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Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 01:01:54 No. 2964
what the FUCK happened to /a/
>>2967 you fucking nigger gimme back /a/
>>2969 It ain't my call. Maybe they couldn't get someone to volunteer to moderate it? I guess I could if no one else will do it.
>>2983 let me moderate that hellhole I love it
>>3033 Well, get on it then! Contact the admins right nyah... https://www.16chan.xyz/.static/pages/contact.html And tell 'em ya the site's /a/nus back!
Random jap crap bumb.
animoo crap thread bump
(168.26 KB 799x652 11923313.gif)
(91.92 KB 576x768 Vegeta Pinata.jpg)
(26.68 KB 316x218 Funny - Anime - 4157940_n.png)
(215.14 KB 1280x720 Funny - Anime - 9412902.jpg)
>>2967 did you delete your christmas thread? was gonna say i finished the 3rd madoka movie and got through psycho pass season 1. sadly the madoka movie didn’t change my mind but it had some great animation at certain points. psycho pass is probably in my top ten now, but I always see people say it sucks after season 1. got any opinion on it? how about opinions on laughing salesman?
>>3919 nvm about your xmas thread. i found it but i was retarded and forgot it didn’t have a name field
>>3919 The the fight scene with the guns is pretty awesome. I also like the twist at the end where Homura turns evil and "steals God" so to speak. Madoka isn't all that gory so much, but the dialogue/story is interesting, more so than most anime series (which tend to be overly predictable and weak on dialogue). It's kind of like Steins:Gate in that it's more cerebral than brutal. As far as Psycho Pass... mmm, to a certain extent. The first season was by far the best I think, but the 2nd and 3rd season (and the movie) are worth watching I think. At least if you enjoyed season one. If you didn't like season one I'd say to just dump it. Laughing Salesman is the anime version of Steven King's Needful Things... or any version of The Monkey's Paw... or The Outer Limits... or The Twilight Zone. Supposedly the 2nd and 3rd season (of the original) is better than the first. I haven't seen the new version at all, but apparently everyone hated it (although that's not surprising since it's not isekai/waifu trash). It's also episodic rather than being a serial, so it doesn't really have any kind of "story" so much. You might want to check this out... https://myanimelist.net/anime/22199/Akame_ga_Kill I've only seen the first episode, been meaning to watch the rest, but it starts off awesome. Like most of the first episode is like this happy/goofy sort of fantasy world setup, sort of like Black Clover... and then near the end of the episode it just goes 38 shades of fucked up with these assassins and this group of psychopaths that's been luring in random victims and torturing them to death, including the main protagonists childhood friend. Not sure if it keeps up that same pace or not, but it might be worth checking out. Caligula is sort of interesting... https://myanimelist.net/anime/36828/Caligula Sort of a Matrix type theme with a kind of Monkey's Paw angle (be careful what you wish for)... but it's also a bit disappointing because they could have made the whole thing a LOT darker than they did. It's like PG mind fucks that leave you longing for something more mature. You also might like Angels of Death... https://myanimelist.net/anime/35994/Satsuriku_no_Tenshi If you want the most incredible disappointment in anime possible though check this out... https://myanimelist.net/anime/36882/Arifureta_Shokugyou_de_Sekai_Saikyou First episode was fuckin amazing... and then it just turns into an absolute fuckin dumpster fire. I've also heard Ninja Scroll is really good... https://myanimelist.net/anime/617/Juubee_Ninpuuchou Kinda old school tho, from 1993. Sort of a brutal/horror samurai fantasy type genre. Oh, oh shi- I just remembered... there's that one anime with a bunch of girls with really brightly colored rainbow hair and it turns all psychotic and crazy 'n shit, uh... *searches* Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) https://myanimelist.net/anime/934/Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni It's like a murder mystery that goes all crazy psycho... not just the characters, but the plot too, it's just a crazy psychopathic mess on every level. The story goes as crazy as the characters do. Also Dead Man Wonderland... I didn't really like it that much, but it's pretty sick and twisted all around. If you really liked Psycho Pass you'll most likely enjoy it though. Let's see, what else... oh Danganronpa, it's another one of those "death game" anime series that was real popular a few years back (before isekai become the big thing). Corpse Party was another in that genre. Also King's Game. Umineko has some pretty good mind fucks in it... https://myanimelist.net/anime/4896/Umineko_no_Naku_Koro_ni But I didn't really like it all that much personally. It's sort of a murder mystery type thing but there's a LOT of tedious, long, drawn out exposition and monologuing. This might be good... https://myanimelist.net/anime/22319/Tokyo_Ghoul It's on my list of stuff to watch. There's Death Note, but I assume you've probably already seen that. This might be good... https://myanimelist.net/anime/11111/Another Oh, Gantz, you'll like this... https://myanimelist.net/anime/384/Gantz Also I mentioned it before, but Future Diary and Big Order are both worth checking out. Not the most brutal stuff, but interesting stories/characters, especially the "psychotic waifu" aspects... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iOXk6QWYas (on a side note; watching AMVs as previews is a good way to tell if you might like a series) Lastly, definitely watch Fate/Zero... it's gory, has some absolutely amazeballs fights and some of the most incredible mind fucks, like when Blue Beard is first summoned by this serial killer teen. Might want to watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works first... but... well I guess it doesn't technically matter... Fate/Zero is basically the prequel.
>>3924 my computer is busted so i haven’t gotten around to most of the anime in your reply yet. been watching deadman wonderland just because i remember seeing the last episode on adult swim years ago. been bumming it off gogoanime but it’s heavily censored. a quick google search leading to leddit says there are no completely uncensored versions. you mentioned blood-c earlier so i was wondering if that gets fucked by censors and if there is a specific place to get it (preferably for free) with the minimum amount of censors. don’t really care about titty and pussy censors as much as the gore censors
>>3976 Just go to Nyaa for anime... https://nyaa.si/view/1160112 I don't know what you mean by censored though, are you talking about them censoring their own stuff? I mean, it is what it is... on Nyaa you can get blu-ray releases if they're out (like the one I linked to). I think the studio that put it out purposefully used a bit of perspective blurring in some parts, but that may have been more for artistic expression than self-censorship... I dunno... it's pretty gory as it is. I don't know what "Adult Swim" versions are out there... that was like... something from twenty years ago, wasn't it. Is "Adult Swim" even still a thing anymore? Hell is cable TV even still a thing anymore? LOL Honestly I've heard of people getting anime from like Crunchy Roll... but uh... Adult Swim? *shrugs* Just use Nyaa dude... I don't know why you'd want to use anything else. Just use Nyaa... Blood-C https://nyaa.si/view/952468 Blood-C movie https://nyaa.si/view/952758 If it says "BD" then it's from the blu-ray discs. There's other versions if you want something even higher quality, just use the search engine on the site.
>>3990 by censors i mean when they use big black or white bars and try to make them look like shadows or reflected light. the reddit post i saw mentioned there is no completely uncensored version of deadman wonderland, but there are versions with varying degrees of censorship. i haven’t had cable for several years now, but i think anime saturday is still a thing on adult swim. think they started airing the english dub of jojo vento aureo a few weeks ago. most of the anime they have aired isn’t very good (especially stuff made to air on adult swim like space dandy and the flcl sequels), but there were a few shows i liked on there. only one i can recall right now is paranoia agent
>>3997 forgot they aired evangelion on there. that was the first anime i saw that made me realize anime can be more than dumb cartoons
>>3998 My first real exposure to anime was seeing the trailer for Princess Mononoke and then renting it. Afterwards I started renting other random anime, like the ancient Final Fantasy series and was like... this shit is terrible! Terrible quality, boring, and the animation in general just looked like dog shit to me. It wasn't until a few years later that I started watching random episodes of like Tenchi and DBZ and such on Toonami (mostly just for "background noise" at first) when I really started to appreciate it more. Once I realized that there were a LOT of different animation styles and a LOT of different genres and such, then I really started getting into it and actually downloading whole series and such. I started out mostly using AMVs as a kind of litmus test to see if I would like a series or not, although as time went on I found that some AMVs were better than the series itself. I've never really considered myself a "fan" of anime because I have really particular, picky tastes. To me that would be like saying I'm a "fan" of movies or a "fan" of music... which would just be weird. Some anime I like... most of it I don't. Oh, speaking of AMVs, they're a VERY handy way brainstorming writing ideas. Like just watch an AMV for a series that you've never seen and then try and make up the plot in your head based on two or three minutes of footage.
>>4360 ghibli stuff can be pretty good. my favorites from them are probably mononoke, spirited away and howl’s moving castle
(34.40 KB 600x287 Captions - Another Level.jpg)
Pleh, I watched Gantz (the newish movie version) and it's annoying as fuck. It reminds me of how stupid and useless humans are. Like... how tha'fuck hard is this shit to figure out... either you kill every monster within a time limit... OR YOU FUCKING DIE! So like... what are all these morons just standing around and chatting and shit for... I mean the guns have unlimited ammo, so just don't stop shooting, don't stop attacking... period. It's pretty gawd damn simple, you have X amount of tools and Y amount of monsters... either you eliminate all the monster or you're dead. If the tools you have available can't get it done... you're dead. But the tools are the only real viable part of the equation, either you maximize their usage... constantly, continually... or you fuckin die! Instead they keep yammering the fuck on about their situation and whether they should hide when they should just ATTACK... constantly, with everything they have, unrelenting and as quick and concise as possible. The faster you strike and with the more power you put into those strikes, the more likely you are to win. And, most importantly, if your gun never runs out of ammo... DON'T STOP SHOOTING THE FUCKING THING! God damn humans piss me off... any time any little crisis breaks out you're all completely fucking useless. Especially when you get into groups. Any time there's more than one human around the entire lot just gets collectively DUMBER by the man!
>>2983 all we can do is petition 663 to bring it back, but he says it was too low-traffic to keep. there wasn't even a page of threads from what i remember so i don't see how it was too taxing, but i don't know shit about fuck about hosting a website
(63.13 KB 400x585 1578208346990.jpg)
Anime and hentai boards are here tbh: https://onee.ch/
Okay, time for my seasonal anime review! Let's see what we got, uh... first up... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/kyokou-suiri/ ಠ_ಠ You know like... you know that one friend you have that's a pathological liar? But they're like REALLY bad at it? Like they're CONSTANTLY lying and about just completely stupid shit and every time you point out the glaring flaws or retardation of their story they suddenly have to like backpedal and then change their entire lying narrative... and then they just keep doing that until you finally just get tired of even trying to argue with them and you just sorta nod along with whatever stupid bushwa bloats on outta their idiot mouth... yeah, yeah that's this anime. Like... every fucking character is that guy and every episode is just this constant back and forth banter of lies and more lies and it... it just doesn't ever fucking stop. Okay next up... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/boku-no-hero-academia/ Oh shi-finally gettin new episodes of shonen whacky land! Like, everything in this anime is just balls up fuckin nonsense, like right on par with One Punch Man or the "science" of Rick and Morty, it's just... fantasy bullshit masquerading as science fiction... but it's still pretty good, ya know? Like, the story, the character development, the fights, it's just... it's just all fuckin amazing! Even though it's just all bizarro wacky land nonsense super powers 'n shit. And you have to appreciate that level of artistry... being able to take outright absurdity and making something really worth watching out of it. Moving right along we have... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/murenase-seton-gakuen/ *sigh* The current pop-theme in anime is "furry"... especially "furry done terribly wrong". This anime... I just... it makes me feel annoyed. Like, seriously annoyed, which is odd because normally I might just find something stupid and then I won't watch it... but this anime just ANNOYS me, on a visceral level there is just something about it that genuinely aggravates me on some level I can't quite put my finger on... and worst of all... I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! It's like a train wreck of aggravation that I can't seem to look away from. Every character, every personality, every aspect of the show is just like nails on a fucking chalkboard and yet... can't... stop... watching. ಠ_ಠ Okay next... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/majutsushi-orphen-hagure-tabi/ Um... I watched the first episode... it looks pretty good, might be interesting, but overall I don't think it's gonna do anything super amazing or ground breaking, just an average fantasy anime with average characters, average plot... it's just... very average... at least going by the first episode. One more for now and then I'll do some more tomorrow... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/itai-no-wa-iya-nano-de-bougyoryoku-ni-kyokufuri-shitai-to-omoimasu/ This is like... this is basically everything you wish a 3D MMO RPG could be... but isn't... and never will be... never. Video games will never have complexity and nuance to this level... at least not in our lifetime. But, yeah, it's fun to watch just because it's like watching a fantasy of how you wish gaming actually was. It reminds me of when I first played Maplestory 1 and I thought the game had like super complex mechanics and like attribute factors such as "luck" would affect drop rate, like you could make yourself weak but you could get mad loot if you put most of your points into "luck" instead of "strength"... unfortunately I later learned that, no, each class is relegated to just ONE factor and that's where you put all the points into and any deviation results in absolutely no benefit and only detriment... essentially rendering the entire point system... well, pointless. Oh, but hey, in MS2 they made it ~slightly~ more complex by adding in a "critical rate" option! :D ...except it's still functionally impotent in that you always get more benefit from maxing your critical rate first.
>>4773 have you watched evangelion's re-releases? sub, dub and netflix dub?
Oh, right, I forgot I was reviewing animu. Okay, where were we... how about... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/plunderer/ Um... a very young Jiraiya knock-off hooks up with a nondescript clueless innocence moe trope and there's like... numbers 'n shit... uh... it's like watching a really boring version of that sci-fi movie... whatever it's called... oh yeah, "In Time" (fuck me that was a dumbass name for a movie). It probably gets worse from there... like, a LOT worse. I stopped after episode two. Next up is... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/somali-to-mori-no-kamisama/ Eh... um... it's like "dark feels"... like you watch it thinking it's gonna be a feel good series and then... suddenly depression sets in. Not sure if it gets better or not. Okay, moving right along... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/magia-record/ Oh shit nigga, this is what we been waitin for! ...maybe. It's hard to tell at this point if it's just an offshoot/unrelated story, or if it's actually going to be significant/important to the main story. Hopefully the later. So far it is significantly LESS dark than the original... which kind of sucks. I'mma be honest, I don't hold out much hope for this being really good/relevant, but at least it's a sign that the franchise isn't completely dead. Same with this shit... https://horriblesubs.info/shows/re-zero-kara-hajimeru-isekai-seikatsu/ A director's cut? Really? You couldn't just... finish the fuckin story? *le sigh* Yeah, okay... whatever. At least it's not dead, right? I've heard some say that it's got like extra stuff... but not really much. Some have said just not to bother unless you planned to rewatch the series anyway. That's mostly it for this season... it's not especially exciting I'm afraid. >>4774 I will never watch a Netflix dub of anything... ever. I would sooner watch a terrible fan dub than watch a Netflix dub.
>>5025 have you watched the original dub and the sub of evangelion, then?
>>4409 The only thing gold about Gantz is the opening Rip Slyme is pretty good.
(5.53 MB 480x360 Anime - Shinji's Rant.mp4)
>>5026 And the outtakes too! I never much liked it on the whole, the whole series was just... very half assed. And then they kept trying to "fix it" with like movies and reworks and shit and... every time they tried doing that... it wound up as half assed as the original. Seriously, did they ever even finish the 4th remake movie? What was it... 4.44 or some retardation. Good concept, I mean, the underlying plot and story was fuckin amazeballs! But the characters, mainly Shinji, just ruin it for me. They should make a follow up series where Shinji is like in an interment camp and he just gets his ass beaten every gawd damn day while he's continually forced to do back breaking labor until he learns to man the fuck up and stop being such a bitch made little cunt. >>5028 Yeah the opening was really good. The series as a whole was just... tiresome. The pacing kind of reminded me of Dragonball Z at times. That and nothing is really resolved at all, it's one of those "mystery box" kind of stories... but not the sort where the author/creator ever actually had a genuine intent/reveal... cause otherwise they would have gone all Sixth Sense and delivered some righteous mindfucks. When the mystery box is never opened, all you leave is longing regret for what the story could have been; what the author was too lazy or too lacking in creativity to finish.
Oh shit nigga, how tha'fuck I miss this?! https://horriblesubs.info/shows/id-invaded/ Gawd damn! That is fuckin FIRE! I ain't even gonna bother describing it... just go fuckin watch it! Right now! Srsly, go watch that shit! It has been sooooo looooong since I have come across an anime series that truly gripped my interest like this! It's fuckin AMAZEBALLS! :D
(538.47 KB 1389x2139 Koharu.Hondoumachi.full.2854094.jpg)
Koharu is new "best girl"... even if she is a bit on the short side. Seriously, I've seen plenty of depictions of psychopath wrapped up in shitty layer of cute... but this is the first time I've ever seen a true depiction of psychopathic cuteness, or naive/innocent psychopath.
>>8059 Assuming of course she truly is a genuine psychopath and not simply a creation of John Walker. But then again she could turn out to be the only TRUE psychopath of the bunch, which helps foil his plans. It would be pretty trippy if he attempted to make a psychopath out of someone who was already a psychopath and, as a result, wound up fuckin up his own plans. Given how derivative the series is though, primarily riffing off Inception and Minority Report the most logical reveal is that the head of the operation is John Walker. I like how Hunetaro Momoki even looks like a Japanese version of Tom Cruise.
>>8060 Oh and also Virtuosity too. Really, the whole series is just a love letter to contemporary American science fiction movies. The nostalgic feels are off the fuckin charts! :D
(182.31 KB 614x684 Weaboos_anime.jpg)
(75.69 KB 900x300 PBF071-Weeaboo.gif)
>>2964 >implying /a/ wasn't always trash weebfags, when will they learn?
>>4773 You okay man?
(550.54 KB 1280x3600 Challenger Hondo Knee's.jpg)
>>8059 Stupid cute murderer. Also made this a while back because someone on cuckchan pointed out that they skipped animating his knee's and that lead to various edits. I really gotta finish this series now.


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