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(330.68 KB 1280x720 saturn.png)
Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 07:43:15 No. 1124
>Jews worship saturn >Islam worship saturn >nazis subconciously worshipped saturn jesusbros where do we go from here? >inb4 estrology pic related all our signs were in saturn ruled house before 2020
(75.18 KB 405x671 1456191377672.jpg)
(4.26 MB 640x360 1602914696118.webm)
(892.25 KB 4744x1780 1392289056956.png)
(2.00 MB 400x354 1570054753945.gif)
(3.91 MB 720x480 test077.webm)
Get a brain because it's no so simple. There are both benefic and malefic aspects. The real problem is the imbalance, though these kinds of problems are for magical adepts not mundane plebs whom know not the mysteries. If you are serious then start by doing 7 years of research and then another 7 living it out. Then maybe your input can be more than a short and petty cry for deliverance whilst spouting the most unenlightened profane interpertations of things, seeking approval of such an idea, and then assuming others will just spoonfeed you everything needed for YourRevolution(tm). Kindly, read a book nigger http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=5D1B0B249BA460426F34865DFE4C1C09 Saturn is about persistence, discipline, foundation, efficiency over grand cycles, and the support of ageless truth. However most folk, even the overwhelming majority of would-be sorcerers and shamans petition deities/forces as though they are outside themselves, fundamentally misunderstanding we are constructed of them, and they live within us, beneath the threshold of consciousness, and thus we are they, in part, and thus the more attunement we an achieve the more of that virtue, excellence or divine harmony one, as a priest thereof, could wield. The planets are each their own essence. That is it's own mystery. Then once you master that (or get some real intuitive competency) then you are fit to study and learn their relations to each other, by angles/angel they relate to each other, and create geometries between each other. But that's not really babdies first astrology lesson stuff, and this is quite enough spoon feeding.


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