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Boomer Meme Onideus 01/17/2020 (Fri) 12:42:25 No. 4499
In the wake of this new meme I've been going back through my archives looking for some material that fits into this meme or that's related. Here's what I've compiled so far. Feel free to add more. On the second image I'm thinking I'll try and find a crayon type font and then write "Ok Boomer" on the paper.
Oh, they can be counter memes too, like "Ok Zoomer" type stuff.
Some video stuff too.
Random old stuff, could be adapted into new boomer stuff.
A lot of these used to be on Encyclopedia Dramatica... before they went psychotic and burned them all off the server in a fit of tard rage.
(31.12 KB 368x490 Old_People_-_Sign.jpg)
(28.43 KB 280x360 Old_people_playing_wii_15.jpg)
(33.90 KB 288x290 Old-macro.jpg)
(41.75 KB 468x316 Oldpeoplecomputer.jpg)
This first one could be changed to "Boomer Crossing". There's a whole slew of these images of old people using the Wii.
I'll post some more later.
Sum more boomer stuff.
>>4499 one time some FAGGOT called me a genwunner but i was playing pokemon silver...
(123.12 KB 500x400 Pointing_dick_at_old_man.jpg)
(378.00 B 50x23 old.gif)
(78.40 KB 640x489 Suprise Pong.jpg)
(158.40 KB 1200x800 SXSW.jpg)


no cookies?