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(29.69 KB 400x400 PDsCoQnT_400x400.jpg)
The Onideus Thread Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 22:38:46 No. 8108
This thread is for orbiting, insulting and cooming on Onideus aka Mathew Moulton. Sit stil, Onideus, I'm COOMING on your face, uhhhhohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OH GOD, IM COOMING Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(16.09 KB 320x192 !Dear Haters.jpg)
How many retarded obsessive threads are you planning on making about me exactly? I mean, I don't want to tell you your business or anything, but uh... maybe you should try and get your head out of my ass and go outside and go blow the stink off yourself. I don't think being a deranged lunatic and obsessing over some rando like me on the Internet is all that healthy.
>>8110 Don't act like you don't appreciate the attention, namefag.
>>8112 You're terribly confused, child.
>>8113 Damn bitch. You must. Be smoking. Rocks. Why are you showing us your forehead? If you don't want to be nut and buttered? Is that not a racial hierachy coming from the mating ritual of the masses? Please explain okay did I'd die did ask.
>>8110 Some people's nuts are nutty mine are nothing but buttery. You could call your forehead the toast to host my nut butter but a nutty buddy would be closer.
Onideus, onideus Who is Onideus? I know not who he may be, But like a pidgeon he must be free. To be a rose is to be unknown, A prickly beauty a thorn undone, Onideus a rose forevermore? Or a gnome to be condoned? Does he squirt or is he perky? Does he DOVARK or is he QWERTY? Who is this one who is so dumb? Is he the son of a nigger's thumb?
Is this how tripfagging works am I doing it right?
>>8120 Okay I know I said throw out the drugs in that other post, but uh... I didn't mean your lithium, Hatter Addict.
>>8133 Why are you talking to yourself? What the fuck?
>>8108 fuck off with this cancer onideus provides entertaining content
(57.34 KB 700x700 1466083855610.jpg)
>>8110 >I don't think being a deranged lunatic and obsessing over some rando like me on the Internet is all that healthy. >being a deranged lunatic and obsessing over some rando like me on the Internet >obsessing over some rando like me >some rando like me >rando To be fair, you're inherently not a 'rando' due to the fact that you're namefagging. Instead you're 'Onideus'. I'm not really sure why so many people seem to loathe namefags so much. There's nothing wrong with wanting to use a pseudonym. But just remember that every time you post with your pseudonym, you are indeed building a backtraceable profile of your pseudonym. That's why I no longer namefag on imageboards. Eventually, it almost ends up like as if you've 'registered' with a user account on a website that none of the other users of that website have registered on: singling you and your posts out. In fact, it's even worse than that, since your pseudonym has no unique hash to go alongside it. Anyone could impersonate your pseudonym and bring extra detest to your name. I don't know if 16chan supports the use of hashes (like putting # after your name on 4chan) but if it does, I would advise you come up with one.
>>8267 Damn right. Its kinda sad when onideus is more entertaining than ed fags though.....
>>8108 This is why Onideus is a valued member of this board ht tps://www.16chan.xyz/b/res/2176.html# [post No. 8106] and why you are not. Now fuck off back to encyclopedia dramatica, or reddit, or 4chan, or some other place where a mob mentality is more valued than individual thought. You are wasting your time and everyone else's time. Take your shitty friends with you.
(491.25 KB 600x600 GIF_Testing_-_600_65.gif)
>>9564 They're likely to start accusing you of being me now. Most of the paste eaters over at ED are severe sociopaths and the reason they're over here is because they're angry that you're getting something that they're not. While the people here and other places might appreciate what I post (even if they don't like me personally), the crazies over on ED see me more as like... their personal property. They want to use me, they want me to give them shit and they want to walk all over me and treat me like shit all the while. And then if I don't placate them they throw a giant screaming tantrum and invariably destroy their own wiki to try and spite me. Unfortunately for them I only post where I'm actually appreciated or compensated in some way for my time. An arrangement that worked out very well under Zaiger because he wasn't sociopathic (even if he was a drug addict). He largely let me run in the wiki and in exchange he got no shortage of new/good content continuously flowing right on into his lap, which in turn increased the popularity and reach of the site. Then when they stole everything from Zaiger, again because they're sociopaths who feel they're entitled to everything, they immediately assumed they could start flinging shit at me and I would just let them. Unfortunately that's not how reality works. Reality is I'm going to have their stolen shit continuously shut down, one way or the other, and they are going to get absolutely NOTHING. No power, no recognition, no reach, no influence, no lulzy content... all they have is what they can produce themselves, which, for anyone whose bothered to check the RC can plainly see, is absolutely NOTHING. They have nothing, they produce nothing, they ~are~ nothing. >>9556 I don't care if anyone else uses this name. I'm not using it for any sort of recognition. I'm using it specifically for the purpose of data tracking in search engines. It's not like I have some shortage of them either. Currently I'm using over 50 different names online, all of which, like this one, are unique tags in and of themselves. I could just as well be using a fucking hashtag to post instead of what you perceive as a name. This is not my name. My name is Matthew Moulton. You do not see me signing my posts as Matthew Moulton.
>>8108 Oneidus seems pretty cool to me. Did he fuck your gf or something? I don't understand the hate.
>>9597 Onideus*
(248.10 KB 750x710 Saint Patrick's Day Eats.jpg)
>>9597 Their hatred of me is very similar to Trump Derangement Syndrome... meaning they don't really have any coherent, logical reason. I mean, even if I did fuck their girlfriends at one point... hey, hate the game, not the player! In other "me" related news, I have made EPIC IRISH CUISINE! ...by which I mean I shoved a bunch of shit in a pot and boiled the ever living hell out of it for hours on end! :D It was really fuckin tasty tho! Got a bunch of leftovers too, which is always nice. Later I'm gonna get rightly fershnickered with a nice bottle of Irish whiskey.
>>8110 Dear haters, I am so much bigger a faggot than you will ever realize. Just be patient, you'll see how faggot I can really be.
>>9697 *licks your tears* Adds a nice flavor to my whiskey! :D
>>9696 Trump Derangement Syndrome - you mean disliking Trump because he allowed corporations to sell your browsing data, because he ignores climate change and continues to support drilling and getting rid of things like the Clean Air Act, and because he fucked over our allies in Kosovo? Is that Trump Derangement Syndrome? Or is it the constant ball gargling that Fox News likes to do to him? Don't get me wrong Onideus you're an okay dude but what's with the Boomer perspective, one would think that the Internet would have made you somewhat immune to the Boomer stupidity that has swept the world. Stop watching Fox, go get your news from multiple sources
>>9701 What do you mean he "allowed" corporations to sell your browser data? Is this like a retard thing? Like, you're too fuckin stupid to take any measure of responsibility for yourself or your own idiot actions so you blame them on some rando dude just because you happen to have some estranged hard on for him? I hate to break this to you, Dumbass, but the government doesn't hold unilateral power over business and more often than not their inability to act comes from YOUR inaction. How many FTC reports have you filed exactly? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say... FUCK ALL! That's how many you've filed, isn't it? FUCK ALL! You're just like all the meandering, stupid little morons on YouTube constantly bitching about all the shit that they're doing but you NEVER, fucking NEVER file reports with the FTC. It ain't hard to figure out, Junior. YOU are the government. That's how it works in the United States, we are a REPUBLIC, that means the PEOPLE hold the power... power that you're too ineffectual and indolent to use. Not because there's a problem with the system, not because there's a problem with the government, but because THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH YOU! You have something wrong with your brain... you are wired incorrectly. Most likely you have some form of botched upbringing in which your parents never taught you how to be self-sufficient, how to be self-reliant. Instead you're a bitch made little faggot who can't even FUNCTION without some high authority holding your fucking hand and wiping your ass every step of the way. You won't like the government alternative though, the way to FIX YOU... cause it's the military. That's how we can FIX the people like you... mandatory military enlistment. Bust your fuckin ass in boot camp... that's the only way to rewire that botched little brain of yours. You want that? You want Trump to sign your dumb ass up for boot camp so you can figure out how to function correctly? Or maybe you should stop belly aching and whining so you can man tha'fuck up and stop being such a stupid little impotent bitch.
>>9701 Oh, I'm not done slappin you up long side your fat, stupid, ugly head! Continues to support drilling? Why tha'fuck not? As far as the clean air act... uh, hello, reality calling MORON, Trump didn't get rid of that, in fact it's still very much a thing. The only thing Trump did was prevent California from TAKING CONTROL of the Clean Air Act. And in doing so it has made cars SAFER and MORE AFFORDABLE while STILL maintaining clean air. How can you not know this shit? I mean... seriously, this is like common knowledge ya stupid mook!
>>9701 >fucked over our allies in Kosovo Our allies in Kosovo?! What in the shit are you babbling about? Kosovo is a near third world stain that shouldn't even be our problem and our relationship has not been one of "allies" so much as BABYSITTER or WORLD POLICE at best. I say let the UN deal with that stupid stain and leave us the fuck out of it! Or get rid of the UN! I mean, the whole fucking point of the UN was to deal with stupid shit like Kosovo, so if they're too impotent to get things under control... I say fuck 'em! The whole lot... the UN... Kosovo... all of it. Honestly, why doesn't the EUROPEAN UNION deal with it? It's ~their~ region of the globe, it's their ~their~ little Soviet Union knock-off... let the fucks who live there sort that shit out! Why the hell does it need to be our problem? We don't need "allies", we are the single most powerful country on the face of the planet! Calling Kosovo our "ally" is nothing but a form of CHARITY. I'm not saying we shouldn't be charitable, but since the formation of the EU... yeah, shouldn't be our fuckin problem. The United States should focus more of its concern on our own gawd damn continent and the one right below ours. Cause there's a lot of really stupid shit going on in South America.
>>9703 https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/327107-trump-signs-internet-privacy-repeal Supporting drilling is a bad idea because it is not sustainable long term, and because global warming is real. https://climate.nasa.gov/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/news/earth_climate/climate/ The problem with international affairs in the sphere of US politics is that once we have plunked down in another country, set up diplomatic relationships and a network of give-and-take, we can't just "pull out" without horrendous consequences. It destabilizes the regions we pull out of. It's the reason why General Mattis quit. You're the idiot here. I have decided to join the military if and only if Trump does not win the next election. His foreign policy looks like a piece of Swiss cheese. Inconsistent, erratic, fraught with error. On the ground in most countries people do not believe in our country because of what this guy says in speeches and on Twitter. You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you're being force-fed lies by Fox.
>>9701 How did earth get out of the last ice age? Humans?
>>9706 NOTHING is sustainable long term... hell YOUR LIFE is not sustainable long term! The entire gawd damn UNIVERSE is not sustainable long term! Let me know when you figure out how to solve entropy, then maybe you'll sound slightly less stupid. In the mean time we have to work with what we have and there's no especially great reason to stop using oil cold turkey. That will only RETARD development and advances in science. I mean you seriously want to just upend and obliterate an entire MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR industry overnight?! And you don't think THAT is going to FUCK OVER EVERYTHING?! You don't think doing that will have exponentially more DRASTIC effects on the environment than going with a gradual, sustainable change? In what reality are you living in, Dumbass? The world is not as simple as you wish it to be. There are problems, yes, but trying to solve those problems overnight will only serve to create even MORE problems. You're like Ralph on the Simpsons, all like, "I'm helping!" ...no, you're not helping, you're just making shit WORSE! Also, what's wrong with global warming? If we lived in a perfect world we'd have enough global warming to melt all the stupid ice caps... unfortunately we're a long ways off from that. I realize you're suffering from human temporal bias, but try and think OUTSIDE your rather limited timeline. Roughly 9,000 years ago the entire planet was WAAAAY warmer than it is now, during a period called the Holocene Climatic Optimum (not just a clever name there). Optimum because it was the BEST climate FOR HUMANS! We had rain forests fucking everywhere, we had the Sahara grasslands instead of the Sahara dessert, we had easy travel and trade without the stupid ice caps in the way and, in turn, we had LOTS more rainfall! Global warming is NOT a bad thing... now if you want to talk about global POLLUTION... yeah, that's a bad thing. But that's not coming from the United States, that's coming almost entirely from the undeveloped world. Which is a real problem for us because they keep dumping plastic shit into the ocean which directly hinders evaporation and causes an enormity of other problems. There's also China of course who is continually dumping pollutants into the air and ocean, in turn killing everything. Not to mention they keep dumping entire mountains of rock and dirt into the ocean to create man made islands for military use and every time they do it, some rando little chain of islands somewhere else on the planet gets flooded over. Oh and all the GARBAGE they keep dumping into the ocean as well. Again, POLLUTION is a problem... climate change is just a really stupid way of masking that REAL problem for the sole purpose of taxing the middle class into poverty for the benefit of career politicians and their little networks or rich asshats.
>>9706 >we can't just "pull out" without horrendous consequences. It destabilizes the regions we pull out of. Um... we've BEEN doing that... since forever. And the reason we pull out, always, is because... IT DOESN'T HELP! We can only play "world police" for so long before it becomes obvious that those regions are in a state of PERMANENT destabilization, largely because the people living there just aren't all that civilized. There's this prevailing hope that we're acting like training wheels and that, eventually, one of these "pull outs" they'll manage to get their shit together long enough to join the rest of civilized reality. The other issue that, a lot of times, it's a matter of proxy wars. Meaning, the Cold War ended and now we have Proxy War. So when we "pull out" it's usually because some OTHER country, most often Russia, is no longer actively attempting to use the region as a particular pawn. Trump has basically been ENDING that stupidity, saying, "You know what, fuck it, let's pull out, let Russia waste what dwindling resources they have left fucking around in the garbage." Russia then realizes that the US isn't playing the game anymore and trying to take control of garbage isn't helping them any and then... tada... the primates can continue living on as primates. It's the best solution I think. Let the savages live like savages and stop interfering in their development.
(42.98 KB 400x300 shot_128320033.png)
Well, since this is the thread of me, let's do something "me" related, like uh... sort through ancient/dead bookmarks. Let's see, first up... http://go.frenchlabs.net ...well it's dead. *looks in Wayback* Fuck, it's so old even Wayback has no archive of it! D: *searches Google* Ooooh, I remember. It was like an aggregate search engine, like a search engine that compiled results from multiple search engines and sites. Had a nifty interface too! See attached. I think I mostly liked it for the interface. It's bad sites don't look good like that anymore. Everything looks like dog shit now for some reason.
(28.07 KB 750x563 parry_aftab.jpg)
Okay next up... http://netbullies.com/ Hrmmm... also dead. There is an archive tho... http://archive.is/Tp8ka Oh, I remember now! Way back in 2013, before Gamergate got kicked off and before all the hilarious sites like "Heart Mob" and "Bully Hunters" and all that shit, there was this FAT lawyer lady by the name of Parry Aftab who created all these super cringe ass "cyber bullying" websites. She was basically like the precursor to all the current insane SJW crap online. She's like the God Fatter of modern SJW cringe.
(215.87 KB 1008x589 Burned Fur - 01.png)
(750.95 KB 1024x1420 Burned Fur - 02.png)
Okay next is... http://burnedfur.mv.com/ Fuck... also dead. At least some ~parts~ of it were archived though (see attached). Dates back to like... 2003 I think. It was one of the very first "canary in the coal mine" sort of sites. Basically for people who got into the furry fandom thinking it was like cutesy Disney cartoons and fun Halloween dress up... only to be absolutely mortified beyond measure once they fully realized just how fucked up that community really was. They called themselves "burned furs". Never at any point in my entire history online have I ever felt more connection and relatability. Like every time I encountered a new community in my early days online I always had all these sort of pedestrian like views or this sort of utopic/enlightened sort of perspective on what I thought the community was about... and then... oh my fucking God it's infested with complete degenerate asshats! Literally EVERY fucking community! To the point where, now, I just automatically assume that EVERYONE online is a sick fuck degenerate. It's like the ultimate example of "This is why we can't have nice things." It's also one of the reasons why I have such a colorful history with fighting and warring with so many different online communities... because once I figured out what they were all about... I just started verbally ripping into them with reckless abandon. I used to feel such unrelenting RAGE every time I found out that some interest I had (usually rooted in nostalgia), something I thought was pristine and precious and innocent... was actively being violated and raped in some of the most disgusting ways imaginable. The penultimate "childhood ruined" scenario. It made me bitter and angry and I would relentlessly criticize and attack people as a result, to the point of turning entire online communities against me and then I would revel in that hatred as a badge of honor, knowing every last sick fuck degenerate wanted me dead for ruining their shit in every other direction imaginable.
Oh, oops, forgot to name tag. I'll post some more interesting dead links later.


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