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(35.23 KB 598x617 1490573303766.jpg)
Anonymous 03/14/2020 (Sat) 22:13:35 No. 9647
ITT: We try to predict what post >>10000 will be. My prediction is that it will just be some inane shitpost. Like a one-word reply to someone that doesn't even make sense as a reply or something.
>>9647 I predict it will be a Jewish faggot.
>>9723 Whatever happened to Milo's dad anyway?
(134.01 KB 500x381 1458464120595.gif)
Here comes >>10000 guys
(18.61 KB 779x235 10000.png)
>>10002 Gonna need a lot more than 10k to be a proper Jew, but the wantful nature seems genuine enough.
>>10005 mmmm, like 5,990k more should do
(791.06 KB 500x594 yoonikronn.png)
>>10002 >i posted >>9999 I got surpassed by a joo, good to know.


no cookies?