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Nigjog Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 18:01:08 No. 10895
>be me >22M from cuckigan >at home bc #wereinthistogether >yeah right, get fucked >take a break from my midget porn >check nestcam >I see a nigger on my porch >JoggerRemover9000.jpg >click-clank >I come from the back of the house >"hands in the sky nigger" >he says hes from the census >like whut lol >still >get the fuck off my property before you become black swiss cheese >You aint counting shit today boy >thought about calling the cops > went back to fart-rape porn instead Moral of the story: keep them in your sights gents.
>>10895 please tell us more
thats about it. im pretty sure this nigger was trying to see if someone was home to steal shit, as my car is not on the property right now from being impounded. if he comes back who knows but he seemed pretty shook
My neighborhood jogger stole my flag then called the police on me. Now he has two problems. Joggers gonna jog.
jogging and nig-nogging
>>10895 very based
>>10946 when my door gets knocked on i point a gun at the door and dont answer
>>10966 he didnt knock? he was looking through the windows like a priarie dog
>>10978 I leave a window open to a locked room. >jogger jogs in >room now locked >jogger has fatal accident in locked room by coincidence. >wew I guess I was lucky officer
>>10966 I built a kill box around the front door. Any jogger getting past the 1st door is a ticket winner to a wild ride.
>>10895 would just love to pick your brain. Add me on discord. Rob's Puppy Dog#8375
>>11092 >would just love to pick your brain. Add me on discord. >Rob's Puppy Dog#8375 >fed honeypot 101 If you want to ask anon a question you could do so here glownigger.
>>11092 ok what ever you say officer faggot


no cookies?