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Meme Works - Post Memes You Made (not found) Onideus 01/07/2020 (Tue) 06:34:51 No. 4250
This thread is for "original" meme content, or memes that you made yourself, not stuff you found on other sites. You can also post original ideas for memes if you want to try and entice someone into making your meme dreams come true.
That vape one was a bitch to make... I mean, the text part was super easy... but tracking down the original, full size background image... took like two fuckin hours to find it! I almost gave up and was thinking of just redrawing it (vector tracing over the top) but I finally found a version that didn't look like an 80s VHS tape run through a washing machine. I am a stickler for quality when it comes to memes! Quality may-mays only! D:
(1.53 MB 1000x770 LAST PERIOD.png)
Fresh out of the oven, baked with love.
(1.16 MB 761x1714 Rally is visited by ATF.png)
>>4250 >doxxing you're self as an originator of unique memes It's like you want glowfags to shoot your dog.
(1.21 KB 44x44 NPC_Big.png)
(679.00 B 22x22 NPC_Smol.png)
>>4380 You must be joking. The CIA? You're afraid of the CIA? Let me tell you something about the CIA... they are so fuckin stupid, so absolutely fuckin retarded that... back in the late 80s they inadvertently created a satanic child sex trafficking cult while trying to create a counter intelligence group. That's how gawd damn balls up RETARDED their agency is. They're best known as "Department Dumbfuck" when it comes to government agencies. Really, if the CIA is fucking everything up... it's only because they aren't doing ~anything~ at all! Their entire existence should have been dissolved decades ago. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING positive, helpful, beneficial or otherwise useful has come from that agency and their list of continual, absolutely unrelenting fuckups spans so far and so wide across history it's an absolute miracle they haven't managed to accidentally kick off a third world war in all their blundering stupidity.
(314.86 KB 435x571 mfwnoidea.png)
(150.51 KB 740x371 whentheredpillhits.png)
(566.23 KB 960x720 occultist.png)
(216.35 KB 638x638 the creative abyss.png)
Here's a few myself. >>4317 Van is nice so is this one too >>4380 Does any one have advice for how to make webms? I have an idea, an inspiration, the meme wrote itself, but now I need to channel it into technology. MEMES FOR THE MEME GOD halp
Not OC but relevant to thread, and close to our creative heart.
(392.05 KB 733x677 Barber_Meme_Xim_Xer.png)
Fresh off the meme presses...
(179.86 KB 905x645 !!!Tubing.jpg)
(156.40 KB 700x700 !!_Preventing_Rape.png)
(223.49 KB 385x616 Archie Bunker.png)
(358.52 KB 460x720 Brianna_Wu_Joker.png)
(255.08 KB 600x562 zCuomo.png)
Some oooold memes I've made. That second one is great for trolling the shit out of feminist. They go absolutely batshit in response! :D
>>4250 i like these
(77.53 KB 261x406 lucysiege.png)
(68.36 KB 373x407 SIEGEPILLED 7.png)
(772.32 KB 600x600 DWO 8.png)
(171.88 KB 435x448 kek.png)
>>4335 Fucking beautiful
>>4848 >women shouldn't be allowed to dress certain ways because it gives them a time advantage if they are being raped What the fuck is the difference between America and India again?
>>8051 You're like the kind of retard who leaves shit laying out in the open in your car and then you actually have the cognitive deficiency to wonder how all your shit got stolen. That's you. That's how fuckin stupid you are, Holmes. I'm not sure how things works over in Retard Land where you're from, but in America we generally strive for equality... so if I gotta wear a fuckin CHAIN on my gawd damn wallet to try and prevent it from being stolen... then some doofy bitch can take the bother to put on a pair of fuckin panties... I mean, at the very ~least~ she can do that. I dunno, maybe that's asking for too much logic and reason out of the lesser gender, but come on now, we can't keep treating women as a whole as if they're all as mentally handicapped as you apparently are.
>>8063 Having your shit stolen is different from being raped. Rape is more akin to muder in degrees of harm and intensity. That's like saying you should wear a bullet proof vest at all times and if you don't it's your fault you got shot because you should know "This is America". Instead you should be investigating the root causes of this increase of rapists. Niggers; They are the highest per-capita in terms of crime rate and violent offenses and in terms of cross racial crimes. Why do you think rape is so common in Africa. There is a commanality. It's niggers. Instead of asking your women to put on burkas and snowpants you should be getting rid of their principle aggresors and the reason America is a shithole today. Sure Whites commit rape but to a much lesser extent and to the degree in which the police can still handle and aren't paralyzed by leading to increased tyranny to combat it. Unless of course you want America to turn even more into Africa. >inb4 equality uuh education!! social economics You can't educate the subhuman out of someone. (MOAA genome which leads to antisocial behaviour very prevlant in blacks combined with low empathy and low iq make a very messy situation indeed)
I mean look at Iceland; >Low Crime >Mostly White Or New Hampshire; >Low Crime >Mostly White If you were to put a chart up of the highest and lowest crime rates per United States cities and put it next to a chart of the demographics of those cities. Like Chicago and Detriot both used to be majority white cities and well off now they are majority black and complete shitholes. There is a reason it's called "Chiraq" now. I mean five bodies a week from one city? Are you sure you don't live in Syria?
>>8065 Oh look, it's a stupid feral man-child. No, child, it is not different. Fundamentally, it is IDENTICAL. It falls under "SHIT YOU DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN" If you don't want something to happen you TAKE PRECAUTIONS... you buy a gun, you build a fence, you buy a home security system, you put locks on shit, you don't go wandering around all alone, maybe get a knife bra if you're a woman (or a Rape-X condom), get a chain on your wallet, maybe think about getting a GPS tracker... the point of the image child, the point your feral, man-child brain can't grasp is that ADULTS have enough sense to take some measure of responsibility for their livelihoods... obviously a CHILD like yourself can't be expected to do that. Let me learn you something, boy, let me just man you tha'fuck right up for a minute... BAD SHIT HAPPENS! Okay... it doesn't matter if you live in a nice neighbor or a bad one, or one filled with people of a particular skin color or ethnicity... THAT DOESN'T MATTER! You're more likely to be attacked by someone of your own race than you are any other race. BAD SHIT is gonna happen, regardless. And there's no magical cure for BEING HUMAN. Humans are biologically designed to try and ruin other people's shit for their own selfish advantage, that's why we live in a society... to keep your kind sufficiently leashed. I mean, just look at you, you want to ruin an entire fucking race's shit for you own advantage! You're like a serial killer and a rapist and a genocidal fuckin lunatic all rolled up into one! AND YOU THINK YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT!? I mean... just clock that on out for a few seconds, Junior. Not only are YOU pretty much one of the most horrible, disgusting, inhuman monsters imaginable... YOU THINK YOU'RE MORAL! And that's why it can't be fixed. That's why there's no "cure" for YOUR sickness. You can't "cure" people who won't even accept that there's something wrong with them. Another inherent biological trait of your deficient species. There's no way to "fix" the SUBHUMAN out of YOU. The real reality is that white people are exponentially more violent, crazy, radical and stupid than any other race, including blacks... the difference is... WE KEEP A BETTER MUZZLE ON YOU! That's why our societies are so much more advanced than other races.. BECAUSE WE NEED THEM TO BE! Society is a kind of cage that keeps insanity like yours in check. Now if you want to argue that we should start putting the SAME muzzle that we put on YOU onto blacks... sure, sure I can get behind that... but the idea that we should do the OPPOSITE... that we should TAKE YOURS OFF as a way to "fix" black people? No thanks, Looney Tunes! Let's just keep you muzzled and in your place and we'll work on slowly rounding up the crazy in the black community as we go along... although the true horrifying reality is that the black community would have been muzzled right along with your brand of insanity loooong ago... if it hadn't been for Democrats keeping them off their leash as a means of political warfare. Don't worry though, the right, Republicans... we aren't stupid enough to take a page out of the Democrat's insane playbook, there is NO FUCKING WAY we will EVER take your kind off its leash. Enjoy your society, enjoy your cage, Nutball... because you're never going to be let out of it... EVER!
(277.11 KB 800x820 goback.png)
>>8069 List of United States Cities by Crime; Oakland 480 Chicago 629.77 By percent of black pouplation; Oakland 60% Black Chicago 75% Black Compared to New Hampshire 92% White Scottsdale (Arizona) 90% White Crime Rate (per 10000); New Hampshire 190 Scotsdale 106.56 Hmm FBI Crime Statistics 2010 Blacks make up 50% of all violent crime in the U.S despite making up 30% of the pouplation. So this all is just a coincidence an has nothing to do with their lower IQ and increased amounts of genomes like MOAA that directly influence antisocial behaivors. Are you retarded? Sorry that I want to protect my culture and people. You seem to want them dead and raped and are trying to insuiate it's their fault if they get raped. Not the goverments fault for importing a people who have given us nothing but taken everything and whom are responisble for near 100% of all inter racial sexual assualt cases. It is better for both of us if we are apart and if we don't we will die.
>>8069 >Tries to take the moral high ground >Says rape and theft are the same Yeah fuck you they aren't and if you truly believe that you are no longer human just a dog waiting to be put down. They aren't the same in terms of harm or in terms of permant emotional and societal damage. What should we give the murderer five years instead of life? Bassically the same he's a theif only difference is he takes your life. If you are pro-black you are pro white genocide through replacement just like the kiddy diddling Republicans and Democrats. You are the only pro-genocider here of your own people none the less. If we can't seperate sure we will have to resort to means like that but if we don't it means the permane death of my people and culture. Something I will never accept. And no you can't seperate the "good" blacks from the bad ones, since they don't exist. You're running a fools errand, you and the rest of the Republikike party.
"Bad shit happens" Naw shit just ussually that bad shit happens because of blacks per captia and according to every crime statistic known to man.
>>9326 >Completely misses the point. >Thinks I was taking some kind of "moral high ground" Look stupid, no matter how you want to try and spin this shit... I'm still right. It has nothing to do with any sort of morality, in fact, it's EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. It's taking your wittle fee-fees OUT of the equation and simplifying everything down to pure facts. If you believe that one "bad thing" is inherently worse than another "bad thing"... the only quantifiable difference that makes is in HOW MUCH YOU PREPARE FOR IT! Meaning, if you think rape is WORSE... then you should be doing MORE to try and mitigate the potentiality of that occurrence. I guess, snowflake as you are, your grand plan is to just stand there like a dumbfuck while you try and verbally shame whoever it is that's trying to rape you. Yer fuckin stupid man... I mean, you are just balls up retarded! >>9327 When you subtract "black on black" crime... yeah, you should worry more about being attacked by your own race, ya fuckin numpty. I mean, sure, if you're black... fuck, go move your black ass to the whitest suburb you can find! Like, right now!
>>9328 When you subtract black on black crime you still get a whole lot of crime. The majority of interracial crime is done by blacks as I have already stated from FBI statistics. White on white crime is still less common than black on white crime. You're attacking the infection patient not the infection, sure they should wash their hands and such but the blame still lies ok the infection and wanting to attack the victim not the infection is insane. Do you not care about the well being of your people? You're the only one ignoring hard facts to spew some shitty liberal talking points.
>>9343 90% of inter racial crime commited by blacks according the the FBI; https://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/index.cfm?ty=dcdetail&iid=245
>>9346 Only as far as convictions. I don't buy that blacks commit more crime any more than I believe that women commit less crime than men (of any race). The entire justice system is horrifically biased, on a number of levels. There's also other factors to consider like self-destructive culture and poor living conditions, like The Projects, which were largely created and inflicted upon blacks by racist white Democrats. Much like all the WHITE Democrats currently pushing "reparations" and trying to further enslave minorities with self-victimization in order to keep them complacent, compliant and controlled like animals. If you don't allow someone to be anything but a monster... don't be surprised when that's exactly what they become. You, I mean. That's what the racist white Democrats want... they treat minorities like animals and that's what they start becoming, just as they treat you like a monster... which is EXACTLY what you are becoming.
(962.88 KB 1235x612 JCPenny - Got Woke, Went Broke.png)
Made this one yesterday...
>>9358 You don't "buy it" you mean you are knowningly avoiding the truth despite statistical data and genetic evidence that proves otherwise. Yeah okay. Their culture comes from their genetics, low IQ and anti-social behaviour from things like MAOA (look it up). Why do you think blacks have never succeded in making a single stable society? They wouldn't have goverments and be as """stable""" (compared to pre-colonial times) as they are now without white intervention. >It's the money We have given African countries a total of thirteen Marshall Plans in currency. The Marshall plan that completly rebuild Europe after one of the most desctructive wars in History? Blacks can't do it with 13 of them. And when you look at the giant resources and land it doesn't add up. White Natives to South Africa (Boers) have succeded where the Blacks find it impossible. Rhodesia was heaven and now look at it, one decade of black rule and it's hell. Same with South Africa. Blacks in America get even more! There are thousands of things making sure they get jobs, from affirmative action and quotas leading to companys discriminatin against whites to hire blacks to free rides for being black. Not to mention welfare (which blacks are the majority users of) and finacial aid. If the black man does not succede. It is compelty his fault, this has nothing to do with "rascist democrats" who want to give them even more unearned "gibs". It has to do with the racial inferioty of the African race. Something you will never change.
>>9498 I don't "buy it" because, if I did, I'd have to advocate for women being in control of society and I'd have to advocate for all mean being locked up and/or put under the authority of women. See, that's the problem with DUMBFUCKS like you... it's like... you think from Point A to Point B... but you don't really think any further than that, do you? You don't stop to consider the slippery slope you're creating while you wallow around in your own oblivious hypocrisy. >Their culture comes from their genetics No, stupid, that is not how culture works... at all. Further, that's not even how genetics work! You're just angry because your life isn't going well because you're STUPID and LAZY and rather than work on improving yourself you just look around for the nearest thing you can point your fat grubby finger at and BLAME! ...because that the nature of LOSERS, like you. Get tha'fuck off my lawn, Jackass!
>>9507 Faggots like you who see anti-black racism and White Supremacy as the greatest evil on Earth are 100% the real enemy.
(26.40 KB 453x542 ANGREH2.jpg)
(83.02 KB 407x336 p19.jpg)
>>9508 You're terribly confused, but then you're obviously a 13 year old try-hard edgelord with a severe lack of parental supervision. Sorry kiddo, but no one thinks you're ~evil~ they just think you're a fuckin idiot. That's how people see you, a border line retarded mouth breather. In short... you're an inbreeder.
>>9507 >Would lead to women getting in control How? We have excluded inferior races from our society since the beggining of time just fine without leading to a matriachal ruling class. It's only recently that women started ruling in mass amounts and that because of the myth of equality. If you can't process threats like the blacks because of your feelings you have an overtly feminine brain. It's the opposite; Liberal Equalist societies breed society in which women rule because "everyone has the right to vote". >Culture It is. Do you not know that genetics influence behaviour? Things like schizophrenia are genetic and on a lesser scale things like MAOA are directly tied to antisocial behaviour. Black culture is degenerate from a low iq, is overtly anti-social from MAOA and destructive from a lack of other regulating genes. All cultures come from a shared genetic background of the race that birthed them. >>9512 If you truly believe that races are equal you are the only idiot here.
>>9512 "Here in America we strive for equality" LOL sure we do kike, White Americans always wanted to live next door to african families, that must be why there were laws against it that would still be active today if it weren't for a (((certain group of people who think like you))) attacking it This Day in Jewish History 1948: U.S. High Court Nixes Racist Housing Rules Neither party to Shelley v. Kraemer was Jewish, but the landmark case had Jews’ fingerprints all over it. Evidence of the importance of the case to the organized Jewish community can be found in the amicus curiae brief filed by four Jewish organizations – which included the American Jewish Committee and the ADL(then part of B’nai B’rith) – arguing on behalf of the Shelleys’ right to complete the purchase. The brief prepared by Perlman’s office, however, left off the names of the four government lawyers – all of them Jewish – who had written it. Years later, Perlman’s deputy Arnold Raum told an interviewer that it was his boss who had ordered the removal of the names from the document. According to Raum, who was himself Jewish, it was "bad enough that Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out."
>>9524 >>9526 >no memes, just incoherent gibberish from inbreeders You seem to be confused, this isn't the inbreeders thread, this is the original memes thread. Put your garbage in its own thread if you want me to reply to it (read: humiliate you further). I realize you're inbred and therefore very, VERY stupid... but do try and keep up. Back on topic, here's a fun "Bane" series I did a few years back...
A few more.
>>9530 I'm not an asian loser, I don't follow internet rules and I'm not retarded so I don't enjoy memes. They're targeted at dipshit normies for a reason hence why you're the only one who wants to post here. Enjoy, Shortbus Onideus.
(59.68 KB 600x438 fart03ab.jpg)
(713.00 B 24x24 Wanker.gif)
>>9533 Literally no one: You: >blah blah blah
(533.57 KB 1280x720 Senility or Socialism.png)
Freshly baked memes! I might make some more of these.
(62.51 KB 745x595 Emperor_Dipshit_Inslee.png)
Rebel Scum Leader, standing by!
(946.31 KB 723x842 exakt.png)
(399.62 KB 1450x1000 Emperor Inslee.jpg)
Emperor Inslee sneers at your pathetic civil liberties!
(226.37 KB 480x360 seal.png)
(196.59 KB 450x300 peter.png)
(96.16 KB 960x574 coomesis.jpg)
here you go


no cookies?