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How about a nostalgia thread? Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 05:26:53 No. 8184
Post 4chan nostalgia
(37.69 KB 604x404 wat.jpg)
(62.57 KB 775x592 7wln5CF.png)
(2.98 MB 400x225 classic.gif)
(61.69 KB 917x362 disaster.JPG)
(485.82 KB 1024x847 flavortown3.jpg)
(45.82 KB 606x348 tasting menu.JPG)
>>8184 I emailed the tasting menu to one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants for the hell of it once
(34.54 KB 1080x676 1554624521226.jpg)
I miss the times before smartphones existed. Memes existed for a long time before that, but they never had the term "meme" ascribed to them. They didn't have any kind of etymology ascribed to them. The kinds of people who shared them around all just collectively understood what they were. But then smartphones were invented, the normalniggers discovered them and now we have "memes". But I always liked the "who was phone" "meme". Pic related. It's a good example of a "meme" from before "memes" existed. A lot of those "memes" were agreeably worse than the "memes" that have come and gone throughout the 2010's. But the "memes" of the 2000's will always be remembered as the first frontier of "memes", as it were. Like how if you searched up anything related to the paranormal on youtube between 2006 and 2010, it was very likely that there would be a screamer somewhere in the video, along with that particular photo of the girl from the exorcist movie. That was a pretty common thing at one time. You could argue that putting screamers in youtube videos and making the title "GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA?!?" was a meme at one time, even though there was no discernible source for the idea of doing that. You either knew about the fact that it was a thing (through experiencing it firsthand) or you didn't. But now you just never see screamers. Maybe that's a good thing though.
(111.91 KB 1016x1288 leaving-a-bad-review.jpg)
(3.16 MB 640x360 george foreman.webm)
(2.41 MB 480x360 harry.webm)
(783.81 KB 640x640 vodka.webm)
(3.84 MB 600x338 pure regret.webm)
I have like an... this huge folder of like "how to" shit from 4Chan I could post... might be a bit outdated tho, I think most of it is like from 2010.
>>9592 Been a while since I've seen this. Yeah do the dump
I'll post some more later... probably I'll skip the bomb making ones tho. D:
(579.14 KB 1949x2081 1584893625021.jpg)
>nostalgia >for the worst moderated imageboard/forum in existence
(1.58 MB 3169x2510 1586484220654.jpg)
(450.13 KB 1196x2572 1586487207830.jpg)
(68.84 KB 700x800 1586488315833.jpg)
(46.20 KB 736x423 1586488348457.jpg)
(44.68 KB 625x546 1586541204994.jpg)
(149.05 KB 1219x765 1586493254479.jpg)
(212.09 KB 1327x621 1586490893533.jpg)
(184.82 KB 706x1436 1586488394608.jpg)
(113.26 KB 952x678 4chan_B_speech_yellow.jpg)
(719.09 KB 1735x1671 1477191034947.jpg)
(137.69 KB 864x864 1477193507299.jpg)
(410.41 KB 1094x1554 1477194014303.png)
(850.11 KB 2400x2400 MootCuck.jpg)
not sure if this originated from 4 or 8 but this was /pol/s highwater mark - board went to shit soon thereafter https://www.bitchute.com/video/QY5hieY9w2yB/


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