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WHITE PATRIARCHY NOW Supreme Patriarch 10/13/2020 (Tue) 18:46:42 No. 16511
NOTE: Speaking out against women and calling for a return to old/eternal ways is not against the law of any country Women are the truly different race. Their inherent nature is DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT from that of male nature. The word human only refers to mankind and we need to stop humanizing women ASAP. Their liberation/rights have led to the oppression of men. Their nature has always been known: - incessant falsity with boldness - treachery - ingratitude - cunning - manipulation - enticing/training men to do abusive and evil things to each other - lack of loyalty - arguing harshly - shouting.screaming - violence - emotional abuse like gaslighting/crazy-making through deceit - prostitution - bitching - gossiping - pitting people against each other - lies to support oppression of men - interrupting - shamelessness - lack of remorse - indecisiveness - corruption - injustice - greed - creating misery and drama - abiding by propriety or morality in only public out of fear of others - destroying families - diabolical activities (such as enticing men with their outfit then making false rape allegations) - wickedness when nobody can see - promoting homosexuality - promiscuity - being sharp tongued or generally abusive - fickle-mindedness - illogical behavior - fake and aggressive crying - causing war - generally immoral behavior Let not the testimony of women be admitted, on account of the levity (and boldness) of their sex. Let no woman's word be trusted. A woman should not be allowed to work, own property, vote, get anything more than a primary education, dress the way she wants, go out in public without due cause, divorce her husband, choose her partner, hyphenate her name, disobey her lord (father, husband or adult son), raise her voice, have any control over her body, own wealth and make any decision outside the kitchen other than for child-rearing purposes. Men need to TAKE back our ancient privilege to beat our wives for purposes of correction. I'm sure you think that the woman burnings of the middle ages and renaissance were a bad thing, but they were a great and excellent practice we need to bring back. No amount of persuasion can stop a murderer who is crazy and no amount of it can stop a woman. We need to keep them in check!! LETS GO BACK TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS Beware of evil feminazi men who claim to be alpha by attacking you/putting you down when women are around. They support women's rights and have been trained by women to be "bad boys". Women are not just evil, they encourage men to be evil. Alpha male, loser, nice guy/bad boy, grow a pair etc. And THIS.. is the cause of most, if not all the evil in nightlife, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools & families Women claim to want equality, but make sport of men as their ATMs and slaves. In private, they argue viciously because they want to make you feel bad and question your own sanity. All "traditional women" want to make you their workhorses. They turn men against their friends, brothers and parents. They also turn boys against their fathers and indoctrinate them to become feminazis. They play the husband's victim even though they've been leeching off him and treating him like a slave. 80-91% divorces are filed by women because they don't care about the emotions of their sons nor about family. Women's liberation is the root cause of loneliness today. They all support the ongoing oppression of men in one way or another. They will never approach you because they want to hold the power and make it seem as if you need them more than they need you. WOMEN KNOW NOTHING OF MORALITY. They make your life hell in marriage because they can't control their urge to make you feel bad. They lie shamelessly about rape, what they said/meant, violence, their height/appearance etc. They claim they don't want to be objectified yet without patriarchy to keep them in check they'll start wearing tight/short/revealing clothes to entice you. They are the source of constant problems and sorrows. Women were always known to be evil if not the root of all evil. Forget your feminist heroes like Trump, Hitler, Proud Boys, Churchill, Charles de Gaul etc. and RETURN TO PATRIARCHY. How much longer will men suffer at the hands of these EVIL SUBHUMANS? NO MORE!!!!
>>16511 Gotta love these schizo shill posts that pop up from time to time. The only thing funnier and more pathetic than the trolling, shilling scum who copy paste this drivel, are the incels and genuinely autistic men who read it and actually buy into it. Might get deleted, but why not just keep this thread up as a showcase for the obvious glowing nature of this shit.
(37.01 KB 351x578 1mogul-warrior-women.jpg)
(270.95 KB 895x1200 image-placeholder-title.jpg)
(377.93 KB 525x414 sellingawife.png)
(247.63 KB 1200x675 selling-wife-96774858.jpg)
>>16512 The only one who's shilling here is you... blatantly and shamelessly shilling for feminists and women's rights. Not to mention your abuse which makes it clear you're a feminazi The privilege, ancient though it be, to beat her with a stick, to pull her hair, choke her, spit in her face or kick her about the floor, or to inflict upon her like indignities, is not now acknowledged by our law. (1871 US state declaration) The Bible says: The blueness of a WOUND cleanseth away evil: so do STRIPES the inward parts of the belly. A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and A ROD for the backs of fools! and he [the husband] shall rule over thee [the wife]. Wives, submit to your husbands as TO THE LORD Christian law: A man may CHASTISE his wife and BEAT her for her own correction Zeus to his wife: I'll WHIP you stroke on stroke… when I come to THROTTLE you with my irresistible hands ROMAN LAW: A man is allowed flagellis et fustibus acriter verberare uxorem (to SEVERELY BEAT the wife with clubs and whips) for some misdemeanors such as leaving the house without permission, and modicam castigationem adbibere (to use moderate BEATING) for others Germanic laws: Though there are laws to protect unmarried, pregnant and elderly women, THERE IS NO PROHIBITION WIFE-BEATING IN THE LEGES BARBARORUM. Rothair's edict [Lombard Law] suggested that a man could lose his mundium, but only if the beatings were "excessive or unjustified". The husband is legally the head of the wife. Danish Proverb: Govern a horse with a bit and a shrew with a stick Islamic law: Admonish them, banish them from the bed, and BEAT them Hindu law: If she is still unyielding, he should STRIKE her with a stick or with his hand and overcome her Confucianism and Chinese culture: The RULE of the husband over the wife is an essential bond in society. "I bought my horse and married my wife. I can ride them and BEAT them as I like". "If you go three days without BEATING your wife, she will climb up on the roof and move away all the tiles" Let's bring back wife selling. There was no reason to stop the practice.
Everyone with an ounce of functional brain matter has long since wised up to this particular brand of "yes goy, hate your white women" shilling, that makes the rounds around the imageboards like clockwork. Still, doesn't hurt to point out that these glowing fucks need a heavy dose of the ol' zyklon
>>16514 Christians have ALWAYS known about the usury of Jews and expelled them hundreds of times.... but that doesn't mean they gave up patriarchy or didn't acknowledge that women are evil, if not the root of all evil unlike you liberal socialism lovers. For example: >In the Edict of Expulsion, King Edward I expelled all the Jews from England in 1290 on the accusation of usury but he was still very much against women's rights unlike that faggot hitler. >John Chrysostom was extremely anti-semitic AND he called women evil, a calamity, a peril and deadly among other things, unlike that woman worshipping bastard named hitler. In fact, even Muslims know about Jewish usury but that doesn't mean they give up patriarchy or humanize women. STOP SHILLING FOR WOMENS RIGHTS you feminazi. Women of all races have always been hated. You are a traitor
>>16511 Based. >>16512 >>16514 Fuck off.
Relating to >>16468 >>16512 >tat #1 >>16514 >tat #2 Which means that according to my religion, Christianity, I am now allowed to execute you as a heretic (if you claim to be Christian) or an infiltrator (if you claim not to be Christian)>
>>16511 >>16517 TAKE. YOUR. MEDS.
>>16519 Put your head in a noose.
LOL at these brainwashed feminist nazis acting like you have to support womens rights.... these terrorists are a very serious threat to society and a threat to all mankind. The "far right" of today is actually very far left by traditional standards. This is nothing but a politics thread, but because its too incorrect/traditional for these socialist, foot-loving cash machines, they move it to this rarely visited place A real "war on women" would end shortly, with the end result being the capture and confinement of women. Then we could go back to 6-10 kids per woman and establish relative peace and security for all mankind. Every man must beat his wife for the sake of ALL good. There is no alternative snowflakes
(167.43 KB 435x490 op.png)
>>16511 (((OP)))'s ideal woman
(20.90 KB 600x800 onlysolution.png)
based and redpilled thread, OP.
>>16524 >everyone whom I disagree with is Jewish
>>16521 HAHA enjoy rotting on /b/ you triggered kike shill! At least the mods are good for something. >>16526 You're the worst kind of yid, the kind who wasn't born as one but became a spiritual kike through constant exposure to modern degeneracy. A shylock of the spirit... you damn poor fool, i'd pity you if you weren't such a miserable, devious little cunt.
>>16528 You're nothing but a cash machine and placenta-sucking women's rights activist who loves to oppress men.
All you fucking cash machines are nothing but left-wing terrorists
>>16528 Eat a lead sandwich faggot. Go fuck yourself.
Red, black or blue pill - call it whatever you want but the truth is clearly written down by all of mankind's ancestors. Literally, just about every religion, culture and philosophy on earth has said that women are evil and made necessary rules for controlling them. It's better to live in an honest, totalitarian, patriarchal world than a totalitarian feminist world which claims to support freedom of opinion.... or a totalitarian pseudo-feminist country (like the true gender-equality advocated by Hitler) where men are literally slaving it out while women sit at home and do nothing but enjoy equal rights and national awards for producing kids as they've done something great. If the feminists were crushed in the mid-19th century when they started protesting or whatever, we'd never have had these problems in the first place. But don't worry guys it's never too late to crush anyone in this world. Let's end this madness once and for all!
Feminist: >Hitting women is bad but hitting men is not so bad... sometimes men deserve it Bitch the laws against assault were always intended for men only because men are good and constructive. It's not a crime to beat women, especially your own property
>>16541 Go back to your mgtow forum and then gas yourself. Literally no one here cares about this shit except for the same autistic shill (you) posting multiple times
People give the right a bad name... but this is the core of the right
>>16542 >defending roasties and thots The absolute state of /b/.
>>16545 it's probably a bitch
>>16544 Ain't that the hard truth. Faggots fall into this polarity of opinions whilst the true enemy laughs. On the one hand we have cucks simping and white knighting for their imaginary e-girls, and on the other, we have resentful, mentally ill incels who have never had female contact, larping about stake burnings or some crap. And then of course we got the shills, who for some reason are in force, glowing up this insignificant little board no one even visits. All of them need the fucking rope
>>16547 Genesis 3:16 >Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. There is plenty on marriage in the Old Testament, and Jesus and St Paul fill in a few loopholes in the New Testament. >inb4 christcuck See >>16468
>>16547 The one's who need the rope are those antifa-like radicals who compare stake burnings to crap. Death by burning happened for millennia in various forms for good reason. They are an important part of European culture and should be brought back immediately. Enough of this feminist society. There were other measures such as marriages by abduction, concubinage, burying alive, throwing women off cliffs, widow killings etc. Female contact is what's the real crap unless its for sex or food. Women are the root cause of mental illnesses (except madness), evil, destruction and sorrow.
(98.63 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>16548 Eccles 25:19 >“All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman: let the portion of a sinner fall upon her.” 1 Corinthians 11:7 >Man... is the image and glory of God himself; but woman is the glory of man. Eccles 42:12-13 >Sit not in the midst of women. For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Zechariah 5 > “This is the INIQUITY IN ALL THE LAND” And behold, the cover of lead was raised, and there was a woman sitting inside the basket. >“THIS IS WICKEDNESS,” he said. And he shoved the woman down into the basket According to the Bible, sin began with the woman. Just about every Christian father has accurately pointed out women's true character. There is also a proverb in the bible which says that >It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman. When women talk back, everything goes wrong. Oh and here's pythagoras in the picture
>>16559 I'm guessing a priest violated you when you were young whilst chanting "WOMAN IS THE DEVIL", or perhaps he recited these biblical quotes you have shared. Faggot, it's already been pointed out that your garbage pops up on all the chans quite often, and is obviously a low tier attempt at shilling subversive attitudes to disenfranchised men. You could have AT LEAST made it less obvious by not attempting to demonize the Fuhrer and National Socialist Germany. For real, that was a retarded move and you should learn from that, ok mr. Shill?
>>16560 Fuck off neo nazi simp white knight glow nigger. Mueller's FBI did 9/11 and Hitler was a degenerate.
>>16563 Go back to reddit, faggot
>>16564 Glowies on suicide watch kek.
>>16560 >Woman is the devil No Christian has ever said that you falsely accusing terrorist woman. Woman is a tool of satan, not satan himself. Bitch. >subversive You feminazis and women need to be subverted and crushed. >Furher A bastardly women's rights activist >National Socialist Germany First-wave feminist Germany where men are literal slaves? No thanks. >>16563 Probably a woman or wannabe woman/LGBTQ who wrote that.
Women are literally the most aggressive "people" - when nobody's looking of course!


no cookies?