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(206.63 KB 680x564 d04.png)
cant stop jacking off Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 05:36:40 No. 11001
>old img but related no matter how much negative shit i read about it i keep choking my dick. <wtf can i do besides accept that im a masochist
>>11001 ><wtf can i do besides accept that im a masochist Practice self control, find other distractions?
>>11040 ....Like? All of my hobbies (which were lackadaisical at best) are fucked off during the lockdown.
(114.37 KB 500x500 Peaceful.png)
>>11043 Kayaking, archery, gardening, fishing, stone masonry, painting, sowing, weight lifting. Those are just off the top of my head. Maybe get a pupper and train it to do something I dunno what turn it into a hunting trap dog for duck and geese I guess or a competitive dog that runs between those sticks and hoops on those dog shows.
>>11001 Try getting up 15 minutes before sunrise. It helps. Also try intermittent 1-3 day streaks of one-meal-a-day fasting and try a dopamine detox.
>>11001 try exercising everyday, retard. also stop watching porn it ruins your brain by desensitizing you, the more you watch the less you'll get off to it
(54.37 KB 389x373 Img-1590688962885.png)
(494.91 KB easypeasy.pdf)
Read this mein nigger
>>11001 Get a gf
>>11176 Hes obviously a faggot and cant, why else would he be making the thread captain obvious? I would say cut off you dick, but that hurts so cut off the hands instead
>>11001 Stop beating yourself up over a natural desire that puritans and proto-feminists made you think is wrong to have, and quit making these retarded threads.
>>11001 install gentoo
>>11291 whats that?
>>11261 I dont care about them its actually this fucking forum that makes me think it is bad in the first place- all this "thats jew subversion" propaganda and dopamine detox . It also affects my productivity. Perhaps it is a natural desire but jacking off to porn is not. its an addiction and it is in full swing when it comes to porn for me- wasnt always like this as a teenager it was controllable. Its not that retarded, it could possibly help someone off that jerks off to porn every day thinking its A OK


no cookies?