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(205.20 KB 1423x454 Screenshot_2021-01-13_17-35-30.png)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 22:38:05 No. 18091
Consider that Mike Enoch became uncomfortable when the subject of cloudflare came up in yesterday's strike and mike (about 1h3m in) and then lied about not using their service. Does this confirm that TRS is some kind of glowop? Always been suspicious that they were still on cloudflare, but the fact that Mike lied about it makes it even more suspicious. https://voca.ro/1jgSQywq2RC7
>>18091 Its the most effective free ddos protection. Use it till they cut you off then pay for a different service. Didn't realize the fat fuck was a webmaster, it's possible he doesn't even know
>>18091 >Does this confirm that TRS is some kind of glowop? They aren't.


no cookies?