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Gun loopholes Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 16:08:04 No. 16346
American law states that any muzzleloader or replica thereof is considered an antique, and any breechloader that was manufactured in or before 1898 which uses a discontinued round is also an antique. These are classified separately from regular firearms. See pic related. Also, while this might be considered somewhat trivial, but flamethrowers and bows are not considered firearms either. Just letting you know that. If you live in Europe, the laws might be different. In Russia, they carry these things called "traumatic guns" which are essentially rubber bullet pistols. In China they carry tear gas pistols or other weapons revolving around that. And in some EU countries, they too have antique gun laws. In France, gangs have been known to use black powder cartridge pistols that you can self-load. What are the laws like in your country (i.e. what do you carry for protection)?
(28.87 KB 304x678 image0.jpg)
>>16346 >what do you carry for protection Protection isn't required in a nigger free neighborhood.
>>16346 I carry a knife and tear gas+pepper spray at all times.
(146.43 KB 544x408 1485791025-sam.png)
>>16346 >statement >statement >question This reads like a shill post and is also datamining (country, personal armament).
>>16466 Never come back.
>>16538 Suck my fucking dick faggot. Make me.


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