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Pedal assisted eletric bike cars Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 00:40:37 No. 11027
What does 16Chen think of them? I personally think they're pretty neat and wanna get one for when I'm moving around locally. That way I can pick up stuff at the store or whatever and not spend money on gas since I'm not traveling far.
get all the pussy in that
(52.15 KB 309x565 Rally THINKing.jpg)
>>11051 Which of those three bike cars would you say is the most optimal for scoring some poon then?
these are not really bike cars more like trike cars right?
>>11027 I prefer petrol. i'd prefer a nice 50cc two stroke or something.
They are called 'Velomobiles', certainly they are superior for some modalities of transport but in practice they suck in traffic because they put your face at tail pipe height and are hardly a subtle anonymous way to get around. Plus they are heavy and underpowered even with electric assist. They need to have about 5000 watts minimum and full shell plus pedal assist for manoevering IMHO.
>>11072 Never said there was anything wrong with driving a car, I'd want one for simple things like getting milk at the grocery store or going to the bank to cash in my chekcs otherwise I'd just drive a normal car. >>11074 Good thing I'm in good shape and live in a mostly rural-ish community so traffic is not an issue for what I'd want to use if one for. Plus some come with solar roofs which would be great if you lived in say Arizona. Still you raise some good points, if I lived in a crowded city, bumpy hilly land, or right next to a high way I wouldn't bother getting one.


no cookies?