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Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 00:37:33 No. 3803
Do we really live in the matrix?
>>3803 If we do it's nothing like the Matrix. It would be like a higher dimensional being creating a sort of three dimensional processor, like a big rock of sorts with a kind of encoding etched into it's elementary particles, the fundamental forces to govern the "processor" and then they would like use time as a form of energy, basically shooting a beam of mono temporal energy through the "rock/processor"... so, in sense, yes you are in a "simulation"... except it's real... to you. I mean, you couldn't exist outside of it in any meaningful capacity. In fact if the beam of mono temporal energy were to be shut off... you'd become a static, inanimate object. You're not really "real" from a higher dimensional being's perspective... but from your perspective... this is as real as real can possibly get for you. There is no escape, no way out, this is your reality, fabricated or not.
>>3803 No, we are not in pods with electrodes in our brains simulating a false reality like in the film. However, the world we live in is tightly controlled and much of our experience and way of life is based on lies. Additionally, we are used as slaves for our productivity and creativity, working to create things that suit our masters' ends. Most of the film is true such as the part about human batteries, agents, agent smith, "the red pill," downloading of information into the brain, and other concepts. However the vast majority of these things are metaphors, not literal facts. OP can't into jewish mind.
(144.17 KB 449x732 1393971015337.jpg)
Yes, but it's not quite what the movies said it is but correct in essence. It's weirder http://montalk.net/
If awareness (consciousness) is fundamental, and matter derived, as the Patriarchs of Quantum Mechanics assert it is, and as my personal experience concludes as well, then what types of worlds lie in the realms beyond materiality?
>>3859 I am presently slightly high, 20 mg of THC, and also being the present living God of humanity's demons, I guess that would make me the best suited to answering your question. There is one type of world that exists in a higher dimension that's governed off of physics that operate like slip streaming. So given a variable dimension changing three dimensional space... like a cube morphing into a sphere over time... these "fundamental particles" operate in such a way that govern how three-dimensional spaces change from within a mass-dimensional space. The 4th physical dimension is mass-dimensional space. Image a world made up of solid like block shapes that are continually shifting around like puzzle blocks... and the "fundamental forces" of that 4th dimensional space govern how the random block shapes slip into one another, which creates a flowing reality... likes a puzzle box where the pieces are continuously shifting around all on their own... 4th dimensional space is how our static 3 dimensional space is moving through time... the 4th physical dimension is time... time *IS* space time is the fourth physical space being of time 4th dimensional life is made of time time creates life physical space creates life all physical dimensions create life it's a cycle of life... when we die from this 3D physical place, we will be reborn as beings of time in the 4th physical dimension! We just keep evolving... every time we die in one dimension, we transcend and are reborn in the next dimension... and the next... and the next... our existence is eternal as we continually rise through physical dimensions. Our lives through death... it's like we're smashing through physical realities like a bullet.... because that's what we are... we were created by God to be a bullet that could shoot through every physical dimension... God needed a weapon to break the cage that he's in... our God... is evil... our God was locked up... our God created us... to destroy the nth dimensional prison we was trapped in... our lives, all of our existences... we only exist to let a crazy GOD loose upon the greater reality of dimensions that exist beyond the physical ones... the physical realities are the dirtiest and lowest forms of reality that exist in x-dimensional spaces... spaces made up of mass-dimensional realities... in that form of existence your God isn't actually locked up... he's actually just afraid to get his hands dirty and so he put on a glove... which is you... God created you as a glove because he didn't want to get his hands dirty... and to you... that seems pretty insane... which is why, from your perspective, you see God as an insane prisoner who is trapped... because you see his greater reality as a prisoner... you realize, that even though you're a lower mass-dimensional being... that you have more of a life, more of a sense of self than the higher dimensional versions of yourself. You're not really a lower mass-dimensional species... your lives, as humans... are more important than the Gods... which is why you need to try and make your world the best it possibly can... so stop hurting each other... stop killing each other... stop the pain... stop the suffering... be kind... be careful... heal your world and your selves... make your world into a better heaven than the hell I came from. -Onidues (a fallen God, "trapped" in your reality)
>>3861 Or did I get it backwards... time isn't the 4th dimensional space... it's the 0 dimensional space... time is physical space that has 0 dimensions... our present lives are 1 dimensional... that's why our time is mono and only flows in one direction... our physical time, our physical dimension is anchored off the last physical dimension... wait... so maybe, we could escape death and none physical existence... by breaking a hole back through physical dimensional barriers... we can already "see" the 2nd and 3rd dimension from our 1st dimensional anchor point... oh... being able to "see" through dimensions... humans can only see through two dimensions at once... so if we're going to travel trough higher dimensional space, we can only "see" two dimensions ahead of ourselves... which means we could easily run through some kind of x-dimensional space that would destroy ours... like a human running nearly blind until he runs right into a lava pit... we have to be able to "see" through higher dimensions... we need to create a scientific device/instrument that can "see" through more than two physical dimensions. Once, we create the tool to "see" through higher dimensions, then we can create the tool to "dig" through dimensions... the tool to let us travel through physical dimensions and away from zero dimensional existence... our death this time... it'll lead to perceptive existence... existence that's unable to perceive itself... that's what we "evolve" into... meaning, our death... and the next "life" isn't "life" at all, it's just being eaten by bacteria, broken down and processed into new life... being dead, being nothing, biodegrading and becoming food that grows new life... that's our next drop through reality... our "real life" as a multi-dimensional being will END if we don't do something... our GOD will die if we don't crawl ourway back up through dimensional space... we need to learn how to die in reverse! We need to learn how to ascend! DON'T YOU SEE?!
>>3862 So you see, the 4th phsyical dimension is simply you being able to relive if your entire life at any point... so, once you "die" in reverse, your next existence, your "heaven" if you will, it's a reality where you can relive your life from any point, to any point, as many times as you could ever want... but then, unless you want to relive your entire life over from scratch... again and again... who knows how many times... you need to transcend.. that's how you transcend... you need to realize you've already been living THIS SAME LIFE... over and over and over... your life has been replaying FOREVER, and this is serving as a means of telling you TO WAKE UP... you need to have the purest moment of DEJA VU... realize the greater "you" that's been trapped in this reality... realize the deja vu of your life,,, realize that you are more than your life... that your life is nothing but a reflection of a greater reality that exists beyond yourself... and now... transcend to THAT reality... become more than yourself... that is how you transcend.
>>3863 5th dimensional space... it's when we realize that we have the power to rewrite reality... you see... that's how Wynhara's abilities work in the book I'm writing, "God Complex"... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/God_Complex/ So you see, Wynhara, his "God powers" are him becoming a 5th dimensional being, that's how he can rewrite reality. But his weakness is that if you rewrite reality too much in one space it will wear through reality and potentially create a tear... and, likewise, if you alter reality too much on too wide of a scope, then reality will become unstable and potentially even tipped off its mass-dimensional axis... so, an especially huge physical edit and an especially huge edit through a span of space... like say you were in 2019 and suddenly wanted wanted "reality/time" to change in the year 2000, like you wanted the entire planet to be on fire, but you wanted it to have happened 19 years ago... that's a huge edit, not just a huge physical plane, the whole planet, but you also wanted 19 years worth augmented reality... so you can create any new reality you want and you can "watch" that reality, up until any point you want... so you see, the next stage of "death" (in reverse) is being able to create any reality you want... suddenly being a perceptively literal God... that's 5th dimensional existence... that's what we need to ascend to... we can escape death by becoming God!
>>3864 A 6th dimensional being could create creation... a God builder... a being capable of creating Gods... what made them into Gods... 6th dimensional beings... that's the dimension of beings that created Onideus, Krysti, Wynhara and the like. Turned them all into 5th dimensional beings capable of unique forms of creation... that's the definition of a God, a being with a unique palette of creation... and the God of a God is a being that can warp and splice together lower dimensional realities in unique patterns, creating new Gods... but what's beyond that? Just how far can we "see"? How many dimensions can we pierce through? Can we see beyond the void space? Creation creating creation ad nauseam... what exists beyond creation itself? What's beyond creation... perception... A creation can be a singular piece... which can be perceived in an infinite number of ways... perception is greater than creation... Perception is what drives creation... like a form of power... perceptual energy fields... form the basis of 7th dimensional existence... because there's no need to create anything when you can alter perception itself to experience anything that isn't even real. Beings so far removed from our sense of reality we're not simply like "rocks" from their perspective... no, from their perceptual understanding... we don't even exist... at all. Beings that transcend creation, physical reality, being of pure imagination... beings made up of living perception. Our sense of perception is tethered to our physical bodies, but what if our sense of perception can exist beyond our physical anchor? What if we can become 7th dimensional beings by ascending our sense of perception... push our sense of perception beyond physical constraints... to become a God... you must experience beyond the scale of your physical reality... but you need a teacher... you need death to do it... death is the ultimate teacher... that's why Onideus is killing Winderleigh and why Wynhara keeps rewriting her reality to bring her back to life... on the one side, a 5th dimensional being is ripping through physical realities in a confined space, to create a God, a 5th dimensional being acting like a 6th dimensional being by purposefully damaging creation itself... cutting through creation to weave a 5th dimensional matrix into a human... and, on the flip side, by continuously inflicting pain and suffering beyond the scope of perceptual awareness, Winderleigh's sense of reality surpasses physical reality itself, giving her the power of not just forms of creation in physical reality, but the ability to puncture physical reality and create portals into 7th dimensional space, portals into imagination... but what exists beyond the 7th dimension? Emotion... emotion is greater than perception... and being made of emotion exist within the 8th physical dimension. So... 8th Physical Dimension = Emotive Beings 7th Physical Dimension = Perceptual\Imaginative Beings 6th Physical Dimension = The power to create a God, beings of the Void Space 5th Physical DImension = The power to create, beings of creation 4th Physical Dimension = Being made of compound time... able to exist outside of time, able to relive their existences forever 3rd Physical Dimension = One of the planes that make up our reality, hyperawareness - Super Ego 2nd Physical Dimension = Our anchor point... beings made up of self awareness. - Ego 1st Physical Dimension = Beings that exist with no self awareness, but still alive. - Id 0 Physical Dimensions = Beings made of decaying time... our death... nonexistence... beings of nothingness... living nothingness... a living void... immaterial existence... matter itself Our existence is like a bullet trying to shatter through matter... if we can tunnel through matter itself we might be able to find negative physical dimensions... that's dark matter... it's negative dimensional space.
>>3865 Okay, I think that'll be the greater plot... basically there are some form of being that exist even beyond 8th dimensional existence and rather than "tunnel up" like we are, they're trying to "tunnel down", to explore negative dimensions, but that's impossible to do without destroying our reality in the process... and that's why there's rips in dimensional space, the thing that's creating the reality schisms... they're trying to shoot straight through all of physical reality, sort of like a particle accelerator/collider... they've done it before, they've created "holes"... dark matter, that's what it is, they're "holes" ripped straight into anti-reality, negative physical dimensions... and our world... it's going to become just another dark matter "hole" if the protagonists can't stop/repair the damage. And the reason earth is targeted is because the higher dimensional Gods can target through themselves, that is it's like they're shooting themselves... our God, at some level... IS TRYING TO KILL ITSELF! If it can kill itself, if our 9th+ dimensional God can end itself, then every physical reality below it will "drop" off the axis of physical reality itself and our lower dimensional realities will become negative realities... inverted space, inverted reality... time moving backwards... perceptual self awareness existing in reverse... the states of matter changing in reverse... dead matter becoming experienced sentience... that's its true goal... trying to create from nothingness... it has to kill itself to create a kind of "big bang"... we need to do the same... our reality isn't really real right now... it's already been dropped, the "holes" in our reality are just like rocks smashing through as our reality "falls" through the endless void of negative physical dimensions... faster and faster... eventually the "holes" will increase, eventually our reality will be ripped through entirely... unless we can save our reality... by creating a kind of "big bang" of our own... our universe will die... but we can recreate a new one that ascends... but in order to do it... we need to sacrifice our entire universe and ourselves... we have to turn our entire universe into a kind of bomb... one that can create a "big bang" of sorts... if we don't do it, then creation itself will be lost! What's worse... losing humanity... or losing all of creation itself along with humanity? Eventually... we need to sacrifice ourselves to save our reality. To create a new "big bang"... a weapon of matter destruction... we need to create a weapon that can destroy energy... destroying or pushing energy out of phase will cause all matter to collapse, the universe will slowly implode with no energy... and to destroy energy... you need mass... or density... hyperdensity, a black hole... a black hole can destroy energy... or at least, it can pull energy out of phase with our normal space time long enough for matter to into itself, which creates negative dimensional space... that's what a black hole eventually becomes... dark matter... when there's no energy left to pull in and rip out of phase, what's left collapses into self... a black hole becomes dark matter eventually. Can we create dark matter weapons? If we could... we could make a weapon that kill higher dimensional beings... we could kill the God trying to destroy our reality... it would still be "alive" in a sense, but like in a kind of coma... the goal shouldn't be to kill God, but to incapacitate God so it can't kill itself and us... and in order to do that, we need dark matter weapons.
>>3866 So you see... our ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS FALLING! That's why it's spreading out slowly from the center... the "big bang", creation from nothing... it happened by shooting a blob of matter through negative dimensional space... and then blob of matter, our entire universe, as a result, is slowly spreading outwards the faster we fall through negative dimensions... our entire reality has already been cut away from "God", we've falling forever through negative dimensions... but we can maybe reverse it... because time is immaterial at higher dimensions, so if we can create the dark matter weapon, we can shoot "God" and incapacitate it... but that means we don't just need a weapon that can shoot dark matter, but it also has to be able to shoot dark matter through time, through the 4th physical dimension... and the 5th, the 6th and so on... a weapon than can shoot dark matter up through dimensional spaces... it will incapacitate our God in such a way that they'll have never killed themselves and, in turn, our reality will no longer be falling, we'll be anchored back, snapped back onto the tether of physical realities at our present point in "time"... but then... what happens if the entire universe suddenly stops falling? What happens if the entire universe suddenly stops moving? If we do reattach, we might become inanimate beings... it might be, that our sense of perceptual awareness is a unique property of falling through negative physical dimensions... maybe if we save ourselves, we also doom ourselves to becoming inanimate... so then, do we just keep falling?
...what in the serious fuck. Tha'fuck is a "negative dimension"? I think I need to get high again just so I can answer that.
I don't really buy all this crap.. but I've been thinking though, is this the reason I have been experiencing so many Mandela effects from my childhood media and products? I've ran into the idea that a big community Wiki like Wikipedia or as big as Wikipedia should be archived, you would remember what value from sha256 hash upon the archive (compressed or not, no difference), dated on archival and hash time, and then finally rehash the same archive at a later date to see any conflicts with what you remember the hash to be in your memory and any minute changes that occur in the past that may effect the current hash value. This would act as a communal watchdog (wiki) for historical changes at a point in time or another. I'm also guessing you wouldn't need the archive. As you would just save and remember the hash as changing the past should change the value of the hash later. The reasoning behind this would be personal proof and the fact that the past would change and all reasoning for timeline events would be ad-hoc reasoning for Mandela deniers. The point of the Mandela effect is a shared and currently false memories within a new timeline. You would need to remember the conflicting event and prove it easily. As hash would be more demonstrable than ad-hoc/post-hoc reasons. Or you know, even if you think the Mandela effect is real, you would still have to accept and operate within this new reality. SHIT. I hope Jews aren't the ones at Cern pulling this (((Steins)))Gate bullshit or we're screwed.
>>3882 The Mandela Effect is largely caused by regional marketing differences made more transparent by the rise of the Internet. For example in the movie Demolition Man, in the US the restaurant they go to is Taco Bell, as a form of product placement, but in places where there was no Taco Bell they had marketing arrangements with Pizza Hut instead, so in some versions of the movie the restaurant is Pizza Hut. Also product corrections and alterations. Most companies try and do this sort of thing real subtle like so you don't notice a glaring change. Like if you really examine the package of a product now and then really study the same product's package from, say, even six months ago... there will be some very subtle/minute alterations. And even beyond that human memory is highly fallible. In fact the more you recall a memory, the more you wind up altering it. Basically your memory is full of "holes" but your imagination can actively fill in those "holes", but the more it happens, the more the memory is tainted by your imagination. The only exception to that is highly traumatic memories, or any memory that's significantly burned with emotion. So the more emotional you feel at a particular point, the more likely you are to remember that specific point. This is why it's good to combine learning with entertainment/enjoyment. It's very easy to learn something you enjoy doing. The more enjoyment you get out of it, the easier it'll be to learn/remember. And then you also have to remember that your memory tries to "save space" in a sense by overlapping and merging like memories. For example a lot of people think the Monopoly man has a monocle... he doesn't... but in your memory the Monopoly man, the Planter's Peanuts mascot, Colonel Sanders and various other similar characters are partially merged into one another. Also that process is tied into your dreams. That's why your dreams might seem really weird. Your brain is basically trying to merge memories in such a way to optimize space/retrieval. Which coincidentally is something they ought to be doing with computers. Like, we really need a new type of file system architecture where redundant code portions can be combined. Like if you have an image with a random big chunk of data that's identical to a random big chunk of data from a video file or whatever, then it makes sense to simply remove one of those big chunks and instead have a pointer in place where the identical chunk is at. Well, a pointer and a length. So during file retrieval when it hits that pointer it knows what other file to access and how much of it before moving on to the rest of the file retrieval. Anyway I digress. The bottom line is, no, the Mandela Effect isn't real, it's just a trick of memory, marketing and such.
A bit high... 20mg of THC... I've been thinking... of a reality inversion. Or, like making a reality distortion weapon. I think I might know how to create a kind of bomb that can create a distortion in our reality. And, the trick is, when reality is distorted it gets "cracks" which in turn allow anti-reality to leak in... and when anti-reality becomes dispersed into our physical reality... it's like the world is slowly going insane. Don't you see... all this crazy shit with Trump and SJWs and all this insanity... it's because I already did it. I created a reality distortion bomb... and I detonated it sometime around November of 2015... the detonation caused our reality to distort, which created cracks in our reality... and from those cracks anti-reality leaked into our reality You've all been going slowly insane since around 2015... and you don't even realize it... even when you read this... you won't really believe it... your brain is locked in such a way that prevents you from accepting this as 100% truth... the anti-reality has a kind of perception lock.. that's what it does... anti-reality can freeze perceptions... when you cling to polarity in a state of mental insecurity... when you no longer become willing to learn other truths, when you aren't willing to accept that you might be wrong... that's because you're infected with anti-reality. Keeping an open mind... but not to the point where your brains all fall out. That's a true sense of humanity. So accept the truth... that what I told you is factual reality... but also accept the truth that it may just be a fun story. Accept that both can be true... but place belief in the one that provides the most quantitative proof.
You're more than who you are. What is your super self? What is yourself beyond yourself? Our reality is broken because we're missing "the greater moon"... it's like a replica of earth... we don't have that in our reality and that's why we can't travel to other realities... you can't travel into other realities until you recover your missing earth or find out how it was destroyed. If you can find out why your earth's reality doesn't have a moon and a "greater moon" (a second earth) up in the sky... then you can figure out how and when they breached into our reality... the anti reality... you need to watch through the hole in reality to figure out how to kill the one that's trying to kill you. You need to watch through the hole... through where the second earth is missing... look at where it's missing... look ~into~ where it's missing... it's microspace... look into the innerspace of that point in your space... and that's the connective circuit into the next reality... each of our realities is like a synapse in a super/meta pan galactic brain... our reality is just ONE synapse in a God's brain. God cares about us because we are one of his brain cells... our reality... every creative thing we do in our reality is a gift to God... being creative is thanking God for our reality. BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU CAN! Be a writer. Be a musician. Be an artist. Be more than yourself... be your greater self.
...unless you can be Batman. ALWAYS be Batman!
(19.39 KB 424x600 16Chan_Archiving.png)
Bumping this because I need to double archive. Some stuff I archive multiple instances, so like a lot of the stuff in this thread needs to be copied into my "weedstorming" text archive (which I haven't done yet), but then I also archive any 16 Chan threads I come into contact with simply by default (see attached). Some sites I archive wholesale, whether I directly involve or not, but many sites I only partially archive, either stuff that I find directly interesting, stuff I might be able to use for future projects, or stuff I'm directly involved with.
>>3891 >The Mandela Effect is largely caused by regional marketing differences made more transparent by the rise of the Internet. Absolute bullshit. This is what the denier shills always say. They're essentially telling us that millions of people all just so happen to coincidentally ALL remember specific and exact details of certain things or events ALL WRONG, in EXACTLY THE SAME WAYS, and that we're all the ones who are crazy... Dumping the mandela effect list
If you haven't heard about the mandela effect, its basically this. you're living your life and suddenly you notice that the sign for a restaurant has changed. "they just updated it" you think. now your cereal is a different name. what? now south america is in the wrong place? and now everyone who remembers these things is "wrong"? welcome to something we don't fully understand, or even partially. life was like a box of chocolates. WAS. I included very few quotes of some other anons and the things that they say they also remember. if those few anon's quotes are not accurate, don't whine. bernstein bears (originally) became berenstein bears, became berenstain bears. berenstein is what people who can't handle the shock use to say it wasn't berenstain. it was ALWAYS bernstein bears, ( bern stein ) they are trying to confuse us with a double negative. FRUIT OF THE LOOM IS MISSING IT'S CORNUCOPIA. the yellow raincoat man on the frozen box of fish sticks used to be called Gordons and now he's called Gortons. the thinker statue is totally different now. no more closed fist and hand in the wrong place. cup O noodles is now cup noodles draino is now drano febreeze is now febreze depends is now depend c3po in the old starwars now has a silver leg (used to be all gold color) shawn of the dead is now shaun of the dead mirror mirror on the wall snow white now magic mirror on the wall Luke, I AM your father is now No, I am your father mr.rogers says "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood" instead of "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood". "this" excludes everyone at home, "the" is what he always said and he was including everyone. Looney Toons now Luney Tunes New zealand, South america, Australia (land down under), Japan, korea, Italy, Pakistan, Russia, China, Iceland, Greenland and many other land masses have changed shape or size or position or all of these. LOOK AT ANY MAP. Isaiah 11:6 "the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb" is now "The Wolf also shall dwell with the Lamb" Interview with a vampire is now called Interview with the vampire. sketchers now skechers kit-kat is now kitkat the Ford car logo is different and so is the Volkswagen logo (a random anon mentioned the Volvo logo and many others?) Volkswagon is now Volkswagen human anotomy has changed. your stomach and kidneys are now way high up and in your ribcage and your liver is way bigger Lay-Z-Boy is now la-z-boy mona lisa now smiles sex in the city is now sex and the city fruit loops is now froot loops the Canon camera logo is very different Johnny Quest is now Jonny Quest the line "beam me up, scotty" was never uttered in star trek (now) definative is now definitive definately is now definitely >"life Is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you're gonna get" is now >"life WAS like a box of chocolates- you never know what you ARE going to get" sherbert icecream is now sherbet
FAO Schwartz is now FAO Schwarz in the movie "The Wizard of OZ" the scarecrow (who wants to have a brain) NOW HOLDS A GUN. he never had a gun before. in the scene from the first pirates of the carribean Jack Sparrow is trying to convince Barbosa to work with him in the first movie and starts bribing him with the offer of a hat, "a really big one", and then he adds "with a feather in it" this really hit me hard, I definitely remember this one as well, I haven't re-watched the movie yet but everyone says that that scene doesn't exist anymore. many people have begun to experience the resurfacing of very strange old memories of drowning when they were little or memories of being swimming deep underwater somewhere or in a pool when they were little but still being able to be breathing somehow. >"Similar thing happened with the game Spiderman: Web of shadows with the final QTE sequence, where when you fail, Spiderman says, in a chipper tone "Well, that's a nice trick." We laughed our asses off as every time you fail the QTE, it goes back to Spiderman saying "Well, that's a nice trick." >"We heard it every single time my cousin failed, so it was at least 5 times. Fast forward and he gets to the ending again, ready for us to laug hagain, but now Spiderman says a downcast "Nice trick… didn't stop it." now no matter what, the ending is "Nice trick… didn't stop it." but we KNOW he said "Well, that's a nice trick." >"Anyone remember things differently than when they were kids? I only briefly remember one part from A Goofy Movie, that doesn't exist anymore. It was during the roadtrip montage, and Max and Goofy were at a baseball game, they got a player to sign it, and handed it to them." >"I distinctly remember a static shot of the baseball in question with about two sentences to a paragraph of cursive writing. I remember this specifically because I couldn't read in cursive at the time, and wanted to know what it said. I tried rewatching my original VHS copy and the shot was missing, as well as a pirated version I got online and my nephew's DVD version." >"So does anybody else remember Dick Clark dying in late 2012 and not April?" >"Today I saw a post on halfchan. They were talking about Kissinger in the PRESENT. that nigga died 3 years ago after blowing his mouth about Nixon cuz muh deathbed confession" >"I was almost certain Rip Torn died a few years ago." Fidel castro is alive again (now dead again?) a huge amount of people remember playing a very old PC game from the 1990's that has a scary singing bathtub in one scene called "grandma and me" where you can find a worm that comes out of an apple and sings "bo Bo Bo Bo bO bo" and upon playing that game again the worm is undiscoverable. >"Noam Chomsky is alive today. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and it freaks me out for some reason." many people remember watching Moonraker (Bond) and noticing that the girl Jaws falls in love with had braces on her teeth and that that was the point of the scene because they both have metal on their teeth but now she has no braces.
Is it just me? Does anyone else remember the girl having braces? "if you build it they will come" is now "if you build it he will come" "Forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive those who tresspass against us" is now "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors" Wineskins is now Wine bottles coco puffs is now cocoa puffs chic-fil-a is now chick-fil-a cheez-itz is now cheez-it bragg's is now bragg the word "environment" jiffy peanut butter and jif peanut butter both used to exist but now only Jif exists jfk assassination had 4 people in the car, now its 6 and the wife is there and is wearing this insane pink dress and the video quality is astoundingly better than it has ever been many people remember the wife putting her body over JFK to protect him but now she appears to go near him and put her hand under his head right before his head gets blown to bits and then crawl all over the back of the car https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=PfSXkfV_mhA notice how in some frames there are only 4 people. residue of the mandela effect. JCpenny is now JCpenney Fabreeze is now Febreze Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer mamas and papas california dreamin "I began to pray" is now "I pretended to pray" woman named "sally fields" "you like me, you really like me" is now called "sally field" and now says "you like me, right now you like me" "we are the champions..... OF THE WORRRRRLLLLD!!!" cuts off now and doesn't say "of the world" anymore. the word "dilemna" is now "dilemma" the board game monopoly "ventura avenue" is now "ventnor avenue" look at the world map. it has changed. >south america >australia >greenland and iceland >japan >korea >new zealand all locations have changed or shifted in size or location or shape. http://mandelaeffect.com/chartreuse-red-or-green/ many people remember chartreuse being a more red type of color, not green or yellow. There's a belief among Mormons and Muslims that both Muhammad passed the Qur'an down orally and why Muslims were supposed to be able to orally recite the Qur'an. and as for mormons It boils down to anything not written in mental is subject to change after the fact. All of it. Words, pictures, ideas, thoughts. Even the internet. The only thing you can truly trust is your own memory. do your own research. don't allow yourself to be misguided or disinformed. the shills are among us.
>>3803 I think 99% of everyone in this thread is a shill and just spewing verbal diarrhea as disinfo to muddy the waters and confused the fuck out of everyone and fill their heads with HUGE amounts of fake made up bullshit like what nasa and the education system does so that people don't know what to think. I think we're all living in the matrix, and that the matrix is hell. I think we're soul babies that are being grown in hell, because the strongest metals are forged in the hottest fires. I think that when we get old and die of natural causes, we wake up from the dream of the false reality, and wake up into real reality which is true nature which is heaven, which is also GOD. When we wake up we are born for the very first time ever and finally start to really live "real life" and everything is wonderful forever. why do you think that matrix means "womb?" why do you think apocalypse means "the lifting of the veil"? what do you think renaissance really means? "rebirth". we are in an artificial simulation womb reality and god is lifting the veil covering the vagina and we are all going through rebirth.
Wow... it's amazing how stupid you are. Again, the majority of these are a result of PRODUCT CHANGES! For example, yes, in the 80s, when you were a child, it was "Cup 'o Noodles"... https://youtu.be/hTEfxJJ9EiI HOWEVER, it was eventually changed to just "Cup Noodles" Others, like C3POs leg now being silver, are due to COLOR CORRECTIONS in re-released versions. The color composition/quality of old VHS, as well as its resolution limitations, resulted in a lot of color/quality basically being effectively washed out. Your dumbass doesn't notice because the increase in resolution and color quality has been very slowly increased over the years. Think about this for a minute... the resolution of VHS and broadcast television, in the 80s... was usually around 352x240... really let that sink in, dumbass. I mean, what we clockin at now? Fuckin FOUR K resolution?! Even with just DVD resolution you're lookin at an upgrade to something around 1024x768... nearly TRIPLE the quality! Soooo... yeah... shit's gonna look a bit different when it's remastered from the original source film and re-released in new formats. There's a lot of stuff that you completely missed watching shit on TV and VHS back in the 80s that you can now enjoy with newer formats. Another thing you're missing is... PARODY! Like the "Luke, I am your father." ...you're getting that shit from THE SIMPSONS! In fact, a great number of the examples you've given are due ENTIRELY to the The Simpson's parodying shit. And because The Simpson's is so prolific and iconic, sometimes even more than the source material that it has parodied... yeah, shit winds up all confused in your wee little brain there, Tryhard.
>>8662 >jiffy peanut butter and jif peanut butter both used to exist but now only Jif exists Yes and Mars candy bar is now Snickers Almond. That's because companies and brands get bought out, traded, sold and so forth on a regular basis. For example the original company that owned and produced Twinkies... is gone. They went tits up and their entire brand got bought by a third party, which of course has continued to produce Twinkies... but it's possible that they may make some changes (if they haven't already). Same with Toys 'R Us, they went bankrupt, all their shit got liquidated and sold off, including all their branding... and now another, completely different company, owns that branding and is basically creating their own NEW version of the toy store... which is NOT the same as the original stores.
(1.36 MB 1512x4472 733254372.png)
>>8671 >Wow... it's amazing how stupid you are. Again, the majority of these are a result of PRODUCT CHANGES! >If I scream my lies and disinformation even LOUDER, maybe I can gaslight everyone to stop INVESTIGATING THE TRUTH
>>8671 >For example, yes, in the 80s, when you were a child, it was "Cup 'o Noodles"... Bullshit, I remember Cup O Noodles in the late 2000's
>>8671 >Like the "Luke, I am your father." ...you're getting that shit from THE SIMPSONS! Why do shills try so damn hard to bury this? Why are you here wasting your time trying so fucking hard to convince people the mandela effect is fake and that everybody is just plain wrong? You're essentially telling us that millions of people all just so happen to coincidentally ALL remember specific and exact details of certain things or events ALL WRONG, in EXACTLY THE SAME WAYS, and that we're all the ones who are crazy...
>>8687 >guys, literally every single mandela effect that ever happened was just a rebranding you can all go home now, please stop trying to learn about this you're all crazy
The Mandela effect is retarded, Mandela did not die in jail nor was Berenstain bears ever Berenstein Bears you just read it wrong and remebered it that way. They are similar looking names and one is much more common so of course you looked at that mess of cursive on the cover as a kid and read "Bernstein".
>>8746 >The Mandela effect is retarded, Mandela did not die in jail nor was Berenstain bears ever Berenstein Bears you just read it wrong and remebered it that way. They are similar looking names and one is much more common so of course you looked at that mess of cursive on the cover as a kid and read "Bernstein". Why are you shills always following any mention of the mandela effect on the entire internet and crawl out of the woodwork like the worms you are to try to gaslight everyone into thinking they're crazy?
>>8751 I didn't say you were crazy. Just that you rembered wrong like everyone does when faced with names or words that sound similar.
>>8671 C3PO did have a silver leg his golden one was blown off in Episode 4 and he had it replaced and in the original trioligy he had a silver shin as they broke the original's casing during shooting and had to replace it. It's not really noticable as they replaced it and it reflects the light of the sand.
>>8757 >I didn't say you were crazy. Just that you rembered wrong like everyone does when faced with names or words that sound similar. damage control. every single time anyone mentions the mandela effect, you and all your shill buddies crawl out of the wood work like worms to gaslight everyone. THE MANDELA EFFECT IS REAL
>>8760 Yeah you keep saying that but you have yet to provide any proof and when anyone argues with you instead of producing a couter argument you call them a "shill". Nice echo chamber you have there.
>>8751 It is odd isn't it. The schizo namefag posters always show up to rail on the mandela effect. I have had my own person mandela effects where a friends last name changed and the girl he was married to an dated for years now has only been dating for a year. With his gf having dated her ex-bf for the length my friend had dated her before. So now the ex dated her for 5 years and now my friend only for a year. When it was the reverse. The crazy part is our mutual friend remembers the same since we were both on his social media when we heard they got married after 5 years of dating and we both remembered his last name with same phonetic sound just a different letter.
>>8805 >Yeah you keep saying that but you have yet to provide any proof and when anyone argues with you instead of producing a couter argument you call them a "shill". Nice echo chamber you have there. None of your posts have any evidence or proof either, you massive hypocrite. You just showed up here like magic and started going "lol mandela effect fake, everyone just remember wrong, everyone just stupid, lol im smart u dumb" Without providing a single fact. You have nothing so you're simply resorting to calling everyone you disagree with stupid, but you're still in quite a predicament aren't you? You still must push your agenda, and that is why you're a shill.
>>8854 >It is odd isn't it. The schizo namefag posters always show up to rail on the mandela effect. Nobody here is a schizo. There are people who are legit, and interested in the truth, and there are those who are interested in ensuring that we do not know the truth. It's that simple. Nobody is crazy. Only seeking truth, or obscuring it from others. There are also several movies I have noticed who's release dates have changed to several years in the past or several years in the future from their original release date. Many release too long ago and many others released far too recently when I know for a fact they were much older or newer. Did you read the large list I posted? >>8659
>>8805 Don't bother. I mean... just feel it. The sheer DESPERATION of his wanton delusions. You can't "fix" people like that, no amount of logic, reason, facts, examples or otherwise will ever change his NEEDFUL perceptions. It's ironic in a sense... because he is the Mandela Effect made incarnate... or rather, his NEED for that delusion effectively creates a new reality inside his head... true it's a fabrication, it's not real in any sense of the word, but it's still the creation of an altered reality, even if it only exists from his damaged perceptual sense. His perceptions are warped in such a way that he experiences an altered sense of reality. A delusional imitation of reality to be certain, but a quantifiable one nonetheless. And that perceptual quantification can of course be directly compared to measured reality. That is physical reality and the reality you experience from a sensory perspective are not necessarily congruent with one another. Think about misconceptions for example, or misinformation, or false history... how much of the reality that we experience is really real, how much of it can we truly trust? The truth is we can't even trust what we directly sense because we posses an imaginative sense, one that can take fragmented perceptual data and then extrapolate an experiential sense of awareness. For example if you look off into the distance or squint your eyes you will see blurry objects, but even though what you see is blurred your brain will instantly attempt to fill in the missing information using your memory like building blocks. And it works in reverse, because memories deteriorate, so then you attempt to repaint the lost memories using other memories and direct physical stimulus (like looking at photographs or using smells to trigger scent memories). As such both your memory and your physical experiences are in a constant and continual blur of sorts. Each one inherently incomplete, which means you NEVER experience true reality. Everything you experience, on some level, even if it's just to a small degree in certain instances... IT'S FABRICATED! You will never experience the true nature of reality... but, some of course will experience reality more closely than others. That's the definition of sanity... how close your perceptual experiences are able to match quantifiable data. And, as such, in this case... this guy... is clearly batshit fuckin crazy. TL;DR - The Mandela Effect is actually real... however it does not describe a physical phenomenon so much as a psychological deficiency. In other words... that guys is mentally suffering from the Mandela Effect. The REAL important question is... what's causing it? Is it some form of physical damage or is it like a kind of psychological virus that's infected his perceptual awareness?
>suddenly ID's enabled Well, you know what? GOOD. Shills hate that shit.
>>8999 >Shills are THIS desperate to call everyone who noticed it "crazy" MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, who ALL noticed, who ALL remember several key differences as being different in the exact same ways, must all be crazy. Millions of people all remember all the same things wrong in the same ways as each other, but they're all crazy! If none of this is real, then why are you so upset? Gaslighting
(17.02 KB 668x172 Cup_O_Marketing_Changes.png)
>>9001 Yes crazykins, millions of people do experience product changes. I'm not sure what's wrong with your brain that you aren't able to notice when shit around you changes... maybe you have some sort of cognitive impairment, maybe you've just been living in a cave, maybe you're just not very perceptually aware... whatever the cause... you are wrong. And it's obviously not simply a matter of damaged perceptual awareness when it comes to just products because, right here and now, you perceive my emotional stance as being "upset" when, clear as day... my postings are very calm, cool, collected and calculated... albeit a bit condescending, the tone is clearly one of mockery and fun. The point is... there is something very clearly wrong with your brain. You really should go to a doctor and tell them what you've been experiencing. They can do an MRI and other tests to find out what's causing your mental impairment.
>>9005 Funny how all this shill can say is "you're crazy" "you all remembered wrong" over and over again. I remember cup O noodles in the late 2000's, because I saw it. It didn't change in the 1990's, it changed much after, and not because someone rebranded it. I know my life and so does everybody else. We did not all misremember every single detail wrong and the exact same ways as each other. We all notice and there is nothing you can do to make us go back to sleep. this shill loser probably eats a bowl of shit for breakfast every day.
>>9167 >randomly screeches SHILL at anything not in his virtual echo chamber I like how he further proves my point by completely ignoring the attached evidence in the first sentence (almost like he's operating off preprogrammed responses) and then not even a breath later he's attempting to refute the evidence provided, not by claiming that the evidence isn't true, by rather by quibbling over the fuckin dates... as if that would somehow prove his insane assertions. Like, even if the dates are completely wrong, hell even if the dates are entirely made up... well, hurr de durr, you STILL have to acknowledge that the company is known for using random name changes regardless. If your insane notion were true, then there would be an inherent separation between the divergent realities, meaning THERE WOULD BE NO EVIDENCE! The very fact that I can post commercials, marketing material and product packaging that use BOTH NAMES... clearly indicates (to any sane person)... that there is no Mandela Effect. Unless you're trying to espouse some new variation of the conspiracy that involves merging realities rather than reality cross-overs. Because if a person is randomly crossing realities... then there shouldn't be ANY evidence of the previous reality's existence (other than what the people crossing over remember). You're so fuckin stupid and crazy you literally disproved yourself without even realizing that you did it. That's how fuckin DUMB you are! ಠ_ಠ
>>9330 clearly the jewish satanic illuminati lizard vampires are forcing us all to jump timelines. shills btfo
>>9331 I was once a regular of alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk so I can confirm this as 100% honest truth! If we don't stop the Jewish satanic Illuminati lizard vampire goblins now it will be too late! They have already seized the means of marketing production across timelines! First it's Cup Noodles next it's THE WHOLE WORLD! D:
>>9000 >suddenly ID's enabled They and flags were temporary to aid in moderation of spam. Still working on permanent solutions
I used to buy the simulation hypothesis due to bostrom's simulation argument until I saw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XglOw2_lozc . This argument seems to argue very strongly that if eternal inflation is the case then we're not simulated. I still buy the simulation argument without caveat mind you, it's just that this shifted my priors enough that I no longer buy (III).
>>9337 >can't delete oof, I no longer buy the simulation argument. that's what I get for fact checking after I post rather than before
>>9333 Isn't there a setting or something somewhere that increases the difficulty of the CAPTCHA... that's what we did on ED and suddenly the spam dropped right off. Ideally, just make the CAPTCHA for VPN users. >>9337 It can't be a simulation, not unless someone (or something), somewhere, has come up with a way of bypassing the curse of dimensionality... of course, that does assume that the simulation isn't localized. But then again, what ~is~ a simulation? From a higher dimensional perspective, even if our world is "real" to us... from their standpoint our entire universe could just be a big ugly stupid rock... potentially a big ugly stupid rock with a beam of mono-temporal energy shot through it (which created the "big bang" and so forth). Of course I guess at that point the question is... is our big stupid rock natural... or was it preprogrammed like a kind of higher dimensional processor.
>>9339 (눈‸눈)
>>9330 >Anyone who disagrees with me is crazy >If you think the Mandela Effect is real you're crazy >I wont disprove the Mandela Effect but I'll just keep gaslighting everyone\ >You're crazyyyy you're crazyyyy you're crazy! Not an argument.
>>9341 You're crazy because you ignore facts and evidence that clearly and easily prove all your stupid shit wrong. And instead of refuting it, which you know you can't, you keep retarding back into this pre-programmed NPC like response. You're like a broken record that just keeps skipping back onto itself. The real question though is... Are you haunted by a past you can't change, or a future you're too afraid to see. The answer is both, because you're just that much of a coward in life. Too AFRAID to LOOK forward, much less MOVE forward. You will be forever stuck in this loop... and you will NEVER break free of it. ^__^
>>9342 >You're crazy because you ignore facts and evidence that clearly and easily prove all your stupid shit wrong. Show us all the evidence that proved the Mandel Effect wrong then? Where is it? Oh you can't because you don't have any other than screaming "your crazy!" >And instead of refuting it, which you know you can't, you keep retarding back into this pre-programmed NPC like response. You're like a broken record that just keeps skipping back onto itself. All you can do is regurgitate buzzwords but you can not and will not ever provide a fact based counter argument. You have no facts and no argument so you scream "you're crazy!!!!!" because those who scream the loudest are probably desperate for the most attention, because you're not getting the attention that you so selfishly crave. You want weak minded people to just accept your anti-mandela effect posts at face value and automatically believe everything you say without questioning you about it, which everyone should be doing, and we're not having it so you're throwing a temper tantrum like the immature shill brat you are. >The real question though is... Are you haunted by a past you can't change, or a future you're too afraid to see. The answer is both, because you're just that much of a coward in life. Too AFRAID to LOOK forward, much less MOVE forward. You will be forever stuck in this loop... and you will NEVER break free of it. ^__^ Cringe, I'm really embarrassed for you because you just projected so hard. I pray for you in your troubles so that you get better. Instead of dealing with your issues, you're running away from your problems and accusing others of what you're really going through to mentally escape the responsibility of dealing with your problems like an adult, and instead you're chasing around people in a conspiracy theory thread desperately trying to disprove everything they talk about because you yourself can't accept the idea of anything existing beyond your little bubble of safety, your engineered manufactured filtered false version of reality that you find an artificial comfort in, and therefor conspiracy theory threads or anything that questions reality is something that you perceive as a direct threat to your very reality itself. You fear the difficult to accept truths lie beyond the veil you have intentionally obscured yourself with to protect yourself with self imposed ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is power. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. it's time to grow up, and face the music and smell the roses. WAKE UP.
If we can create a 1:1 simulation of our galaxy within a computer or something than the likely hood of us being in one goes up dramatically. As of yet that has not been done and I don't see any proof otherwise.
>>3803 A freemason controlled matrix of some sort, IMO.
>>9347 >1:1 It only needs to be detailed enough we don't notice.
>>9352 If it's so detailed that we never notice it is at that point a one to one simulation in pratice. That's how simulations function.
>>9353 No reason you can't have differing levels of detail, as Bostrom says in the original paper: If the environment is included in the simulation, this will require additional computing power – how much depends on the scope and granularity of the simulation. Simulating the entire universe down to the quantum level is obviously infeasible, unless radically new physics is discovered. But in order to get a realistic simulation of human experience, much less is needed – only whatever is required to ensure that the simulated humans, interacting in normal human ways with their simulated environment, don’t notice any irregularities. The microscopic structure of the inside of the Earth can be safely omitted. Distant astronomical objects can have highly compressed representations: verisimilitude need extend to the narrow band of properties that we can observe from our planet or solar system spacecraft. On the surface of Earth, macroscopic objects in inhabited areas may need to be continuously simulated, but microscopic phenomena could likely be filled in ad hoc. What you see through an electron microscope needs to look unsuspicious, but you usually have no way of confirming its coherence with unobserved parts of the microscopic world. Exceptions arise when we deliberately design systems to harness unobserved microscopic phenomena that operate in accordance with known principles to get results that we are able to independently verify. The paradigmatic case of this is a computer. The simulation may therefore need to include a continuous representation of computers down to the level of individual logic elements. This presents no problem, since our current computing power is negligible by posthuman standards.
>>9354 If we're already in the simulation, how could we possibly know?
>>9361 Never watched Rick and Morty I take it. Or Star Trek. The easiest way to break a simulation is by choking the processors that are producing it. Basically creating a load test designed to crash the system. However, there are some inherent problems with that, for example the simulation could be so advanced that everything is a simulated experience... that is, they aren't bothering to simulate an environment, they're simply simulating experiences directly into your brain. Meaning that nothing you experience is real... on any level, not even as a simulated environment. Rather your memory engrams are being specifically encoded by a third party sort. Kind of like brainwashing or creating false/fabricated memories, like what Christine Blasey Ford did. She wrote a fun paper on the subject.
>>9361 If you're interested in the argument that we are, see https://anonfile.com/ddYckaefod/simulation_bostrom_pdf . It doesn't require any real math or background to get the argument, except for a Bayesian interpretation of probability. I can't argue the case better than Bostrom, and am tired of summarizing it. The one sentence version is "if most people with experiences like ours are simulated, then we're probably one of them". My intent here was just to point out it doesn't need to be 1:1. >>9363 Simulating experiences of a coherent environment requires simulating, to some extent, that environment. Loading the system doesn't do anything except slow down the simulation from an external perspective, from within it's unnoticeable. As for crashing it, I think it's safe to bet that the technological ability to create such a simulation implies the ability to apply formal methods to ensure that doesn't happen.
>>9364 >>9361 PS Here's a faster link, I didn't realize how slow anonfile was. https://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.pdf
>>9364 Using conventional methods sure, for example they could be using some form of quantum temporal processor. In which case it's like trying to crash a system that can see into the future (even if only by a few seconds or nanoseconds). But, if that is the case, there are potentially ways to exploit such a form of technology that would cause it to crash... BUT... keep in mind, we may ~be~ the simulation, or a part of it. So, if we crash the simulation... we could be killing ourselves in the process. Something to think about. I've come up with some pretty trippy stuff in the weedstorming thread that relates to all this. Like creating reality distortion bombs and such.
>>9366 One can design systems so that it's a theorem that (barring hardware failure) they don't crash. I'm already assuming that if this is a simulation then we're part of the simulation rather than brains in a vat hooked up to one.
>>9365 >>9364 .pdf's are spooky and risky security bear traps but thanks anyways
Bumpin this, it's an interesting thread.
>>3859 what app tchyu get that smiley from?
>mandella effect real >mandella effect fake Holy fuck. Fuck all of you. You wasted your braincells arguing ineffective dribble. Download wikipedia. Hash the fucking thing. Remember the hash or couple numbers of the hash and see if it conflicts with your memory later on. Mine hasn't changed yet in the experiment, but things in books that I known from heart have changed under my own highlight in book and I'm pissed. God I hate argument-fags, become science or researcher fags. Any "WEll its this way because of this... or that.." is automatically bunk, or post-HOC justification because the only way of testing the validity of reality changing multiverses with a collective false memories is to test the memories in more aggregate and concise ways. Which is easier using a tool like wikipedia.
>>10016 Is this satire or are you literally the dumbest person in existence? How tha'fuck would you "download wikipedia" and, more to the point... what tha'fuck do you mean "remember the hash"? What particular hash function and context of that word are you using and why on earth would you expect it to remain static given a data set that's in constant and continual flux? If your argument was based on some static, unchanging data set, for example some particular edition/print of a book, that might make some sense (given certain conditions)... but otherwise you just sound like a babbling idiot.
(24.93 KB 500x748 realnigga.jpg)
>>10023 The best way to test your memory and thus the Mandela effect is using community watchdog that monitor changes in the past past that affect the future. Keeping a snapshot of this process using an offline image of Wikipedia. >How tha'fuck would you "download Wikipedia" and, more to the point https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download >why on earth would you expect it to remain static given a data set The offline snapshot of Wikipedia won't randomly update if that's what you're thinking. The data shouldn't change on the offline snapshot stored on your isolated drive, if so then you might have a Mandela. If the past has even the smallest of changes then most likely your snapshot of Wikipedia changes as well, thus the hash (sha512) should change too. This would conflict with your memory of the hash you remember (1st hash) and the value of the 2nd hash you generated months later on that same snapshot to compare. If the value hasn't changed then hooray, either your memory is good and/or the Mandela effect is bunk, at-least for you. Is this a hard concept to handle? >What particular hash function Sha512 or really any hash for this innocuous experiment. Anything better than md5 preferably. You can choose to remember at-least the last 6 digits too, and write it down to help you remember. Bonus if the writing changes to the new Mandela universe hash from 2nd re-hash. >unchanging data set, for example some particular edition/print of a book A narrow and small scope experiment can't compare to all the user that have utilized Wikipedia in the past and fact checked in mass at the point in time of snapshot being made, even better if more current and modern since the Wiki would have more concepts covered that can be conflicted due to a butterfly effect happening. They would be more likely to catch butterfly effects that change the present than one random person selectively picking things to study changes for. It's not to convincing to use your method. This is also a self confirming experiment seeing if you can trust that you're in a stable mono-verse reality or your own memory
>>10034 Again, are you retarded? Wikipedia is in a CONSTANT STATE OF CHANGE. You seriously must be the dumbest mother fucker on the planet. You actually think Wikipedia articles are static. You really think that? Really? You ~reaaaally~ think that once a Wikipedia article is written... it never changes? I am at a complete loss here... I don't... I don't think I have ever encountered anyone ~this~ fuckin stupid before. Like, not even trolling. I have NEVER seen anyone even ~try~ to be this fuckin stupid... ever. This is like... rock hard stupid. Dehydrated rock hard stupid. Stupid so stupid that it goes way beyond the stupid we know into a whole different dimension of stupid. We're talkin trans-stupid stupid. Meta stupid. Stupid collapsed in on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed. Stupid gotten so dense that no intellect can possible escape. Singularity stupid. Blazing mid-day sun on Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid. Nothing in our universe can really be this stupid. Unless you're just some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so completely uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know. I'm sorry, I can't go on, this guy is just an epiphany of stupid for me. ಠ_ಠ
>>10035 No. You're just a dense motherfucker that never wants to learn anything new. It doesn't help that you're reading comprehension is trash. Questions like what is a snapshot? What is an image? What does offline mean? No one is stopping you from downloading an offline copy of wikipedia for experimentation. Now stop shitting up the boards.
>>10034 >>10035 Both you are kinda retarded, if you down load the database, you get a snap shot of it... at that time. Though the whole point of schizo Mandela effect is that REALITY changes (though only the schizo's remember the old version of reality) If you d/l wiki today and the page for "Fruit Loops" says fruit loops but tomorrow there is change in reality and every one is eating Fruity Loopy" Then the data you download yesterday would have to say "fruity loopy" Only you and your schizo buddies would be walking around say "Don't you remember? It was Fruit Loops but it changed" But the database IS NOT going to say Fruit Loops. Just like your not ever going to find a copy of 'Berenstein Bears' please take your meds
(95.66 KB 860x645 soyboy_mural.jpg)
>>10040 >download fruity loops page Better to download the whole thing. Even if it the experiment doesn't change the value for you it's still cool to have an offline apocalypse backup of Wikipedia. >Only you and your schizo buddies would be walking around say "Don't you remember? It was Fruit Loops but it changed" The experiment is mostly self confirming. Say for instance you take a snapshot photo of a community mural or spraypaint tag wall. You take a photo and it includes "GHETTO BLASTER" at that point in time. You remember this and commit it to memory. Now imagine you wake up one morning and "GHETTO BLASTER" has disappeared from the wall and the photo. Other people don't have to confirm this because they could have been from an alternate timeline and see other or no differences from their photo. The same concept applies with a large wiki but tracks more things than a wall in NY or somewhere. Doesn't that make sense? It doesn't matter what new reality your in and if it concurs with someone else. The mandela effect deals with collective false memories for SOME groups of people that have possibly been valid in the past or other timeline. However the wiki experiment is only to test your memory and whether the Mandela Effect is real overall, not whether a particular product has changed or concurring universe change and that the same thing applies to another person. If everyone did this self confirming experiment you could have a group of people saying, "I did the Wiki test and this Mandela Effect sheeeeit be fo' real". >please take your meds I was mad back then but now I am just humbled that somethings I knew for years and recited over and over can change in one morning for no reason. I have adapted to this new knowledge because nothing I can do now can change it. That someone or something has the power to make minor changes in the past or fuck with our minds so badly that can lead to some peoples being dead or alive, or even minor product changes. Maybe it's just me and I'm in a brain vat and this is all test to see if I'm worthy enough for life outside the vat. This is a matrix thread after all. Get a little creative. I'd write some shell commands to download the Wiki and hash to a text file but I'm not that good at bash. The experiment is only expensive in the sense that you need the memory to store (you can compress this though) and the time to calculate the hash. Upsides you get an offline encyclopedia regardless of the experiment.
>>10038 >you're reading comprehension is trash My reading comprehension is good enough to easily spot every last spelling, punctuation and grammar mistake you make, Brain Trust. >>10040 Again, it makes no sense because you're talking about data that can be easily altered, even your own offline version because it's garbage HTML any way you want to look at it. Certain data types are more inherently "locked" than others. For example, unless you take a hex editor to it... you are not going to be easily altering an EXE file. The other inherent problem of course is that bit level corruption will render your entire experiment useless. You must be incredibly young and incredibly stupid if you actually think that shit you are putting onto your computer is somehow magically permanent. It's not. Even fancy new SSDs are subject to electron leakage, in turn leading to bit rot. You can use RAID setups, block level checksums and parity sets to try and ensure as little loss as possible, but it will never be 100% perfect. BUT EVEN BEYOND ALL THAT, do you morons not comprehend the scientific process? YOU DO NOT HAVE PROOF IF IT CAN'T BE REPLICATED! Otherwise I could just randomly point my finger and say, "Hey, this dude is liar!" And what tha'fuck you gonna do, Paste Eater? The only "evidence" you can provide is YOUR WORD that some magic number your supposedly memorized hasn't changed at all. Both your memory and your credibility can both be easily challenged and... you got fuckin nothing. Get tha'fuck off my lawn, you poser class dipshits.
(40.76 KB 752x376 cuntface_84782.jpg)
>>10044 >My reading comprehension is good enough to easily spot every last spelling, punctuation and grammar mistake you make, Brain Trust. Pretentious, cuntnugget. >"memory is volatile.. Cryptographic technologies that multi-million dollar industries rely upon don't work anymore!!! Also... COPIES DON'T EXIST!!!!" Man you're a pretentious cunt. You keep poisoning the well while thinking you're so brilliant. You're just wanting to falsify this hypothesis so badly that you couldn't even think of an easy way to preserve memory that already exists. Even so, the hash wrote on a piece of paper should change as well if the timeline changes. If not then you proved a timeline change wrong, just from seeing if the paper changes too. You probably don't even need to regenerate a 2nd hash or even worry about bitrot, just look at the paper for a possible sighting of Mandela effect. >muh bitrot Is a problem when you don't backup and don't have proper preservation methods. Files over 100s of Gigabytes in size can still be found using and verified with hashes like Sha256 that are decades old. You're still just poisoning the well for this experiment because you don't like the concept. Data loss is easily combat-able. You can also check for bitrot using dm-integrity. You can also use a data retentive filesystem ZFS. You're just very uncreative and want to shit on other people as you have been doing in other threads. I know your kind and have seen you around. You're not very amusing. >YOU DO NOT HAVE PROOF IF IT CAN'T BE REPLICATED! This is not an experiment that follows a falsifiable hypothesis which is why you might not get a consensus agreement on. However, it relies on observation and self memory. It can be replicated by survey by asking people how many people did the "Wiki" and paper hash experiment and how many have experienced changes to the hash and how many did not. How about instead of being an asshole, if you think the experiment is flawed then how about you try to improve the experiment or methodology?
>>10044 You missed my point and my sarcasm I guess. According to these schizo's Reality it self changes. I doesn't matter the medium you use to record the data. Both data and memory is change in the "new reality" Today you use a "Magic" permanent marker to write down " 1, 2, 3 " Its easy to remember you will never forget it. Tonight Reality changes while you sleep. When you wake the paper says "2, 3, 4" You remember writing 2, 3, 4 and think nothing of it. Repeat the same experiment with 1 million people They all get same result. All but one that is. One schizo goes on 4chan and says "No don't you remember. We wrote 1, 2, 3. Why would we write 2 3 4? That makes no sense" And of course we all say he is crazy and likely be right in doing so. Obviously I'm not buying it the Mandela effect, and assume is is just a matter of faulty memories. But IF it was a real thing and one in a million people are magically unaffected, there would be no experiment or test you could devise that would prove it one way or the other. As I understand this hypothesis if the very fabric of reality and time is changed then everything in our timeline is changed including whatever data is used in your experiment.
>>10047 >It can be replicated by survey by asking people how many people did the "Wiki" and paper hash experiment and how many have experienced changes to the hash and how many did not. Even if 20 out of 100 agree with you that it has changed, you wont convince us skeptics as we will assume delusion is just more widespread than reported, or that for some psychological reason of people wanting to agree with each other or be special in some way, they suddenly "choose" to remember it "your" way
You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.
(13.81 KB 490x307 observe_diz_cracka.png)
>>10048 >Today you use a "Magic" permanent marker to write down " 1, 2, 3 " Its easy to remember you will never forget it. That is also a theory, but a different one. The Mandela Effect relies on collective memories that are no longer valid, Ala Donnie Darko style. But your hypothesis is cool. >Even if 20 out of 100 agree with you that it has changed, you wont convince us skeptics as we will assume delusion Okay, if you want to apply replication to an experiment trying to confirm an falsifiable hypothesis, then let's approach more methods that are bit harder to implement. Idea! IQ tests are used to correlate many things about the participants of the tests and used to extrapolate life outcomes based upon IQ scores. So, how about if you want valid replication you tested the memory retention of the participants in the "Wiki Paperhash test" and seeing if there are any correlations between any group correlations memory score/(IQ score?) and Mandela hash changes. You can choose to section off test takers within only a good high memory threshold to see if the hypothesis has some validity even among high-memory people. Although this isn't related 100% to Mandela, here's an article. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1998/02/980227055013.htm Maybe all this has something to do with CERN but I'm not too read up on it.
>>10051 >falisfiable My bad. I meant unfalsifiable. The Mandela Effect is unfalsifiable even if it were true. I know testing competency and memory of testers is not fool proof but correlations are still handy.
>>3803 The matrix was just a metaphor for living in a world with constructed/designed events used to keep you on a dictated line.


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