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(153.30 KB 1045x852 Alternative Tumblr Girl.jpg)
(54.47 KB 448x813 Moonshine.jpg)
(100.70 KB 748x736 Psilocybin Mushrooms.jpg)
(46.83 KB 344x700 Hot Poor Girl.jpg)
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Sex With Women Through Moonshine And Mushrooms Anonymous 06/17/2020 (Wed) 09:59:58 No. 11256
Could I get frequent easy sex with decent looking women if I offer them moonshine and magic mushrooms? I can grow lots of magic mushrooms and make lots of moonshine in my home. I'm wondering if I could offer those things in exchange for sex from decent-looking poor, trashy women. I believe this would work on some of the trashier escorts in my area who probably spend a lot of money to buy drugs anyway. I'd just be handing them the stuff they want right away. I do feel that this would only work on poor girls, since middle-class trashy women have more than enough money to just buy the stuff themselves. Magic mushrooms are worth several times more than culinary mushrooms per ounce, while being just as difficult to grow. This is because they're illegal, and because the people who grow them occasionally get caught by law enforcement. Since I'm not a drug dealer, and since I'd only be handing the stuff over to a handful of whores I know, the chance of me getting in trouble would be much lower than it would be for someone growing the stuff for profit. For $50 worth of supplies and effort, I could make $400 worth of magic mushrooms, and I could be making moonshine at a much lower price than what you'd pay to get it from a store, since there would be no excise taxes added. Stimulants would work better, since they're more addictive, but I can't just make cocaine in my home. Opium would also work better, but anti-opium propaganda has worked very well at scaring people, and it's not like I'd be able to start a large opium farm at my home, anyway. I could probably make my own meth, but from what I've read, a lot of the ingredients you'd need to make it are illegal themselves, so I'd have to trust some random people to hand me those ingredients, which would put me in a position where I'd be far more likely to run into law enforcement, not to mention that the process of making meth itself looks very dangerous. For your information, I'm a sober man, and I hate drugs. I don't use them, I don't want any of my family to use them, and I don't want to see anyone in my community use them. Drugs don't create any wealth in society. They're just a waste of time, energy, and money that could otherwise be spent to create actual wealth and enrich people to improve the quality of life in society. I do, however, believe that drugs could be used as a tool. Throughout history, drugs have been used gain control other other societies. Look at the British and what they did to China with Opium. I don't like trashy, rebellious women. They are destructive elements within society. They love to commit crime, have sex with violent, savage men who don't deserve it, and vote for and voice their support for political elements that tear apart society. They destroy more than they contribute to society, and therefore, they shouldn't have any power in society. Money translates into power. You don't know what they're going to do with it. You shouldn't be giving such elements any power. Drugs don't translate into power, so it's perfectly fine to give them just enough drugs that you know they're not going to be handing them out to other people. I believe society would be much better if all these trashy, rebellious women were made to pleasure productive male citizens, being denied the potential to acquire any power in the process through only being given what they need to survive and to have a bit of degenerate fun (drugs), since that's the only type of fun they're capable of. That would be the only way they could positively contribute to society without being destructive elements. It's not like they could become decent mothers, nor that they should become mothers.
the biggest concerns are female incompetence/volatility (especially if they are addicts) and disease. even if your clientele is small, you still risk heat
(12.94 KB 236x349 Sexy Drunk Girl.jpg)
>>11265 I think it would work for a lot of trashy women. They'd be happy to get free drugs in exchange for easy sexual favors. Sex work is easy. Women just need to lack enough self-respect to do it, and people who do drugs tend to lack a lot of self-respect. The moonshine and magic mushrooms would be very cheap for me to produce, and, overtime, I could acquire a decent pool of women to choose from for regular sex. I could get them to do all sorts of kinky stuff I would be afraid to do with a girlfriend, since there would be the possibility of her getting turned off or weirded out.
>>11265 It's not like I would be regularly hanging out with them. I would just be meeting them for sexual encounters. There wouldn't be that much socializing.
>>11272 >>11273 well just don't give them a phone number or the like, but they could still remember something like your address or license plate. have a quick fallback for your products in any case
>>11274 >well just don't give them a phone number or the like You have to use a phone in order to contact most of the women who would be interested in such a thing. Most of them are too normie to even want to learn about more anonymous and private ways to contact people. They're the same kind of people who think prepaid phones give them anonymity and privacy. >but they could still remember something like your address or license plate. I guess it would be a good idea to never invite those kinds of women to my home, then. Paying for someone to drive me there would be too expensive. I've once done that for visiting an escort. The escort wasn't living too far away, and I believe it costed me around $25 just to be driven to the location and back home. I still find it unlikely that a woman would start going crazy over me when the only contact we would be having would be for small talk, exchanging drugs, and sexual activities.
>>11275 up to you. just saying there is always a possibility of a woman getting a stupid idea like snitching and drugs surely increase the unpredictability of some people. maybe you have nothing to worry about. police aren't as competent as they're portrayed. never hurts to stay as anonymous as possible with the harpies, but all of this is coming from a completely neurotic person. i am not saying don't do it, just to be very careful


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