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A humble travelling historians desire Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 13:26:28 No. 4410
I am an ancient traveler on this forsaken land. I‘ve been to countless boards and numerous threads, seen such dreadful beings your minds couldn’t even begin to process. The soul purpose of my journey is to study these distant lands and the inhabitants native to this land. Therefore I humbly ask you kind strangers to reveal your secret history and hidden treasures to this peaceful historian. "A generation which ignores its own history has no past and no future." Robert Heinlein
My brother and I invented the concept of "fake news" back in year 2001, in response to the "Summer of the Shark" style reporting of the event that, ironically, happened immediately before September 11th, 2001. That was the end fall of the news media industrial complex, the "Summer of the Shark"... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_of_the_Shark The year that "entertainment news" became self aware... to the point of actively manipulating viewer perception on a mass scale simply to fuel ratings. My brother and I immediately recognized it, even before it had a name and in response we started playing around with the idea of creating a website called "NewsReal" a pun based on the word "newsreel". The proposed site became a precursor of other parody news sites that would eventually come along like The Onion, Babylon Bee and so forth. I've been thinking about maybe resurrecting it after the events of recent years... although I have a lot of other projects I'm working on.
>>4411 I thinks you should resurrect it its more relevant than ever. Do you have some links to the original site and articles?
(93.14 KB 471x578 Napster Bad.jpg)
(271.10 KB 400x757 Girls in Tights.jpg)
>>4412 I don't even remember if we actually made a real site for it. Most of the stuff we made was like "proof of concept" type material. We might have registered a domain, but I can't recall at this point.
Oh, I found a word file with our proposed mission statement... "Our mission is to create a small, poorly received site full of mockery and cynical commentary. Then, after a while, when the site gains recognition and status among the cultural sheep, we’ll sell the filthy bastard for lots of money. Then, we’ll create a new small, poorly received site and mock the old site. Doesn’t that just give you tingles?" Well, anyway, at this point I'm more invested in trying to resurrect the "Insanity Now" site... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/Insanity-Now/ Got the intro done! Same audio as the original, but with updated visuals. The entire site is like a game though, a kind of online labyrinth made of up different sections, like this abandoned art gallery, an abandoned office building and so on and so forth. The thing is crazy convoluted though, to the point where it's very hard to take the exact same path twice... not that the labyrinth is all that huge, but rather the site has the ability to recode itself based on user variables and user interaction. Similar to the "God Level coding" stuff I came up with back in the early 2Ks... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/qausi.html Where all the HTML is broken apart into variable arrays and then the site dynamically recodes itself on the fly... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/internals.js Not just the HTML, but the images themselves. Try and resize your browser window on that page and it'll actually rebuild the base images from scratch using PHP and the Lanczos algorithm (keeping in mind the site was created during a time when browsers were only natively capable of nearest neighbor resizing). You can also click and drag the little window around as well. It's called "God Level coding" because the idea is to create a website or program that functions like a living thing. Like creating artificial life instead of trying to create artificial intelligence. Also known as "functionally reactive" coding.
>>4410 Greetings traveler. O what matter of secrets do you desire? I keep many, not to hide, but to preserve for those who will care for them and not neglect them. Here is something to get it started though. Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race (Abridged) Introduction Who forged the Grail? Who brought it to Earth? What is their role today? They are superhuman beings who seem deeply invested in our affairs but prefer to remain hidden. They look human but are far beyond human in their knowledge and abilities. These “gods” were the original manufacturers of devices like the Grail. Throughout history, they brought such artifacts into the human realm to fulfill a strategic purpose. When that purpose was fulfilled, they withdrew these artifacts. Occasionally such technology would fall into the wrong hands and cause problems. One example is the rebel priesthood fleeing Egypt with the Ark Stone. These superhuman beings and their human proxies secretly coexist alongside humanity as a hidden parallel civilization. Mankind is unwittingly caught in a war between superhuman factions who select, train, equip their human agents to participate in that war. Demiurgic technology is what enables major shifts in the balance between their competing agendas. The Grail Company In Parzival, Wolfram von Eschenbach describes the “Grail Company” as a supernatural group of divinely appointed individuals. They exist beyond our world but have a very close relationship with it: >1) Their men are sent into our world to take up leadership positions without revealing their true identities. Implication is that our world is being directly influenced by superhuman males pretending to be ordinary humans. >2) Their women may enter our world for sexual procreation. They do this without disguising their identity. In other words, human males are used for breeding purposes by superhuman females who make no secret of their otherworldly nature. >3) Their children are of superhuman pedigree, seeded into human society until they are called to return to the realm of their progenitors. All three elements match what is currently known about Nordic aliens, the ones who look human. That is not to say all Nordic aliens are necessarily Grail guardians. The Grail guardians may only be a small faction among them who serve a higher divine power. There may be others bent on malevolent domination. All that’s indicated is an otherworldly elite who, despite being more advanced, are dependent on us and/or heavily invested in our affairs. These aliens can pass for human, have supernatural abilities, and have shaped the course of history. They are the best candidates for the otherworldly forces involved in the demiurgic tug of war. Provisional Summary Based on my research, correspondences, and personal experiences, I have come to several conclusions concerning them: >There is warring among these beings, indicating they are not all unified. At the very minimum they are polarized into opposing sides, if not split into numerous independent factions. Some factions have a strong fascist orientation. >They walk among us pretending to be human. Some are integrated into society and hold strategic positions, whether to influence or simply observe. >They are genetically compatible with us, and some of their females have engaged human males for sexual encounters and even long term relationships. Through interbreeding their genes can enter our gene pool and vice versa. Therefore some human individuals and bloodlines would have more of their DNA than others, and their alien DNA would likely show under analysis to be basically human, albeit rare and unusual. >Through genetic manipulation, they can insert alien DNA as a third party contributor to a developing human fetus, so that the child resembles both human parents while also being somewhat hybridized. Whether artificially hybridized, naturally conceived between human and alien, or fully alien, such a child born and raised in a human family will mostly pass for human, except they will be of a caliber beyond their peers. The greatest heroes of myth and ancient history were popularly viewed as cross-breeds between gods and men. >Throughout history, they have selected certain humans, or perhaps their own offspring / hybrids raised in human society, for privileged education, training, and guidance, so that these human proxies can function as vectors for their agenda, be it benevolent or hostile to mankind at large. This may include modern day contactees and abductees, ancient prophets and magicians, and the founders of mystery schools and secret societies like the Rosicrucians. Note that such secret societies are just larger, more powerful, institutionalized versions of individual contactees, that is, they are both under the guidance of aliens, given privileged knowledge, and charged with a mission fitting the agenda of their alien benefactors. (1/10)
>Considering that some of the esoteric knowledge communicated to humans is positively helpful, not all alien influences are selfish. It seems some are genuinely interested in raising humanity’s potential in the areas of discernment, chivalry, ethics, and spiritual integrity. >They are all secretive and known to lie, even if only by omission, regardless of their spiritual orientation. Benevolent reasons may involve self-protection, observing a law of non-interference, complications with timeline dynamics, or the need to ensure that powerful knowledge is given to trustworthy people. Malevolent reasons could include the hiding of hostile agendas and hoarding of knowledge for leveraging purposes. >They are extremely telepathic. They can read thoughts with minute precision, implant thoughts, scan the soul for its level of integrity or weakness, induce hallucinations, manipulate emotions, and steer a person’s dreams. The human proxies they train can achieve these skills at a lower power level. >They use technology to augment their innate superhuman abilities. This technology is demiurgic, can control time and gravity, affords them invisibility and antigravity, and allows them to walk through solid objects, meaning they can inhabit solid mountains in a dimensionally shifted condition, for instance. >Their native environment is dimensionally shifted beyond ours, i.e., we cannot find their bases through mere physical searching. Like the Grail castle, which appears only to the chosen, their abode only becomes visible and accessible to us at their choosing. For example, a contactee may be psychically modified to perceive it, or dimensionally shifted to enter it. >Like an angel losing its wings, under certain conditions they can lose their abilities and become “mortal” without the ability to return to their superhuman state, at least not within this lifetime. They get stuck here. If an entire group of theirs undergoes such a fall, they would enter into human history as an already developed and highly advanced culture that gradually undergoes decline upon becoming naturalized members of a primitive planet. >The members of their civilization are not all homogenous in standing or understanding. Composition ranges from a two-tier system of “lower retarded ones” and “higher advanced ones” to caste-like systems with many tiers similar to the Indian caste system. >The retarded members of their kind are the ones who interact with the most advanced of humans. Why? Maybe because of their evolutionary closeness, and also because such an interaction could be mutually beneficial. Despite their seeming superhuman qualities, those aliens who interact most with select humans may, in fact, be the most flawed of their race. >The apex of their leadership extends beyond the physical and semi-physical, into the domain of divine and demonic forces. In the case of positive alien groups and their angelic or spiritual superiors, the relation may not be so much of commanding and obedience, but oracular guidance and respect. The ancient human practice of consulting the oracles, consulting the gods, etc… may be a lower echoing of this relationship. >The lower of their kind seem more physical, technological, and tactical while the higher tiers seem more esoteric, astral, and judiciary. The problem, however, is that their most flawed ones are not only the creators and users of demiurgic technology, but they are also most involved in human affairs. This means we suffer their errors, which are graver in consequence than any mistake we could commit, just as our errors are more severe than those possible by animals. >The consequences of these errors and grave transgressions have cascaded back and forth throughout the timeline. They are now converging toward a nexus point representing the potential for a cataclysmic shift. Alien factions who were responsible for initiating these consequences are likely the same ones who are now involved in the final outcome. A thread of continuity exists between the most ancient and modern of human-alien encounters. The alien disinformation campaign is an effort by one set of such factions to prepare mankind for enthusiastic acceptance of their overt control. Since it would take a whole book to lay out the supporting research for this summary, I will only summarize a few interesting sources. Tony Dodd Tony Dodd is a British UFO investigator who concluded that human-looking aliens have infiltrated society and were holding high positions in government. They are a threat to the government, who hunts them down with trained killers. Dodd was warned he would be killed if he pursued this research, and indeed he died of a rapid brain tumor in early 2009. According to Project Camelot, “He had always suspected that his illness was engineered and was directly related to his work.” (2/10)
Mac Tonnies Later that same year, Fortean philosopher Mac Tonnies died in his sleep at age 34, only a few weeks before he was to submit the final manuscript for his book The Cryptoterrestrials, which was published posthumously in 2010. In the book, Tonnies proposed the existence of a humanoid alien race indigenous to Earth. They have existed alongside mankind for thousands of years and use technology and psychic abilities to remain hidden. In order to disguise their true origins, these beings have created the lie that they are just curious visitors from outer space. Whether these beings are extraterrestrial or native to Earth is a matter of perspective. If they are extraterrestrial but have existed here for longer than the human race has, then they might as well be considered an indigenous species. And if these beings seem more like magical faeries than visitors from space, it is because their Demiurgic technology is advanced enough to appear like magic. Jordan Maxwell Jordan Maxwell is another researcher familiar with the phenomenon of human-like aliens living among us, having experienced it firsthand. When he was 19 years old, he was invited to his new girlfriend’s house to meet her father. The man he met was not an ordinary man. The father asked Jordan about a time in his childhood when Jordan asked God to let him do something important with his life. Jordan was bewildered that the father could know such a thing. The father said, “I know because we were there. You just didn’t see us, but we were there watching you. […] We’re going to give you an opportunity to do something with your life now because you did ask.” As a demonstration of his alien connections, that night the father took Jordan into the yard and summoned three flying saucers. In the days that followed, Jordan and the father had further conversations. He was told, “You have enemies here. You have some very powerful enemies here from other places that have come, and they know who you are, and they know what you’re going to do. So just be careful in your life, but we’ll protect you.” One day Jordan went to visit his girlfriend at her house, but the entire house was empty. The family had left without saying a word, and he never saw her or the father again. The encounter started Maxwell on a life mission of investigating the alien agenda. He believes negative aliens are here to enslave mankind through hybridization, through genetic assimilation and crippling. Anonymous Gulf Breeze Contactee More information on humanoid alien groups comes from an anonymous account titled, UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955. As a child, the author was contacted by a blond man and blond woman in silver jump-suits. They introduce themselves and said they would be visiting periodically. The author explains an important observation. The consciousness of aliens is very bright and energetic, while that of humans is very dim. But when a human gets close to an alien, the alien’s energy field activates the human into becoming consciously brighter. This creates an expansion of consciousness that allows the alien and the human to interact in a more equal manner. This shows that etheric activation of a human being shifts his consciousness to a higher state. Later in childhood, the Nordic aliens picked him up in a flying craft and brought him to a base built inside a remote mountain. In the base, he and other contacts were briefed on status of various alien agendas. He was informed that he and others like him would have descendants with enhanced abilities, who would populate the Earth when it became safe to do so. They also warned that Gray aliens had succeeded in producing human-Gray hybrids, and that their agenda was not in humanity’s best interest. Orfeo Angelucci An important but lesser known contactee is Orfeo Angelucci. Like Maxwell, his encounters also took place in Los Angeles in the 1950s. The humanoid beings he encountered were tall, muscular, attractive, and had brown hair and very large eyes. In typical fashion, they wore blue colored bodysuits. One of them explained to Orfeo that they were not native to our dimension. They had to project themselves into our dimension in order to be visible. If they projected fully, they could appear and function as human beings and walk among society. Travis Walton One of the most famous alien encounters is that of Travis Walton in 1975. The movie “Fire in the Sky” was loosely based on his story. Unlike the movie, the real experience involved Nordics in blue suits. Walton had stumbled upon one of their ships in the woods, gotten too close and was injured by an energy discharge. This accident forced them to take him aboard for treatment and recovery, thus his conspicuous absence for several days. (3/10)
He awoke inside the ship and was able to walk around briefly. Then a tall blond man in a blue bodysuit took him to another room where other tall blond aliens brought him to a table. One of them, a female, put a device over his mouth and he passed out. If anyone thinks such encounters are strictly modern military operations, keep in mind that similar sightings and encounters go back hundreds, even thousands of years. Emmanuel Swedenborg Brainy telepathic humanoids in blue bodysuits aren’t new to the 20th century. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772) was an eminent inventor and scientist who began having dreams and visions in which he interacted with various spirits and beings from other realms. One group of beings, whom he called the “Spirits of Mercury” resemble Nordic aliens. Swedenborg stated they were very intellectual, had telepathic abilities, and wore blue tight-fitting bodysuits. The Comte de Gabbalis A century before Swedenborg, esoteric scholar Abby de Villars wrote an exposé on the Rosicrucian practice of intermarrying with otherworldly females. Anonymously published in 1670, “The Comte de Gabalis” is one of the more intriguing sources pertaining to superhuman interactions with humans. After its publication, de Villars was assassinated by means of a ritual dagger. The Comte speaks of superior beings called Elementals who inhabit a parallel reality normally invisible to our senses. These beings look human and some are said to be very attractive. They are also highly intellectual and look down upon human ignorance. Their lifespan is several centuries. In ancient times, they presented themselves to mankind as gods and were worshipped. They also interbred with humanity. The heroes and sages of history such as Alexander the Great or Apollonius of Tyana were their hybrid offspring. Interbreeding Sexual encounters between humans and human-like aliens continues today. Two famous examples are Antonio Villas Boas in 1957 and Peter Khoury in 1992. The latter was accosted by two alien females, one who looked Asian and another blond with large blue eyes. After the encounter, Khoury discovered a strand of hair left behind by the blond alien. Genetic analysis was performed on the hair sample. The results showed a rare type of Asian DNA in the shaft of the hair, but Celtic and Basque DNA in the root. This indicated genetic engineering and cloning was involved in the creation of this female. Bill Chalker, an Australian UFO researcher who investigated the case, speculated that the Basque and Celtic connection links these human-like aliens to the Tuatha de Danaan of Celtic mythology. These were a race of tall fair-skinned people with large eyes and blond or red hair who invaded Ireland around 1500 B.C. They came to Ireland from the northwest after having fled a cataclysm. They had supernatural powers and brought with them artifacts that resemble the Grail. Later they were displaced by invaders and retreated underground. Persian Origins of Rosicrucianism In A Rosicrucian Notebook, Willy Schroedter explains the origin of the Rosicrucian knowledge concerning these Elemental beings. The knowledge was brought to Europe by Christian Rosencreutz, founder of the Rosicrucian Order. Rosencreutz learned it during his travels to Arabia and Morocco. Schroedter explains that the Parzival story ultimately came from the Persians. The Persians were familiar with the concept of Elementals, whom they called the Jinn. The Persian element hints at the particular cultural origins of the Grail myth. Persians were descendants of the Proto-Indo-European people. The latter were an advanced post-Atlantean culture that spawned many other civilizations around the globe including the ancient Celtic, Vedic, Mayan, Egyptian, and Chinese civilizations. The white-skinned, fair-haired Proto-Indo-Europeans were probably closely related to the Nordic aliens of today. Ninth Century Contactees The Comte recounts a series of unusual events that occurred in the Ninth Century, during the reign of Pépin and Charlemagne. A cabalist named Zedechias had convinced the Elementals to show themselves to humanity. “These beings were seen in the Air in human form, sometimes in battle array marching in good order, halting under arms, or encamped beneath magnificent tents. Sometimes on wonderfully constructed aerial ships, whose flying squadrons roved at the will of the winds.” Unfortunately, the superstitious populace perceived this as a trick of the devil. In an attempt to correct this perception, the Elementals abducted selected individuals from each community to bear witness to their idyllic republic. But when these contactees were returned, they were seen descending from the skies, and people took them to be evil sorcerers. Hundreds were captured, tortured, and killed. (4/10)
In this account we see similarities to the 1950s contactee phenomenon. Otherworldly beings abduct certain individuals and show them their world before returning them to testify what they have seen. This tends to backfire, the only difference being that modern contactees were burned with ridicule instead of physical flames. Of those who survived the witch hunt, ones who had interbred with the Elementals produced hybrid offspring who became great heroes of the time. Thus it’s interesting to note that Grail researchers like Johannes W. Stein place the original characters and events of the Grail saga in the Ninth Century. As mentioned, the Grail was present in Europe during that time, specifically in France, generating the tales that were later woven into the Parzival story. Perhaps the Zedechias episode, involving close contact between humans and aliens, had something to do with it. Maybe as in times past, “Neutral Angels” brought it down to earth while war raged in “Heaven.” If the Elementals were indeed seen in battle array and squadrons of flying ships, this means they fight battles, including air battles. Thus they are not all unified, of homogenous intentions, or at peace with each other. Wars among the “gods” is a theme found widely in mythology including the Indian Mahabharata and Ramayana epics where aerial battles are fought using advanced crafts. Modern UFO sightings sometimes include accounts of dogfights among non-terrestrial crafts. And of course, there is the famous Battle of Nuremberg in 1561, where hundreds of flying ships were seen fighting each other, many suffering damage and crashing to the ground. The Rosicrucian Endgame The Comte finishes with some hints concerning the ultimate endgame. He prefaces with the observation that human-Elemental offspring are heroic superhumans. He then reveals that the spiritual elite of our world, such as the true Rosicrucians, are working to bring about a so-called Reign of Wisdom in which such superhumans are the norm. This “Age of Heroes” awaits us. The Comte does not explain how it will happen, only that a time will come when only heroes are born. Maybe he means to imply that the Reign of Wisdom will occur via hybridization of the human race, since that is how heroes were born in past times. Note that while this bears similarity to the Gray hybrid breeding program, if the humanoid Elementals are today’s Nordics, it refers instead to a Nordic hybrid breeding program with a potentially different outcome. Putting all this together, if: 1) the primary alien factions correspond to the various types of Elementals, 2) Elementals are at war against each other, and 3) Elementals see value in interbreeding with humans, …then there would be different types of hybrids being produced by different alien factions, each serving to steer the evolution of the human race in a different direction. This “Reign of Wisdom”, which ties into the New World Order agenda and what Jordan Maxwell has written concerning the “Dawn of a New Day” will be discussed in a later article. It is the final consequence of demiurgic technology entering the human sphere, the final event over which alien forces and time travelers have been competing since the beginning. Fore The accounts of a modern contactee named Fore gives a more detailed and realistic picture of what some of these Nordic aliens are like. Fore claims that as a child he came under the tutelage of a female Nordic alien whom he terms the Advisor. While she usually stays invisible and communicates with him telepathically, he has glimpsed her several times and determined that she has blond hair, large eyes, an athletic build, and wears a blue-green jumpsuit cinched around the middle by a broad belt. The Advisor never reveals her true identity, location of her home world, nor the identity and agenda of her faction, but she does admit that she is from the future and that time travel there is commonplace. Fore was born in Venezuela, a region of the world where the Advisor and her group supposedly held jurisdiction. When he and his family moved to America, the only way his Advisor could continue working with him was if she did so under the supervision and direction of the alien collective that held jurisdiction there. This faction included Grays and other negative alien types. From that point on, Fore became a shared subject of two different alien factions who were ideologically opposed to each other, but who collaborated when both could benefit. The Advisor was forced to carry out inhuman experimentation on Fore but attempted to inject her own counter-influences when opportunity allowed it. As a result, Fore’s contact with aliens has been a mixture of malevolent and benevolent influences. (5/10)
(10.85 KB 250x250 1496957115224.jpg)
From his experiences, Fore learned that they could view events from outside of linear time and were able to see our events hours, days, even years in advance. They are extremely telepathic and can both read and influence human thoughts and emotions. They are semi-physical beings who had to adjust themselves to our level of physicality and time rate in order to interact directly with us. One of the key technologies they possess is the ability to displace themselves or targets from our physical space-time continuum. This “phasing” technology allows them to achieve invisibility, walk through solid objects, build bases inside solid mountains, and levitate abductees out through closed windows. And their minds are far more complex than our own, so they project an artificial human-like persona when interacting with contactees in order to facilitate communication, build rapport, and use as a means of leverage when attempting to manipulate. While the Advisor did not reveal her own group’s agenda, she did inform Fore about the intentions of the alien collective whom she was forced to cooperate with. She called them “The Others” and explained they were conspiring to take over our planet through a campaign of deception. The Advisor claimed that Earth would soon to undergo a period of chaos that would usher in an alien deception scenario. The Others would pretend to arrive from space as benevolent visitors and leverage the widespread confusion, starvation, and suffering by offering themselves as the solution. They would employ their army of groomed abductees and contactees to steer mass opinion toward viewing them favorably. Eventually they would install a class of elite hybrids who could act as liaisons that would manage the planet for them. This is the purpose of the Gray hybrid breeding program. Presumably the Advisor’s own working group is not aligned with that agenda, otherwise she would not have revealed those details to Fore. Nonetheless, she stated that among her civilization there were those who held contempt and hostile intentions toward the human race, so even among the Nordic typology there are unfriendly factions. We may conclude that not only are there competing alien factions who have fought various cold and hot wars over the millennia, but it seems to be coming to a head. The alien endgame is building toward another shift of the timeline, perhaps the biggest one since the dawn of our species. If the Grey hybrid breeding program is any indication, victory for the fascist factions would result in full genetic and spiritual crippling of the human race. At worst we would become tools deployable to other worlds to continue their campaign of spiritual enslavement. It would spread the cancer of the Corrupt Demiurge and further imbalance the Universe. As mentioned, alien wars are subsets of a larger cosmological war between the Corrupt Demiurge and the Divine Logos. Just as human wars play into alien agendas, so do alien wars play into cosmological agendas. Nordic Origins and Identity Who are these beings? We can rule out several possibilities: >1) They are not all spirits, demons, angels, or elementals because they can appear in the physical for extended periods of time, leave behind DNA evidence, interbreed with humans, and display an internally consistent assortment of high technology. Anyone with sufficient experience can differentiate between aliens and metaphysical entities. >2) They are not all members of some benevolent unified “Galactic Federation,” since there is warring among their opposing factions and some display fascist tendencies. Because traces of their presence on Earth go back thousands of years: >3) They are not all hoaxes perpetrated by the shadow government. Nonetheless, the latter may have hoaxed a portion of the “space brother” fad to hijack the real thing and subdue xenophobia. >4) They are not simply curious “visitors” who arrived here only in the 20th century. >5) They are not all remnants of some secret Nazi space program. It is a non sequitur to say Nazis are responsible for the UFO phenomenon when it was through their communication with aliens that they acquired such technology in the first place. More viable theories include the following: <They are the original human type, and we are chimeras genetically engineered in their image. As Lloyd Pye explains, our genome bears the scars of heavy genetic engineering. Human evolution underwent jumps so sudden as to be anomalous. Sumerian myths speak of the Anunnaki who created humans for slave labor, while in the Book of Genesis the same Elohim said, “Let us make man in our image.” <They are our cosmic relatives, created by the same primordial alien progenitors that created us, but seeded on other worlds. (6/10)
This is the only viable aspect of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. It would explain why they could be from other planets yet share compatible DNA. When intelligent life arises naturally on one planet, develops into a super-civilization, and achieves mastery of genetics and space travel, life soon spreads to nearby compatible planets. All carbon-based humanoid aliens share common ancestry, as the odds of two completely independent evolutions producing the same form is infinitesimal. <They are ancient offshoots of the human race who surpassed the rest of the species. If true, the evolutionary branching must have occurred recently, since they look so similar. They could be direct descendants of Cro Magnon man, who appeared suddenly in Western Europe around 30,000 years ago and had larger brain capacities and better physiques than modern man, matching two characteristics ascribed to Nordic aliens. <They are Atlantean/Hyperborean survivors who did not devolve like other humans. Surviving elite who held onto their knowledge and technology would have later emerged as virtual gods to the rest of the population who degraded to the level of primitives. But did they develop that technology on their own, or was it given to them by aliens? More likely the latter, since archeological evidence of ancient advanced civilization is localized in small pockets around the world. This indicates the civilization as a whole did not advance gradually on its own merit, but that a select few were given advanced technology while the rest of mankind remained primitive. Strong ties exist between Nordic aliens and the descendants of these ancient surviving elite. The Basque, Celtic, and Asian DNA recovered from Peter Khoury’s case suggests as much. Nordics seem interested in people of mixed East/West ancestry, of which a portion traces back to these post-Atlantean bloodlines. Prominent examples of ancient bloodlines include the Basques, Celts, Minoans, and Phoenicians. The latter three consorted with the 18th Dynasty of Egypt and consequently the tribe of Levi, who were the only people among the Israelites allowed to operate the Ark of the Covenant. <They are human avatars or proxies for another alien intelligence. The DNA evidence from Peter Khoury’s case could equally suggest some Nordics were created from us. Maybe a third party alien race could have collected desirable genetics from humans throughout history and assembled a race of superhumans. In that case, they are either cybernetic creations worn as “meat suits” by completely foreign alien intelligences, or they are genuine individuals who were created as proxies for their nonhuman masters. These proxies could then interbred with humans to spawn bloodlines functioning as yet another type of earthbound proxy. <They are from a parallel timeline or hidden realm where a superior civilization has developed. What is the nature of their world, and how does it relate to ours? It’s not enough to say their world is just a parallel Earth where things advanced more quickly on the technological and evolutionary front. For one, these beings along with ghosts, elementals, demons, etc… have always been able to observe and influence us, but not vice versa. Our two worlds are not equal in terms of fundamental tangibility. Etheric energies play a more visible and active role in their realm. Therefore it’s not a simple matter of Nordics inhabiting a parallel 3D physical timeline, rather they seem to inhabit a higher “density,” as the term is used in the Law of One books and Cassiopaean Transcripts. Gnostics know our world is an illusion created by the Corrupt Demiurge. It follows that beyond the borders of our reality exists the real world, or at least something not so hermetically isolated from the greater Creation. Could beings from that world be popping into ours, injecting their influences into this petri dish we call reality? <They are our time traveling descendants. Experience proves they can see into the future. It’s hard to tell whether this ability comes solely from clairvoyance, mathematical calculation, or hindsight from the future. Probably a combination of all three. Regardless, they are obsessed with the future and how present developments affect it. The delicate manner of their manipulations, the aeons over which they carry them out, and the knowing determination inherent in their efficiency suggests their vantage point is outside linear time. (7/10)
The one consistent element in what abductees and contactees are told, is that our world will soon undergo a time of great upheaval. Times of change, especially collective change, are significant choice points on the timeline. They are windows of chaos that spawn many probable futures. Those windows seem to function as apertures allowing the influx of time traveling influences from the futures they generate. If nothing else, they would be strategic pivot points on the timeline that attract the greatest attention from warring time travelers. Consequently, if aliens like the Nordics are time travelers, then since multiple futures issue from a singular past, they would have to be time travelers from various probable futures engaging in a time war of sorts. Different factions are exerting opposing influences upon the present to reshape the future to their advantage. Trans-Temporal Meta-Civilization In all likelihood, Nordics consist of different groups with different histories. Some could be time travelers from our future, others remnants of an ancient off-planetary superhuman civilization. Both share “fourth density” characteristics, both possess demiurgic technology, and both seem genetically related. They appear to be part of a transcendent civilization whose cultures are distributed over spatial and temporal geography. These are cultures that mingle with each other across space and time. This civilization stands outside linear time. To us they would seem like time travelers from the future, beings from parallel timelines, travelers from other star systems, and ancient genetic manipulators all the same. Such distinctions are just different aspects of a common meta-civilization that has simultaneously inserted various extensions of itself into opportune locations along our linear timeline. Negative Nordics Perhaps the best-kept secret among alien misinformers is the existence of hostile Nordic factions. We hear plenty about Reptilians and their ubiquitous Grey underlings, but the common perception of Nordic aliens is overwhelmingly positive. This is unfortunate because, as explained in Discerning Alien Disinformation, negative or impostor Nordics will be the first to initiate open contact with humanity. There is a psychological advantage to having an appearance that is pleasing and familiar to humans. Fore was told regarding such a scenario: “The human-like beings were either slaves who would talk very little or genuine people of hers and others who look like humans who had an agenda to control humanity and stop it’s progress. She said the others were itching to stop our progress because at a certain point we would be acknowledge-able as independent beings. She said on her world about 60% of her kind thought of human kind as an experiment to be observed but generally do not care one way or the other. Roughly, 30% constitute ‘the others’ mentality. While she said, the minority constitute her point of view 14%.” If this is accurate, then almost a third of that civilization could be classified as negative Nordics. In another post, the Advisor mentioned Nordic genetic engineering projects that went awry: “She explained that in the past, where she came from, scientists had created artificial bodies that were capable of carrying a spiritual essence/artificial intelligence but she said the history of the project showed that when someone’s limitations were lifted, that the consciousness and personality of a person begins to warp out of control. She said some of the people within the designs started to not carry themselves the same and started to act abnormally. She said the lack of limitations causes the personality of a person to (hard to put) become unstable. She said some became arrogant and some didn’t see limits to their interactions.” While she also said corrections were made to prevent this, it highlights a pattern of arrogance and psychopathy in superhumans who revel in their superiority. The pattern is reminiscent of the Lucifer Rebellion myth, where one third of the “angels” grew arrogant and refused to serve mankind. Even if only on a symbolic level, negative Nordics can be equated with the so-called Fallen Angels of Biblical myth. The pattern is also reminiscent of the Nazi Master Race program that attempted to reconstruct the original antediluvian Nordic people, complete with their occult powers and mastery of spacetime. There is no better modern example of negative Nordic alien mindset and influence than the Nazis. Why were they so obsessed with blond-haired, blue-eyed, cold-hearted superhumans? Why did they want to turn humanity into these technologically-advanced super-aryans? (8/10)
Readers may be familiar with the Thule and Vril Society, the occult forerunners and influencers of the Nazi movement. Activities included communicating with beings from Aldebaran, building advanced technology according to the guidance they received, and promoting supremacy of the Aryan/Nordic race. Unlike all other totalitarian bodies of history, Nazis stood not on the human ground of political theory or religious dogma, but on the alien ground of occult dynamics and demiurgic technology. The Nazi flag is a good example. Its black, white, and red colors growing outward symbolize the black, white, and red stages involved in the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. The black swastika itself symbolizes the Black Sun, which is none other than the Corrupted Demiurge. The latter goes by another name in occultism: the Dead Head, meaning Dead Logos, represented as the skull and crossbones by the Templar Navy and Nazi SS. It is the central cosmic power source of all demiurgic technology, the Demiurge itself. It represents the ultimate power, at least within the physical domain, and as Persephone commented in Matrix Reloaded, what men with power want is more power. As mentioned, there is antagonism among Nordic alien factions, and now it should be clear that some are quite arrogant, fascist, and psychopathic. In the Grail lore, there were those who protected the Grail, and those who were its enemies seeking to usurp it. We must keep this in mind should Nordic aliens show themselves to the world one day. Off-Planetary Ancestry As for the Nordic meta-civilization located in our distant past, several sources indicate they may have inhabited a planet once located between Mars and Jupiter. Michael Tsarion proposes that approximately 50,000 years ago, this planet was destroyed during an intergalactic war. With its destruction, aliens began colonizing Earth instead. Orfeo Angelucci was told that an alien civilization on that planet grew corrupt and attempted to use demiurgic technology toward selfish ends; this sparked a war that resulted in the planet’s destruction. Those who perished reincarnated on Earth as fallen beings. Another source, the Cassiopaean Transcripts, also conveys the same basic story. According to the transcripts, approximately 80,000 years ago a planet named Kantek existed between Mars and Jupiter. Its inhabitants were “fourth density” superhuman Nordics who were polarized into two opposing factions. They possessed the equivalent of demiurgic technology and deployed it in their war. The result was irreversible destabilization of the planet and its subsequent shattering. A portion of the civilization was evacuated to Earth, and they brought with them one or several devices equivalent to the Grail Stone. On Earth, they encountered the relatively more primitive and swarthy Atlantean natives, who were forced to coexist with the newcomers. Thus Atlantis remained, until later widespread abuse of demiurgic technology once again destabilized the planet and, along with various cometary disasters, ended that civilization in a pole shift. Numerous cataclysms happened in the millennia to follow, each one further scattering and devolving the remaining survivors. In essence, these sources suggest that a portion of the Nordic civilization “fell” into the physical domain of Earth and submerged directly into its history and gene pool. In essence, they became human. Genetic and Cultural Legacy on Earth The implication is that white people are their most direct descendants, and are therefore the most “off-planetary” of the human races, although portions of those same genetics can be found in other races due to mixing over the millennia. After the fall of Atlantis and subsequent cataclysms, the earthbound descendants of Nordics resettled in other areas of the globe. In time, they developed into the Hyperboreans, Indo-Aryans of India, Indo-Europeans of Europe, and the Indo-Iranians. These then seeded cultures like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Dravidians, Celts, Persians, and so on. As detailed by Frank Joseph in his book Survivors of Atlantis, the Nordic diaspora also built the Great Pyramid and installed the Grail Stone therein, founded pre-dynastic Egypt, and seeded the Meso-American civilizations. Their standard procedure was to command a large native populations using only a small number of their own, which is easy enough to do with advanced technology and knowledge. Each of these cultures had close ties with their transcendent Nordic counterparts; for instance, the mysterious Tuatha de Danann, a technologically advanced race of fair-haired people who fled to Ireland after the destruction of their homeland (likely Iceland, though some propose they were a tribe of Israel), eventually made their exit from Irish history by joining the Sidhe underground. The Sidhe were a transcendent race of godlike beings, perhaps the same as the Elementals or Nordic aliens. (9/10)
Every culture they founded was impressed with the same proto-myth, which encoded the “situation” regarding the nature of our reality, how this timeline came to be, and where it’s all going. These myths encode the cosmological war between the Corrupted Demiurge and the Logos, the off-planetary history of the ancient Nordic civilization, the true role of demiurgic technology, and the cataclysms that accompanied its abuse. This same stream of Gnostic revelation is repeated in certain works of fiction today — films, books, and television series — which are the modern equivalent of myths, consciously or subconsciously inspired by the same forces. In Gnosis Part 8, I will explore the unified picture encoded in these ancient and modern myths. (10/10) At another time I shall take and fill more requests for hidden and forbidden knowledge and histories. May the entirety of Akasha be revealed to you anon, and unto all who seek with an earnest heart.
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>>4438 Dear anon this is one of the most precious things i have came across my journey, thus i am eternally grateful
>>4438 dude shut the fuck up >>4410 Most of the halfway decent Wiccan sites are from the 90s and are still up. Some are on the Internet Archive. Here is one: www.wicca-chat.com I have discovered, via research, several herbal painkillers. Turmeric heated in coconut milk. Strong ginger tea. Extremely spicy food eaten over a long period of time, with a gradual ramp-up to increase tolerance. Topical and sublingual CBD. Coffee. The highest quality tea you can get. Topical marijuana products. Kratom, used with the utmost caution and discontinued if side effects show up. Acai berries, cocoa powder.
>>4924 Did topical marijuana products even exist in the 90s? LOL If you want to buy into "big placebo" (which is even bigger than "little pharma"... yeah, sounds great! Why don't you stick some B12 dots under your tongue, maybe take a little melatonin, vitamin D, hell why don't jut go right on ahead and stick your butthole up in the air for a little solar recharging! :D Hate to break this to ya, but unless you're suffering from nocebic hyperalgesia... yeah, your "herbal painkillers" ain't gonna do fuck all. Opiates > Tramadol > Aleve > Tylenol > Gabapentin Those are generally your main options for REAL pain. The opiates and Tramadol aren't good for long term use unless you reset the tolerance every month (which means 27 days of pain relief and 3 days of hellish torment as you go through withdrawal AND pain. Aleve and Tylenol are fucking awesome, but you have to be careful you don't overdose on that stuff. Gabapentin is... meh, not so great, but it's a piss poor alternative to Tylenol and Aleve. It can also work good to help you through opiate withdrawal... just don't take BOTH at the same time... unless you want to suddenly stop breathing. Same with alcohol, never drink and take Gabapentin... or any sort of CNS depressant. If your pain isn't too horrible there are small ways in which you can improve your life WITHOUT having to buy into placebos. Like taking hot showers or, what I like to do, go down to the Y and use their hot tub and sign up for their "aquatic therapy pool". It's a lot easier to exercise and lift weights in a special pool designed for neutral buoyancy, especially if you have severe back pain/damage as it takes the bulk of the stress off your back. That's the other big thing, whatever pain you have will be exacerbated by stress, so doing everything you can to relieve as much stress as possible is also good. This can take any number of forms, from going on nature walks, using aromatherapy (or just smelly candles), watching a relaxing movie, playing a relaxing video game, maybe having a glass of wine/whiskey. MODERATION is key though... because many forms of stress relief can easily become horrifically addicting if abused. So drink ~a~ glass of wine... not the bottle, not two bottles, drink ~a~ glass of wine. Likewise watch ~one~ movie. Or play a video game for a two hours a day... not two dozen hours consecutively. You can indulge every now and again of course, but don't make indulgence a habit! Your environment is also VERY important. Try putting up pictures that make you feel good... and I don't mean like edgy emo goth shit, like the shit you put up because you want other people to perceive you in some particular way, I'm talkin about shit that's actually uplifting for you, whether it's pictures of kittens or sunsets or whatever. Sometimes we wind up surrounding ourselves with emotionally detrimental crap simply because we think it makes us look a certain way, like we're trying to show off a fake persona to others. Don't do that. If people don't like you... they're not going to like "fake you" any better. Just be yourself and do what makes YOU feel good IN THE ABSENCE OF OTHERS. ...again tho, moderation is important (with anything). Also I'm not advocating for invisible dignity here, like don't go out in public doing weird ass shit. Try and keep the volume down low so to speak. Oh yeah, music, that's another big thing. Experiment with different kinds of music. Like the aromatherapy, it can be a great way of reducing stress. Also massage therapy can be good, but don't do crazy stupid shit like acupuncture. Meditation can be good as well, like the whole bit where you imagine your pain as being like a river flowing out of you and all.
(329.56 KB 650x720 Stickers - 03.jpg)
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More on stress relief to reduce pain, you can do a lot of little things, like just buy some colorful stickers and randomly put up all over the place. Coloring books, puzzles and other crafting stuff is also a good way to relieve stress. It doesn't have to be crazy either, like you don't have to buy the most complex puzzle in the store, you could just get a simple/easy one if you like. Same with crafting, they make super simple crafting shit where you can make some basic throw-away crap. You don't need to be some professional crafting guru making the most complex bushwa imaginable. And even if it turns out like shit... that's okay, because it's not about the destination so much as the journey. CLOTHING is another important consideration. Like get yourself some memory foam and gel inserts, then take out your shoe's existing sole and replace it with the other two. It'll feel like you're walking around on squishy clouds. Likewise get yourself some REALLY nice socks, like those silver toe bulk acrylic jobbies or "lodge socks" or whatever. It's also good to dress in clothing that's comfortable. A lot of people will sacrifice comfort for style... which isn't usually a very good idea, not unless it's a job interview or you're meeting the president or whatever. LIGHTING is also important. Just by increasing the light level in your environment you could go from depressed to energized. This is especially important in the winter months when it's really dreary out. You can experiment with mood lighting as well, like colored lights or pattern lights (where it creates shadows on the wall) or even just shadow boxes... hell you could even make your own shadow box as a crafty DIY stress reliever. PLANNING is also important. Even if you don't always stick with your plans/schedule... make them anyway. You can even do it in your head. If you make yourself a general plan/schedule, even for just the next day, you will sleep better, you will feel better, you will be more relaxed, even if its scary/horrible shit that's happening. It's like that line from the Joker in Batman. CLEAN! Wash the dishes, do some laundry, vacuum, do some chores... and ~then~ watch a movie, some TV, play a video game, etc. Recreation is always more enjoyable after you've done some busy work. Because then it's like something you've EARNED, rather than something you've indulged in. The feeling of earning something always produces a more pleasurable sensation than simply indulging in something. Be aware of your mood, you can even keep a sort of mood diary if you like and write down what you think affected your mood and why. It will help you later to plan and schedule around potential mood afflicting situations and circumstances. And you can think about how to better deal with such situations if they arise again. ASK FOR HELP if you need to! You don't have to solve every problem on your own, if you experience certain situations and shit that make you feel bad, ask others for advice or help. You don't always have to take their advice directly either, just getting a different perspective on things can help you to redefine your own.
>>4926 I have chronic pain and have a history of doctors really enjoying not helping me, so this is what I had to do. Every synthetic or herbal painkiller tends to lose effectiveness in me in about 2.5 days, so I have to rotate them, and there are only so many synthetic painkillers, which is where the herbal ones come into play. Of the synthetic painkillers I take, I am allergic to tramadol and gabapentin and not about to go on the opiate merry-go-round with my idiot doctors again, so that's off the menu. Liqui-gels of OTC NSAIDS are the way to go, especially liquid ibuprofen, liquid aleve. Latest doctor handed me some meloxicam to put into the rotation so I hope that works. Disagree with you about Aleve > Tylenol, I think it's the other way around. Children's chewable tylenol is underrated, but I don't use it very often because liver damage, yay. As for if these herbs are placebo or not, I suggest you fucking try them, loser. It's not like I suggested homeopathy and ginger, for instance, is actually a COX-2 inhibitor. Go look it up, I'll be waiting.
>>4928 People think that herbal medicine is all placebo because they take like one gram of it and expect it to work. You have to take a lot of it for it to kick in.
>>4928 The best I think is getting site point injections with liquid Aleve, that shit is amazeballs! If you find some combination or other of herbal shit is making you feel better, then by all means, buy into it. The placebo effect isn't inherently bad if it's making you feel good (so long as you aren't wasting all your money on it). If it reaches a point where you're spending hundreds of dollars a month on vitamins and supplements and shit tho... yeah... probably NOT a good idea at that point. I've tried a lot of different shit like that and... it never does anything. Probably because I don't buy into it mentally. Like I'll just take the shit but completely ignore the fact that I'm taking it and... nothing, it does nothing. Doesn't matter how much, doesn't matter how long... it does nothing. Now maybe if I sat there ~believing~ really, REALLY hard, thinking "happy thoughts", maybe it'd make me "fly" like it does for you... but I just don't have that level of magical thinking.
>>4926 >blue-pill typical misbelief, without any real stalk >trsuting modern medicine instead of ancient ones >implying that liver just cleans the body in a perfect way without need of extra care-taking >EDGY NORMALFAG
>>9372 I think this dude might be like legit retarded.
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>>4410 Best redpills you will read in 10 years
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I think BOND moved here, you might want to archive their shit. IIRC they started way back in britpol threads and split about the same time britpol reset the thread counter, but I forgot about them until I stumbled into a thread of their's somewhere here. Interesting lads, they'd call me a degenerate but I wish them well.
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Yes the tripfag was "nutbutter". Looks like the admins removed it. Now I am a normal Anon.
>>9438 >>9439 same underage fag
>>9337 >>9435 Same coping faggot. >you didn't mock this guy in the way I like to mock him! That's hilarous. In a way you are worse than him. He's some autist but you seriously put time and effort into mocking a random nobody. I just get a kick out of sending him my diary exerts while steaming on addreal.
>>9441 >>9440 >>9439 >>9438 >>9437 oh look my crazy stalkers talk to themselves now it's like a fanclub
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>>9442 You might want to try and master elementary level punctuation before you try and master imitating me, kiddo. Also I would never start typing text directly underneath an attribution link, I'd always line skip. Also, no image? The real me always feels a certain degree of empty SHHHHHAAAAME when making a post on an image board with... no image.
>>9441 I don't know what you autists are arguing about, but >>9337 is me and sincere.
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