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(3.23 KB 290x283 tit for two tats.png)
The core of Christianity Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 10:03:12 No. 16468
The core of Christianity is forgiveness. This is what turned a desert tribe religion into an artistic and scientific powerhouse that built cathedrals and put man on the moon. Jesus implemented forgiveness for people who are not absolute enemies of God as a strategy called tit for two tats. If a man wrongs you once it could be a mistake. You ask them what is going on. If they wrong you again then that shows that it wasn't a mistake. Then you give them both barrels. The American people elected Trump in 2016. A cabal of people attacked him from the outset up until this day. To the very slow to anger, this could be called the first tat. Trump will be elected again in 2020. If the cabal continues to attack him then this will be the second tat. At this point Trump will have fulfilled all that Jesus asks of him and will be fully justified in unleashing his tit. This could be anything up to and including execution.


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