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(578.07 KB 686x385 MTU3ODc4Njg5OTQ5MjMwODE1.png)
Welcome to Culture! Anonymous Admin 12/09/2019 (Mon) 08:25:19 No. 405 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /culture/ - 16chan's Culture Board. This board is dedicated to a wide range of topics including philosophy, religion, pseudoscience, art, literature, and music and film cul·ture /ˈkəlCHər/ 1.a : the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group also : the characteristic features of everyday existence (such as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time ...b : the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization ...c : the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic ...d : the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations 2.a : enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training ...b : acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science as distinguished from vocational and technical skills Please check the global rules and board rules before posting: https://www.16chan.xyz/.static/pages/globalRules.html

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>>405 Please note /culture/ Rule Subset >Posting Porn is not looked upon fondly by the 16 community Art or Porn? That is for other members to decide, if they call you out expect it to be removed >Religious debate/discussion is welcomed. Trolling, shit flinging and low quality bait may be removed Most users here are Fasci of one stripe or another and not renown for acceptance of blatant subversion
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Rare Pepes Anonymous 04/12/2020 (Sun) 02:35:52 ID:afc174 No. 702 [Reply] [Last]
A place to behold the glory of the visage of Kek and share his icon. Dump of over 444 Pepes incoming... PRAISE KEK
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(2.10 MB 1930x1260 pepetheremover.png)
(2.50 MB 509x710 1599016811915.gif)
(1.66 MB 853x1280 1599017168174.png)
(190.87 KB 675x559 1599017251537.jpg)
(505.77 KB 1000x1172 1599017422794.png)
(246.69 KB 860x840 1599017527169.png)
(153.87 KB 1200x575 1599017548542.gif)
(149.05 KB 500x618 1599017574140.jpg)
(144.19 KB 1024x957 1599017626372.jpg)
(479.75 KB 735x885 1599017658354.jpg)
(438.82 KB 1024x986 1599017698867.jpg)
(1.05 MB 871x665 1599017736780.gif)
(82.40 KB 590x332 1599017744721.jpg)
(620.97 KB 1190x1569 kek.jpg)
(2.26 MB 1143x2381 Kek2.jpg)
Praise Kek

>>923 >5 minutes >8mb Why tf>>923
>>1016 That's a cool Columbine remix anon

(723.81 KB 900x1350 Louis Riel - Chester Brown.jpg)
Comix General Anonymous 09/12/2020 (Sat) 09:35:55 ID:ebf7a9 No. 1010 [Reply] [Last]
16chan Approved books only. No degenime, No capeshit, No 'toons, Nothing by Rick Geary.
(142.92 KB 490x616 R Crumb - Old Testament.jpg)
https://libgen.lc/comics/seriestable.php?series_hash=1bb17945e30892c79513669bd9a3c095 The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R.Crumb This is a truly seminal work from the legendary arch degenerate hisself, when you read this you begin to understand what a masterwork from a master artist is. He took the contract and got $100 000 for it, it took him 5 years. Behold its glory, marvel at its verve, its chiaroscuro. It is a pinnacle work of the comix medium
(7.83 KB 225x225 sumatra pdf reader.jpg)
(20.57 KB 472x237 Libgen rus ec.jpg)
You can get comix from libgen.rus.ec the file type is .cbr or .cbx Sumatra will open them, or get yourself a .cbr reader.
(10.05 KB 196x293 louis riel chester brown.jpg)
https://libgen.lc/comics/seriestable.php?series_hash=1e37fd57311ab1d8fe63d561f36fcaaf Louis Riel is not Chester Brown's only readable book but its close, His other one is 'Paying For It', an autobiography. His early work is wonderful art but schizophrenic writing. Fortunately for us he grew out of it and has made these two entertaining and amazing works. Louis Riel seems like a scam with the panels often being largely the same save for minor differences, but they break new ground in comic art for me at least thus making Louis Riel truly cutting edge modern art, of which comix are the only legitimate form thereof. Down with modernism. Autobiographical comics are always puke city but not in the case of Paying For It, which is truly an inspirational book and look into the life of a unique person. Check out the photo portraits of Brown hisself. Amazing. https://libgen.lc/comics/index.php?s=paying+for+it&res=25&sorted=0&mask=0&show=0
Joe Sacco - Footnotes in Gaza http://booksdl.org/comics0/_NON_ENG_ORIG/F/Footnotes%20In%20Gaza%2C%20by%20Joe%20Sacco%20HB%20c/ A staggering work by a colossus in the medium, I believe Joe Sacco was the originator of comic book journalism. Footnotes in Gaza is Sacco's magnum opus where he returns to Palestine for the last time and positively owns the history of an early massacre and brutalizaton of the palestinians by the occuping zionist forces. I was shocked at the magnitude of the largely suppressed crime against humanity occurring in 1956, and this is on top of being familiar with his other works covering palestine and the civil war in the balkans. Check out 'Safe Area Gorazde', another phenomenal work that blends top tier journalism with technical mastery of the medium

(7.03 KB 194x260 jesus christ.jfif)
Anonymous 09/09/2020 (Wed) 15:51:36 No. 1005 [Reply] [Last]
Jesus Christ is Lord. I fear nothing because the Lord is with me. I pray for all of you and hope you have a blessed day.
>>1005 Thanks Anon
i love you anon, if not too see you in this life, in the next. bless you anon.

(333.05 KB 1084x1024 IMG_20191210_101716.jpg)
The Bible is White history. Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:58:48 ID:8d05e7 No. 562 [Reply] [Last]
https://christogenea.org/ Here's a proposition for you all. White Europeans are the true descendants of the tribes of Israel. What we call modern Jews are actually Edomites, descendants of Esau, who went against God's law and interbred, ruining his purity. Compare this to his brother Jacob who married within his race, the ancestor to modern white man. So while technically Jews ARE related to the tribes of Israel, it's through a mongrelised bloodline that God explicitly cursed and tossed away as irredeemable. Of course they ignore this fact when they claim their inheritance. This is what Jesus referred to when he addressed those who call themselves Judahites but are not. After all Jews have European DNA, because Jews are a corruption of the white race beginning with Esau, their whiteness becoming more corrupt the more they mongrelize. Jesus is not a "Jew", he is a Judahite. However the English translations of the Bible make a (((mistake))) and twist the two words together, causing confusion. The Bible translations (especially Catholics) have universalized the teachings to non white peoples when it was only intended for the Israelites. God is only concerned with "Adam/Man" and HIS descendants (being the nations of Israel), and Jesus was only concerned with his Sheep (Israelites). The prophecies also only make sense when applied to Whites. Have Jews spread their seed across the Earth and formed many great nations? That's laughable, they couldn't form a genuine nation to save their skin, and the one they have now was achieved through political snakery. We all know who holds the torch of civilization. Follow the link and learn the truth, do you believe Europeans during the height of our civilization willingly practiced a religion that worshipped Jews? When they were kicked out 109 times? When there were folk tales of blood sucking vampires, evil long nosed witches, Toll collecting "Trolls" living under bridges? All these are lessons meant to teach young children of Jews and their psychological trickery. Jews, the people stereotyped as inverting the truth of everything, claim to be the chosen people, and whites the "cursed Edom", really? You're going to take their word for it just like that? No, it's obvious there's more going on here.
20 posts and 6 images omitted.
Oy vey another thread about the true origins of Whites moved to culture where it gets a soft ban since no one browses here. Oy vey https://16chan.xyz/culture/res/935.html
>>936 your thread sucks, fag
>>562 That's not correct though. Europeans are a mix of anatolian neolithic farmer peoples who came into europe about 10k years ago and protoindoeuropean steppe peoples who invaded ~5-6k years ago.
>>960 It's important to remember that this element had existed as the pharaohs of Egypt of about 1300 BC. This was before the "exodus" out of Egypt. It would have operated similar to the way the indo-european caste system worked. Which allowed a small group of pure blooded to rule over many. Of course this wasn't needed when the countrymen and the leaders were the same, only when they were significantly different.
>>562 no the Bible is made up hebrew history.

Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 11:02:48 ID:ec3a3e No. 496 [Reply] [Last]
>>496 Do you have a Blood and Honour chapter there?
>>497 si hay pero son todos negros
>>496 Fash-beans are pretty based. Keep up the struggle. Fuck the FARC. Heil Shakira! SIEG HEIL!
(62.19 KB 500x613 1530494178909.jpg)
>>496 Sieg heil to all National Socialists worldwide! One fight, one victory! Awesome vid bro
Sieg heil bro

(111.56 KB 300x416 unnafeels.png)
UNNA Anonymous 02/10/2020 (Mon) 10:52:54 ID:8dfce1 No. 643 [Reply] [Last]
There's only one culture.
>>643 and it's a little thing called judaism
*bang bang bang* Ooohhh Chacka Chacka *bang bang bang snaps drum* DAMMA OH MAMA MAMA YEAH IM GONNA BANG MY DRUM *bang bang slam sloom bang*
(176.14 KB 1826x1120 1599297827631.jpg)
>>803 Them jewish mob arnt whoite dogs, They's semite dogs. UNNA

(41.31 KB 608x679 1599338158986.jpg)
Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 01:50:52 ID:5d133a No. 1001 [Reply] [Last]
>of course I believe in the valuable insights that can be gotten from a Youtube tarot reading for my star sign. You see, the nature of reality is symbolic, our objective reality is only a field of information, this has been proven by the Observer Principle in quantum mechanics. The entire experience we are sharing right now allows for no such thing as "randomness", not real, in any case. What divination is is merely tapping into this ordenated "chaos-like" reality, the same type of ordo ab chaos one gets from watching random numbers that are attributted to posts on many websites, notably imageboards. It was no accident that God has put this video right in front of me right now - the same way that it is no accident that one can meditate by reading randomized Bible verses. Their writing is even purposefuly vague, and always uplifting, in such a manner that all the insights, which are produced by my personal discernment and reaction to the randomized information is what truly counts. Serendipity is the way the harmony of the Universe asserts itself - it is for all effects and purposes, "God speaking to me". There is meaning in the numbers of gematria put on the headlines for that particular reason; the elites know that nothing is by accident, so the headlines work as a facilitator to occult rituals which they perform. Why my friend, it is a mistake to believe that we live in a physical world that can be affected by magick - we live in a magickal world that can be affected by the physical

(255.58 KB 600x779 cathedral.jpg)
The Cathedral Anonymous 08/18/2020 (Tue) 01:22:58 ID:758094 No. 972 [Reply] [Last]
There exist certain people who get together in secret and decide exactly what the narrative of the day will be. It is a priesthood. It probably has around 100-200 high priests, but we do not know for certain. We call this group The Cathedral. The high priests of The Cathedral place this narrative over society through their various mid-level agents: >academics write words that describe the narrative (e.g. blacks are poor because the white man oppresses the black man) >journalists write every day stories that manipulate facts to fit this narrative (e.g. a white man who kills a black man who was attacking him is an example this of systemic oppression) >the legal system enforces the narrative (e.g. the police charge the white man with a hate crime and the DA and judge get together to decide that he is guilty and what the punishment will be) >bureaucrats support the narrative throughout the various governmental and semi-governmental organisations they control (e.g. the tax and transfer system takes money from white men and gives it to black men) The Cathedral also has lower-level agents that we know as SJWs who are embedded in every company that is over a certain government-mandated size. They are usually found in HR but can appear anywhere. This is why companies go woke: the SJWs make sure whatever the company does fits the narrative and if the company does not follow their direction they go to Twitter, Discord, their other secret channels, etc, and get all the other SJWs to gang up and attack the company until it does as they say. Because all of these people are connected, the narrative, which is a lie, appears at all places at once, and can change overnight in a coordinated fashion. Normies believe the lie because they hear it from multiple sources. This is also the reason why the left thinks the dissident right (us) is coordinated when we are anything but. We all speak the same words and thoughts as well, but because our thoughts are based on the truth, we do not need to coordinate.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

21 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>988 This isn't reddit newfag. Stop windging to BO
>>990 Great argumentation, anon - I doubt anyone has ever been so skilled at rational debate! Care to tell me *WHY* you think I'm wrong? What did I say that is not true, specifically? What do you disagree with? You are literally at the lowest tier of ad hominem. It is pathetic and shameful. Try debating in good faith, see if we could come to a consensus on the matter. Sadly, I doubt you will, seeing as you are almost certainly a kike, or other non-white. If you are European, you must either be ~90IQ or less, unless you are just a teenager who simply doesn't grasp how one is to debate when with the "big boys". If you come back, which I seriously doubt will come to pass, try using words to indicate what I said that is incorrect, and exactly HOW it is incorrect. If you can do that, in good faith, I will respond reciprocally and we canaybe learn something. At least one of us.>>990
>>983 Evidence that WLP was a fed informant/agent, please. If, indeed, such exists.
>>995 Suck a dick faggot. >>996 I'll post evidence of WLP being a fed when faggot posts evidence of a secret Jewish cabal that is more important than the Cathedral.
(115.23 KB 650x1024 Iraq war.jpg)
>>997 Let's start here, then. The war on Iraq was concocted and pushed by jews for the benefit of israel. The reasons that were given to the public were entirely fake, it costed America trillions of dollars and great loss of life, it was a huge net negative for America and it only benefited israel. The war makes no sense at all unless you see it under this light. Show me when "The Cathedral" started a war and spent trillions of dollars flattening a foreign government and show how it was done to benefit "The Cathedral" instead of its values just being used as a distraction.


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