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(15.68 KB 522x587 images.jpeg)
Capitalism vs Evolution Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 05:18:51 No. 10795
A downer for ancient breeds but a pick me up for fattys and depressos. Humans have surived for centuries by constantly evolving to be the apex predator. Strong enough to take on mammoths and smart enough to pull of such acts. But now thanks to capitalism you no longer need to be strong, smart, religious, be in any sort of group whatsoever or hold any sort of morals or values. You can literally be a fatty that is dead inside and still find a job at walmart and if you dont snuff yourself a dame may settle for you. So you can reproduce and eradicate the basic law of man , survival of the fittest, and plague the world with your misery until resources run scarce and then we will revert back to the old ways.
>>10795 Wrong, wrong and wrong. >you no longer need to be ...religious Swallowing anything your favorite corner of academia shoves out, worshipping corporations and obsessing over distractions and hysterically egging on the non-straight, these are just some examples of the new standards of religion these days. >be in any sort of group whatsoever Hah! That the most wrong of all your presumptions. >or hold any sort of morals or values Having a comical, over the top caricature of values, especially dumb crude ones, is on the contrary held up high these days.
>>10812 You #woke
>>10795 >But now thanks to capitalism you no longer need to be strong That's not how it functions. Capitalism first off makes food in general cheap. This works out very well for those predisposed to putting on muscle, who need the extra energy to maintain it and who evade getting fucked up as much by cheap excess food thanks to the extra muscle constantly burning a bit of extra calories. From the other angle, it makes conservation of energy an irrelevant objective. Oh, but can it really be that simple? Well, it just so happens not to be. Capitalism especially makes high protein food much more cheap and accessible than it would normally be. Beef, dairy, turkey, soy, and so on... That's all stuff that's very useful for muscle cachers, and not so useful for the scrawny.
(25.08 KB 738x415 images (1).jpeg)
This got laid.... ..
Society changes from technology, not so much capitalism. Ride the wave man soon we will have nano bots that will be able to do anything and everything- then we will REALLY be fat lazy and depressed. But in modern times, being fat, is an act of volition. You can change this over time. Eat better and work out, stop being a lazy fag.
I love how I am a perfectly healthy, fit human being, but I will never have the opportunity to have a job or kids. Meanwhile there are people who run up million dollar medical bills while getting 5 figures and have 3 kids. Fuck this life.
>>11047 >boohoo muh black pill Always and never should hardly be used in context of anything. You cant predict the future bru. No matter how autism you are. Stop comparing yourself to others and remember that no one in life is entitled to SHIT. Be happy you were one of the 1000000 sperm to make it and thats it.


no cookies?