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Anonymous 05/22/2020 (Fri) 20:21:44 No. 10886
I once read a deepweb page that showed how to extract narcotic substances from over the counter pain meds like tylenol or ibuprofin. If anyone knows what I'm thinking of if i remembered right then please post a link. I need something to numb the pain for when I hang or suffocate myself because I am going to have to do that soon before the court decides to lock me away for years in a mental prison with no chance of escape. My only options are: Big dose of nicotine (I haven't smoked in a year so the buzz would be really effective) Juice bottle bread yeast wine at home that would probably get me caught trying to make it by the fermented smell from my room (plus would probably throw up and have to go to the hospital if I drank it) Icy hot patch on forehead Big dose on anxiety meds (they don't perscribe benzos at my psych clinic so not sure how effective that would be) Try to find someone with an ID to buy a bottle for me, but I live in a city and don't know any friends. Asking someone outside of a liqour store could get me caught I'm running out of time and have no good options for pain killers. I keep futilely posting on imageboards hoping something helpful will show up but never does. I just need to know to find something with a sedative and pain numbing effect spongeb0b@mail2tor.com
dude, don't do a cold water extract of fuckin acetaminaphine (sp) it's not going to kill you, you're just going to permanently fuck up your liver and it's just going to make your life even worse. go the worst area of the closest big city to you. don't wear nice clothes, wear your worst looking dirtiest shit. find some homeless folk or hookers, tell them your sick and you're trying to "get well", and if they can score you some hank, you'll kick em down $10. they will bring you some smack if you perform this task well enough and are convincing enough. suicide by heroin is t he only way to go. you'll feel absolutely amazing before you slip into the void, without realizing you're doing so. one second you're there, the next, it's lights out forever. good luck
>>10893 I was talking about the tylenol extract and the other things to numb pain from hanging not as overdose methods. I'd probably get mugged or jumped or kidnapped if I tried going to the local negro gangs and wiggers if I came up as a white kid asking for drugs. I don't even know how to find places like that. If I did I'd have better luck commiting suicide by them. Do you know any websites besides craigslist where I find someone to at least buy liqour for me because that's all I need. I live in kansas by the way
>>10886 Where did you live, if you are In Australia, can buy rikodiene (not sure if that’s how you spell it, google it you will find it) and just grab it over the counter. most independent chemist don’t ask for ID and you can get multiple bottles by going to different small pharmacies in a day and just keep chugging it down (makesure you get the big bottles. 200mls) It’s full of laxatives, but if you drink enough It will constipate you enough to cancel out the laxatives (plus you shit yourself when you die so... ya’know...) plus buy and downers you can to potentiate the opiate effects. Any will really do. you can get promethazine over the counter which is a first gen antipsychotic drug which is now used for hay fever/insomnia. It will help potentiate the opiates from the rikodiene. But if you know any way to get a few benzoes of any sort that would really go far for two reasons:you may just die from blissful opiate overdose (if you have dosed efficiently): Or if you are still feeling the rope method, it will help you get the final courage to kick the chair so to speak. But it also might just turn you in to a pharmaceutical junkie as well, which I have been and let me tell you things can always be worse. not gonna say don’t do it though, it’s your life after all. I just mean I’ve tried to do similar shit before, hasn’t worked evidently, but I’m glad for that as thing change in the craziest ways, there’s been heaps of times when couldn’t cope, thought my life is over, there’s no reason, It will never be how I want it to be, but life will pull some fucked up shit on you but it also slams you with blessings that you never see coming and you will get burnt plenty of times before shit will go your way. You got an internet connection so your doing better than a lot, use it to it’s full potential and build the life you want to live in. The only thing stopping you, is you. But yeah if I was gonna do it I would go the heroin route, easy simple clean and blissful won’t even know it happened. >>10886 >>10886


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