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(1.57 MB 1202x1150 fghjik.png)
Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 03:45:00 No. 16495
Is believing in morals another form of cuckery?.
pic related
It depends on the morals anon. Good morals relate well to reality and are the very opposite of cuckery. For exampe, looking after your children is a very good moral to have. The opposite moral, love the entire world and adopt niglets, is a bad moral that ends your genetic line.
Your moral compass needs to survive being completely isolated for reasonable lenths of time. I'm not sure if you are the gangstalking anon but one thing a gang of con artists (or communists, but I repeat myself) will do is to cut you off from potential friends and allies in an attempt to substitute their reality for actual reality. In this situation, having a strong moral code gets you out of the trap: they will entice you to do things that you will feel ashamed of, but if you always follow your morals then this trick cannot work, firstly because you do not do questionable things, but secondly because you do not feel shame for things that they say are shameful but your moral code does not.
>>16495 there is no intrinsic morality so i dont think you can always fault people if they dont live up to your personal code (there are obvious crimes mostly everyone considers as such that you can fault them for). should you become a sociopath because of that? no, that would be poison for all of your relationships and very few people can do without those.
Society will be wrecked without morals. Fuck off with this militant feminist/atheist bullshit


no cookies?