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(2.42 KB 225x225 32ch.png)
Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 09:56:47 No. 11361
Is there a 32chan because I saw something on twitter and reddit about.If it does exist please tell me.
There was 32ch org, but its 522 now There is 64ch, but its full of trannies and pedo's
>>11363 What was 32chan like.
It does exist it just seems like a problem with timeouts because the dns is replying if it did not exist then a dns page saying timeout would not come out
>>11366 I think its been gone since March, it was listed back in Dec but by March it was gone. Not sure what it was like, most boards seem to prefer quantity over quality, and allow degen faggotry to feel welcomed
Yeah but I would like to know what the site look like or what it's community was like.I never saw it so thats why I'm asking you all.


no cookies?