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Ideas for creating a deep web image board Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 00:45:58 No. 9963
We should create an image board on the deep web. The name should be "oneechan". It should have absolutely no rules except that everyone must post as "anonymous". No one's identifying information should be required, recorded, or posted, there are no mods or admins, anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves. Allowing anyone's post to be deleted by anyone else decentralizes moderation and it would be interesting to see how this system plays out in the future, you may have your predictions on this idea, but try to hold onto them until you see an actual example and what becomes of it. It might be better on reality than you though it would be. To conserve space and promote the constant posting of new content, there should be no category pages, each board have one page of threads, which are displayed on the page as just the OP and latest post. Any threads which fall off the bottom of the page are deleted in their entirety, there are no archives being kept, and no way to access a thread that has been removed (BTW, the exact same goes for all deleted posts). Original posts may have a maximum of two files and twice as many characters as a post in a pre-existing thread, which are limited to one file and half as many characters. There will be boards, the boards will be the same ones you see on 4chan, with two differences, first, unlike 4chan, there will be no worksafe boards, all of these boards are unmodded and thus not safe for work, second, there will be no flash or upload boards, due to the concerns for security and the limitations of the deep web, anyway, hete is the board list: /3/ - 3DCG /a/ - Anime & Manga /aco/ - Adult Cartoons /adv/ - Advice /an/ - Animals & Nature /asp/ - Alternative Sports /b/ - Random /bant/ - International/Random /biz/ - Business & Finance /c/ - Anime/Cute /cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL /ck/ - Food & Cooking /cm/ - Cute/Male /co/ - Comics & Cartoons /d/ - Hentai/Alternative /diy/ - Do-It-Yourself /e/ - Ecchi /fa/ - Fashion /fit/ - Fitness /g/ - Technology /gd/ - Graphic Design /gif/ - Adult GIF /h/ - Hentai /hc/ - Hardcore /hm/ - Handsome Men /hr/ - High Resolution /i/ - Oekaki /ic/ - Artwork/Critique /his/ - History & Humanities /int/ - International /jp/ - Otaku Culture /k/ - Weapons /lit/ - Literature /lgbt/ - LGBT /m/ - Mecha /mlp/ - Pony /mu/ - Music /news/ - Current News /n/ - Transportation /o/ - Auto /out/ - Outdoors /p/ - Photography /po/ - Papercraft & Origami /pol/ - Politically Incorrect /qst/ - Quests /r/ - Adult Requests /r9k/ - ROBOT9001 /s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women /sci/ - Science & Math /soc/ - Cams & Meetups /sp/ - Sports /t/ - Torrents /tg/ - Traditional Games /toy/ - Toys /trash/ - Off-topic /trv/ - Travel /tv/ - Television & Film /u/ - Yuri /v/ - Video Games /vg/ - Video Game Generals /vip/ - Very Important Posts /vp/ - Pokémon /vr/ - Retro Games /w/ - Anime/Wallpapers /wg/ - Wallpapers/General /wsg/ - Worksafe GIF /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests /x/ - Paranormal /y/ - Yaoi In order to prevent the imageboard from being overrun by spammers and off-topic posting, while also allowing an environment that is truly "no rules", and which guarantees complete anonymity, privacy, and security, the following system should be in place. Threads may be started with either a subject, text entry, or a file upload (or some combination of the three), and the same goes for making posts in threads, there is a character limit, and the user will be able to see the limit as well as how many characters they have made and have left (similar to this site). To incentivize the creation of new threads, original posts may have up.to two files and have a maximum character limit that is twice as many as a post in a pre-existing thread, which are limited to only one file and whose max character limit is half of that of an OP. Starting up threads and posting in threads will always require a simple alphanumeric catatcha to be filled out, and there will always be a waiting period between posts, the capatcha and waiting period will be 60% longer for original posts, and the waiting period will increase by 40% every time a new post is made. The rules for deleting posts will be the exact same as the rules for making a new thread. Lots of interesting ideas but i think they could be made better, I think they need some outside insight to refine them. What do you like? What needs changing (and how should it be changed)? What concerns do you have? Do you think the idea is good at all? Etc. Try to be constructive.
>>9963 So you want a board where you can freely post and download child porn. That's what I'm getting out of this. Child porn with extra steps. I mean... seriously, why tha'fuck would an IMAGE BOARD need to be in the deep web? ...other than for posting/downloading child porn. That is ~literally~ the ONLY fucking reason why you would need a deep web image board.
>>9963 >That board list >>>/adv/ Just kys faggot
(295.54 KB 411x412 1572734732087.png)
>>9963 >It should have absolutely no rules except that everyone must post as "anonymous". That's already been tried OP. It was called 22chan. In fact they didn't even have the rule of only posting as "anonymous". There were zero rules. A guy once spammed over two fucking thousand threads on there and the admin didn't delete any of them but instead just implemented a captcha so the bot couldn't keep spamming. Anyway, the site is dead now. No ideea why. There was cp on there that the admin wouldn't delete due to refusing to moderate the site so maybe they got taken down by FBI. Or maybe they were hit by a DDOS attack and the admin couldn't defend against it. I don't know. Here's the URL anyway for reference. V2 .onion: http://2222222222vgoi2l.onion V3 .onion: http://22222aumzp7cqidsnsxeir4ysi7shqpmxi2nz7drzqtxmkyiro4sk4ad.onion >tl;dr what OP is proposing has already been tried. Didn't go well. Not saying it's a bad idea (I think it's a great idea actually) but it's just too much of a target for NSA/FBI.
(28.68 KB 480x360 i_will_destroy_u_jimmy.jpg)
>>9967 >I mean... seriously, why tha'fuck would an IMAGE BOARD need to be in the deep web? >...other than for posting/downloading child porn. >That is ~literally~ the ONLY fucking reason why you would need a deep web image board. There is another reason for deep web image boards: improved privacy and anonymity. If you make a post on a clearnet image board with your real IP address then anyone sniffing the packets can extremely easily see what IP address requested the HTML, CSS etc from the client server. If you make a post on a clearnet image board while using Tor (so your IP address is obfuscated) then the request for the HTML, CSS, etc will have to exit the Tor network from an exit node before going straight to the client server. Exit nodes in the Tor network are different from regular Tor relays: they are designed purposefully for having data exit the Tor network through them before going to the website. As you can imagine, organizations like the NSA are very interested in setting up exit nodes to make it easier to monitor Tor network traffic. But now we get to why Tor imageboards are better (not perfect, but better) for anonymity and privacy. If you make a post on a Tor-based imageboard then the data does not need to use an exit node as a proxy between yourself and the website: it can just use a regular Tor relay instead. This means that the relay that the data left before going to the website could have been any relay in the world, which makes it much more difficult for NSA, FBI, etc to work out exactly which one it left before going to the website (if they were tracking you from the entry node). >tl;dr all image boards should have a .onion address for improved anonymity of the posters. It's not perfect but it's more private than posting on a clearnet URL. And anyway why are you posting on an image board if you don't care about privacy? That's what image boards are for: posting without the need for a traceable registered account. Go to kikebook if you don't care about privacy and anonymity.
(23.80 KB 237x229 Crazy Nut Jobs.jpg)
>>9978 Are you like a paranoid schizophrenic? Why tha'fuck you need privacy and anonymity to post images? Are you just really high on yourself? Is this some Qtard level LARP shit where you all think you're posting super scary state secrets that are totally going to topple over entire governments or aliens or fuckin lizard people or whatever? You know I liked it better when your type of insanity would just hang out in public transportation all day long carrying crazy signs full of random scribbles... it's sad how times have changed.
>>9982 >Why tha'fuck you need privacy and anonymity to post images? You don't. You can do that just fine on facebook or reddit. But then why are you here instead of there? Just by posting here shows that you want at least some level of anonymity too.
>>9984 You seem to be confusing anonymity with free speech. I post images here because there's exponentially less likely chance that they'll be randomly deleted for violating completely arbitrary, random, nonsense rules. Also, you can have just as much anonymity as you like on FaceBook, Reddit or wherever. Hell the overwhelming majority of FaceBook and Twitter accounts I've made over the years were "John Smith" accounts.
>>9967 actually, the internet is meant to be anonymous. all this pretending its normal to build insecure crap is just a forced meme. but laypeople need not apply >>9982 schizos are exponentially more correct about technology than normalfags
>>9986 Actually, it doesn't fucking matter you idiot. It's not that the Internet is ~meant~ to be anonymous or not, but rather, because of the inherent nature of the medium it is wholly impossible to ever tell with any degree of absolute certainty whether anything you see online is actually real or a fabrication in some part or another. Because of that inherent uncertainty you are effectively anonymous whether you are posting under your real name or not. Only a gawd damn stupid fuckin FOOL would believe without question that everything they see online is actually real. You don't know who is behind the keyboard, you don't know who is typing shit, fuck for all you know you're talking to a poorly programmed chat bot right now! Where tha'fuck is your head at?! Up your gawd damn ass?! There is no such thing as "anonymous" or "not anonymous" online, there is NO DISTINCTION between the two, not unless you're DEALING WITH A FUCKING MORON!
>>9967 >why tha'fuck would an IMAGE BOARD need to be in the deep web Were you in a cave when when 8chan got shut down? >>9963 The main problem I see with this is dealing with spam. Everyone will have to be their own moderator, which isn't great if someone is flooding the site. What I would do is have a community moderation system, where a person can mark a post as spam, and if enough people mark it, then it becomes hidden. A person can still choose to reveal the post manually, and they can set their own threshold for the number of reports a post must get before being hidden.
(28.46 KB 500x300 jacques-cousteau.jpg)
>>9978 And here we can observe the seapeas in their natural habitat, deep beneath the surface web and far from the light.
http://47s7obvdgdpj6fkc.onion/ Start using this site's onion via Tor Browser Bundle. https://www.torproject.org/download/ >>9963 Overchan (NNTPchan) used to be a good refuge but it is now dead. Lokinet looks promising once it https://lokinet.org/ https://docs.loki.network/FAQ/#what-is-loki https://docs.loki.network/Lokinet/LokinetOverview/ https://github.com/loki-project/loki-network >>9982 >Why tha'fuck you need privacy and anonymity to post images? I just ignore your babbling because they ignore hard data and in practice don't work. Check any transparency page or log that an imageboard may have. Look at the amount of subpoenas and warrants that are requested and accepted. Why do you not think imageboard users need privacy? http://archivecaslytosk.onion/Xb3Ei/image (Don't care you can't read it. Use Tor. Idiot) >>9987 >There is no such thing as "anonymous" or "not anonymous" online Tell that to every person living 21st century. Despite you giving the benefit of the doubt to someone and whether an online identity or posting belongs to them, most people won't grant the gesture and instead naively believe without question or opportunistically destroy them when they are incentivized. This is why people care about anonymity and privacy regardless of perceived negatives such as "inconvenience" or peer pressure. >not knowing who is behind keyboard It's called attribution, using data correlation. ISP registration, MAC addresses, online accounts, metadata logs, 3rd party cookie trackers, aggregate consumer data, machine learning, and the whole bunch of stuff. These data points can and have been used from procuring criminal convictions to putting viagra and beta-blocker ads in your email. Operational security should apply to everyone because you won't know when you'll be the next target or dissident by whomever for any reason. >excuses excuses Using tools like Tor requires corporate and state entities to expend more resources to target you. Why would you not use an anonymity network, especially one that is free? You're just fucking too fucking lazy and boomer to download and run Tor. It's just unbelievably amazing how many of you niggercattle and evolved to exist alongside humans with no survival instincts whatsoever.
>>9993 8Chan's shut down had nothing to do with anonymity. Also, what do you mean "if enough people mark it"... the only way you'd even be able to tell if there were DIFFERENT people is if you were using some form of identity tracking... hurr durr. At best you could use an automated bot that would remove redundant postings made within a certain time frame... or you'd have to take the Usenet route where people use their own filters and simply police their own feed... which is never gonna happen in this day and age. You've all grown up on the Internet of "mommy moderators"... you don't know how to police your own shit and you're definitely too lazy and too lacking in technical skill to police your own shit. That's the other thing though... a lot of problems like that can be solved by making the medium itself TECHNICALLY DIFFICULT to initially use/access. That's why no one cares about the "dark web", that's why it's not being targeted and destroyed outright at the ISP level... because it's technically difficult enough to access that the overwhelming majority or pedestrian users can't get anywhere near it.. so even if there is illegal shit all over it... no one cares because it's not statistically relevant. You make something easy to use and suddenly people will care, suddenly it'll be wiped off the face of reality. And it's not a huge step up either. Something as simple as requiring people to install a new piece of software on their computer... that's often a hurdle enough for your average indolent idiot. In fact that alone will automatically shovel off about 90% of the entire computing populous. Hell, at this point, the overwhelming majority of you mental deficients can't even handle moving from one WEBSITE to another... which is how social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube continue to thrive. All that of course also means less spammers because, one, there aren't very many users to even try and target (low audience numbers) and, two, because of the low audience numbers it's not worth it to develop new software/methodologies to abuse it. That's why if you have a small scale site with a relatively low number of users and you create your own custom captcha system... yeaaaah, yer not gonna have much of a spam problem.
>>10004 And if you weren't a fucking moron... https://www.techspot.com/news/76190-us-court-appeals-ip-address-isnt-enough-identify.html The only reason your mentality even works, on any level, is because most people are too fuckin stupid to simply say, "Wasn't me!" when the shit hits the fan. The classic "hacked by Chinese" excuse born from the Code Red worm of 2K1 Even when law enforcement is involved, even when they get warrants and seize your physical shit to look for evidence... they STILL rely heavily on that whole "everything you say can and will be used against you". That's why if you're ever arrested for anything YOU KEEP YOUR IDIOT MOUTH SHUT! Not to say you need to go all mute, just DON'T VOLUNTEER INFORMATION! Keep the majority of your responses limited to "No sir/ma'am" or "Yes sir/ma'am". It's that whole "beyond a reasonable doubt" bit that you can really stick them on. Introduce even the slightest measure of "reasonable doubt" and their entire case against you will be fucked. On the flip side, run at the mouth and REMOVE all "reasonable doubt" and YOU will be fucked.
(140.33 KB 480x270 1585637856695.png)
>>9967 Is this sarcasm?
>>10008 >IP inconclusive I never said IP was conclusive, but if they continue the investigation or are of interest by some other party, you'll wish you didn't use your ISP issued address. Just because you claim that IP could have been anyone doesn't shield you from consequences of using it in certain ways. Why would you even risk your IP that is most likely tied to a physical address through your ISP fall into someone's hands, federal or otherwise? Why even risk being that much closer to danger? Why potential risk getting you or your loved ones to be questioned or entangled? This happens even for innocuous reasons. FBI and secret service got their eyes all over the chanboards ready to entrap and pounce. >5th amendment GOD ARMOR!! Yeah, it's reasonable but they can still go over you with a fine tooth comb if they want. It helps to practice good security to prevent this from happening to begin with. Why are you discouraging good practices like Tor? Fuck you. Fed Boomer. Everyone use Tor. It's almost as fast as clearnet, especially with simple image and text data.
>>10007 >just scroll past the spam bro yeah nah
(2.36 KB 640x336 ans_0011.ans.png)
>>10007 It doesn't have to be technically difficult. There's tons of old school text BBS and MUDs (not web-related) out there that have very few users. And since you have to login to the system with a pseudonym & password, the content doesn't get archived into search engines by crawler bots. On top of that, the hardware resources required to run such a server are tiny compared to modern webshit. Ditto with accessing them (you pretty much can use an 8-bit computer, in fact). For distributed systems, you have NNTP and FidoNet. More stuff like that can be done easily, without using much hardware resources. But almost nobody does, because they've all been herded into the web like cattle. If it was the old 90's web, that wouldn't be so bad, but now it is a nasty thing.
>>10010 This is funny because using Tor would actually go against the very argument you're making, you idiot. Do you even know what exit nodes are, Dumbfuck? This fuckin idiot thinks he's anonymous on Tor... dumb... REAAALLY dumb! Maybe you meant VPNs instead of Tor, Brain Trust.
>>10024 >fuckin idiot thinks he's anonymous on Tor I never said that. The claim is that you're better off privacy wise with Tor, hands down. You have no argument. >you meant VPNs instead of Tor VPNs don't even compare to the traffic obfuscation you get with Tor or other networks like I2P. Do you sell honeypots for a living, skinfed? Hey fed poster. When you're done repeatedly making strawman arguments why don't you turn yourself in for treason? Bootlicking cocksucker.
>better off privacy wise with Tor No, you are literally not, you fuckin mouth breather. >VPNs don't even compare to the traffic obfuscation you get with Tor or other networks like I2P. Tor doesn't have ANY traffic obfuscation, you fuckin retard! It literally takes ONE single rogue exit node to render the entire concept of Tor absolutely useless. The difference between Tor and VPNs is... you basically get to choose. With Tor you have NO IDEA what exit node you're gonna wind up with... could be good, could be the feds, you have no gawd damn idea. With a VPN... you can choose the VPN service you go with, in turn at least getting some reasonable assurance that your shit isn't being tracked since you're PAYING MONEY and they're under CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION to provide the services they're advertising. Basically with VPNs you get anonymity with protection under the law. With Tor you get... hillbilly anonymity... might be some good stuff... might make you go blind... hurr durr... chug it down, Chuckles!
>>10046 >Tor doesn't have ANY traffic obfuscation, you fuckin retard! Yes it does. It uses 3 circuit nodes relays and the option of pluggable transports and bridge obfuscation. That doesn't mean it's perfect though, I2P is probably better in this regard and Lokinet seems promising once development advances. >It literally takes ONE single rogue exit node to render the entire concept of Tor absolutely useless. You can correlate traffic better by controlling an exit node but you'd have greater correlation by controlling the entry (guard node or any data from segregated user entrypoint) and exit nodes. Meaning end to end surveillance of the target. The same is true when using a vpn, so why are you shilling commercial VPNs? >you basically get to choose. Which means nothing if you don't examine the servers yourself. Here's the more important difference. Tor is open source and most VPNs are not. Here's what you get with VPNs, corporate shills. https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/21/nordvpn-confirms-it-was-hacked/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/hacker-breached-servers-belonging-to-multiple-vpn-providers/ >with VPNs you get anonymity with protection under the law. Straight up lie, even then that is not stopping them from incompetence or malicious behavior. They will choose to save themselves from possible legal consequence instead of your measly 6 pounds a month. They will definitely throw you under the bus for legal and commercial benefits. Keep dreaming. No one is buying, fed. If you really want to use something like VPN you're better off using VPS and managing that yourself. >With Tor you get... hillbilly anonymity You got brain aids.
(382.48 KB 720x253 Wal-Mart Check-.png)
>>10053 Open Source isn't more secure, it's LESS secure you idiot! It's like letting everyone see the blueprints to your bank vault so every other criminal can run through it looking for exploits. With VPNs if there's a breach... YOU FUCKING KNOW IT! They go out of their way to sound the alarms and tell everyone to lock their shit down while they get it sorted out. With Tor... you have no idea what the fuck is going on. You don't know which exit nodes have been compromised and you likely never will because there's no governing/controlling body keeping track of anything. It could be weeks, months of even YEARS before a particular exit node is determined to be compromised. >They will definitely throw you under the bus for legal and commercial benefits. For you, yes, because you're a Eurotard. You have no rights, you have no freedom, you're a ward of the state. Enjoy your slavery, UKuck. Things work a bit differently over here in the US though where we still enjoy some semblance of freedom and you can sue businesses and corporations into oblivion. Speaking of which, hopefully it won't be too much longer before I get my $125 Equifax settlement money (all the appeals need to be exhausted first). A few years back I got a nice fat check from the one PayPal settlement. Gotta love class action lawsuits! Great way to make some easy cash on the side with little to no effort. Oh also the Wal-Mart one, that was awesome! :D You tards over in Europe... you get NOTHING! LOL Anyone who isn't an idiot will use a VPN over Tor, but anyone whose intelligent will use both. Only a gawd damn slack jawed retard would be running around claiming that Tor is some super safe, totes anonymous, government free electronic utopia. I mean I'm sayin that VPNs are perfect or anything, but they're a fuck of a better alternatives to Tor in most cases.
>It literally takes ONE single rogue exit node to render the entire concept of Tor absolutely useless. retarded and niggerpilled i cant even tell who (if anyone) is trolling here. the posts are too long
>Anyone who isn't an idiot will use a VPN over Tor, but anyone whose intelligent will use both. hold my beer while I make VPN that copies all traffic to TLAs so i can get paid by both you and them
(17.60 KB 576x432 niggershill.jpg)
>>10059 Security through obscurity is a joke. It's more likely to leave vulnerabilities unfixed and leave continuous backdoor access for years with no patches or public notice. The CIA and NSA have been doing this for years proven by the Vault 7 Wikileaks dump. https://wikileaks.org/vault7/ https://wikileaks.org/vault8/ https://boingboing.net/2017/03/10/no-security-in-obscurity.html Now open source isn't bullet proof but how do you expect vulnerabilities to be reliably patched or even be trustworthy with no transparent process? You're a chump for trusting proprietary software/services over a peer-review-like process i.e. Open Source. >lawsuits rectify everything Lawsuits are great but that doesn't magically stop data leaks or scandals. What planet are you living on that you trust a 1 route VPN hosted by nontransparent company with your data, all because you can sue them? Okay, that's beyond naive. >Anyone who isn't an idiot will use a VPN over Tor, but anyone whose intelligent will use both. Using a VPN does not obscure the fact you are using Tor unless you use a bridge. Tor has a distinguishable traffic from non-Tor traffic unless you use something like obf4 for traffic, at which point nothing else would be better, surely not a VPN. If you were making the point that more relays are better that still wouldn't be helpful or prevent traffic analysis. All they need is entry and exit surveillance for high correlation. Understand, if you directly connect to a VPN they may know your billing information, direct usage, and tie it to your IP address which can't lead to good things. An exit node doesn't need to know this. Tor requires less trust to operate which is better than a VPN which requires you trust that it will operate without malice or incompetence regardless of what retribution you would seek in case of personal damages. That makes it worse knowing that they are your first line of defense in your relay set-up which is extra stupid. I2P is even more trustless since it's servers are bound together using DHT table to organize it's users, not dedicated volunteer servers like Tor. Don't get me wrong, trust is a good thing, but you shouldn't stake your life on person or company's word. What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't listen to that faggot. Read these. https://matt.traudt.xyz/p/24tFBCJV.html (Tor not necessarily a net gain) https://matt.traudt.xyz/p/mRikAa4h.html (You want Tor, not a VPN) His domain also has some of his peer-reviewed publications readily available. You use a VPN (private VPS better) for torrenting movies, not adding an extra honeypot route for traffic analysis in your Tor circuit. That's dumb. >>10061 >hold my beer while I make VPN that copies all traffic to TLAs so i can get paid by both you and them Exactly. Using a VPN makes it more possible for the company, hackers, or Law Enforcement to mount more traffic analysis.
>>10059 It's better to have the source code because you can find and fix bugs more easily. But there are some problems: 1) modern codebases tend to be insanely huge and in a constant state of flux 2) modern hardware is full botnet So for those reasons, I'd always take an old mainframe or 1980's microcomputer, even if i t's running proprietary OS. At least the code on those is small enough I can disassemble it in a debugger and understand it 100%. You will never be able to do that with modern systems.
(117.25 KB 680x642 Burner - Small.jpg)
>>10072 This is like saying you're going to leave your car door unlocked because it'll be easier to catch criminals. That is ~literally~ how fuckin stupid you sound. >>10062 You're confusing intentional obscurity with unintentional carelessness. Also, nothing is going to stop data leaks or scandals... you might just as well be wanting to stop earthquakes. You PREPARE for an earthquake... you do not PREVENT them. Being able to profit off the inevitable failures and fuckups of others is merely a lovely perk of the game. >You use a VPN (private VPS better) for torrenting movies There it is... the dumbest fuckin thing I've read online all day. I guess if you just don't know, am I right? LOL >Using a VPN makes it more possible for the company, hackers, or Law Enforcement to mount more traffic analysis. Well if you're a fuckin idiot who signed up for a VPN service using your real name and so forth... yeah, that might be a problem... FOR YOU (the idiot). Do you even own a burner? LOL
>>10079 Terrible analogy but fair point.
(52.95 KB 700x700 fed-contractor266.jpg)
>>10072 It's likely that those novel or obscure platforms aren't getting updates but I could be wrong. Do you know anything about why or how these setups can be secure? >>10079 >This is like saying you're going to leave your car door unlocked because it'll be easier to catch criminals. No. His set-up may be insecure because of the novelty of it. Being more rare and less likely to receive security patches (software and hardware). Security through obscurity relies on all unauthorized people not knowing the security detail and if there is no way around it. One person knowing and exploiting this in real life can still be a big problem. However, you analogy is retarded because it isn't even comparable to modern software vulnerabilities. You can't compare the security of your car door or house lock that only maybe 15 people might physically see up close or have access to in a given day, to say a Website that serves security patches and with public connections to billions of devices. You can't automatically do a vulnerability check on all cars from halfway around the world, but that is most likely when dealing with things related to internet and computer security. (setting aside cpus, motherboards, in cars. A house lock would've been a better example) Companies are willing to pay people to scan, diagnose, debug, and patch their vulnerabilities. Further proving that your Woo about obscurity is non-preferable, even to big megacorps or researchers. Hiding your vulnerabilities doesn't always prevent them in IRL, and in such a very open format such like the internet your attack vector increases exponentially requiring you to resort to open source methods to be secure. Unless you want to be backdoored for years with no warning, pretending no one would have found your hidden code with a bug in it or a crypto key somewhere. Your analogy is very weak. >You're confusing intentional obscurity with unintentional carelessness. Obscurity and negligence go hand in hand. Obscuring your work means you have less accountability. This has no place for relying on the informational security of millions of customers and users. Security through obscurity is a shit standard because no one is there to review the process and what they could possibly be doing wrong security wise. This allows for backdoors in software for years with no recourse. You making pointless distinctions between obscure processes doesn't mean anything. It makes you look more like an apologist for backdoors and bugged vulnerable proprietary spyware. >Also, nothing is going to stop data leaks or scandals... And therefore use a 1-hop VPN, wtf? That's called a surrender. Stop trying to act cool by being this dense. You were wrong. Get over it. >lovely perk of the game. You're really just trying to gloss over getting buttfucked about Tor vs. VPN. Saying "da game" like a fucking nigger doesn't mean it's an argument, nor will it get people to use VPNs. No one with a basic understanding of this stuff will risk their private data with a VPN, maybe innocent video and gaming but not private matters. >There it is... the dumbest fuckin thing I've read online all day. You saying shit with no reasoning why is just that, shit. Get fucked idiot. >muh burner phone You keep changing goal posts so fast that you moved to arguing for a literal niggerphone. So you made a correlation IRL to get and use a burner phone, to do what exactly? There are things you can do with it but it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I mean it's just insane. >Well if you're a fuckin idiot who signed up for a VPN service using your real name No. This is point I was making YOU -> VPN(exit compromised) -> <- https://example.com YOU -> Tor Guard -> Tor Relay -> Tor Exit Node (exit compromised)-> <- https://example.com/ You're relying to heavily on one relay, or a VPN in your case, to not be comprised. It has to the potential to expose much more metadata than if a Tor Exit node were compromised. Now it doesn't magically mean traffic correlation can't be attempted, especially with better attacks. However, you can't tell me with a straight face in a scenario that you'd rely on a VPN rather than Tor for private matters. >the post basically just being one big conjecture ignoring everything You haven't even attempted to address the points that have been made in the thread, and you just talk of other bullshit. You basically just glossed over the trust needed to use a VPN safely as compared to Tor, with no qualms about the stupidity of keeping up this charade. Your ego is so fucking fragile you can't be bothered to admit your wrong and learn new techniques. You have a sunk cost fallacy that despite denying/avoiding the literature on anonymity networks suggesting they can work better than a VPN, you'll still try and justify the money you spent. You delude yourself into thinking you're not a gullible chump but the more you do it the more you sell out and the cycle repe
(52.95 KB 700x700 fed-contractor266.jpg)
>>10083 (continuing) >the post basically just being one big conjecture ignoring everything You haven't even attempted to address the points that have been made in the thread, and you just talk of other bullshit. You basically just glossed over the trust needed to use a VPN safely as compared to Tor, with no qualms about the stupidity of keeping up this charade. Your ego is so fucking fragile you can't be bothered to admit your wrong and learn new techniques. You have a sunk cost fallacy that despite denying/avoiding the literature on anonymity networks suggesting they can work better than a VPN, you'll still try and justify the money you spent. You delude yourself into thinking you're not a gullible chump but the more you do it the more you sell out and the cycle repeats. Even your arguments are circular, eventually becoming irrelevant to the topic at hand and dismissive against stronger arguments being made. To be honest you're probably just a fed, because no one can be this deluded. I can't be the only one who sees how disingenuous this fucker is. Can I?
why is everyone so salty? tor vs vpn vpn companies and tor will both try to betray your data to the feds no matter what terms lie in a contract you sign, the feds can gain access to any information if they have a warrant or believe the data is important to some investigation they are conducting, and the company has to hand it over if they can. If they wanted, feds could access even your most private information they can even take your computer and search it manually to "discover" lots of illegal or incriminating content on it (and it just so happens to be more likely to be found in the computers of those who holds politically taboo/controversial opinions/beliefs). The important thing is whether or not the anonymization system is able to have positively-identifying information taken from it by one with complete access to it, and how well that information can be used to convict someone it's being used against. tor is better than vpn this way, but there are other options as well, they've been mentioned before, but I2P and Freenet are also valid options. as for CP, it will be allowed, but I expect it to be deleted whenever it comes up due to how unpopular it is, the type of content that will rise to prominence will be the content that anons find most worthy of replying to (so it gets bumped) but the least offensive (so it is not deleted). A timer and verification system will prevent spamming of deletion or posting, the timer length for an action should increase each time the action is performed by the same user, s for verification, we can figure out which is best for keeping our users safe. I expect political and news topics to become big for this reason, same goes for drugs and other darkweb businesses, but none of that is my concern, I just want an imageboard where everything goes, but at the same time doesnt get overwhelemed with pedofags spamming cp.
>>9963 >>10113 Your idea is absolutely retarded. >Anyone can delete anything. /pol/ So some rightwinger sees your faggot thread and deletes it. Then your faggot buddy gets his panties in a bunch and deletes every thread on the board. How are you going to stop abuse? You have no logs of actions taken, therefore no recourse to to remove privileges Look you want a faggot board, just go to a faggot friendly site and post there
>>10113 >I want anonymity boards that do X and not Y You need incentives built into the technology. Like the new lokinet, each node running a service is like an economic stake you can risk to lose. You can model your board after something similar. A federated networks allows for more autonomous organization within them.
>>9963 It should be called niggerchan and we should constantly talk shit about niggers and goddamn fucking Jewish kikes.
>>10114 So some rightwinger sees your faggot thread and deletes it. >ok, so he dills in the capatcha and deletes a thread, far so good Then your faggot buddy gets his panties in a bunch and deletes every thread on the board. >correction: Then your faggot buddy gets his panties in a bunch and deletes a thread after filling in a capatcha, then he tries to delete another thread but realizes he needs to wait a certain duration of time or get a new Identity, being an impatient little shit, he gets a new identity, but then realizes he still needs to fill out the capatcha again, so he does that, and goes on to try and delete a third thread, having to get a new identity (and hope it's not one that's been recently used) and fill out the form again, being an especially spiteful waste of breath, he deletes a fourth thread before deciding it's too much work and gives up. I'd also make everything bigger for making and deleting threads rather than for making and deleting posts in a thread, maybe three characters for a post, and five for a thread, and twice the waiting time between threads as there is for posts, with each subsequent increase in time being +60% for posts and +100% for threads (for example). most deepweb spam comes from bots, btw, don't worry too much about clearnet-style faggotry, it will be there, but not enough to be too much of a problem. so long as it doesnt get drowned in CP I'm ok with it, having named boards with titles that define the nominal topics is enough to create a local culture that enforces conversation to remain on-topic to the board subject, simply because people have been pre-conditioned to put things in their proper places, it will at least quarantine the cancer to specific boards (for example, /b/) by mere psychology alone. psychology is a powerful thing, you'd be surprised how mere suggestion can affect how people behave*. *such as blue light reducing violent crime, or lab coats making someone more likely to agree with someone on STEM claims even when they are told outright that the guy in the coat is not at all associated with STEM, or how watching a play makes one more likely to help someone in need but reading or listening to the story of the same play does not, or how people will accept blatant untruths if they think enough other people believe the lie. I also think having a high rate of creations and deletions from/by unique users is enough to keep things under control, one page, blink-and-you-miss-it content constantly being created and destroyed, it sends a message to would-be trolls that whatever they try to do won't make a difference, and disappear very soon after they post it. I expect even the most popular threads wont last much longer than the less popular ones, they'd need to be quite interesting, controversial, or popular to last more than a week. one page of threads, just the OP and the latest post, maybe a maximum of 15 threads at a time (maybe less, it's still to be decided), widely advertised, everything is allowed (so long as it does not jepoardize the site, it's "staff", or it's users) but everyone is a mod (kind of). multiple backups made in advance in case the feds try to take it down, security made as tight as can reasonably be (might mean the site not supporting certain file types, might mean some other form of precautions taken, but if a user wants to put his ass in danger by posting his private info stopping him is not our responsibility, but we will put up a warning to not do dumb shit like that on the site's front page - and maybe each individual board as well) we might as well also put up a text saying "no illegal content (especially no CP)", but we'd do nothing to stop people putting it up (because we wont have any means to do so, not because we actually agree with pedofaggot degeneracy), again, relying upon psychology to make people's behavior conform to perceived expectations. TL;DR I promise that it wont be 22chan all over again, this concept is just different enough to work out better.
>>10140 you know what? forget it. it's a waste of time and it will die the same way everything does. Pedos specifically are what ultimately killed 8chan according to encyclopedia dramatica, and now even ED is dead (before you say "satire site", I know, but people were actually referring me to it as a source of information on the regular, so im counting it). I was on the deepweb for the first time in years just now, had to reinstall tor, very dead. nothing but drugs and cp, what I'm looking for is /pol/ content, there is so much opportunity for the deepweb to be used for pro-white causes, organization, networking, and the like. but I couldnt find anything at all, believe me i tried, but i did find lots of pedoshit and drug culture, fake "hitman" services and redroom larping, some cryposcams and schizophrenia. even wikileaks had a million fakes out there, on the top of the pages. the deepweb could have been made useful to white people, but it is totally vacant of any worthwhile political content, i look for something relatively tame like "white nationalism" as a first search, and i get fucking antifa sites as the top results. my idea is shit, i thought: "if we could just create a place where there is no means to censor, it could be completely safe from subversion", then i just found out how fucked the deepweb is, and not in a "traumatizing" way, more of a "disappointing" way. I had to come up with measures to cut down on spammers, particularly the types who infested 8chan (which was, and should have been a low-censorship hub for pro-whites) with cancer and borderline CP. endchan sucks, end/pol/ is tunnel-visioned and self-inconsistent I was the first and only one to put out a list of political policies to describe my goal political system, they refuse to accept anything that is not 100% hitlerite national socialism, yet they also dislike many of the policies of hitlerite national socialism because they think a hitler in the modern day would have done things differently (particularly in regards to things like his policies regarding race and islam, being pro-muslims and anti-segregation between blacks and whites), and if that was not confusing enough, they also refuse to outright describe the political system that they support because of "datamining" (not only is this ind of data useless to any anti-whites out there, i suspect the real reason is that they either do not know what they support beyond the vaguely used term of "national socialism", or they fear what others may find wrong with their vision) End/pol/ is just as censorious and dogmatic as the places I've come to them from, it's because there was a board owner, not because of who he was. then my thought process went like so "why not just get rid of board owners, and also get rid of rules, then no one could dominate and no one could subvert" i wanted to see what that would be like. which brings us to the matter of legality, whether it's threats and incitement, sharing classified info, or violating intellectual property laws, i wanted to find a way around these liumitations, hence the deepweb, then when i suggested my idea, the matter of things like CP and SNUFF came up, stuff that i myself found reprehensible (moreso the cp, lesser so with the snuff stuff, ive seen m,y share of gore vids oti), but under my proposed system, could do nothing to stop, i put it on the backburner until the pedos became a serious problem on 8chan, after those episodes, id easily believe ED where it said that was why the site went down, i mean, it started with cartoons and then escalated to posting CP images and links to onion links on 8chan's /b/. so i thought "why not distribute mod powers to every user?" to slow it down enough to deter spammers and bots, while still enabling someone who actually has something positive to contribute to say whatever it was they thought needs to be said. anyway, this is my stream of consciousness, basically, ive given up, everywhere i tried to put this idea out i faced pushback, i thought someone smarter than i could figure out how to make this work, maybe the idea was just bad from the beginning, i wanted to make a place for pro-whites, but i couldnt. the cp angle is a little less in the pushback here, but alot more common on the other places ive mentioned this idea, i feel like a human turd for defending what i myself find instinctively repulsive on a moral level (there needs to be some form of "no rules/no rulers" to prevent eventual corruption), i feel like they were just looking for an easy way to shut me up. thanks for being a bit more practical and broad and less morally righteous.
>>10141 It was a really retarded idea, BO plz delete this thread, I've done my research and dun learn'd me sometin' 'bout getting mah dum idears
(1.17 KB 105x41 SAGE.png)
>>10193 >doesn't like thread >doesn't sage Thread gets bumped generating more attention
(119.81 KB 893x1155 1572400568485.jpg)
>>9963 fuck off coomer
>>9963 pedos get the rope
>>9963 There already is one zw3crggtadila2sg.onion
>>10220 indeed they should, then they'd stop posting CP, and this idea would be much better (and more popular).
>>10222 good, lets swarm this place en masse, get endchan in on it too, claim it as our own. it already has lazy mods and low traffic, it's as good a target as any.
(58.18 KB 630x380 AAAAAAAAAAA.png)
>>10219 c c cooo c cooo c c c COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
(31.90 KB 180x180 AAAAAA.png)
>>10257 His name is probably William. Filipino and Aussie half breed. Spams boards constantly, has no life. Delete. Sage. Ignore. Malkin-Wigger.
(19.53 KB 379x364 _.jpg)
>>10264 >he gives undeniable proof of having no life >calls other people no-life
>>10193 to >>10266 delete. rebin
>here are no mods or admins, anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves. Ковальщик, ты решил, что твой юномочач окажется более востребованным в англоязычном интернете? Разочарую: такой очкопиздюк как ты не нужен нигде.
>>10309 Oh shit, looks like i forgot to toggle säge. Sorry.
>>9963 make it yourself, cuck.
just general question will the deep web provide me with any interesting experience I can't get in the clearnet (not talking about cp), am I missing out on anything?
>>10553 No, if not looking for illegal shit, your not missing much at all. The few sites that are not into cp, drugs, hookers, and gun, are mostly schizo tinfoil hat shit. I am sure there is one or two legit sites dealing with tech and government surveillance, but finding shit is hit and miss for the most part.
there is a bunch of sites like this on the deep web already, they quickly get filled with child porn and hit with dos attacks. you woyld think this is one of those good ideas, but no, it fucking sucks and you are retarded.
>>9985 Anonymity goes hand in hand with free speech. If you say shit the government, police or surveillance agencies disagrees with, you have a lower chance of disappearing the morning after. >>10059 I can't tell if it's bait or you are absurdly stupid. NordVPN was hacked and people didn't know about it until much much later. https://www.bestvpn.co/nordvpn-hacked/ Ironically, it was only fixed after someone from outside the company reported it! Free software is inherently more secure because it is audited constantly by a great amount of people. It's not as if someone can look at the source code and take you Club Penguin password. Even if the government finds a vulnerability in Tor it will be fixed quickly. Imagine this, would you rather have a lock that is designed to be hard to understand so other companies wouldn't make their own version it and sometimes it just changes which is supposed to make it more secure but no one knows if it does or a lock that a shitload of people use, everyone can see how it works but when people find a way to pick it, the lock changes to be more resistant to these attacks or sometimes closes that attack vector entirely. In the real world, of course, locks don't update automatically. But many lock companies send the locks to professional lock pickers to find vulnerabilities and report them, even if one of the lock pickers doesn't report it, in hopes of using it later, someone else probably will, the end result is that these locks are overall more secure. >>10079 even LOLing can't hide your pain.
(30.55 KB 400x400 1584067991896.jpg)
>>10554 so not worth it I guess don't worry, I'll try anyway. wanted to buy some psychedelic drugs maybe
I think the idea is good, but for the issue that no one but pedophiles use Tor. Despite the kike-loving developers, It's a place with a huge potential for the dissident right of we actually began using it, it's a place we can use to organize, and get our shit together, with much less fear of our government. Like i said, anyone could remove any post or thread they don't like, if enough pro-whites used the site from the outset in order to immediately delete the pedos and make up the majority of the site's content, all the issues we face will not cause the site to become overabundant with CP-posters and die as a result, the trick is to somehow figure out a way to get the people who we want onto the site in large enough numbers to prevent the cancer from growing. I think another issue is that we insist on national socialism as part of our vetting requirements, I, for one, don't exactly now what set of policies you refer to as "national socialist" and a lot of other potential recruits do not know as well, those who become advocates of the white people are not the type to sign up to an ideology they do not fully know of (and since the natsoc of the modern day is not a 1:1 with the natsoc of 1940's germany, they cannot simply read mein kampf to find out). nonetheless, they are steadfastly in favor of the white race and it's prosperity, they know at least some of the issues that face this people and do think they need to be addressed. I bring this up because perhaps we are too selective about who we can call "brother", right now we need anyone who unironically fights for the interests of the white gentiles and their children. No matter what political ideology they may otherwise subscribe to, the twin traits of only taking natsocs and unwilling to describe in detail what set of policies a natsoc society has, is going to ensure a permanently dwindling number of recruits. Either you can think about what's essential in an ally and go for that (essential meaning to ask yourself "what is the one issue or trait that is most important here?" and only recruiting on that basis, recognizing that you are, indeed, desperate for whatever allies you can get for your cause right now), or actually explain the full extent of what it means to be natsoc (the full consequences of natsoc gaining power over a country) before asking people to sign up to it, or you can do both. Also, get /pol/cks and /pol/-types to start using Tor, despite the shittiness of the devs, get them to realize it;'s a good tool for circumventing the LEA and other alphabet soups and communicating with fellow dissidents. The image board idea is not the issue, the issue is pro-white online community in general, it prevents us from making the numbers of active people we need to make this imageboard work. Blaming the imageboard idea is a deflection from the true underlying problems our movement is facing that cause such a plan to be destined to failure. At the very lesast, we need to get our asses on Tor and make some onion site that caters to our type of mindset, (or specific subtype if you still feel that total conformity, exclusivity, and high standards is still the way to go).
>>10552 Believe me, I would if I could, I lack the basic thing I'd need to make this happen: - I have no clue as to how to do this - I have no skills or talent for technology and doubt my ability to make the site and have it be secure - I lack money, like any money at all, I have no means of getting money, and I'm not interested in collecting donations, either - I think a job like this is best done by a team instead of a single individual, and I lack anyone who would be willing to work on this project (with me or alone) - lastly, I proposed this idea on the clearnet, this even if I fulfilled all of the above requirements, I am a terrible person to actually make the site, it;'s better tat someone comes across the idea and puts it into action without saying anything, anywhere, that could possibly be used to trace the site to themselves. The ideal creator of this site is not me, it's someone with no data trail connecting them to the site, someone with the needed money and skills, and someone with a loyal and dedicated team willing to work with him to give this experiment the best chances of success they could possibly have. >why post any of this here then? well, because the success of this site relies upon something else, and which has an importance that cannot be stressed enough: to prevent the site from being overtaken by pedofags and dying out, the site requires that it has a large and active demographic of users from places such as this, people who know the original purpose of the site, and who set the cultural standards for the site. these guys must also ensure that the site is known and has a lot of traffic from the right kind of anons. coming here with the details is one of the best ways to make something like this happen. Idea guys make things happen, without us, no anon on any imageboard would have ever done anything except fap to chinese cartoons and piss and moan about the jews taking over. if we propose something as an idea guy, it's because we for one reason or another, cannot make it a reality by themselves, all meaningful -chan action is collective and collaborative, there is nothing without us, but we need you just as much as you need us, with no team, we have no ability to actualize our visions, and without us, you will have nothing to do with your potential.
>>9963 >anyone may delete any post, including those they did not make themselves I guarentee that this rule will fuck up the board so bad
>>10725 I think we can mitigate the damage by making it real tough to spam deletions
>>10725 I don't think there would be a problem, we could do things like use capatcha, force an IP to wait increasingly longer turns every deletion, make both of these worse for deleting threads rather than posts (or maybe require multiple users to delete the same thread to remove it - which varies depending upon the number of posts by unique IPs in the thread - something like "vote to delete thread? = 1 our of 2 votes to deletion", something like that).


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