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(48.16 KB 500x500 8edfb51d72cb89b1.jpg)
WTF am I doing with my life? Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 01:42:10 No. 9862
I want to study my electricians course, and practice my piano and clarinet, among other things. But all I do is argue politics. Its' fucking pointless. How do I shake this addiction?
(60.46 KB 576x597 nolongerwojak.png)
>>9862 it's called information overload internet was a mistake
The only way to teach most people is by example. Don't argue politics. Become a role model that most will want to mimic
this feel always gets me down instead I'm here talking to anonymous strangers on the internets >>10096 >>9862
(347.50 KB 1332x1949 7 day dopamine reset.png)
>>9862 courtesy of /sig/
>>9862 that’s why i always preferred random board. yeah ok the world sucks, but talking about it all the time isn’t gonna change anything. here we don’t have to lodge a stick up our ass and police fun. laughing about everything is the best cope imo. anyway realize being an armchair political analyst on anonymous (or any) forums won’t lead you anywhere. there is no secret to cultivating skills besides forcing yourself to constantly practice. go to the address bar and jewgle some sheet music or something. be self-motivated
(759.67 KB 760x839 158624425478.png)
Anime OP, anime (2D world >>>>>>>>> everthing irl)
>>9862 get fit. it eases the mind. shorten the dopamine intake. it makes everything that's routine-like more enjoyable
(774.08 KB 1987x1847 1588027765118.jpg)
>>10493 tranny
A wise anon said that you should beware when you fight evil that you do not become evil yourself. Another wise master said that you should not worry about if the words people say are true, but rather if they is useful. Shills can call you a smelly neckbeard incel nazi loser, which may be true or may be false, but none of these things matter. Only what you are doing to make yourself better matters. When you practise this, the shills much of their power over you.
>>10547 >if they is useful if they *are* useful


no cookies?