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(41.56 KB 1280x609 F1.large.jpg)
Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 16:17:45 No. 11387
im fucking pissed right now can i tell yall a fucking story? >be right now >have tranny sister brother thing >trannie is completely autistic and insane >dating a woman who appears to be on a similar if not equal level of insanity >tranny constantly starts shit with everyone >the bank forclosed on their house and now they both just moved in with me and my mom >WE LIVE IN A TINY ASS APARTMENT >they sleep in the kitchen, constantly fucking and arguing at random hours >today they argue over what i can only assume to be weed or cheating related >tranny tries to kill herself >girlfriend makes me hide the knives >girlfriend gets pissed and says things like <im not dealing with your middleschooler bullshit, deal with your problems like an adult >based >they are currently arguing because tranny refuses to get in the car so they can go to some unknown place <GET IN THE CAR <youre just gonna leave me <YEAH AND WHEN I DO LEAVE YOU YOURE JUST GONNA KILL YOURSELF >pic related >tranny is female to male my life has turned into an episode of the real housewives and i cant fucking stand it. what do.
let it kill itself. it will make the world a better place anon
Ive Been Down This Road Before, Just Stay Out Of It. Youll Thank Me Later. If You Even Say A Word To Anyone About It One Of Them (In My Case The Tranny) Will Fucking Kill You.
>>11388 oh if i implied i was gonna stop that from happening it wasnt intentional. >>11389 wouldnt suprise me, this bitch is crazy.
Update: they just left. praise jesus the credits have rolled and the episode has ended. hopefully the real housewives never return and the series has ended. its been 2 months since they moved in. cant fucking take another day.
>>11391 there showing signs of a disease called "lesbo dick starvation syndrome" they are women and biologically they need dick but they never take it.


no cookies?