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Coronavirus Memes & Discussion Onideus 03/15/2020 (Sun) 12:21:01 No. 9653
All this is unsorted material, so the quality might be a bit bleh.
Oops, got a repeat in there. I'll post more later.
This might not be as serious as say, the Spanish Flu, but it's certainly shitty. Stay the fuck at home, people. Don't travel unless you have to. Be a NEET. Shitpost more on here.
>>9662 Compared to H1N1 variants this shit isn't even on the fuckin radar. Last round of H1N1, in 2009, resulted in 59 million US infections, 265 thousand hospitalizations and around twelve thousand dead! Currently the Coronavirus is at... 57 dead in the US. To put that into comparison... texting while driving kills around 6k in the US every year. Hell, more than TEN TIMES that number die from autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong every year! And slightly less than that number, around 450, die simply from FALLING OUT OF BED! Literally, FALLING OUT OF YOUR BED is more dangerous than this stupid fuckin nonsense. STOP BEING FUCKING STUPID!
>>9665 It doesn't matter if you or I are correct here. The truth is that in the future, thanks to increased globalization, global warming plus its effect on insect populations, and population growth, we are going to have epidemics that could straight-up kill everyone. Malaria, dengue fever, and other mosquito-borne infections will be a major problem, to name a few. This panic sucks, but long term will help everyone because people finally realize the importance of epidemic protocols. I've never seen public bathrooms so clean before. I haven't seen the sky look this clear in more than ten years. Having so many people stay at home might also make people realize that our entire transport industry is tainting the fucking air and maybe we should fix that.
(329.96 KB 595x397 Fresh-Aire-UV-ESDS-WEB.png)
(167.59 KB 640x435 pcf.jpg)
>>9688 Nope, you're totally wrong. It's that pesky human temporal bias. Shits gonna change, yo! I mean, I know you don't think about it much, even the humans that do, well... their speculation is usually 38 shades of WRONG! I mean, you look at depiction of the "future" from the past and... wow... yeah, really not so much with the accuracy. Shits gonna change tho. It always is. I mean, take global warming for example, it's probably going to take less than ten years for society to figure out that we should start treating our industrialization like a living thing and work on integrating it into our existing carbon cycles. It will reach a point where it's not about "reducing carbon emissions" but rather "recycling carbon emissions". Basically you harvest the CO2 and then use in algae based biofuel production plants. Same with so many other things. Take plastic for example, they've recently discovered how to make infinitely recyclable plastics as well as quick biodegradable plastics made out seaweed and such... that you can even eat! Eventually most of our packaging will all be bio-matter based and, as such, will be easily recyclable into biofuel. I mean, even right now, 80% or our organic waste is going into giant holes in the grounds... which is a giant stupid waste of money since that organic material can be converted into biofuel. Several cities across the globe have already started building biofuel production facilities specifically for that purpose. As far as germs and viruses and so forth... sorry kiddo, but the future is already here... it's just not evenly distributed... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_germicidal_irradiation The newest versions, that use UVC, can even be used directly around humans since they don't cause cancer... although they do rapidly break down certain chemical bonds, so you need to be careful using them around unshielded plastics and rubber. Every problem you THINK is going to be around in the future... won't be. But, if it's any consolation to your fear mongering hysteria... there will be lots of NEW problems to deal with in the future. Shit you don't even want to fucking know about!
>>9690 Thanks, you have a good point. That being said it's never wise to take unnecessary risks. Unless it's for a reallly good cause, such as KILLING THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!
(15.38 KB 640x251 Screenshot_2020-03-18.png)
ZOMG WE NEED TO QUARANTINE THE ROADWAYS RIGHT FUCKING NOW! ...said literally no one... is the history of... forever.
(691.06 KB 600x826 29f383084754381b.png)
(117.37 KB 640x495 99aaa7106b0c8856.jpg)
(150.87 KB 768x607 cf9578942edb663f.jpg)
(226.97 KB 599x456 56c2028e030d4b2f.png)
(196.73 KB 590x722 2b8a93a119cfd674.png)
So, presuming we get free money... what stocks are you gonna buy? Presuming you aren't retarded I mean. Also presuming the markets don't rebound BEFORE we get free money... which they might, cause I think they're gonna give the banks more free money before they give citizens free money. I hope that's not the case tho.
(130.86 KB 720x719 4a99bad74cbfeffb.jpg)
(161.16 KB 1125x1264 a19151f8a4126ff0.jpeg)
(49.18 KB 628x604 81e408aa9ee3be92.jpg)
(136.84 KB 1058x1424 66d868105e9acb2a.jpg)
(72.80 KB 640x644 36eb1610df014ec1.jpeg)
(266.60 KB 401x500 6dd8a5b1bef6a30e.png)
(621.58 KB 600x742 6edc04953865edf2.png)
(104.92 KB 800x960 e884910d8b7849c5.jpg)
(107.15 KB 720x785 061f957ba04e3f25.jpg)
(82.29 KB 720x757 8f114f6754c29228.jpg)
(179.87 KB 751x960 cc8e675790208b00.jpg)
(700.35 KB 1250x1080 4e20dd5d2c42a9cd.png)
(212.52 KB 500x630 1a563aae66a7924e.png)
(54.54 KB 720x720 0613bd73b81faccf.jpg)
(44.48 KB 720x720 eae987c47016e433.jpg)
>>9690 Lol, I bet you think CO2 is exponential intend of logarithmic as a greenhouse gas, what a faggot. Are you unaware of the fact that all your precious models don't even consider isolation as a factor?. I bet you belive "settled science" and consent of the majority matter. Where is your control group? How is it a scientific method without a control? Do you have some alternate earth up your ass? You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much of the data is falsified or just plain innacurate. T. Some guy that babysat an ASOS
(93.26 KB 854x960 d2df7b5f3baadcef.jpg)
(92.74 KB 778x960 09cb16a878cb8998.jpg)
(38.33 KB 960x932 e55582a0285e094c.jpg)
(53.24 KB 720x684 1c51ab71a03ae026.jpg)
(129.60 KB 904x960 4bda80b302614d75.jpg)
>>9740 It's not either you idiot. More CO2 means the planet "breaths" faster. ...oh right, you can't see it. Um... hrmmm... how do I even explain that. Okay you know like how hot air rises? And it rises and rises until it gets to SPACE and then it COOLS DOWN... and when it gets cold it then falls back down. Hot air starts to escape, gets cooled, then comes back in. If you could visualize it and then speed it up, it would look like the atmosphere is "breathing" in and out. More CO2 just makes it "breath" faster. It can make things hotter, largely due to light refraction and such, but there is a kind of "saturation point" where you wind up with diminishing returns and in fact you can wind up with so much CO2 that it'll actually cool shit down... although at saturation points that high we'd all be dead from asphyxiation. Oh... it is making you STUPIDER though. Seriously, make sure you're in buildings that have good ventilation... too much CO2 won't kill the planet, but sure as shit will make you dumber than a box of rocks. It'll also give you flu like symptoms, headaches and wut not. I think you dumbass humans call it like "building sickness" or some such retardation... like you think it's because of mold or some stupid shit. LOL
INCOMING! These aren't really sorted very well... most not at all.
(73.29 KB 1125x551 Coronavirus - ETFVcMSXgAYLKtU.jpg)
(60.81 KB 500x500 0d8f34f8764d9c7e.jpg)
(143.32 KB 1242x1228 1a0d03f52c08e25d.jpg)
(173.25 KB 1100x1489 23668dd705bdcad2.jpg)
(85.22 KB 706x960 09aeba09c491a06e.jpg)
(206.66 KB 1065x767 6c5f4073133c378f.jpg)
(54.36 KB 679x584 3e62590eea3d5efd.png)
(133.68 KB 720x960 67759bff6b0aa3a8.jpg)
(107.96 KB 800x1000 2af8af1d3694ced3.jpg)
(919.51 KB 1280x1280 4743befab91c7e6c.png)
(125.20 KB 720x960 e9367e21a5ccc59b.jpg)
(114.43 KB 856x960 cef630c47c752eb1.jpg)
(55.80 KB 720x561 7ffb405d0e0376a2.jpg)
(58.90 KB 522x500 53a48abc12cc8f4e.jpg)
(53.66 KB 640x534 9b4ea1ef99e8aa03.jpg)
(48.20 KB 853x688 1bd36ee42cd97335.jpg)
(145.18 KB 1280x1018 1ec92b2972d70c12.jpg)
(42.25 KB 738x960 1e71e0c0abbdc3b7.jpeg)
(178.12 KB 1085x1280 05f7cf4e5b5a4628.jpg)
(82.94 KB 600x685 7afc473d1ebe8765.jpg)
She should have put an EATING ban on herself! Obesity will suffocate you to death even WITHOUT the virus!
(35.32 KB 517x399 7f8737368156e696.jpg)
(140.98 KB 1047x935 7ce6cb22a7b79839.jpg)
(125.55 KB 720x503 19c97a16a33cdc38.jpg)
(70.29 KB 600x390 24aca3f33b7b19f3.png)
(66.40 KB 820x565 65ee8bda7bc4ddd2.jpg)
(692.58 KB 720x1180 523d27047864abb7.png)
(95.01 KB 631x504 932e88d203b91bc8.jpg)
(476.02 KB 720x723 939ac912803e5f35.png)
(41.89 KB 580x496 7986ce7041fb5c14.jpg)
(149.43 KB 960x1280 84035e1393fa7d7f.jpg)
(653.34 KB 936x1037 97758eb3ce0e6318.png)
(363.48 KB 640x640 a3915a70583d762b.png)
(220.86 KB 1841x890 a8991f7bec67148a.jpg)
(39.33 KB 540x430 add2da8713f03ddc.jpg)
(791.58 KB 690x678 b25f763042593cd7.png)
(50.67 KB 500x662 ce329123cc349f23.jpg)
(71.27 KB 750x739 Coronavirus - 1ad.jpg)
(2.20 MB 1080x1575 Coronavirus - 1d3.png)
(536.96 KB 640x460 Coronavirus - 5f68f9c03.png)
(80.62 KB 681x950 Coronavirus - 38e.jpg)
(831.77 KB 1079x1253 Coronavirus - 60b.jpg)
(316.95 KB 1148x1280 Coronavirus - dc8bce20558cf954.jpg)
(237.85 KB 1125x1334 Coronavirus - ef8.jpg)
(121.81 KB 858x895 Coronavirus - ET5JhkWU0AAeuaX.jpg)
(79.85 KB 800x482 Coronavirus - Hoarders - 01.jpg)
(91.22 KB 800x533 Coronavirus - Hoarders - 02.jpg)
(274.16 KB 1920x1080 Coronavirus - Hoarders - 03.jpg)
(358.29 KB 1320x742 Coronavirus - Hoarders - 04.jpg)
(177.05 KB 856x842 24fa580566090a35.jpg)
Some people are more full of shit than others I guess...
(73.84 KB 712x1033 Quarantine - For Cucks.jpg)
(233.53 KB 899x1128 Quarantine - Day 5.jpg)
That last one my mom made. She got bored with the quarantine and decided to make a kind of game out of it.
(106.22 KB 882x500 The Media Is The Virus - 01.jpg)
(476.75 KB 600x675 The Media Is The Virus - 02.png)
(481.74 KB 640x509 The Media Is The Virus - 03.png)
(210.66 KB 1141x1436 The Media Is The Virus - 04.jpg)
(255.72 KB 511x680 The Media Is The Virus - 05.png)
The media ~is~ the virus!
"The site has reached it's total file capacity... tha'fuck... I still have like 20 more to go. D:
Guess I borked the site! ಠ_ಠ Oh well, I'll post more later when it's fixed.
(13.22 KB 624x490 test.jpg)
>>9897 *tries to post images* ...still not letting me. The site hates me. D:
>>9899 Hi there Onideus, can you try using another browser? Update me if anything changes.
(185.16 KB 1526x592 Screenshot (321).png)
(821.66 KB 600x600 1585421627878.gif)
>>9899 Double check file extension? Believe .webp and .heic don't work
(77.58 KB 750x701 1585419068306.jpg)
>>9903 Nah, that's not it. I'm getting this... >>9901 I think the site may have like a daily image limit, might be tied into ones IP. I'll try a different browser first. No, that didn't work. Okay, I'll try a different IP. That doesn't work either... hrmmm... maybe if I just post three images...
Oh, that worked... I'll try five this time.
Using a Seattle IP right now... pleh... slow.
(194.95 KB 827x526 1585418549415.png)
Wasn't IP, you can go back to where you were if you want. Cleaned out a bunch of dead files.
(239.49 KB 680x383 Coronavirus - ETZhidbXsAAcKih.png)
(85.38 KB 720x515 e3ee397bfc05910d.jpg)
(157.08 KB 1440x1080 4802b33f22f89d45.jpg)
(52.86 KB 640x344 TDS - e12d1c73a8ea7b7e.jpg)
>>9909 Oh good, I hate using VPNs, it's like being stuck in the slow lane. This is the last batch for now, more laters tho.
Well thank God the toilet paper was alright! D: In other exciting CoronaVirus news... https://www.union-bulletin.com/news/courts_and_crime/man-accused-of-assaulting-another-with-three-foot-chain/article_b08f9008-27e2-5562-af16-6242f5c6a6c6.html Shit's gettin real in the parking lot of the Super 1 grocery store in Walla Walla, WA! Best hide your toilet paper!
>(((you))) kikes think jewflu isn't a manufacture pandemic More bluepilled than (((Voat))) here which is mroe bluepilled than reddit.
>>9907 >jewflu is China's fault How many foreskins do (((you))) have around each finger Ari?
(63.20 KB 910x661 EUuP7_SX0AA5O1Z.jpg)
OMG LET'S CELEBRATE! PNEUMONIA HAS BEEN CURED! ...wait a minute, something isn't quite adding up here.
(68.03 KB 910x661 EUuP8ANWsAAw2pp.png)
This is the United States death rate on quarantine. It turns out the REAL danger in life was... driving! D:
>>10075 >People stay inside >Less people die Thanks Q-tard, the grass is also green, at least good bait requires you not be a subhuman ape who wastes valuable hard-drive space and computing power on being a mouth breathing retard.
>>10077 That's really as far as you got, isn't it? Talk about shortsightedness! Couldn't quite brain today, huh Paste Eater? Also, what tha'fuck kind of retard would liken my posts to the random apophenic inferences plastered all over /pol/? Like, are so fuckin stupid you can't even read? Those numbers are from the CDC you drooling fuckwit! Hurr durr... stupid fuckin millennials, can't even do basic source/fact checking. No wonder your generation is so lost. You can't even tell the difference between scientific data reported from a government institution and random shit you saw on some fuckin Google search! I mean YOU ARE SO FUCKING RETARDED that you ~literally~ can't tell the difference, can you? Christ on crutches they sure are breeding you pukes stupid these days! `, \
>>10077 >ziocuck thinks it's smart because it believes the jew manufactured pandemic >likely blame China for jewflu as well The absolute state of cucks.
>>10080 No one "manufactured" anything, you simpering lackwit! Shit like this happens simply as a result of synergistic stupidity and/or greed and/or finagling. There's no ~planning~ involved, LOL, I would never give humans so much credit. I mean, hells bells, your species is so deficient you can't even pass the mirror test until you're about six months old, which puts your level of percipient cognizance about on par with an elephant or a chimpanzee with the overall cognitive capability of a kid's calculator. You're all essentially meandering little tri-spatially dimensioned ROCKS with fixed temporal continuity and single point sagacity coupled with ingrained, unalterable perceptions who cling to polarity in a state of mental insecurity while constantly seeking simplification and patterns where none actually exist. As higher intelligence goes... you're barely floating above sapient self-awareness.
(351.65 KB 630x1200 1984 virus 1.jpg)
(142.52 KB 768x433 1984 virus 2.jpg)
(172.22 KB 640x360 1984 virus 3.jpg)
(348.89 KB 800x450 1984 virus 4.jpg)
(271.50 KB 1200x900 hal virus.jpg)
(369.93 KB 702x1024 theylive virus 1.jpg)
(261.00 KB 842x600 theylive virus 2.jpg)
(207.54 KB 625x619 theylive virus 3.jpg)
(144.13 KB 600x600 theylive virus 4.jpg)
(115.15 KB 766x325 theylive virus 5.jpg)
(103.83 KB 400x426 theylive virus 6.jpg)
(179.25 KB 350x535 theylive virus 7.jpg)


no cookies?