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(28.15 KB 474x474 facemuzzle.jpg)
OPERATION FACE MUZZLE FLYER Anonymous 05/20/2020 (Wed) 05:27:49 No. 10841
This face mask faggotry needs to end. The task: create a printable flyer to hand out when you are accosted by maskfags in public. bullet points for the flyer: https:// montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/coronavirus-why-masks-dont-work/ https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/the-cdc-says-americans-dont-have-to-wear-facemasks-because-of-coronavirus-2020-01-30 http://www.bioethics.net/2020/03/if-masks-dont-work-why-are-you-wearing-one/ inb4 mask anonymity. you are not anon in public, period. inb4 that poor dog. this is the shock photo I chose, America will be like this in a generation if we do not stop this fuckery I have massive respect for this board. As you can tell, this post was designed for sqrtchan, couldn't get past captcha and tor blocking and frankly censorship. jannies can clean this up if the idea/post sucks. I appreciate consideration of the idea.
exactly what is the point of making people wear this shit? to get you on record masked tied in to POS terminals? fucked if i can figure out why
(465.11 KB 1844x1156 occlusiondetection.jpg)
(24.69 KB 474x235 masquer-hunter.jpg)
(32.88 KB 474x270 masquer-hunter2.jpg)
(50.70 KB 600x386 maskfagdetect.jpg)
>>10842 Masks are to identify the obedient and the dissidents. "occlusion detection" algorithms are able to positively id maskfags with confidence. Below paper is from 2018. That, coupled with other surveillance tech like beacons, cell tower pings, gps, POS transactions, survelliance tech in your vehicle, contact tracing, etc... Was this their whole endgame? A grand social experiment? To see if dissidents find each other? It sure makes it easier for myself to find the free thinkers out there... Masquer-Hunter Occlusion Facial Detection: https:// arxiv.org/abs/1709.05188 Open-source Mask detection: https:// www.pyimagesearch.com/2020/05/04/covid-19-face-mask-detector-with-opencv-keras-tensorflow-and-deep-learning/
Child porn and animal abuse pics would be the two things not allowed on this chan. Fuck you and i hope you get anal cancer
>>10844 That was my first thought as well, but if you look at the blurry background it appears the dog is in a medical setting.
Yes hes in a medical setting because someone did that to the poor dog. Its good that they are helping him but i dont want to be reminded of animal abuses, it has little to do with mask fags as well I get the connection but OP is just trying to be an edgelord
>>10846 On the bright side. The dog recovered and the jogger that did it got 15 years https://www.thisdogslife.co/the-man-who-taped-the-muzzle-of-pit-bull-caitlyn-gets-15-years/
(373.68 KB 780x589 one-year-later-caitlyn-2.jpg)
>>10841 Shit thread. There will be no mask law nor enforcement. There is already laws on books prohibiting masks at certain times
>>10843 The only post that matters thus far, I'm glad the doggo made it ok, fuck joggers but especially fuck niggers
>>10841 Masks have some effect but don't completely prevent the virus spreading. The virus is so small that some particles of it still escape, but it reduces chances. If someone chooses to risk it and not wear a mask then that's on them, but if I get sick from someone not wearing a mask or a family member of mine gets sick or dies from someone not wearing a mask then I should have legal right to kill the person who get me or my loved one sick.
>>10872 >>10841 Also I do understand some people genuinely can't get a mask, so I would happily accept a scarf or makeshift mask which offers some partial effect to catch and slow some of the particles or the virus if a makeshift mask is all someone can come by.
>>10873 >or the virus of the virus
>>10841 >inb4 mask anonymity. you are not anon in public, period. >show your face goy no kike, we are taking back our privacy fuck you >>10843 >we know who you are even if you wear a mask goy give up you wouldn't be shilling this if that were true outside of a lab. No reason to make the kikes life any easy by being mask free. Do criminals* wear masks and evade detection by doing so? Yes. Case closed. *unironically value freedom and privacy more than OP & fellow brainlets.
>>10841 >listening to constitutionally bubblewrapped syrupfrogs >ever
>>10842 How about ... get this ... to make people get infected somewhat less often??? Cause that would happen to only fit like a glove with the kind of stuff they do. You know, ensuring a nice slow steady stream of pharma clients to gouge up and down for Remdesevir, sedation drugs, blood thinners and countless other frankensteinian chemicals but make sure people are actually able to afford it, with it being a loose, liberal definition of affordable that they're working with? Does that answer work out for you??
(1.03 MB 1100x1199 wear-mask-now-bank-cctv-ai.png)
>>10841 >inb4 mask anonymity. you are not anon in public, period. because you're a faggot, (go have your) period. If they want you to wear a mask WEAR A PROPER MASK. If they bitch tell them they are a discriminating bigot with mask-ism.
(1.40 MB 1600x1600 coronavirus-wear-a-mask.png)


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