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(421.05 KB 900x1229 bra.jpg)
Guide to coping with your globohomo takeover Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 20:31:39 No. 17946
Alright, I saw the ad on 4chan, couldnt ask for more than to leave that censored shithole. Let's see if you would delete this thread on your chan. Keep in mind im not advocating any "brutal" violence or pedophilia, im not calling for heads on pikes even. Just simply, lets DISCUSS what we can do in passive resistance.
What im basically saying is can we discuss practical ways to cheat (your government and jobs) so that we can help each other with advice. Lets share advice on how we can stop getting robbed with taxes by a government that is 100% globo-homo/chinese and is now your enemy. You can also discuss cheating on job interviews, cheating gibs pretending you are retarded/tranny etc.
Can't speak for burgers, but in Canadistan you can't be jailed for owing money. Haven't paid taxes since the first time when I was 17 (didn't pay then either, just got the same day refund for being below the poverty line) If I had to guess, I'd say they think I owe them ~250k by now If ever asked for back tax, will just state it is against my beliefs to fund a terrorist organization.
>>17948 Burger here, yes, you can be imprisoned for ax fraud.
>>17949 as a euro, i found out that you can buy gold directly with crypto, the package comes discreetly with no one knowing when, where or with what money you bought the gold. So instead of paying taxes 15%, you lose around 6-8% from buy/sell fees (10% in worst case). They are going to have a really hard time that you got the gold bought with crypto you made interest on, since you could just claim you bought 1000-2000$ chunks with your salaries here and then. There is a risk...probably harder to pull off in america, and a risk you might just get duped and not get gold...but still fucking worth it 0 cents goes to the government that feeds niggers and muslims.
(1.30 MB 2405x1906 HHHastag.jpg)
>>17946 go back to 4chan and die there. this is nigger-pill bullshit that doesn't even remotely belong here. take your negative horseshit, and cheap-ass memes back to nigger-town
>>17953 quite enjoying these videos mate, brings warmth to my heart. Reminds me of the early days of youtube. No way you gonna see such content on youtube anymore. sure there are prepper channels but they are mostly sterile, watching their mouth like pussies, interested only in selling you stuff. these kids on bitchute can tell you shit that would be deleted on youtube, and they speak from the heart. They can openly discuss having to kill people and get away with it in a SHTF situaiton.
>>17946 >>17947 >>17949 What can one do to avoid paying property taxes?
>>17955 Don't have anything you cant carry away. Don't let them know what you have.
>>17956 That's easier said than done. It's not like my property is a secret. Wat Tyler has not yet staged his great revolt and burned all the records.
>>17955 If I knew id gladly tell you. The only loophole i know is paying less taxes when you buy the property by choosing to buy it for 30% the price and giving the rest of the money on hand. You can avoid losing 1200$ to the government, but it has its risks.
>>17955 >>17957 Far as the Government is concerned, you don't own your land, you just have "exclusive rights", notwithstanding their rights to tell you how to use the land of course.
(656.16 KB 715x486 doggoillatease.png)
>>17959 including it being taken away via "imminent domain"
>>17959 Yes. I know that I am a serf. I just want to figure out how to stop funding my oppressors.
>>17961 This is drastic and not very palatable but you could probably fake your death and move innawoods if you really wanted to.
>>17962 I had always planned on doing this. I never planned on marrying and having a family because highschool taught me that women were absolute trash and unreliable. Then, ironically, I met and married a girl in college who was not. Now that's not feasible. I wouldn't change things, but I now better understand the adage, "Family is hostage to fortune."
>>17963 Remember, the best way to legally not have to pay taxes for something is to DIY. Don't want to pay taxes and register a firearm? Learn how to make it yourself and don't sell/transfer the finished piece. Don't want to pay taxes on food? grow/raise it yourself. Don't want to give your money to the gubermint? Do odd jobs and side hustles on the weekend, or if currently unemployed, all the time and then get paid under the table or if you must claim it, claim only a portion and stash the grey money away for emergencies or gas money/other grey market fronts for other like-minded people Remember, this info is just for educational purposes only.:^)
>>17950 is there still any way to get crypto without the KYC bullshit? I want to stay anon but everything is the opposite.
>>17964 how do I avoid paying taxes on my property?
>>17965 fuck i really dont know but i use cex.io i dont use coinbase since they jewed me out of the promised "50$ eos" coinbase are the ones that would cooperate and snitch you to the tax man 100%. They also lock and freeze funds at will DO NOT USE coinbase.
(1.96 MB 1080x1350 cuteFoxes.png)
>>17967 list of wallets that are not like coinbase plz? I don't know shit about crypto, it seems like a useful thing to know about. have a cute fox in exchange.
>>17952 Cope cringelord. The government is our enemy now.
>>17968 cex.io coinmetro kraken not sure which you should use. Your best bet would be to use a friend who already has an accout to buy bitcoin/litecoin and send it to your trezor. then simply send the crypto to buy gold and get the gold to exchange for cash.
>>17967 i don't even necessarily want it for tax purposes or doing anything remotely shady but It's no ones damned business what I have as far as I'm concerned. I hate this anti-privacy shit.
(593.02 KB 960x540 never has been.png)
>>17969 Always has been.
>It's China ... (jewish?) No, it's not China. It's 100% Jews. China did not create the federal reserve, the central bank of england, or any other central bank that is stealing money from every white nation by lending to every white government its own money at interest. China did not drag the US into 2 world wars. China did not kill mary phagan nor did China sink the US liberty. Anyone who blames China as the cause of all ills is a retard or a shill, and probably the latter.
>>17973 cope chinese shill. +15 social points for you. Its true that its mostly jewish cabal thats the globo homo but china also had a big finger in the whole biden fiasco and fucking up america.
>>17971 then simply buy the crypto from one of these gate-keepers and then put it on binance or another exchange, move it between exchanges and trezors. They will know you bought and withdrew somewhere and thats it. As far as they know you lost the money on cryptokitties.
https://docs.bisq.network/getting-started.html If you can find me a better exchange than Bisq then I'm all ears
>>17976 also Monero for hot transfers inbetween parties since it utilizes ring-signatures to obfuscate sender, receiver, and amount. This crypto is pretty volatile and wouldn't bet your house on it.
>>17974 The influence of China pales in comparison to the control of the jews. China exerts about as much influence over America as Russia does. But anyone screaming "CHINESE SHILL IF YOU TALK ABOUT JEWS!!!!!!" is almost certainly a literal kike seeking to distract the Goyim and subvert all organic resistance against jewish power. Diverting righteous outrage against jews towards China or Iran or Russia is a known neo-conservative tactic. You want more wars so you always seek to steer "right wing" anger towards kosher enemies rather than the (((source))) of all our misfortune. Die.
>>17946 Should seize influence over important organizations and lobbying groups, especially those tied to defense and transportation.
>>17978 i could just as easily say any defense of china like yours is diversionary and that youre a slant eye fuck. theres nothing wrong with hating jews AND chinks (and arabs and spics and niggers and dotheads). its retarded to defend either of them.
>>17946 >>17979 The US Rail industry especially the passenger rail industry is extremely weak though.
I would like to add to this. If you ever really NEED something use Amazon and scam the fuck out of them, I know im going to mention jew sites here but this is actually great info--find pacific refunds on discord and you can get items refunded up to 5000 dollars, as long as it's not too big. You can also look up how to do dna scams and get what ever you need completely for free. If they ban your account, which they have never for me, use a VPN and a drop, plain and simple. There are also various shoppys that supply accounts for anything you want to watch/learn/eat.i it also works for instacart-home depot-target what ever--you get account information for low price paid to a hacker/cracker not jews and you can do what ever you want with the account. In before some fag says "go back to plebbit Bay fag" fuck you nigger. You can use the money you save to buy gold, crypto and guns. Ive acquired over 7000 dollars worth of free shit--books, food, electronics, survival tools, weapons just buy refunding and DNA ING amazon and other kiked organizations. NOT A DIME goes to that jewlord bezos and all of it went to crypto and gold. Now when they decide to crash the dollar "muh stimulus" I'll be prepared. Use these "jewsites" against them. I agree with the mask shit as well especially when it comes to committing credit card fraud--credit being the jew capital number one. Hit them where it hurts the most their fucking wallet. You can use technology to your advantage or you can sit on this site (which is most likely a honeypot created by kikes anyway) and bitch about all of this or you can actually get some where.
>>17982 Or scam Amazon then resell the items back to npcs, don't have to pay shit for taxes for that. When they ask me if I ever bought crypto currency I will promptly write go fuck yourself in that box
>>17980 >NOT THE JEWS!!! >Let's join our (((neo-con brothers))) in defense of ZOG and attack China instead You are a kike. Fuck off and die. > theres nothing wrong with hating jews AND chinks Okay. Yet you neocon fuckwits only want to attack China. Anyone screaming about China is a neo-con, PragerU kike. Fuck off and die. >retarded to defend either of them. >Pointing out that jews run 100% of American media corporations is "defending china" Only a kike would come up with such a dishonest argument.
>>17984 you are constructing strawmen of other posters so expect it to be reciprocated. you throw an autistic fit at the mere criticism of china and deflect to jews. your own arguments are low quality chinky-jewy garbage. take your own advice and suck a shotgun barrel, fucking retard.
p.s. the op is shit but this china babble is derailing. the first post mentioning china is also the first one deflecting to jews. it is an inane conversation to start.
Can anyone stay the fuck on topic and not go in a "ITS CHINA" "IT'S JEWS" frenzy? Seriously it's fucking lizards at this point. Anyone who is non-white is the fucking enemy and you should be coming up with ways to scam them back or other methods to fight tyrant. So many obvious fucking glowfags or just plain autism in this thread
(65.03 KB 1140x641 AP080624052744.jpg)
>>17982 OP here Outstanding brother. even better than the advice i could give. And you actually told them how to do it. THIS IS WHY IM HERE. To make a thread like this so we can share such information and improve our lives. Imagine if you were on cuck chan right now getting baited and angry, wasting your time. This thread would not have lasted 5 minutes. They delete it every time. And damn right Bezos and amazon deserve to get SCAMMED. - Bezos cheats taxes every year and almost pays nothing while he makes billions. But I have to pay 15% on crypto? - Amazon treats their wagecucks like prisoners and has a timer for every package constantly giving you stress while you package. - Amazon just banned that chat app that cloudflare banned too if im not mistaken so FUCK THEM. Get free, and im DAMN HAPPY that you managed to scam them out of 7000$ brotha, youre a damn master thief and this is exactly what i advocate. If they are gonna steal the election and play puppet show with trump and biden laughing at us, then fuck them.
>>17986 If you think my op post/guide is shit then why dont you share with the class how i can write it better and what we should advise people to do in these dark times? I wrote it in half an hour, aint nothing wrong in upgrading the message
>>17989 you are asking other people to fill in the blanks for you. that is low-effort. if you don't have your own ideas, why even make your own thread?
(70.49 KB 631x481 1440189118742.jpg)
(1.34 MB 4621x2914 1421435868297.jpg)
(557.96 KB 842x833 1435515913773-1.jpg)
(378.40 KB 829x1475 1402947991648.jpg)
>>17969 You are the underage egdelord newfaggot, take a seat 2 years minimum lad the men are talking. This is not our first war. >>17951 >>17952 Based. >>17973 >Anyone who blames China as the cause of all ills is a retard or a shill Sometimes 12 year olds pretend they are a navy seal and act all macho, it's just kiddo's first rodeo. Though in general you are correct about the would be 'advocates' of china/communism/judaism and on principle you are correct. >>17984 /thread >>17985 >cannot comprehend non-linear thought paths of information analysis. Combinde with short posts with little or no grammar, you must be some phone posting scum as well. Just take a seat kid before you have a heart attack. Your passion is not unappriciated though you need to learn you historical contexts because your immature bellicose nature is alienating those whom respect you in fact seek as supporters from your peers here. What we really need is knowledge of tradation to restore the light of truth and the processing of information thereof to assure information supremacy. So here's some redpills for your new ass. Candy Faggot. >>17987 >Can anyone stay the fuck on topic and not go in a "ITS CHINA" "IT'S JEWS" frenzy? BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG >>17990 >if you don't have your own ideas This, OP (who is a giant flamming faggot) needs to, lurk moar.
>>17991 grammatical nitpicking is vapid. im not writing a dissertation. all that matters is that my intention is understood. capitalization, apostrophes, etc. do very little for content. if i were posting from a phone (sometimes i do and it's irrelevant if i do), it would be more tedious to type this way because of constant autocorrection. to everything else you said, you arent telling me anything i dont already know and nobody is arguing that china is worse than zog. the only disagreement is whether or not china is a concern at all. subhumans of all forms must be brought to heel because they are all largely destructive to the world. the op wouldve been better off without an attached picture at all because it's not conducive to the topic he seemed to be aiming for.
why am i locked out of my own thread.
(15.89 KB 250x250 This.jpg)
>>17993 To be pruned
>>17990 Now listen here bub, there is nothing wrong with me asking for help, im not a specialist in all guerilla/cheating tactics against a corrupt government that wants to enslave and vaccinate its own people. At least im fucking trying. Telling me that "i cant get help or opinions from others" goes against the idea of a FORUM where people get together to exchange ideas and knowledge. >>17991 >>17992 you fucking ASSHOLES DERAILED MY THREAD arguing about china while we had to discuss methods of cheating against a corrupt government and now my thread is going to get pruned because of you. I will update my guide better and make another thread! And i will make sure you cant derail my next thread to get pruned.
>>17996 learn to admit your own failings, otherwise you stunt your own growth. it is your fault that your thread is bad and turned into a train wreck. your own attachment was the biggest catalyst in the derailment. next time, heed the advice from the farnsworth picture. if you have nothing of value to add yourself, then dont be an attention whore and instead read and try to make small contributions to a relevant thread.
(443.24 KB 1024x1017 1603374808-0.jpg)
(95.33 KB 785x750 1602710602-0.jpg)
(283.03 KB 861x895 1592011079200.png)
>>17996 >you fucking ASSHOLES DERAILED MY THREAD Rerailed, you did not have all the facts. >we had to Whoa buddy, we, not you're acting entitled and demanding we preform as your personal army or that you are our taskmaster. You better check your ego before you wreck it. >discuss methods of cheating against a corrupt government Projection much and attempt to control narrative. Why can't you let discussion flower in respect? >and now my thread is going to get pruned because of you. Projection agagin. TBQH it may be pruned because you are cancer from quarterchan and don't understand our culture so you're shitting up the place. >I will update my guide better Constructive is always good. Never get demoralized. >and make another thread! Maybe lurk more and learn better first too. >And i will make sure you cant derail my next thread Lol, even the entirety of the illuminti can't stop our posting. What kind of ego must have... Here's some random things on topic because you can't keep a coherent discussion without spilling your spaghetti everywhere.
>>18001 fuck you mate my thread got moved to /b/ because you derailed it. I will remake the infographic and post again. And this time the thread will be purely how to cheat the corrupt government, not argue about china and israel
>>18005 >fuck you mate BAD PLACE TO START ANON You may very well learn the hard way, the more psychically aggressive you are the more it comes back to you, remaking and unmaking your very being. Welcome to the real world, you are here forever.
(562.46 KB 464x593 1608287802565.png)
>>18004 Ok lets try this again. Maybe you're not a shill, maybe you just hate people who seem "to have an ego" to you and you did not like the infographic i made. Now about the picture of a garden you posted, its nice and i agree, but i already wrote in my guide that we need to start growing our own food, even as a guerilla garden on unowned land. Let me tell you what I want and lets see what you think about it. I want...to discuss how to fuck with a corrupt government. People are obviously very angry that they got fucked in the ass like clowns more than ever. With trump backstabbing them, a woman being shot instead of wounded in the shoulder, china/globohomo assuming full control over the government and media and social media, vaccinations and lockdowns coming, bankrupcy, inflation, people without jobs...you get the idea. What If we could tell the people what to do? Instead of them randomly rioting and getting arrested/shot (and being used to take our guns away) We know that voting doesnt work anymore.....we know that we are hunted for our opinions online and on the street, censored, could lose our jobs etc. So what can we do? I think...starting by cheating taxes, starving the beast of consooming and become more self sufficient to the point where you grow and make stuff and exchange with others without the government taking tax from that is a great start? Sounds like a good idea to discuss ideas and a guide for others? Maybe i make the guide, maybe i only contribute ideas?
>>18006 cant agree. You have to be very careful accepting philosophical ideas without proof. Who told you that physical violence leads to "Things coming back to you"? If you were to lash out against a physically stronger opponent? In war you might make the better move to covertly fight, or stay silent and observe, even play dead. but without physical violence you never can destroy your enemy. You can...wait for them to grow old and die or fall apart, after they have raped your family and ruled over you. The fact of the matter is, physical violence has its place, and if you heard some philosophy that "karma comes magically tenfold" i can assure you thats bullshit and its dangerous for wrong ideas to get stuck to your head as way of life because "reasons"
>>18005 >my thread got moved to /b/ because you derailed it. This is false. Your OP was flagged for low quality 2 days ago. I mistakenly decided to let it go, as on occasion, anons will come along and create something worth while of it. Clearly that didn't happen.
>>18009 fine moderator. as long as you didnt delete my thread in the first 5 minutes, and you moved it to /b/ instead of deleting it.....im fine. You might disagree...but at least you are not shadowbanning and censoring.
(263.58 KB 1920x529 1420481165949.jpg)
(65.25 KB 1347x582 1429865487726.png)
(172.25 KB 1167x313 1463631795182.png)
>>18007 >about the picture of a garden you posted >you posted... I'm not that anon (that posted said pic), though you did reply to me. You make many assumptions that posters are me or maybe not same people, this is a confusion of egoic natures due to one's inability t process information in a more collective way (i.e., in an anonymous cultural mode). A really big reason so many anons rally so hard on newfriends that way. >>18007 >I want...to discuss how to fuck with a corrupt government. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Would have been better to put that in the OP and leave out all the unnecessary things and indecisive thoughts. It clears the mind and collective memetics too. >>18007 >What If we could tell the people what to do? Sheeple are not reasonable or logical, in fact memetic programming of NPC wetware is a really big part of awakening the normies because it is not just so simple. So memes. If you are the kind of person which wishes to cultivate thoughts and process them, you are already in the top 17% of society. >So what can we do? Self-determination/sovereignty >To support sovereignty physically (improving autonomy, self-reliance, & decentralization) >To support sovereignty legally (lawful aid, council & services) >To support sovereignty spiritually (consciousness cultivation, psychic self-defense, & wisdom schools/mystery teachings) To encourage every one to become a polymath to the best of their abilities, localize manufacturing, create as much independence on every level as possible. I grow weary of looshing up your mind so I rest now. Another thread anon.
>>18010 dont import the bad habits you picked up from 4chan like some muslim refugee who refuses to assimilate. dont act in ways that promote degenerating alt chans into the 4chan cancer. many have fled for good reason. it is on you to lurk to get an understanding of board culture. have some humility and self-awareness. talk less and listen more. until you bring your own ideas to the table, you have no right to rob superior posters of their spotlights.
>>18012 ok, whats the board culture? Im interested, but i need like 2 examples so i can understand you. what ways promote degenerating this place into 4chan ancer?
>>18011 I agree completely, but my idea was to compile a a short guide that can be shared and posted, maybe with 10 basic commandments and links to more information on each. My main theme was that people should wisen up and start being stealthy and guerilla like in their anger, and learn to hold a grudge. Its the 17% i want to reach with these discussions. I have no interest "awakening" the other 83%. NPCs in my opinion cannot be awakened and are just...an enemy.
(48.74 KB 656x506 1606747465171.png)
>>18008 >You have to be very careful accepting philosophical ideas without proof. He never said that anon. >Who told you that physical violence leads to "Things coming back to you"? Again that is not what was said. Do you need glasses? Psychic != physic. Our domain is the mind, memes, or air. Lord Aquarius rises now, you will learn -- all in good time, Father Time, Chronos, will teach you. And, also are you really that ignorant of karma and dharma? <F
>>18012 >dont act in ways that promote degenerating alt chans into the 4chan cancer >Cancer Images 1 & 2 related. >>18013 >whats the board culture LURK MORE You will find out. >>18014 >My main theme was that people should wisen up and start being stealthy and guerilla like in their anger, and learn to hold a grudge. <What is the wrath of the awakened Saxon? >>18014 >I have no interest the other 83% Psst. 3% of that is above the 17%. >>18014 >NPCs in my opinion cannot be awakened and are just...an enemy. Do not be so quick to judge and condemn. Our brothers and sisters, lesser and little, immature of soul as they may be, it is up to us, the higher life forms to respectfully guide nature as a whole. And NPCs can be awakened or at least programmed with good memes.
>>18013 look how other posters conduct themselves and look what reactions are caused by different kinds of content. the general threads that are discussing broad concepts are a good place to start. notice that organizing posts into general threads is far more pervasive here than it is on 4pol. dont misinterpret this as saying there is a narrow scope of acceptable opinions. in regards to cancerous behavior, i have already said enough. 4pol has many more issues than just censorship. the users have no understanding of board hygiene despite even having a sticky helping to define fallacious thinking. their attention spans are on par with the viewerbases of premier twitch streamers. they are very presumptive of other posters' identity against posts they disagree with which has a stunting effect on their own ability to gain wisdom. i could go on, but the point is the users themselves are the biggest problem with 4chan.
(187.49 KB 1326x574 image (1).png)
>>18016 >And NPCs can be awakened or at least programmed with good memes. Presently we should be out there doing just that. pic related: recently from thedonald.win
>>18018 Because when hitler was imprisoned in his house for...a year was it? he came out and took power and still holocausted the world. When trump was met with a false election and censorship he had 2 choices. He could have had declared martial law and gone to expose all of them fighting to the death. he could have urged the protests more and told people to never give up and NEVER accept this false election. BONUS: he could have leaked massive amounts of information just to fuck up everything and red pill the people. he did NONE of those 3 options. he cucked, told the people to go home, said a peaceful transition and only cared about his children and retiring in brazil. This is what a traitor, a businessman, a liar does. a fucking puppet like the rest of them.
>>17987 > Anyone who is non-white is the fucking enemy Wrong. Jews are a malicious force that seeks to invade White countries and destroy them from within. Jews have a religious duty to destroy the goyim. No other race has that policy towards others. The closest thing to Jews are the Gypsies who are a parasite race but don't have any burning moral desire to destroy their hosts. Niggers, Chinese, and other non-Whites leave us alone, for the most part. If there were no Jews importing them into our lands, they would not be a concern at all.
>>18047 mate, chinese harvest bear bile, from caged bears and roast dogs alive. They are subhuman, dare i say INHUMAN. And coming from east europe i can tell you chinese are pretty much gypsies, and they regularly attack their host body. They dont stop robbing, killing and raping any chance they get. and any arab that believes in islam is your BIGGEST enemy, on par with the jews.
Bump for an interesting thread with some potential. Yes it has a whiff of Q-tardery but the best way to get a great answer is to post a not-so-great answer so people jump in and correct it. >>17952 >nigger-pill Lost. >>17982 I think what we are saying is that we can all agree now that the system is hostile to us and that we should treat it as such. If we do this, we may actually make it out of this alive as opposed to being slaughtered out-of-hand like a bunch of fat blue line coping boomers.
>>18022 It is disgusting but not altogether surprising to anyone who watched his actions over the last few years.
>>18071 its more of a forced eugenics. The really rich rig the game and now have pulled strings, like when bogdanoff's say "dump it". All the unprepared normies who are in debt, spenidng money on mercedes and iphones get fucking rekt. Anyone not smart enough to prep, buy things low, profit etc gets fucking rekt. Its about survival while they are trying to destroy our families. They want you to be unemployed, working for breadcrumbs, chipped, vaccinated, unhealthy and in debt. We have to stop feeding them and start fucking with them. No more nice guy following the rules.
>>18072 To me the exact moment when I lost faith in him was when chevrolet closed a US plant, leaving like a thousand people without a job in a small town and moved it to mexico. Trump was talking on TV, didnt even say much, just "i will try to talk with them, this wasnt nice" This was before 2 years i think. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. If i was president i would sanction and fuck them until they cuck and come back. I would forbid them to sell cars in america. At the very least i would say on TV "dont buy chevrolet until they return their plant here in AMERICA"...he didnt say that. and he could have.
>>18075 its not presidents job to comment individual cases like that AT ALL. how naive are you ?
>>18075 >>18080 Well anyway he's fucked and now we have to survive.
>>18080 I dont know....is it wrong to comment? Ford, chevy, dodge are "the 3" car makers in america. For 1 of the top brands to betray their own people leaving them jobless so they can make more $ while wanting to sell them cars....its kinda fucked up. Even if it sounds "non punctual" for a president to comment on a car corp, it is the right thing to do. He was sprouting way more autistic shit on twitter for 4 years so compared to that, giving a sturn warning to chevrolet in front of all americans is..the right thing a honest president would do. If I was your president "claiming to be a master business man who will bring jobs back and drain the swamp" I would have berated chevrolet for betraying americans and told every american to buy other brands until chevrolet comes back to giving jobs to americans.


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