luck with that particular brand and 8 inches is really too small anyways. Anyways so I'll update you lads with my impressions when it gets here. >1440p or 2160p I did think about this, but the main issue is I don't think any tv or monitors actually support integer scaling by default (scaling on the monitor side). It would be nice if monitors start paying attention to this at some point. Integer scaling is mostly demanded by gamers whereas blurry """4k upscaling""" is seen as superior by dumb sportsball and capeshit boomers who find "pixelation" to be a bad thing. I've heard vague rumbles from NVidia about "large format gaming displays" or whatever so it's possible that somewhere down the pipe there will be good options for integer/box-fill scaling. >scaler boxes typically add an extra frame of lag on their own. At least that's what my framemeister does. I find the extra frame of lag worthwhile to sidestep the awful adc and built-in scaling of most analog inputs on digital tvs, but it just feels wasteful to add lag for a digital-digital conversion step. Also I am pretty sure the framemeister I have tops out at 1080p output anyways. In the future I expect someone will produce a fancy FPGA box that can do it all lagless, like some future version of the OSSC. Something to watch for the future, to be sure. Other things: The Xbox 360 has an option for outputting 1366x768 exactly, making it better than the PS3 for this. I have a hacked PS3 but haven't got around to getting one of those xkey360 devices for the xbox, so for now I have way more games on my PS3. The nintendo NES Mini and SNES Mini both max out at 720p output, no 1080. The PS Vita TV thing only offers 720p output I'm pretty sure, but it's fucked anyways since internally it runs at 544p and upscales to 720p so no matter what you're hitting plebscale. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why every tv was 1366x768 resolution when the common content was all 1280x720. Then one day while messing with Windows XP?/7? I think I figured it out. PC CRT common resolutions after DOS era were 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768. I think it was Windows 7 that treated 1024x768 as it's standard resolution. it would complain with an warning message if you set a resolution with less than 768 vertical lines. So this became the de-facto standard for various corporate Dell standard secretary monitors or whatever and 1366 is the ~16:9 version of a 768 vertical line monitor. then it's just economies of scale if you can use the same panel fab that everybody else is using and they all churn out cheapshit 1366x768 monitors so path dependence took over. So that's my blogpost. The End. (for now)
>>846 I find it interesting that you can't find PC CRTs online, was thinking these were more common because I bought a LG F900P for €5 from someone on a German site similar to craigslist few years ago. These are really nice and, if they support 96kHz horizontal scanning frequency(common), you could use them at 1366x768 at 120Hz.
(1.85 MB 3311x2587 project480-rear.jpg)
>850 I've got a 4:3 PC CRT. The main issue is that it's 4:3 and therefore doesn't display 16:9 content very well. The main reason I don't use it very much is that I've already got a nice multiformat 20" PVM that outdoes it on 480p (4:3) content. The PC CRT I have is some top-of-the-line Mitsubishi Diamondtron with similar max stated specs (1536p) but the focus isn't great any more and the phosphors seem tired and uncalibrated. I'm really kicking myself because I had a really great CRT from with moderate resolution but great colors from my childhood but I got rid of it like 2 years before I got back into CRTs. It was some Viewsonic that I think topped out at 768p or so but it had some sort of "Viewsonic SuperBright" or "VIVID" or something button on the front that would make everything pop and look really nice. So it's really the 16:9 that I'm looking for since my PVM already does letterboxed 720p. Widescreen PC CRTs are pretty rare and expensive as far as I know because most people and brands shifted over to 16:9 and flat TFTs at the same time. The only two widescreen PC CRTs I can think of are the thicc SGI monitor that carmack used and the sony FW900s. The annoying thing is that sony FW900s used to be somewhat available on craigslist for cheap around 8-10 years ago but are now rare and expensive. And on the top end of things, I have a nice VA gaming monitor at ~1 frame added lag that can do 1080p@144hz and a projector that will do 1080@60 or 720@120 (1080p native resolution so the 720 is extra blurry). So I've already got some displays that cover the high-frame-rates. So I have 480p @ 4:3 covered pretty well, and 1080p @16:9 but there's still a hole where I don't have any way to make 720p content look good. I suppose I also have a hole for 854x480p content but basically all of those games have a good working 4:3 480p that is the default option, since widescreens were rare and expensive for a while. The annoying part is about halfway through the PS3/XB360 system life many games stopped providing options for 4:3 - if you launch Forza 4 at a 480p@4:3 resolution it will just letterbox the 16:9 view and waste a bunch of screen area that leaves you squinting for your turns. At this point I am declaring this a display technology general thread. Before I got the projector I was looking into that one frankenstein custom setup that one display engineer makes that can do 4k/120, 1080p/240, 540p/480, but decided I'd rather have field-of-view instead. Here's the link: https://blurbusters.com/4k-120hz-with-bonus-240hz-and-480hz-modes/


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