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(32.42 KB 1280x549 1280px-YouTube_Logo.svg.png)
youtube dislike Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 23:16:14 No. 9948
hi could you guess dislike this video for me plz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGz8A3YSBWs&feature=youtu.be
(32.40 KB 400x257 not-your-personal-army.jpg)
>>9948 >jewtube link instead of invidious.onion link >asking people on an imageboard to do something with no benefit for them >asking people on an imageboard to dislike a fucking jewtube video Holy fuck OP is being extra retarded today.
>>9948 I would but I got banned from Jewtube, so I can't post here anymore and logged out of my account and deleted my cookies.
i did it for you op. cardi b deserves to find a lump in her tit.
>10011 if i was walking down the street and saw cardi b coming the other way i would burp, fart and do a covid sneeze in her general direction and then give her a cunt punt. then i would push her into oncoming traffic and say she walked in front 18-wheeler truck herself probably because was blinded by her narcissism shining in front of her face.
nice try man
I liked it just to smite you fag
well it's sorta a youtube thread. doubtful anybody watches ADVChina here, but i am a fucking jew and i want to watch the Conquering Northern and Southern China documentaries by them for free. don't know if anyone knows where to watch them or at least know somewhere better to ask.


no cookies?