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Forgetting What It's LIke to be Human Anonymous 05/18/2020 (Mon) 01:23:32 No. 10811
Does anyone else feel this way? I don't wanna sound odd but the last few years were a giant blur... Feels like i've accomplished jack shit
>>10811 Yes it's called jaded. Naturally happens with aging.
>>10834 >jaded fuck you im not even that old
>>10811 Yea. Same here. I think it's a form of depression or early sign of it. For me my life started going to shit so I'm probably just forgetting as a sort of defense mechanism.
>>10868 how do i get out of it?
>>10887 grow younger and more stupid
youre letting (((them))) get to you. just because you havent experienced life the way (((they))) want you to doesnt mean youve done nothing with your life
>>11397 This. You should not take this route specifically, But ill never feel like OP, Even though I just sitting here in this office for a decade. But its ok because i already did something with my life, I did some big feat that put a really really bad, Fucking nigger in prison, Its a long story. Id say thats something. Fuck niggers, He didnt just go to jail he went to big boy prison. Fuck that guy i hope he gets raped
>>11398 >put a really really bad, Fucking nigger in prison. Its a long story yeah but you had to go out and do that. cant do it from your desk retard
>>11399 Of course you can. He was committing crimes on fucking hitbox, We just recorded his streams' every night and sent them to the FBI.
>>11400 >gang banging on a public livestreaming service >gets caught because a bunch of faggots report him to the FBI niggers gotta nigg
(108.52 KB 1136x852 swatted.jpg)
>>11400 wait the fuck? what was he doing?? did he get swatted on stream??
>>11402 He wasnt arrested on stream. But he was swatting people, So we just recorded his streams and sent them to the FBI. He also had 4 warrants for his arrest. >stole 2 cars >killed a random dog that some kid was walking >participated in a drive by shooting All of these were proven during his trial. They also played his streams and the chat was visible and uncensored. We were all spamming it with nigger. I just thought that was funny.
I know what you mean. It's like I don't even know what I've been doing my whole life Just wasting away, waiting for the day to end
(10.17 KB 294x171 Internet_20200620_171637_13.png)
I know you have heard it before but Socialize and go outside , make friends , find a job , stop spending your entire time on a clone of an anime imageboard older than your first day in highschool Tl:dr get a life


no cookies?