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(98.88 KB 892x666 AnimeBurning2036.jpg)
Anime Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 23:20:17 ID:a87b32 No. 3979
Anime should be outlawed
>>3979 And you should go back to sucking dick at 4chan. Faggot. Saged and reported
>>3980 Anime Lovers get the rope too!!
>>3981 Holy fucking christ you faggot quit shitting up this board with your off topic /b/ tier slide shit. >>>/b/ you faggot. you are literally too fucking stupid to post on /pol/
(16.83 KB 250x245 1523743086902.jpg)
>>3980 >Anime should be outlawed >Saged and reported Someone got triggered, didn't they?
(34.16 KB 500x500 1580823385756.jpg)
Princess urself, OP.
>>4783 Is there a reason you didn't let this thread die? I mean, is it because you're retarded? I'm guessing that's the reason.
(582.16 KB 611x653 1579808226908.png)
Rise up /b/tards! The man is trying to keep us down! Let's raid this /b/ to seize control of the means of shitposting and start a worldwide UwUlution!
>>4790 This is now the fedora thread.
I'll post more later.
Time to bump the "fedora" thread.
>>8017 This is great. Pls more
>>8102 Pretty sure this is guy spamming all over... also pretty sure he's not gonna shut up until he gets his fedora fix.
>>8190 I wonder why all these Fedorafags half ass it. I mean fedoras are terrible and the people who wear them are hideous but don't you think they could try harder? At least Report of the Week puts on a suit. A fedora with a t-shirt can never look anything but stupid.
(62.33 KB 512x682 5291582681_ca3159c4a2_b.jpg)
60 kids later and she's still as thin as the day I met her <3 #truelove #fedorasR4ever
>>8193 Well, even beyond that they lack a sense of situational awareness. For example if you want to dress up real fancy and go to a specific function or event where it would make sense to dress that way... yeah, might look pretty classy. But instead, with these neckbeards, it's sort of like a ICP fan... who wears the fucking make-up 24/7. I mean, if you want to wear the make-up when you go to an actual ICP concert... sure, sure, knock yourself out... but when you start trying to make some kind of "lifestyle choice" out of it... mmm... yeah, that's just being a spaz. Same with like weebs who can't just sit the fuck down and enjoy some anime... instead they gotta act all retarded about it, to the point of just cringing everyone tha'fuck away from it. Also similar with transsexuals and a lot of other fetishes. Like if you want to do some weird shit as a hobby, that's alright... but if you want to try and do weird shit for the rest of your fucking life, day in and day out... yeaaaah, maybe time to rethink yourself.
>>8194 More the Onideus collective demands it.
>>8197 No, you get one more batch for today, then you can wait awhile for the next. Probably next I'll do the retard thread or the black thread, since I think those are already on page 6. Don't be a greedy guts!
>>8196 ICP fans and trannies are weird no matter the context is. If you are shaving your legs and putting on panties you are a faggot and need to stop. Fedoras are pretty old timey prohibition era and you're going to look weird at a formal event. Infact you're going to look werid with any sort of hat; they want to look "classy" but it's half-asses and not up to date. Like wearing a tophat to a wedding, you don't look "classy" you just look werid.
>>8199 Well I was thinking more along the lines of like... a Halloween costume or something. The point is whether you're doing it for fun/exploration or whether you're doing it to try and actually change who you are. It's the difference between, say, drinking alcohol during a holiday or on the weekend, when you already feel happy/good... and drinking alcohol every single fucking day as a form of escapism because you can't deal with reality.
(52.61 KB 497x302 1445000406102.jpg)
>>9677 >I wear a fedora without a pin stripe suit or any other kind of formal wear to go with it This is why fedoras are usually seen as a bad thing to wear. It's not so much that wearing a fedora is cringe: it's wearing a fedora with a $5 t-shirt and $7 8XL-sized sweat pants that's cringe.
posting this on an imageboard is retarded anon as we have anime to thank for the founding of these places. .gg/ tkGz4Ge talk or sperg with frens
(105.83 KB 667x497 N I G G E R.PNG)
(117.78 KB 344x667 (you)s.PNG)
Especially moeshit. normalfaggot shit like CHADgonball is what gets people to actually improve their bodies. There's also the ones about the "HAHA HE LOOKS LIKE A FLAT CHESTED GIRL BUT HE'S A BOY!" trite, AKA trannyme. Pics are samples from 4cuck /a/ DBS threads
(111.68 KB 470x560 1500136362952.jpg)
>>3979 Anime is just a medium like film, stop motion, and comics. If the only thing you can find is gay traps then your doing a poor job at searching.
>>3979 The only form of entertainment not filled with spics and niggers Just leave them alone.
>>3979 yes. animetards should be gassed.


no cookies?