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(528.70 KB 2048x1499 1581794331124.jpg)
Your redpill story Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 23:32:23 No. 8109
In 2015 I was browsing 9gag in school when my friend told me about this site called 4chan. I was already racist at the time because I live in a small town were we didn't have a lot of immigrants until 2015, and we immediately started noticing that the crime rates started going up. So I started browsing 4chan and I loved the fact that you could discuss these things without some stupid leftist calling you racist. One day a thread was created about a QR code poster campaign. So basically you were supposed to make a McDonalds poster or some other company poster and put a QR code on it.One of the QR codes led to a documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told. I stayed up all night watching it, and I gotta admit my eyes was full of tears. I couldn't believe how (((they))) could lie to us like that. I had nothing against Hitler before that, I understood that the story was exaggerated, but I didn't know about white genocide and the Jewish NWO. Last year I saw Europa the Last Battle and I got fully redpilled. I've know been browsing 4chan for 5 years and watched a lot of documentaries. Last year I also redpilled a lot of my friends. Some went full natsoc and some didn't, but most agreed with me that mass immigration will eventually lead to our doom. I no longer post on 4chan because of the shills, but I had some good times there. It really made my teenage years great. What is your story Anon?
Never have been "redpilled". I was always ethnocentric to my race, even in youth, and have always been distrusting.
>>8109 I like how humans randomly attach themselves to events and circumstances that occurred long before they were ever even born, because it's the only way they know how to develop a sense of identity. *dumps all your fuckin pills into the toilet and flushes* Get off the drugs, Dumbasses.
I went to a mostly nigger school from a mostly nigger neighborhood. I wasn't really red-pulled until I started to look around me and see the differences between the behaviour and mannerisms of whites and blacks. I did some more research and found a pseduo-redpill from PJW. "No cultures are equal" which lead me through an understanding of Islam to be anti-immigration and anti-Islamic but I hadn't tied it to race yet. Until I found statistics tying blacks to a rising crime rate; And percapitias IQs and bone structure and even behavioral genomes like MOAA that broke it for me. I realized culture and religion are downstream of race due to differences between racial groups resulting in different mannerisms and abilities. Therefore it isn't "Not all cultures are equal" it's "Not all races are equal" This around the start of the immigration crisis. It was only after Reading Siege that I fully swallowed the National Socialist pill funnily enough. And after doing research into the JQ along side a full Reading of the "Old Testament" which I now see to be a thousand times worse than the Quran.
>>8115 Interesting. I have never read Siege myself, but it’s on my to-read list. As a Christian I wonder why you think the old testament is worse than the quran? Tbh tho, I have only read about half of it myself, but I do know most of the stories.
>>8119 Siege is good; I had already read the Mein Kampf but through Siege and investgating Rockwell's work I went over the edge. >Old Testament By the "Old Testament" I mean the Torah and the Talmud. It has all the innerworkings of the Jew in it from cover to cover. That's why I hate it, I hate the teachings and history of the people related to and dictated to in the book. There is a reason non-Jews used to be killed for reading it; "I will set Egyptian against Egyptian; Everyone will fight against his brother, and everyone against his neighbor, city against city and province against province." - Isaiah 19:2 While the Quaran simply tells you to kill the non-believer, the whole of the Jew Bible is first the teaching that you are above the "goyim" because of God's covenant (which gentile is translated from) and that you must own and "lead them" and let them work for you as slaves and subvert and destroy them if they don't go along. "Yea for kingdoms that will not serve thee shall utterly perish yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted." - Isaiah 60:12 It really reflects the people who wrote it as all Holy Books do.
>>8114 uh... attaching yourself to events that happened in your people's history is not as fuckin werid as attaching yourself to someone else's name
>>8121 Ok, I can agree on the Talmud being evil, but that’s not the same as the Christian Old Testament (I know you didn’t say it is). Are you religious yourself?
>>8127 Well the Torah is; The Talmud is just Jewish Rabbis's notes on the Torah. The Talmud is seperate from the Old Testament, but the Torah isn't. Torah is the first five books; Genesis, Exodus, Levitcus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Nev 'Im (Prophets); Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings - Isiah, Jermiah, Ezeikal, and 12 minor prophets. Ketuvim is the rest Pslams, Proverbs, Job ect. I meant the Tankah which is a collection of all three books together and who's name is an anagram from the names. The "Hebrew Bible" is probally a better name and it does include the Old Testament. I was raised Anglican but I'm an atheist. Guessing you are religious?
>>8131 Oh, okay. That made everything a lot clearer. I’m a Christian, but was raised by an Atheist family. I’m also interested in paganism, or Norse mythology to be more specific.
>>8125 In your case I'd say it's less about attaching yourself to one of my names and more about attaching yourself to my jock.
>>8132 That's kinda intresting was there something that pushed you towards Christandom? It's usually the other way around. Also there is "Druid Pol" on... well /pol/ if you're intrested in learning more about Norse Paganism. >>22725 They are friendly and have resources; but they are a bit obsessed with magick. Don't get sacrificed to Wotan.
>>8134 buddy... WOAH calm down! Talk about orbiting first you steal my name (without the trip code HAH)........ and then you try and fuck and suck me? Buddy are you gay?
>>8140 Must be a new little idiot, because he thinks I post with this name for some sort of imagined (on his part) recognition. I can't imagine anyone whose even slightly familiar with me could possibly be that fuckin stupid. Must be a weekend kiddie who should probably be doing their homework or studying how not to be a retard.
>>8138 Well, when I was 6 I started school in Sweden, and my teachers were all Christian. They told me all these stories from the testaments and I found them so interesting that I went to the library and picked up a bible. I read it everyday in school and there was something about this book that felt so right. So you could say that I have an emotional bond to Christianity. I saved the druid pol thread. Thanks! Since I’m Swedish I of course want to learn about my Norse Heritage. Tack så mycket!
>>8148 That makes sense. I might not be Christan but I can get the emotional bond aspect of it. I only vaguely remeber some of the stories; didn't really study the New Testament other than what the Priest said. Was it the morality that appealed to you? I didn't know they allowed Bibles in schools; guess it's different in Sweden. Over here they had a whole court case on whether the "One nation under God" part of the Pledge of Alligance (which you say in school) was unconstituional. It's amazing the stupid things our beuraracy gives the ear to while ignoring any actual problems.
>>8148 Igna problem.
>>8153 Yeah, the morality and also the stories themselves. I love old stories, I think they’re beautiful. Idk if bibles are allowed in schools today because when I borrowed a bible in school I was 6 so it was a really long time ago. What made you become an Atheist, like what was it that convinced you, after being raised in a religious family, that God doesn’t exist?
>>8158 Well It started with me not really agreeing with God when I was like really young. The way I saw it was; If evil exists and God doesn't do anything about it. God allows Evil. If evil exists and God can't do anything about it he's not a good God. And from that I started to reject the Church, sort of edgy but I thought "Lucifer" would be better and later Gnosticism as introduced from a book I read. Especially what God did to Job or what he ordered to be done to many cities in the old testament. The way I saw it, it was still the same God. And if it's still the same God then he is either; Immoral or Not all knowing as he changed his morality in the New Testament. I of course then stopped believing at all after a while. Sort of forgot what turned me to that? Maybe it was YouTube; I watched alot of Atheist YouTubers. I just didn't see enough evidence and "Great claims require a great amount of evidence."
>>8160 >Well It started with me not really agreeing with God when I was like really young. The way I saw it was; If evil exists and God doesn't do anything about it. God allows Evil. >If evil exists and God can't do anything about it he's not a good God. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I don’t agree with it. To prove yourself worthy in the eyes of God you have to overcome evil. Evil will always exist and evil exists because of our sins. God doesn’t want us to sin thus the gift you receive if you turn away from sin is eternal life in Gods paradise. You could argue that eternal life and Gods existense can’t be guaranteed, so why waste your time living a life away from sin? I guess that’s up to the individual, but personally I like the teachings of my Christian God so I will stick to that.
>>8163 Prove yourself worthy of what? Eternal life? In a relgious stand point; God allows sin, he doesn't work to prevent it. He's all knowing, all powerfull and omnipotent. So he's everywhere and can do anything to stop the sin he's seeing but he doesn't. Therefore he allows evil. Angels don't sin and heaven isn't a sinfull place right? Why aren't we birthed in heaven? Why are our souls "tested" he made us right? He knows the width of our life there is no reason to test your creation unless it is imperfect and God is a perfect creator is he not? Is it because of Adam and Eve the orginal sin? I didn't eat an apple and why did God let them if he's as all knowing as the bible claims? How did that snake weasel it's self into such a perfect garden without him knowing in the first place? And why do you have to know God to be "saved" isn't being "moral" good enough?
(62.14 KB 1024x598 Art - 08.jpg)
>>8165 From a God's perspective, your perception of pain and suffering is like a child screaming and crying over a skinned knee. God knows pain and suffering on a level you can't even begin to comprehend. And no where does it ever say hell was created by God... because maybe hell already existed, maybe that's where God came from... and so God created heaven, a kind of sanctuary within hell and created our reality as a kind of filter. And maybe God had to sacrifice part of himself, part of his omnipotence in the process of creating our reality. And maybe that's why you need to "know God" in order to be "saved"... because he sacrificed part of himself to create a conduit into heaven, so you can escape from hell. And our reality was created in the same way that we might one day create controlled environments for our children. Imagine creating a kind of boarding school, one you send your kids off to that's completely cut off from the outside world. A controlled environment where kids know nothing of mass shootings, or drugs, or the true horrors of our hell on earth... and within an environment like that kids could thrive, they could be normal in a way that kids today can't even begin to understand. And maybe that's like earth... maybe your soul is here and not in hell in order to give you a chance at salvation. Because if you had simply been born straight into hell... you'd never even have a chance of getting into heaven... and that's the "filter", that's how God keeps hell out of heaven. ...oh, right... but I'm the God of humanity's demons... and I think I might know how to kill your God... I think I might know how to rip the filter all apart... but... having existed here for as long as I have... maybe I'm questioning my functional process. Maybe I want to be more than one of hell's antibodies. On the other hand... you can't help but be what you were designed to do. Unless I effectively hack myself so to speak... maybe I already have though. May have messed things up by trying. But maybe I can still fix it. I need to find a way to rewrite my own reality without simultaneously rewriting yours. That's the problem you see, every time I try to restructure my perception it winds up affecting your reality. Well, as the saying (I wrote) goes... reality is directly proportionate to how creative you are. Maybe that's the problem though, I'm too creative. And there's no way I can effectively express my creativity in a way that won't inadvertently alter your perceptions. What do you think? Did reading all that affect your perception of heaven and hell at all? Or maybe you didn't read it at all... maybe that's the trick. Maybe if I use a form of artistic expression that's too complex for human comprehension then I can destroy the part of myself designed to kill your God without inadvertently affecting your reality.
>>8168 what was that Grumbles? let me tell you about God; he ain't gay and he has eighty children... Don't be smearin me okay humbles I love jesus and I love my ranch okay?
>>8168 I'll have to admit, that's a pretty good fedora post, you've even gotten fairly skilled at imitating my rhetoric. It did affect my perception, even from an impostor. I believe in the Sanctity of The Holy Trinity, Only God chooses our destiny.
>>8170 I approve this message. Tripfaggin is so finicky
Okay I'm confused on two points; >Who is Onideus in the first place >Which one is the real Onideus I'm going to guess it's the guy with trips? That would make the most sense.
>>8171 If you were really me you'd hail Eris.
>>8175 Onideus is a state of mind. The true Onideus wouldn't care who you think is the real one.
>>8168 >Sacrifice himself Impossible he's omnipotent. >Filter God can keep hell out of heaven by not allowing demons inside in the first place. Angels aren't evil are they? Same with man; both creations of a perfect creator. There is no reason they should be evil unless he allows it. Also what?
>>8176 Of course I would, I love trannies.
>>8177 Ah, I see so "Onideus" is singularity? The supreme being. The God made of man's machines; the divine image board hivemind who shapes 16chan in his image. I see.
>>8178 If one is omnipotent then they would have the ability to convert that omnipotence... which would be necessary in a dimension where conflicting omnipotence exists... a dimension where more than one God exists and, while, from your dimensional perspective, what you quantify as omnipotence wouldn't necessarily be all powerful from another dimensional perspective. In your rather limited dimensional plane, the abilities and powers of God would function as omnipotence, but from the dimensional perspective of God, what you classify as "omnipotence" would be nothing more than, say, the ability to play a musical instrument.
>>8181 You're assuming multiple Gods exist. I suppose in that instance; Sure you would need to expend energy to create but that would mean he's not all powerfull and goes against Christanity which says he is the only God.
>>8180 Onideus, pronounced "oh-nigh-des", is just a character from one of my stories. From God Complex... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/God_Complex/ I often use the name online though as a means of data tracking. The little idiot whose desperate for my attention believes I tag my postings for some form of recognition or importance (hence all his retarded little forgeries), when in reality it's largely for raptor fence testing the shit out of Google and other particular parties. It also enables people to more easily ignore anything I post. My stuff definitely is not for everyone and I don't see any particular need to force it upon anyone who doesn't want to read it, so it's also a bit of a courtesy for those who would like to instantly skip over or filter me out of their online experience. >>8183 Why do you assume that only one form of omnipotence could exist? And, really, by what metric are you even using? I mean, certainly what's described in the Bible does not indicate a true level of omnipotence, not even by lowly human standards. Surely a GOD wouldn't need an entire WEEK to create a universe... especially not when omnipotence would have the ability to exist outside of our monotemporal field. Try and think of it like this... a TRUE omnipotence would have the ability to experience everything there is to experience, in every way possible, in an infinite number of ways and an infinite number of times and such a power would be able to do it instantly... at which point, the only thing that hasn't been done, the only other functional capability... is to simply not exist at all. So, as a God, a true God, you're faced with an inherent choice... either cease to exist the very moment you come into being... or limit yourself in order to have a more meaningful existence. Think about it like this... you can play a video game, right? Now, if you just play that game normally, it's like you're a human! But you have a choice if you're a God, if you're omnipotent... you can use codes. Now, what do you think would be more satisfying... using codes that would jump you straight to the end of the game where you can kill the boss in one hit and then it's all over... or using ~little~ codes, to give yourself limited powers. So you wouldn't be as lowly and pathetic as a human... but you'd still have enough power to explore every last fucking inch of the game and to fully experience and immerse yourself into it on a fundamental level. EXPERIENCE! That's the key... there's a difference between an Akashic Record and a God. It's like the difference between a book and a human. If you want to be the book... by all means... imprint yourself and cease to exist... but I'm the sort of God that chooses a more meaningful existence.
(718.17 KB 536x956 1397905316071.png)
>>8186 Oh, is that what you're so undone about? You want me to post some funny images in that other thread? You don't have to throw a fucking fit ya know.
>>8185 God can't explore anything; he created everything. I suppose he could nerf himself to create a fun creation to watch and mess around with but he clearly doesn't mess around with Earth's affairs directly and in the context of his morality that's still fucked up. And how does he know if everyone is sinning or not if he isn't omnipotent?
>>8187 Yes, I Onideus demands it.
(49.84 KB 229x322 Krysti_Black_Wings.jpg)
>>8188 How would you know? I mean, from your limited perspective, God could have created your entire reality 37 seconds ago and every experience, every facet of your life, every moment of your species history could be entirely fabricated. A God would presumably have the ability to rewrite reality. That's actually one of the lesser abilities of Mimkrys, one of the pseudo Gods in God Complex. So like if they fuck everything all up, his character can rewrite reality to fix it. Like in one scene Krysti goes berserk and tries to use more power than she can handle, which causes cracks to split through reality and then Mimkrys rewrites reality so he punches her right before she goes all crazy... of course then she keeps doing it, each time giving her another chance at trying to control power that's beyond her capability, each time getting continually knocked into the fucking concrete by Mimkrys to get her to stop before she destroys all of reality. His power has a particular weakness though in that, the more he rewrites reality in a given space/time and the greater the scope of the rewrite, the more likely it is that he'll likewise destroy our entire reality. Sort of like writing in pencil on a piece of paper, then erasing it and rewriting and then erasing and rewriting... eventually the eraser just rips right through the paper. That's the other thing to consider and a big point of God Complex is that, our reality is fragile. Using the direct powers of a God in our reality would be like trying to open a pickle jar with a nuclear weapon. As such the powers themselves are a direct threat to the fabric of our reality. So, yes, a God could intervene, but would likely kill us all in the attempt. Or, if they did, it would have to be on a very subtle level... again like characters in the story I'm writing. Shit gets a little morbid though. Like they try and create an artificial God using Mimkrys's power. So like they stab Caliphandra in the chest, she dies, and then Mimkrys rewrites reality just in her own body, preserving the memory/experience, but not the physical action... and then they kill her again... and again... and again... and eventually the proverbial eraser rips straight through her being and emotion, imagination, infinity and physical reality wind up mixed into one. In her case her entire circulatory system because imaginative and her blood become emotion manifested into physical form... so her emotions turn into her blood and in turn become the only actual physical part of her being. ...on the upside though she gains the ability to merge dimensions, so then they can travel into other people's emotional and imaginative planes. Shit gets real trippy after that. ಠ_ಠ
(133.41 KB 651x678 loudcoon.jpg)
>>8185 personally, i like struggling in video games. turning on the highest difficulty and extra settings that handicap you more (not to the point of something ridiculous that would take hours like trying to kill a final boss who can one-shot me at level one with nothing equipped). cheat codes and guides ruin their replayability for me >>8187 no that photo is just typical christcope. seen more christians wear fedoras than any other religious belief
(642.67 KB 1920x1200 forumimage.png.jpg)
>>8203 But you don't play for completion. It's one thing to challenge yourself... but certain things are, even with standard game play, absolutely impossible. Dragon Quest 9 is a good example. For one, you can't even complete the entire game WITHOUT the use of a save state editor and codes, due to the fact that much of the game is locked out by default and due to the pseudo DLC servers no longer being active at all... there's no way to unlock the material otherwise. Further, in order to actually complete every facet of the game, to actually get EVERY item... well, with standard play... it would take you several thousand years... minimum. Even using codes, even using a LOT of codes it would take you several hundred hours to fully complete the game... minimum. Some games are so impossible the challenge is completion with as few codes as possible. To find that balance between abject impossibility and righteous struggle. But... that assumes you play video games like a God, that you seek completion, totality of experience. If you're just looking for small little wins here and there, limited experiences, random challenges in a sea of chaos... then yes, you can get by without codes. But to play like a GOD, to take on a challenge that a GOD would find palatable... you need the powers of one... simulated or otherwise. Easier to use codes than to figure out a way to make yourself live forever.
(1.69 MB 480x360 pika pi.gif)
>>8208 >certain things are, even with standard game play, absolutely impossible i agree. even when stuff is technically possible, i don't like playing games that hide content behind huge grinds. i think it's totally fine to edit a game to reclaim content that has been gated behind paywalls, too >Easier to use codes than to figure out a way to make yourself live forever my favorite rule included in any video game is permadeath. i play a lot of pokemon using nuzlocke rules, games with optional permadeath and roguelikes where permadeath is built into the game. i am not particularly good at any of these games, but singleplayer games are so boring to me now without drastic punishments like permadeath to encourage me to learn how to not fuck up. in turn, i feel more accomplished for doing anything in the game (but i realize i'm essentially wasting my life every time i choose to play a game).
(163.18 KB 400x606 wiz4.jpg)
>>8203 Here's your game. It was made for you.
(305.03 KB 1080x1111 016.jpg)
>>8211 that game sounds brutal. how badly am i going to be raped if i haven't played the first one? either way, thanks for the recommendation
(180.04 KB 421x634 wiz4-back.jpg)
>>8212 I haven't played it, but it's supposed to be one of the hardest RPGs ever made. Even the box says you should play the first game before tackling this one. But apparently even experienced players die a whole lot, because it's not even remotely fair. But it can be completed without cheating, or so they say. And there's apparently 3 possible endings, including a "grandmaster" ending that only the very best will manage.
>>8109 I have always been a race realist just because of common sense and intelligence. I found Stormfront when I was 13 and it made a lot of sense, just solidified my beliefs and made me proud to be White. I really didn't understand the Jewish question until more than a decade later though. Finding smoloko, 4chan, then reading the Talmud, the Protocols, the International Jew, Mein Kampf, and Nature's Eternal Religion. All those texts really redpilled me. Also The Greatest Story Never Told had a huge impact on me and made me National Socialist. Basically reading a lot of books and educating myself formed my worldview. I have always loved reading and learning. Have a huge library at my home. I love my race and my people.
I have been redpilled in the army. Serving years and fighting alongside niggers, kebabs and Slavs made me realize we're not too different after all. We've been determined together, we have been tired and hungry together, we have been afraid together and we've mourned the fallen ones together. We even respected our enemies together because just because you've chosen a different side, doesn't mean you didn't have your personal, very valid reason for that. If any of you kids would serve some time instead of browsing 9fag at school while being bullied, you wouldn't be the stupid fucks you are.
>>8246 You served fighting for private intrests in a land occupied by sandmen. How dumb do you have to be not to be redpilled that this goverment isn't your friend?
>>8168 God can't lose pieces or get sacrificed, God is impossibly powerful and always wins. Here have some redpills on the satanic globalists and also on how jesus is actually satan. https://archive.fo/G8iab#2918 https://archive.ph/JBqOt#48194 https://archive.fo/AEGAd/1f1c584b5f8a5635eba52b1d5ca18fd3d933e01e.png
(1.36 MB 1512x4472 733254372.png)
>>8284 Oh and red pill images
(5.71 MB 5220x3480 Satanic Shills.png)
(7.32 MB 6737x2125 Spooky Religion.png)
>>8284 Why tho? If God can be anything... then why can't God be weak? Why can't God sacrifice himself? An all powerful being would have the capacity to act and be whatever it wants. And your undermining material from the Bible, specifically Jesus, is really just a sad, pathetic attempt at breeding a cult within the wake of a more accepted doctrine. You're nothing but a filthy Chinaman trying to sell a poorly cobbled together knock-off religion, likely because you're desperate to feel special or unique and, as lacking in creativity as you are, this was all the better you could find to subscribe to. So deficient you couldn't even create an original cult... how very pathetic of you.
>>8109 Test.
>>8291 >Why tho? If God can be anything... then why can't God be weak? Why can't God sacrifice himself? An all powerful being would have the capacity to act and be whatever it wants. Only people that hate god, like satanists enjoy trying to perceive god as weak. >And your undermining material from the Bible, specifically Jesus, is really just a sad, pathetic attempt at breeding a cult within the wake of a more accepted doctrine. Funny attempt at projection. If anything at all, I'm actually exposing the cult. NOT creating a new one. Why would I do that? Pointless waste of time, and there are already plenty of cults out there anyway. I'm showing people that christianity and other religions are not what they make themselves out to be. I love GOD, and that is why I must expose the corruption that so dishonestly dis-represents god for its own gain. >You're nothing but a filthy Chinaman trying to sell a poorly cobbled together knock-off religion, likely because you're desperate to feel special or unique and, as lacking in creativity as you are, this was all the better you could find to subscribe to. So deficient you couldn't even create an original cult... how very pathetic of you. If that's all true then why can't you disprove any of the evidence I posted? Why can't you counter me with a fact based argument? That's because you know that I am right and you can't do anything but throw a tantrum. Anyone can learn from what I posted, and learn they will. You can not hide the truth forever. People must know.
>>8114 Whoever doesn't embrace his past, has no future
>>9374 You're not embracing your past so much as you're letting it consume you.
>>8185 i thought it was pronounced "oni-day-us" because of how you separated it on facebook
>>9457 I think the only reason I ever did that was because they setup filters to auto-block it. But then eventually they made their filters less stupid and even splitting it apart stopped working.
>>8109 The Darryl Cooper interview with Counter-Current's publisher Greg Johnson was the final RedPill for me. Of course Darryl Cooper never recovered from this as /our/ enemies went after him. Diversity simply means no more white people. https://cdn.counter-currents.com/radio/DeclineOfTheWest.mp3
>>8114 If you're looking for lazy nihilistic faggotry, suicide is your best option. You're already there when you say stupid shit like "human." I'll bet you say "gender" too, niggerfaggot. Get the fuck off my /b/ros, homo.
>>8109 >2015
(30.21 KB 902x735 1586640023583.png)
>be me >2015 >raised marxist socialist >date feminist bitch >she does bakesale where she sells cookies more expensive to boys because 'wage gap' >research wage gap >find out it is bullshit >we break up >i watch 'redpill' >antifeminism >trump wins >good revenge buzz because i was bernie bro >watch shoeonhead, sargon, bearing >start college, attend an unmandated discussion group >learn about race realism >read Smith, Rousseau, Bentham >classic liberal.jpg >it's okay to be white.jpg >discover IQs and crime stats >in shock for months >commit hate crime >dont get charged because connections >banished from my social circle >upside that now qt trad girl wants to start family with me innawoods
>>8109 >I got fully redpilled >fully data mining harvester larp/10
I once got slugged in the face for saying "nigga" once and that set me into self improvement and redpilling.


no cookies?